Tsvangirai dragged to court

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was yesterday dragged to court over allegations that he accused a senior military officer of having been a key player behind the political violence that rocked the country during the 2008 elections.

In the High Court defamation lawsuit, army colonel Christopher Mayoyo is demanding $500 000 from the MDC leader over the allegations that he incited violence in Zaka, Masvingo in the discredited presidential run-off of the hotly disputed 2008 elections.

The MDC claims that hundreds of its supporters were killed in the violence that preceded the presidential run-off, which Tsvangirai boycotted saying that he could not “step over dead bodies to get into power”.

In his defence, Tsvangirai says he only re-stated what the victims of the violence had relayed to him, while Mayoyo is arguing that the former prime minister in the government of national unity had dragged his name in the mud.

Tsvangirai and Mayoyo appeared in court yesterday where Justice Amy Tsanga postponed the case to July 14 this year.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, said yesterday that it was not in dispute that following his stunning defeat by Tsvangirai in 2008, President Robert Mugabe had allegedly unleashed the army on innocent Zimbabweans for daring to vote for change.

“Over 200 people were killed in the violence. Only recently, former Zanu PF provincial Affairs minister for Masvingo, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, revealed the names of senior army personnel deployed in the provinces to brutalise innocent Zimbabweans in 2008,” he said.

In his expose, Bhasikiti claimed that Mugabe — who is the commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces — deployed members of the army to wage a violent campaign against Tsvangirai and his supporters during that election.

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Colonel Christopher Mayoyo is just dreaming and also trying to clean his name using Tsvangirai. But the truth is that in 2008's re-run ZNA played a major role in propping Mugabe. Given this situation is true that Mayoyo was part of Mugabe,s campaigning machinery. So Tsvangirai is being taken to court after saying the obvious. The only unfortunate thing on the side of Tsvangirai is that he may loose the case because there is no justice in Zimbabwe.

Mwanakomana waNyashanu - 30 March 2016

It is G40 s desire to embaras Mr Tsvangirai anywhere everywhere n all the tyme.they run their seperate police unit wthin ZRP.They plant the same at courts just to embaras Mr Tsvangirai.puuling his jacket ,shame on this young stooge.We the comrades tho we dont agree wth Tsvangirai wuld rather respect him for his position in the masses.Mr Tsvangirai must be able to fly to England n be received at zim embassy wth respect.even welcome him at Gatwick.Why not.He is a Zimbabwean leader.Yu all can critisise us for past deeds bt this we will endevour to achieve,change our thinking on politics.Hatred has no place in tdays politics.hate evil n corruption,yes.not fellow citizens .

viola gwena - 30 March 2016

from day one tsvangison has been in the habit of saying things he cant substantiate,tvangison is only a leader to the likes of @viola gwena who have no clue what the qualities of a leader are,people just desperate to be led and thats y they see leadership in genocide architects,to this day tsvangirai is an open zip shut mind

truth - 30 March 2016

I dnt know who yo leader is@truth.yu abuse that word,truth.theris 2 common issues wth all these leaders including yos,they r zimbabweans n they r human .who is yo superhuman leader? Its pple like yu wth blinkers that want to lead btend up being led.Theris no need of hating Tsvangirai to that extend shown by that rascal at thecourts.yu can difer in thots bt keep the respect.I dnt know whr yu get yo stone age thinking frm?Grow up.

viola gwena - 30 March 2016

Dnt wory Tete Vee.yu talking to a useless g40 praise singer.If yu comrades can do that ,it wil be great.teach us youngsters to respect our elders regardles.I respect that.

gire - 30 March 2016

Usualy I dnt respond to pussycats who hide their real names.this one @truth ,dnt sound human at all.He has swallowed hook ,line n sinker all the rubbish he got frm his stone age politicians.institutions are also full of confused,corrupted minds like truth.he wuld want a leader to rule even tho suffering the indignity of trying to get to the toilet on time.an ignorant chalatan,pussycat,mother held him too much bt not enuf.

viola gwena - 30 March 2016

@truth,if you care so much about the truth y are u skirting the facts.For Mugabe to be where he is today its blood all the way through,Tsvangirai has no blood of the Ndebeles on his hands.

