Chimene speaks on Mutsvangwa tiff

HARARE - Leader of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) faction aligned to the generation 40 (G40) camp Mandi Chimene says she crossed paths with former war veterans’ leader Christopher Mutsvangwa after telling him that he was big-headed.

In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Chimene, who is also minister of State for Manicaland Province, said the “war” between her and Mutsvangwa began when the latter was elected war veterans leader in 2014.

“Soon after he (Mutsvangwa) was made the war veterans’ leader, he came to Manicaland and I introduced him to war commanders. He was very upset about that, accusing me of identifying war structures without his authority claiming he was now the one in charge,” Chimene said.

She said Mutsvangwa went on to insult her and the other leadership.

“Ndopakabva hondo yangu naMutsvangwa (that is where my misunderstandings with Mutsvangwa began).

“They (the Mutsvangwas) have a vendetta,” she said.

Further explaining the tiff, Chimene said since Mutsvangwa dragged her to court over the association’s leadership, resulting in an order barring her from interfering with the ZNLWVA’s activities, she has not been chairing the group’s meetings.

Commenting on the war veterans preparatory meeting to meet Mugabe held last Wednesday, Chimene said she was against being associated with Mutsvangwa, who she accused of being disloyal to the veteran leader.

During the closed door meeting, which was chaired by Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, she queried why loyal cadres were being associated with disloyal members.

Chimene said she questioned Sekeramayi over Mutsvangwa’s presence in the meeting.

The combative war veteran said she even refused to greet Mutsvangwa during the meeting.

“Mutsvangwa akandipumha uroyi (Mutsvangwa labelled me a witch),” she said.

She, however, said despite her refusal to greet the ousted war veterans’ leader, army commander Constantine Chiwenga forced her to hand-shake Mutsvangwa.

“But since then my right hand side is still in pain. Saka (so) what’s that,” Chimene said.

She said it appeared the plot was for her to hand-shake Mutsvangwa under whatever circumstances.

She said Mutsvangwa was not supposed to attend meetings involving war veterans, claiming his inclusion was based on a sinister motive.

“It raises eyebrows. We are suspecting them. Why is he (Mutsvangwa) afraid to work with me?” Chimene queried.

She went further, “What are they hiding from us? Asi vari kuda kuedza kuviga here madiamonds avakaba kwaChiadzwa? (are they trying to conceal the Chiadzwa diamond deals?)”

She said Mutsvangwa was not qualified to meet with the president during the scheduled indaba since he once likened  Mugabe to a frog in a bathtub.

Chimene said Mutsvangwa’s meetings with former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda also showed that he was no longer loyal to Mugabe.

“What was Mutsvangwa saying at the meeting if he is still loyal? Tichiri tese here? (are we still together)” she asked, further claiming Sibanda had openly stated that he wanted to sink Zanu PF.

Chimene said the association was aligned to Zanu PF and the two cannot be separated.

“If they have found a replacement for Mugabe, where is the replacement?”

“They should all be replaced, so that we get a fresh crop of leaders from the war veterans’ pool that even have better war credentials and have not enjoyed for the benefits that they (those appointed by Mugabe) have been enjoying since 1980,” she said.

She said several of the leaders were serving in high offices at the mercy of Mugabe, who has been protecting them over the years, despite some of them having lost elections.

“Kunyarara hakusi kupusa (being silent does not make us fools),” she said.

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Honorable Minister....neither does speaking necessarily mean that you are wise! All this talk of (potential) witchcraft is depressing; especially when it comes not from some rural folk but rather from the people who are leading this nation. Embarrassing in the extreme.....

golden - 29 March 2016

Sounds like she is talking of her pesonal issues with Mtsvangwa. Who is interested in that. Typical Zanoids: if they are given a microphone or a platform suddenly they think they have brains which they never had. Same like Grace who thinks sharing a bed with Mugabe should be a passport for making us Zimbabweans jump at her commands. Makajaidzwa too much !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 29 March 2016

LoL @ Masamba ! Did you notice that her personal issues include being afraid that she would be bewitched by Mutsvangwa ? A whole minister! Whaaaaat ?

Golden - 29 March 2016

witchcraft and zanu are inter-connected. Zanu cadres used to pray to a zezuru spirit called nehanda to deliver them the country.

Lt General - 29 March 2016

how a u minister with such a backward mentality zimbabwe is not for one family.....get away

godwin sengweni - 29 March 2016

true cde mandi,nothing could be further from the truth,the warvets association is an affiliate of zanu and should mutsvangwa feel zanu pf is no longer his political home,let him leave our baby and form his own organisation,at least joice was courageous enough to try,chris only joined the war effort in 1978 and he could well tell us which operation he participated in or his contribution was confined to cooking for warvets?

truth - 29 March 2016

War veterans don't belong to Zanu PF. They can join any party of their choice. They can also choose to be apolitical.

