Chaos fears as Zim economy burns

HARARE - As Zimbabwe continues on its precipitous economic and political decline of the past 16 years that is widely blamed on President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF’s misrule, there are renewed fears that the debilitating violence that rocked the country when the ruling party lost the 2008 elections could flare up again.

At least 300 MDC supporters are estimated to have been murdered in cold blood after Mugabe suffered a stunning loss to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in that year’s presidential ballot — which the nonagenarian has since openly acknowledged on a number of occasions that he lost hands-down.

Zanu PF insiders who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday yesterday said they were “very worried” by the fact that the former liberation movement was teetering on the brink of total collapse due to its escalating factional and succession wars, a situation they said was destabilising the country.

“I’m very worried by what’s happening in the party and the levels of animosity that now obtain between comrades. Our leaders are engaged in a fight for power to the death, and now war veterans, who used to be the voices of reason, have now also joined the fray.

“Now factor into the equation the fact that opposition forces appear to be strengthening and you have a recipe for disaster as our democratic credentials as a country are at best suspect. If we are not all careful, the atmosphere is ripe for us to become another Congo,” a senior party official said.

The Zanu PF bigwig’s fears come as analysts have warned that Zimbabwe is now almost on its knees economically — amid shocking unemployment levels, looming mass starvation, escalating company closures and job redundancies, as well as a sharp deterioration in social and health services.

At the same time, Zanu PF — still reeling from the damaging breakaway from within its ranks of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her supporters, is facing yet another bitter split, this time involving party members loyal to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Party insiders who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper, the Daily News, last week said the latest acrimonious “divorce proceedings” involving Team Lacoste — which they said were already “well under way” and evident in Midlands and Mashonaland East — would deliver a knock out punch to the fast-unraveling party.

“The die is cast and there is no going back. We are going it alone now. When you see State media dredging up malicious stories about Ngwena (Mnangagwa) from 33 years ago (regarding the VP’s alleged inflammatory comments on Gukurahundi), then you know this has to happen,” a senior party official linked to the VP said.

Another Zanu PF bigwig said never in his “wildest imagination” had he ever contemplated that the former liberation movement would suffer more splits than the MDC.

“I’m embarrassed that after Zanu PF Gamatox (Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First), we are now going to have Zanu PF Lacoste, all within the space of a few months. Before that, we had the likes of (Edgar) Tekere, Margaret (Dongo) and Simba (Makoni) splitting from the party as you know.

“At least in the case of the MDC when they were splitting this was largely due to the work of our boys (infiltration and destabilisation by spies). What excuses do we have for this anarchy?

“And the chaos is worsening, what with some war veterans passing votes of no confidence against national leaders such as VP (Phelekezela) Mphoko and Tyson (Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere),” a politburo member who has always claimed that he is “non-aligned” said ruefully.

Amid all this, Tsvangirai has hinted that he will soon lead mass protests aimed at forcing Mugabe to fix the country’s dying economy and to implement much-needed electoral reforms ahead of Zimbabbwe’s keenly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

Addressing a rally in Marondera last weekend, the MDC leader said Zimbabwe had reached a critical stage that made it imperative for the people to demand free and fair elections.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said anger against Mugabe’s misrule was growing each day, “as everyone is suffering”.

MDC spokesperson, Obert Gutu, also told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that the next few weeks would be a very busy period for the party, adding “those who thought we were not doing anything will realise that we are not sleeping on duty”.

“April 7 will be a game changer. Right now we have tasked each and every member of the party, starting with the top leadership, including the president himself and his standing committee, that they must have recruited not less than 15 new members by then.

“We are using this holiday to strengthen our structures, filling gaps where they exist and consolidating our support base in the process as we are targeting 4 million members in our data base by 2018.

“We will not be complacent this time around and we have dedicated 2016 to ensuring that Mugabe bows to the majority of the things we are demanding ahead of elections in 2018,” Gutu said.

Former Finance minister Tenda Biti said his People’s Democratic Party (PDP) planned to apply more legal pressure on Mugabe and Zanu PF to amend the country’s Electoral Act.