Vilbram Avril - 30 March 2016

Kkkkk,mother held him too much but not enuf.kkkk.@truth beter run to yo momy n report viola arikutuka vamwe.

yuba - 30 March 2016

@viola your words "yu can difer in thots bt keep the respect"...please the pussycats words and stuff

changara - 30 March 2016

Well I may not be an english person bt a pussy cat is described as men who pretend to be macho bt r cowzrds inside.or simply a house cat.a timid one,yu may hav different meanings .

viola gwena - 30 March 2016

pple like @truth are of the same grading as the charlatan claiming an amount that I can not repeat in writing. they sway fruitful debate for kindergarten folklore that has no meaning! its pple like mayoyo who misguide the nation by hating personalities instead of criticizing ideologies. wasting the courts' time like mphoko and that sexed model who tried to sue our god publication; THE DAILY NEWS! ivai paplatform ino ana truth kana muchida zvekushora dare, kunosvina ura panze...!

SaManyika Chaiye - 30 March 2016

@samanyika,a man in the twentieth century who clings to a tribal identifying tag is too shallow to understand debate,even @ viola said people can differ,we leave in an age were opinions differ and seeing that you no more than a tribal boy,this too much for you to comprehend,if you find my views unpalatable then you leave the platform coz the comments here are not necessarily meant to be sweet music to your eyes

truth - 30 March 2016

Christopher Mayoyo is demanding $500 000 . same thing like this mboko VP who is on a 50 mil. USD defamation claim. These kinds of claim amounts exist only in a country of thieves and smugglers: to them money has no values because is obtained without sweat. Yet in the country this mboko VP runs is experiences untold misery. Vakafa havana zwavakaona !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 30 March 2016

Christopher Mayoyo is demanding $500 000 . same thing like this mboko VP who is on a 50 mil. USD defamation claim. These kinds of claim amounts exist only in a country of thieves and smugglers: to them money has no values because is obtained without sweat. Yet in the country this mboko VP runs is experiences untold misery. Vakafa havana zwavakaona !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 30 March 2016

@Samanyika these debates seem a notch above yo intelect.those 2 viola n truth r way above yo league.maybe yu old bt so is tete viola.try to articulate yo views frm a focul position,one tyme yu on truth side next yu on viola side.yu sound confused.

unandi - 31 March 2016

Thank yu Nandi.and nt all of us read or understand Manyika lingo.imagine if I resote to ndebele,viola karanga or budja ,wil we have any debate.@samanyika chizungu diko.

nxa - 31 March 2016

Shame on those who would like to exonerate certain sections or individuals within the army, the CIO, the ZRP, the war vets and the rowdy youths. It is public knowledge that the Zanu PF devils, after loosing the elections to Tsvangirai they unleashed their devils to torture and even to murder those who were perceived to belong to the opposition. It is common knowledge and @Truth even knows that. Why not engage the "The Truth and Reconciliation Commission" if you want the truth to come out of the victims. This Tsvangirai case is cheap politiking. They have started their evil agenda of dragging Tsvangirai to the courts into 2018 elections. It will be one case after another just to frustrate his campaign. REGAI MUONE! Those in Zanu PF know the truth, those now outside this repressive party are witnesses to it, the ordinary masses of Zimbabwe experienced it and cannot publicly say it in fear of further victimisation. AS LONG AS SEKURU IS CONTESTING [WORSE STILL IN 2018] THERE IS NEVER GOING TO BE FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS IN ZIMBABWE. WHY? BECAUSE HE MUST WIN AT ALL COST.