Madhebhura - 29 March 2016

@ madhebhura; ZNWVLA is n affiliate of zanu,the constitution allows freedom of association,mafela trust is a warvets association not affiliated to zanu but the warvets association chris leads is not apolitical,its an extension of zanu

truth - 29 March 2016

It is embarrassing to find how some so called war veterans like Chimene are shallow minded. Surely you find people still have the idealogies they brought from the bush in 1979 at Ceasefire. Things change and if we keep on having people of that mentality then Zimbabwe will not go anywhere. We do not leave in the past we have to focus on the future. As much as our history is important, let it not waste resources for future generations. A war veteran is a war veteran whether in ZANU PF or in opposition politics. The fact that war veterans are joining opposition politics is that you are not respecting the constitution of the country and as a liberation political party you have lost direction full stop. Matakadyakare haanyarariridzi mwana. It is either ZANU PF has to change or people have to get out of ZANU PF.

mweneziko - 29 March 2016

Ahhh, @ truth chokwadi chawabvire kukanganwe uchootondera kutondera ngeichi from end of 1975 to 1978 Mutsvangwa waibvire kutengesa nhumbi dzana wamai dzomukati kuvhara padonyangara mawonini.

Musharukwa - 29 March 2016

Chimene is simply backward she believes in boot licking and have hallucinations of being witched by Mutsvanga nothing else.Honestly speaking,if witchcraft existed,is there any sane person who could waste his/her magic witching a hopeless individual like Mandie for what reason? Mandie being a chairperson,deputised by Mlala equally being bad news for the war vets and joke of the year,if not of the century.What could be achieved from this miserable combination?

gen. spinola - 29 March 2016

Viola sayd zanu belongs to warvets.she said warvets were in the trenches when they decided to form truth yu being untruthfull.thats why pple like ja u can easily go back to warvets when suspe ded frm it means warvets r bigger than ,zanu.they hav even summoned mugabe to appear before them.can zanu do that ,without being suspended undermining 1st family.Zanu is a baby of Zanla warvets.

bob - 30 March 2016

Yes I thot thats wht viola said last time I checked.she is the 1st one to tell this.,that Zanu belonged to warvets,hence the warvets can recall mugabe.they fired moyo,mphoko n kasukuwere.

kilian - 30 March 2016

Yes thats correct,zanu belongs to zanla.thats why Tongogara was not realy into zanu bt zanla.he wuld second cadres to zanu,like ngwena.he was sent to zanu maputo by gen tongo.same as kangai.kangai was more in zanla high command,dare,before going into zanu. I was thr,nt told.So Sister Viola merely brot to attention the welknown facts.

komuredhi - 30 March 2016

Pple like mnagagwa who were close to Gen tongo,scare mugabe.thats the real reasn for purging warvets.after mujuru n ngwena it will be the army commanders wth zanla roots.they will be retired fast into oblivion n prison.

maybe - 30 March 2016

Mandi Chimene-- you appraoch issues with an open mouth and shut mind- to use Jonathan Moyo's assessment of Tsvangirai's approach to political issues!

Chikuyo - 30 March 2016

Chimene, so sad. Exposing your stupid, ignorant and shut mind to the nation.

Observer - 30 March 2016

mandi akaita grade chiii nhai.sure sure ungataura zvehuroyi at that level?wadii hako kuchengeta zvihuta nhai

wangu - 30 March 2016

mandi akaita grade chiii nhai.sure sure ungataura zvehuroyi at that level?wadii hako kuchengeta zvihuta nhai

wangu - 30 March 2016

mandi akaita grade chiii nhai.sure sure ungataura zvehuroyi at that level?wadii hako kuchengeta zvihuta nhai

wangu - 30 March 2016

This is was a warvets meeting.mutsvangwa is the chairman.Chimene noone new her position.She is not even warvet bt an old zanu youths of 1990.She is barely the 70s she was way too yu think comrades like mutsvangwa,jabu,matemadanda ,can be lead by her?nope.yu expect jabu to sit dwn n listern to chimene.even mujibas may decline.can she face viola n lecture her on zanla?nope.

titus - 30 March 2016


JIBHA - 30 March 2016

both mandiitawepi and mutsvangwa are vultures fighting over a rotting carcase. let them brawl till sunset.

SaManyka Chaiye - 31 March 2016

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