G40 plans big anti-Mnangagwa demo

HARARE - As the Zanu PF faction opposed to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding President Robert Mugabe cranks up the political heat on him — the warring party’s ambitious Young Turks, known as the Generation 40 (G40) group, plan to mount a massive demonstration in Harare against the embattled Midlands godfather.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said although the march would be organised under the guise of the bitterly-divided party’s women and youth leagues showing their continued support for Mugabe, its real target would be Mnangagwa.

“You can bet your last dollar that this won’t be a march for Gushungo (Mugabe), this is about Ngwena (Mnangagwa) and how he has to be eliminated at all costs, just as they tried to do earlier in the year when the women’s league organised a similar demo.

“Ngwena’s (Zanu PF) enemies are working hard to ensure that he is dropped from Cabinet. So, while publicly the youths and women are not naming Ngwena, it is an open secret that their march is targeted at him, on the false claim that he wants to topple the president from power,” a senior party official linked to Team Lacoste said.

The mass action, it is said, will be reminiscent of the “one million man march against sanctions” that firebrand former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda organised in 2007 when he was still a darling of Zanu PF bigwigs.

Tough-talking women’s league national treasurer, Sarah Mahoka — who publicly humiliated Mnangagwa in February this year — confirmed the march, telling the Daily News yesterday that the league’s members would come out in full force to join hands with party youths in the planned demonstration.

“As the women’s league, we believe that wherever you see the youth league, we are always there because they are the vanguard of the party and what they are planning is a noble idea because there are some war veterans who have taken to intimidating our president.

“We will not tolerate anyone who plays around with our leader and the First Lady. Anyone who touches them will have touched a raw nerve and we will not spare him. Anofira mahara (such people risk losing their lives for nothing),” Mahoka declared.

Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF foes accuse him of “overweening ambition” and leading the Team Lacoste faction that is allegedly working feverishly to oust Mugabe from power.

Some of Mnangagwa’s supposed key allies, such as prominent war veterans Christopher Mutsvangwa and Victor Matemadanda, have given grist to the allegations by appearing to question Mugabe’s actions in recent months — and seemingly casting doubts over the nonagenarian’s continuing capacity to control Zanu PF.

Weighing in on the subject of the planned march, ruling party deputy national youth league secretary, Kudzanai Chipanga, says the league will, during the first week of May, mobilise at least 100 000 young people from each of the country’s 10 provinces to “invade Harare to assure the president that we are 150 percent behind him and that he should never lose sleep or be intimidated by anyone”.

“We have individuals in Zanu PF who are saying rubbish things, anticipating ...Mugabe’s death, for them to take power. He (Mugabe) was elected by the people and, therefore, no one will ever dare to remove him,” Chipanga said recently while addressing Mashonaland East youths in Marondera.

Speaking in an interview with Japanese journalists on Monday, Mugabe himself made it abundantly clear that he would not be stampeded out of power, adding that he would stand for the 2018 elections when he would be a very mature 94.

Asked directly if he would stand for elections in 2018, Mugabe said: “At the moment I am the president. Do you see me as not fit? Why not contest two years later?

“My people will want me to be a candidate and they have already nominated me as a candidate for 2018,” the increasingly-frail nonagenarian said.

Meanwhile, Mahoka has also accused some former freedom fighters led by Mutsvangwa of hiding behind the “cloak of war veterans’ welfare” to push for a meeting with Mugabe, albeit supposedly harbouring sinister motives.

However, she said, Zanu PF — and especially the women’s league — would never allow itself to be dictated to by an affiliate association.

“We cannot have our president removed by an affiliate association, not in our lifetime. We will stand together with the youths to defend him, to defend the revolution and its legacy.

“They are now talking about the welfare of war veterans because they want to then go about abusing his (Mugabe’s) name, lying that he gave them tasks to do.

“We know they are desperate for recognition, that even if they get just a handshake from him or the first lady, they will use that to intimidate people saying they are close to them,” Mahoka charged.

The march will also come at a time that Team Lacoste-aligned war veterans are pushing Mugabe to take action against their rivals in the G40 faction — with the VP’s allies accusing the G40 of working to destroy Zanu PF from within.


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This is very shalow,absurd thinking from hired hoodlums.even if mnangagwa resigns there will still be a problem in ,anu ,that of leadership.mnangagwa is not the cause of zanu fights.last yr it was rex nhongo,he died n in came joice,she was hounded out,now its emmarson.and who s next?Simon khaya Moyo? Idiots.face reality n get down to sort it out.dont sing for money.paid up zealots.go ahead.bring it .

viola gwena - 31 March 2016

Those who have had site of the video doing the rounds of His Excellence in Tokyo on the podium would be merciful and inclined to please allow him to rest IMMEDIATELY for his good, his family's good and that of the nation.

wisdoomtooth - 31 March 2016

Is there a danger that everything that happens now is being interpreted along factional lines when maybe it's not faction related. But surely how can one march for a president who cannot even keep his eyes open whilst standing on a podium whilst overseas.

Inyika - 31 March 2016


stewart - 31 March 2016

the generality of Zimbabweans are being sucked into these bullfrog fights because these amphibians have adopted a communist ideology that is no longer applicable in modern times. where on this earth do you find political movements that have a politburo and have proper politics. those funny and old fashioned structures that zanu plagiarized & established for itself are causing chaos for the country & the economy. history shows how soviets like Lenin (1917-24) established himself and how Stalin (1922-53) formed a faction that took over from Lenin between 1922&1924. History repeated itself in the case of gobachev & yeltsin in the late 1980s going into the early 1990s where confrontations, demotions& resignations finally gave birth to the Russia. so zanu is just trying to rewrite history in a hard way for us instead of embracing democracy just like other progressive nations. until they have destroyed one another then we are not going to see peace. they need to hasten their fight and kill each so that mdc-t can take over help us out of the mess.