Icho - 31 March 2016

@viola gwena:tete pliz help me understand,is it wrong for people to sing zezuru unconquerable and righrt for people to call themselves 'samanyika chaiye'?

analyst - 31 March 2016

the haters team; you always show your factional lines by tribal insensitivities. in all this I find you in the right places where I have always expected. you dwell into trivialities saying why am I at vhiora or at truth! I don't know these guys but when they make sense to me I say so; and when they don't I also say so, without regard of their political affiliation. this is because we cant all be zanu and you cant all be mdc-t, just as much as we cant all be Ndebele, zezuru etc and you cant all be Manyika! so to base you critique of ideas & opinions on one's tribe or political party alone without regard to the opinion's contribution to the cause of the country is archaic! Right; the point is one cant waste the courts time making senseless claims & lawsuits while our little country is burning like this!

SaManyika Chaiye - 31 March 2016

@samanyika its nothing to do wth tribe .yu can be whoever yu want bt when yu write to the world use english ,i mean its advisable if yu want viora to understand .simple.

Nancy - 31 March 2016

This man Samas ,plze forgive him.im sure now he understands.Im fro Gokwe n found it hard to go thru his input even 1 sentence,it became annoying.not becoz of his tribe bt just dont understand.like talking to Mugabe in chitoko n expect to be understood.

GIDZA - 31 March 2016

Its not only Samas bt i find it hard to get what chinotimba says ,a lot times.only when he resortes to his broken english do i figure out.His home dilect is hard to understand even when speaking in shona.so samas dont wory ,yu not alone.Chinos is yo cowboy.same age boys .

ONISMO - 31 March 2016

Oh goodness; I see guys, I see! Let it come to pass. I admit I have lost it! however does it make sense to sue THE DAILY NEWS for a couple of millions for a publication and to sue tsvangirayi for half a million for statements he made at his rallies?! I sense a partisan rather than a factual view point of your criticism.

SaManyika Chaiye - 31 March 2016

This soldiers should get nothing for terrorizing villagers. What was he doing in Zaka at ZPF campaign rallies when the constitution does not allow him to campaign for any party. He has no right to even be heard in court since he was breaking the law. He is approaching the court with dirty hands. Awarding this soldier the claimed damages is like awarding damages to an unlicensed driver who claims to have been on the right side of the road when he should not have been driving at all. This soldier must be arrested for flouting constitution before the judges even hear his case.

bhutsumutandarika - 31 March 2016

if you did not terrorise people in zaka then who bombed the jerera mdc offices, killing 2 people. who killed vana nhingi ku st james in 2008. who destroyed misha yavanhu kwa svuure uko. nyarai mungozvisiya kana zvataurwa

toda kuziva - 31 March 2016

@Analyst.it is good to be proud of yo race,tribe or church,bt one shuld nt advocate their tribe to be superior to others,or race.when it comes to national issues all tribes r equal.The country belongs to God Almighty Who allows us to run it.God loves us all equally.

viola gwena - 31 March 2016

shame on us Zimbabweans kushungurudzwa ne ma O level ok. i have an idea...lets just do it by the book and watch who wins this new revolution they want to start , lets make 2018 the year of change

xi - 31 March 2016

But @ truth is a big mugabe bootlicker,but ths one gets absolutely nothing out of it. He is a big dofo

Benito - 31 March 2016

Someone once said you get the leader that you deserve. And in a way I feel that we as Zimbabweans have the leaders we deserve. @ Viola yes our leaders are Zimbabwean and human but does that mean that we accept irresponsible and uneffective leaders simply because no-one is perfect. Should we not hold them to a standard that is higher? I strongly believe that we don't have good leaders whether it be in Zanu (both Peoples First and Zanu PF) , and in MDC (and all its little breakaways). I commend the opposition truly I do, however I think the rest of us comrades as you call us should not just aim to follow, because a leader should not lead the people but be led by the people that he leads. Zanu is in power because we as the population have sat down and accepted that they are thugs and thieves to the extent that we have let them get away with admitting to squander 15billion dollars and all it got was a front page story and comic relief in people not to mention that we have let them all but brush every corruption and fraud scandal since willowvale and not held them to account. This is the generation to make the change, because if we do not , our children will grow up believing it is their lot to suffer and remain poor while Zanu rules endlessly.