“We are collectively running out of time and next week you are going to see action on the part of PDP. You are going to see litigation against government as we push for major changes in the country’s electoral laws.

“We are also going to be pressuring the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to ensure the speedy implementation of the biometric voters’ roll,” Biti said, adding that while time was not on the side of opposition parties, there had been some progress in negotiations for a grand coalition against Zanu PF.

“While I am not authorised to speak for the coalition, I can tell you that there is a lot that is happening underground in terms of the grand coalition.

“On the side of PDP, we are almost finalising mechanisms for a National Transitional Authority that should ensure a soft landing for the country, seeing that we may not be able to reach 2018 with Zanu PF imploding,” the former Harare East MP said.

Analysts have also pointed out that with a mere two years to go to Zimbabwe’s next national elections, Zanu PF’s pie-in-the-sky 2013 election promises were coming back to bite the governing party, with the economy continuing to tank and bleed tens of thousands of badly-needed jobs every new year.

In addition, there have also been growing concerns that Zimbabwe has once again hit the depths of humanitarian and economic despair that were last experienced in 2008, when the country’s seemingly unending political crisis precipitated an economic meltdown of monumental proportions — which culminated in the death of the Zimbabwe dollar and mass emigrations out of the country.

Economic and political experts said the recent human trafficking scam associated with some Kuwait nationals also showed that Zimbabweans had now become so desperate that they were willing to do anything, no matter how dangerous, to survive.

Only a fortnight ago, the Harare Magistrates’ Courts charged a Kuwait embassy official with human trafficking — after about 200 local women had allegedly been lured to the Gulf region country where they were turned into slaves.

And instead of attending to the country’s worsening political and soci-economic crises, Zanu PF bigwigs are embroiled in their party’s mindless bloodletting, in which a faction loyal to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is engaged in deadly factional and succession wars with a group opposed to him succeeding Mugabe.


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I don't want to understate the crisis in the country, and the millions of people who are being impacted by it, but sometimes a country has to reach bottom, before it can make a decision to take care of itself and turn around. Perhaps (and I stress, perhaps), the current 'crisis' is what is supposed to happen.

david taylor - 27 March 2016

Ndinobvumirana newe Taylor; we must plunge into a big crisis. From that crisis, everyone will have learn thier lessons that bootlicking does not pay in the end. At the same time we are tired of the false starts and stops such as the GNU, which brought a bit of stability for a short time. We are sustained stability for a long time, if not forever.

CRISIS NDIZVO - 27 March 2016

Mwari batsirai nyika yeZimbabwe hatidi hondo

richard - 27 March 2016

obert gutu stop hullcinating,tendai biti the transitional authority is a scheme to smuggle yourself into govt,the worst is in this country in terms of violence is behind us as we will not see a repeat of ghukurahundi or anything on a a similar scale,our economy is on its knees as biti,tsvangirayi and company actively campaigned for sanctions from the west,touriism suffered,manufacturing failed to retool and investment dried up,so if zanu pf is to blame,the mdc is also complicit,sanctions bite and have consequences

truth - 27 March 2016

The current economic and political crisis is a result of poor policy planning and implementation. Zanu-PF is reluctant to relinquish power effectively, which is a contributing factor too. Its less of what Zanu-PF has failed to do, neither is it about what opposition coalitions will do. It requires political will and a strong patriotic ideology-the will to serve and to admit

Apostle Bryan Mhuru - 27 March 2016

Truth u should learn to be politically relevant before you utter your non***

Apostle Bryan Mhuru - 27 March 2016

forget sanctions @truth. zanu pf is very corrupt. that is what has brought the economy on its knees. lets face it, our leaders are corrupt to the core. they do not care a inch about the next generation. sorry maningi.

zvirozviyedzwa - 27 March 2016

@apostle bryan mhuru:whats political relevant?

truth - 27 March 2016

God, please protect Zimbabwe from the corrupt and those who have power but choose not to use it against corruption and those who plainly refuse to think!