SaManyika Chaiye - 31 March 2016

Will the chasing away of Mnangagwa remove the problem in ZANU PF is facing. There is need for renewal of the whole party. The issue of succession still remains. Are you saying until the whole Mugabe clan has gone no one should dream of leading Zimbabwe. The same struggling and unemployed youths are the ones mobilized for the march. ZANU PF leaders' children are outside the country enjoying , getting quality education while the poor youths are singing praise songs to Mugabe who has caused all the sufferings. To the youths please think before you make a decision. From my laymen kind of understanding anyone who is mobilised to act r do something means he/ she cannot think on his or her own. Mayouths murikuda kungoshandiswa semawar veterans ava kuchema aya. Learned and well to do youths are in Universities or employed while you are mobilised to walk against another man.

chikonongola - 31 March 2016

The biggest problem we currently have is that our country is broke, and noone in the government seems to have an idea how we will fix these problems. However, the demonising or ousting of Mnangagwa will never solve Zimabwe's problems. Zanu PF is focusing on its internal wars, and in the process we the ordinary people have been forgotten. All we are saying is they should look at the interests of the people first, instead of wasting our time trying to politically outsmart each other. When will they get back to work?

machakachaka - 31 March 2016

Our youths have been brainwashed to such an extent that they have been reduced to mere things without brains, how on earth do you spend your time in the heat and sun marching in support of the person who has caused all your suffering , God must have mercy on the brainless youths

sherpard - 31 March 2016

Saka kuZanu uku vans vakabvunzwa kuchikoro kuti Mora kuzoita chii makura imhosva means kupindura achiti anoda "kuzova President weZimbabwe" nokuti kuna Mugabe . ooooh shame!

Ndugu - 31 March 2016

Our greatest enemy is fear.The south Africans are far much ahead in terms of everything .they have brought their president to account unlike us.how can we do that when we have ass licking assholes like kasukuwere and mahoka being allowed to mobilize brainwashed youths willy nilly?The security chiefs should just put a stop to this otherwise if they allow this madness to continue they will suffer the same fate as General Mujuru

museyanwa - 31 March 2016

It's very sad for these youths. I bet majority of them do not have a college degree. I cannot imagine a person with goid O levels reduced to nothing by licking the ass of his excellence. ED is not the problem , the head of G40 (Mugabe) is the major problem. If he is so popular as he claims why can't he walk down town in Harare and greet people. Chi panga is fighting a lost battle either way Mugabe is history. Smell the coffee comrade.' It's game over.

Be warned - 31 March 2016

@truth,can we have your perspective,this sounds rather monotonous,a different view would be refreshing

others - 31 March 2016



Daily News can you please declare the source of your beef with Ngwena. Negative headlines about Mnangagwa day in, day out! Don't think u can take us readers for fools

Observer - 31 March 2016

Dai zvakangoti ne rimwe zuva iwo ma 1 milion march yongo chinja for protest against our current leadership.

anold - 1 April 2016

@Observer I agree with you. what is Daily News' beef with Mnangagwa shuwa and as for this march, if anyone attends this "march" then they have no idea what is happening in Zim how can you march when the nation is in need for better infrastructure come on guys, don't make zombos look naive and be ridiculed shuwa

ttt - 1 April 2016

@observer & @ttt, are you this retarded not to see that only Daily News covers all the news in this country, including showing that G40 is opposing Mnagagwa? Without Daily News would you even know that his enemies are plotting agianst your leader? Hai, suka!

Pilane - 1 April 2016

Failure is the architect of vitrol. It is the civil society and opposition which are bad here in Zim. How Zanu pf has managed to out wit them goggles the mind. You liken Zim to SA did you not observe the Nkandla dibacle The sweating Police minister and clueless And Parliament caucus that tried to override constitutional obligations of constitutional bodies.If civil society and opposition had stood back nothing would have happened (recent Constitutional court judgement) in Zim civil society is docile and the opposition obsessed with power games and noone is putting heat on the government. Freedom of association and choice will make sure Zanu pf have numbers doing their programs like the intended much. You can't call the attendees brainless that's their choice. The MDC is busy jumping through the windows..... Where will be protests without arrests. Mandela spent 27 years in prison for altruism as his life was put on hold.We lost our livelihood to Zanu pf for supporting the opposition and still 'aluta continua'

view from the gazebo - 1 April 2016

THE DAILY NEWS is the only credible publication that has accurately and consistently predicted, unearthed and covered the heinous acts in zanu. the paper has also constructively criticised mdc where the paper felt that the opposition was missing it. the paper don't hate team locust but the faction is operating quietly, keeping its cards closer to the chest and there isn't much to report on its moves. on the other hand g40 is daring & open with its agenda and some zanu 'insiders' leak g40 shenanigans to the daily news. what the daily news do is simply tell it like it is! there is no hating team locust becoz there is nothing to hate them for, he lost several elections in kwekwe until he relocated to chirumhanzu where he finally rigged! g40 has been agitating for the jugular & I don't what's stopping them or what they are waiting for! the factions must just fight to their death and pave way for change.

SaManyika Chaiye - 1 April 2016

I don't understand Arnold and ttt should think Daily News is to blame for the planned march against their leader Mnangagwa. Please be advised that Daily News is NOT planning these marches. What Daily News has done here is to tell us what has been planned by Kasukuwere and company.

Yeoman Thomas - 1 April 2016

Your apologies anold. There I should have named so called observer and ttt while agreeing strongly with Samanyika and Pilane.

Yeoman Thomas - 1 April 2016

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