B Moyo - 1 April 2016

Part of what @truth said is true Tsvangirai is leading people that are willing to settle for anything in a bid to topple Zanu. I am saying lets us as the people being led advocate for a standard we that we expect our leaders to adher to and force them to meet those standards, because I want to have a leader I deserve and I deserve a leader that will tackle corruption, that will respect property rights and the rule of law and that will right all the wrongs of the past be it gukurahundi, $15 billion of diamonds , torture and murder of activists, the perpertrators need to be brought to justice. That's the leader I deserve a man whose integrity is unquestionable and untarnished. Whose word is his law and that I can trust will not lead us into another Zanu like era. And every Zimbabwean should demand same. So before we all blindly swear loyalty to a leader let us ask ourselves if they meet this criteria and if not then lets find one that does whether in the heirachy of MDC , its splinter groups, People First , Zanu (although doubtful) or an outside group. I am a Zimbabwean, a Moyo a Ndebele, a Shona a Sotho who was raised in Matebeland and I do have not leader because the one I deserve has not shown himself.

B Moyo - 1 April 2016

@B Moyo.yu maybe correct,on paper,that pple deserv the leader they choose.bt smetimes ,pple choose the leader bcoz of record.ie when mugabe was chosen in 1980.pple realy believed in him n zanu.yu cant blame them on that ,at that time.he was a heroe.bt then when yu entrench yoself in the system n refuse to deal or face reality by thwarting the same pples aspirations,yu then cant realy n fully blame the led pple.when they try to effect change thru available means of vote,.Its the men n women who in the institutions n party who r to blame,take full responsibities of assisting dictatorship.Bt otherwise the American system provides the best way to choose a candidate yu may want moyo.tribe shuld never be an issue.When yu urge pple to revolt n they dont,as a leadr yu shuld push for other solutions,not bury yo head in sand or feel dejected.when yu lead pple have a say also,they dont want blood shed.so dont force the idea bt find other accepteble ways..as I said befo most revolutions r activated by God for his pple.

viola gwena - 1 April 2016

And yes corruption is a threat a seriouse threat to our nation s aspirations.$15b is a lot of money to loose.bt did we loose that amount?or it was politrics at play,old politics.they say the whole world s market value of rough diamonds is about $13b .so yu can do the maths n conclude the real issue here.yes thieving in marange was actualy done in broad day lite.our president ,maybe bcoz of age,now has trouble in thinking n display good reasning.when he sta ds at podium wthout advisors,yu may need strings to pull on him to speak.otherwise yu will be sorry.he can say anything silly,like 15b diamonds whr stollen.by who?he k ows all who were mining thr.deal wth it legaly.cops.bt he wont.

viola gwena - 1 April 2016

big dofo?

truth - 2 April 2016

@viola I believe what you say about tribalism because I have no tribe I fit in all three I stated and so find it hard to deal with people that think one is better than the other. you are right the party order failed to reign in Mugabe and effect change and thats what I'm advocating for , not for people to start a war. All I'm saying is that 70% of the population are youths like me, instead of taking part in factional party fights, or fights with other political parties we should focus our energies at putting pressure in the leaders we have to either shape up or leave the seats for leaders that are ready to do well by us. Its easier for Zanu to get away with Itai Dzamaras disappearance because he is only one among literal millions, however if it was a thousands of us, even a million standing with one voice putting pressure on them we would see changes because all this drama that's playing out in Zanu and even MDC is because we the youths are allowing ourselves to be used for unimportant things.

B Moyo - 3 April 2016

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