'Mutsvangwa must shut up'

HARARE - The Zanu PF youth league has implored ousted War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa to shut up, taking umbrage with his alleged continued disrespect for President Robert Mugabe.

Speaking at a youth rally held at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera on Wednesday, Zanu PF deputy youth secretary Kudzai Chipanga had no kind words for the sacked minister.

“It is time we tell Mutsvangwa to shut up,” Chipanga said.

“If he is fed up with our president, he should go to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and withdraw his vote.

“It’s time we call a spade a spade because we now have people in the party who wear party regalia but speaks a different language. We must identify them and show them the door.”

Chipanga said he was going to mobilise one million youths to meet Mugabe in May and assure him that they were fully behind him adding that Mutsvangwa should take heed of the warning from the youths.

“They (Mutsvangwas) want him (Mugabe) to leave office because they benefitted from him politically, including in the land reform and indigenisation, but we have not as youths. So he must rule until he dies,” Chipanga said.

Speaking at the same gathering, Mashonaland East State Provincial minister Ambrose Mutinhiri, also attacked Mutsvangwa, a former Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson, ordering him to shut up and stop bragging about his war credentials.

“I heard some of us saying VP (Phelekezela) Mphoko deserted the war.

“Some people must shut up and hear from us who were in the war from the early stages. Some who are bragging do not even know how the war was executed. I was privileged to command both Zipra and Zanla (Zapu and Zanu PF military wings respectively), so there is little that I don’t know,” the retired brigadier-general said.

This comes after Mutsvangwa recently said Mphoko, 75, had allegedly ditched his regiment in Mozambique to enjoy life with his then wife-to-be, Laurinda, who he married in 1977.

“Mphoko came to Mozambique as part of Zipa (the Zimbabwe People’s Army, which was a combined military structure of Zipra and Zanla) in 1975 and was head of logistics,” Mutsvangwa told the Daily News in a recent interview.

“Zipa collapsed a couple of months down the line, (and one of the pioneers of the armed struggle, Rogers Alfred) Mangena and others went back to Zambia to resume operations as Zipra.

“He (Mphoko) didn’t go back with them. He remained in Maputo, and somehow got lost completely. That’s why nobody knows him in Zipra. Ask all the big numbers of Zipra cadres, they don’t know him because he was no longer part of the army.

“He was in Mozambique and eventually married a Mozambican woman. So for the crucial five years of that war (1975 until independence in 1980), he was absent. He is neither Zipra nor Zanla,” Mutsvangwa said.

“He got married to a family that was close to . . . Machel. The wife is Shangaan, you can check, a Chironga woman from the Maputo region. How can you have an absentee commander? He was not there for five years,” Mutsvangwa said.

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Then honest truth is that a lot of our war stories are fictitious. Some so called heroes never went to the bush. The truth will never come out as most eyewitnesses are dying of old age. I asked one so called war vet and he said he did not know anything about the late Noel Mukono. What a surprise, as this man was more senior than even Tongogara in the Dare reChimurenga.

Samaita - 25 March 2016

Samaita...., tichadzidza zvakawanda!!!!

Oliver - 25 March 2016

fake warvets like mutsvangwa must know that the future belongs to the youth,we can no longer accept that the nation be held to ransom by your likes

truth - 25 March 2016

Some people like the writer Truth, samaita have a lot to learn. Mutsvangwa is the war veterans chief. He is going nowhere. He will be there deciding where the trajectory of zanupf goes. Chipanga and others making noise here will not be there. Its time you guys shut up and allowed those that can tell the president what he is oing wrong to his face do it. You are praise singers and as such are useless in the building of zimbabwe. Its time to call a spade a spade. Mutsvangwa belongs with the cream . the war vets of consenqence. G 40 Na Grace wont be in that meeting. That tells youa lot if you have any grey matter upstairs

Grace Jones - 25 March 2016

Too garrulous,don't involve yourself on issues that concern the struggle and speak authoritatively as if you were there.Let those who were there during that time sort their issues out.They are seniors on their own right.Very soon you may end up in the cold,just as good as those you hounded out of the party, it may be your turn sooner than later.The problem with people like Chipanga is that they worship individuals more than the institutions.

gen. spinola - 25 March 2016

I am startled by how some youths like Chipanga think. How can one actually say we want Mugabe to die on power that we benefit like the war veterans did. You sleep while the economy is being destroyed by the old men you are protecting so what is it that you will benefit. In actual fact in Zimbabwe the youths were supposed to push ZANU PF away from government before it is too late. Remember all these war veterans including President started politics when they were youths and their time has gone. Have you imagined a Zimbabwe without Mugabe in power. The thing is you do not care about others like you rightly said you only want to benefit. Otherwise if I were in Politics I would recommend such people chased away from positions because you are only after your personal benefit. Ndizvozvo zvauraya nyika yedu zvokuzvifunga iwe pachako chete.

Zvidozvevanhu - 25 March 2016

True that, though I am no longer a youth I at times wonder why anybody [YOUTHS ESPECIALLY] with proper grey matter upstairs [WITHOUT COHESION] would be voting for Zanu PF [esply after 2000], considering the destruction they have done to the economy, the several murders which we all know [and these will come out hopefully in our life time], the countless lies they give on so many critical issues [just to help them remain in power], and THE GENERAL LACK OF PROPER FREEDOM IN THE COUNTRY, WHICH FREEDOM WE WENT TO WAR FOR. I LONG FOR THE TIME WHEN THE TRUTH AND I MEAN THE HONEST TRUTH WILL BE SPOKEN ON TOP ON ROOF TOPS FOR ALL TO HEAR AND TO KNOW. AND THE TIME WHEN THOSE RESPONSIBLE, NO MATTER HOW OLD THEY WILL BE, WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR NUMEROUS SINS WHICH DISADVANTAGED US WHO ALSO CONTRIBUTED TO THE LIBERATION STRUGGLE AND FOR THOSE WE FOUGHT FOR - THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

Icho - 25 March 2016

@ grace jones,if nathaniel manheru is george charamba then you are virginia mabhiza,we are 100% behind our president,your beloved mutsvangwa looted ZBC

truth - 26 March 2016

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