Okech - 27 March 2016

Truth ndiudzewo 15 bhidha yakadyiwa nemasanctions here? You are delusional and stupid. It's morons like you on whose shallowness tyrants depend on. Pfutseke!!!!

Truth seeker - 27 March 2016

Thomas Mapfumo saw the ugly demise of Zimbabwe and ZANU-PF years ago. Has his exile been self imposed or he is afraid of ZANU- PF?Taking him out. What gets me about "Mukanya" is that he stayed put under Ian Smith, why did he choose to bolt under Robert Mugabe? At least by choosing exile "Mukanya" foresaw the writing on the wall about Zimbabwe melt down we are now witnessing.

Chibwechitedza - 27 March 2016

ZIMBABWE, ZIMBABWE, this Robert wenyu uyu has never ever been about our country. Chinonyenga chinozo simudza musoro chawana. Uyu Robert wenyu uyu! Anoponda mhuri yeZimbabwe. Anoba achifuridzira. Mukadzi wake anoti akapfuma nekuruka majuzi. Aso mese munoziva kuti aiba maridze ma war veterans, dze tax nedze civil servants housing. Achingitinyepera zvake. Ikozvino, ane company yemukaka inemichina yepamusorosoro. Hapana anoziva kuti mari yekuita company iyoyo yakabvepi. Apa vakango bvuta farm yacho, havana kuitenga. Asi ikozvino company iyoyo haisi kubhadhara vashandi. Haisi kuita profit. Yakutofa. Asi Robert nemhuri yake vakagara zvakanaka. Haana kurega kushandisa motorcade ine masoja anepfuti, ku flexa muscle yake. Achishandisa mari dzedu dzematax, nema diamonds avarikuba kuChiadzwa nemaChina nemaRussians ake. Uyu Robert uyu. 92YEARS iye achiti i29years! Kana imi masoja, muri kuitei? Vana venyu munofunga nezvavo here neramangwana ravo? Ko muri kuchengeta marangwanda aya kutengesa ramangwana redu nevana venyu? I-i-i-i. Zvobjo handidi, Tekere handidi, Mahachi handidi, Sithole handidi, Makoni handidi, Gen Mujuru handidi, Teurai handidi, Ngwena handidi, NDODA INI CHETE. NDODA INI CHETE. INI CHETE. INI CHETE! MUKADZI WANGU OK, MUKADZI WANGU OK!

gonan'anga - 28 March 2016

In regard to issue of slavery. There is another company in Harare calling its Transguard Agency run by Homani 0718110748. This guy is recruiting people for jobs in Dubai and lying to them about job title and salary. He will say you will $800 after accommodation and will be working as security officers. Guys my friend who went there through this agency is regretting , they lied to him is wrking as a cleaner at Dubai Mall 12 hrs a day no off day. If takes off day money will be deducted from his wages and he is being paid $250 per month. On top of that he paid for the air ticket from Zimbabwe to Dubai $1300 and when he arrived in Dubai they took away all the passports for Zimbabweans. This is slavery. POlice or CIO need to lock up Homani before its too late. i heard that that $1300 which he claims its fir air ticket thats for Homani as agency fee because tickets are bought by the companies in dubai who want these cleaners unfortunately he does not people the truth promising them Heaven on earth.

john - 28 March 2016

Vanhu ve daily news munopenga here? You're cooking the same news everyday since last month and beyond. Kana musina nyaya nyararai mhani. Nxa!

Chokwadi - 28 March 2016

ZanuPF are evil... like rats in a cage... how many people's lives have they destroyed that did not support them. Its millions! They broken up families, butchered and tortured and now they are turning on each other. Its to be expected. I hope for the sake of the country that people look to working with each other, helping each other, to a common goal of building the country and not filling their pockets and their greed. Only then will the country flourish. Zanupf are over! We must find a professional person, with morals and ethics to lead this country out of the mire and down the path of success for all. With the minerals, wildlife and fantastic agricultural lands, there is no reason for anyone to go hungry. So Zimbabweans must choose wisely and stand up to evil ... the future is in your hands.

Worn Out Zimbo - 29 March 2016

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williama - 26 April 2016

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