Fresh Zanu PF split imminent

HARARE - Still reeling from the damaging breakaway from within its ranks of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her supporters, President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF is facing yet another bitter split — this time involving party members loyal to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This also comes as the stage is set for an explosive meeting in Harare between Mugabe and restive war veterans on April 7 — as the mindless bloodletting within the former liberation movement continues unabated.

Zanu PF insiders who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the latest acrimonious “divorce proceedings” involving Team Lacoste — which they said was already “well under way” and evident in the troubled provinces of Midlands and Mashonaland East — would deliver a knock out punch to the fast-unraveling party.

“The die is cast and there is no going back. We are going it alone now. When you see State media dredging up malicious stories about Ngwena (Mnangagwa) from 33 years ago (regarding the VP’s alleged inflammatory comments on Gukurahundi), then you know this has to happen,” a senior party official linked to the VP said.

Another Zanu PF bigwig said never in his “wildest imagination” had he ever contemplated that the former liberation movement would suffer more splits than the MDC.

“I’m embarrassed that after Zanu PF Gamatox (Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First), we are now going to have Zanu PF Lacoste, all within the space of a few months. Before that, we had the likes of (Edgar) Tekere, Margaret (Dongo) and Simba (Makoni) splitting from the party as you know.

“At least in the case of the MDC when they were splitting this was largely due to the work of our boys (infiltration and destabilisation by spooks). What excuses do we have for this anarchy?

“And the chaos is worsening, what with some war veterans passing votes of no confidence against national leaders such as VP (Phelekezela) Mphoko and Tyson (Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere),” a politburo member who has always claimed that he is “non-aligned” said ruefully.

The Daily News — which has accurately and consistently spotlighted the ruling party’s ugly ructions over the past five years — reported exclusively on Tuesday that the party had effectively split into two bitterly-opposed formations in the Midlands, the citadel of Mnangagwa’s support.

Regional party officials confirmed to the newspaper then that there were now two structures at most levels — belonging to the rival Mnangagwa and Generation 40 (G40) camps.

“It’s war here. For every G40 structure, there is now a parallel Team Lacoste one, and vice-versa. Our worry is how this will be resolved going into 2018,” one of the officials said.

Indeed, as interim Zanu PF chairperson for the Midlands, Tapiwa Matangaidze, was announcing the party’s decision to sack many of Mnangagwa’s most trusted allies, including July Moyo, the Midlands godfather’s regional allies were mobilising their followers, creating their own structures.

For example, suspended deputy provincial chairperson Daniel Mackenzie-Ncube had now been appointed the acting chairperson by the Team Lacoste group.

Mackenzie-Ncube himself confirmed that he and other senior party officials who were suspended by the G40 through votes of no confidence were “busy restructuring the party from cell level”.

He was also emphatic that the provincial executive that had resolved to pass a vote of no confidence in Moyo and others such as Justice Mayor Wadyajena, Owen Muda Ncube and Victor Matemadanda, John Holder and Cornelius Mupereri did not constitute a quorum.

In addition, he said Matangaidze (who was provincial secretary), Makhosini Hlongwane (political commissar) and Annastancia Ndlovu (national youth league executive member) had been counter-suspended by the province and thus had no “locus standi to call meetings” as they had, at any rate, since been replaced.

“We were seized with consolidating the party from cell and branch levels all weekend. We were in Mberengwa on Friday and had other meetings on Saturday and Sunday in areas such as Shurugwi and Zvishavane where we restructured the party.

“Our attention will not be diverted by the sideshows by Matangaidze and Hlongwane, the only provincial executive members who were present at their meeting.

“Now do you call that Midlands province? Surely a man humming an old tune to himself can’t be called a choir, can he?” Mackenzie-Ncube asked rhetorically.

Mupereri, who until his “suspension” was the Zanu PF provincial spokesperson, added that they would continue to defy Zanu PF national political commissar Kasukuwere, who appointed Matangaidze as acting chairperson following the suspension of Kizito Chivamba.

“We will not hesitate to defy even national members who choose to disregard the party constitution like what happened here. Even if we were to accept that Chivamba was suspended, he was supposed to be replaced by the deputy chairperson.

“That is why Mackenzie-Ncube is our chairman as we speak, he naturally took over,” Mupereri said in a show of defiance.

In the meantime, the stage is set for an explosive get-together between furious war veterans and Mugabe on April 7 — amid claims that the nonagenarian has been working hard to mobilise service chiefs to not just continue to shore him up, but also to put pressure on those rebellious war veterans who wanted to see him ousted from power.

Yesterday, hundreds of war veterans from across the country met with government officials in Harare to discuss the agenda of the meeting.

Among the prominent personalities who attended the meeting were Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, Air Force commander Perrance Shiri, Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Constantine Chiwenga, Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo, War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube, Manicaland State Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene, State Security minister Kembo Mohadi, former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri.

Well-placed sources who spoke to the Daily News claimed that Mugabe, apparently desperate to avert an embarrassing encounter with the former freedom fighters, had mobilised service chiefs to neutralise and calm down the war veterans.

“We have found it necessary to have this preliminary meeting so that there is adequate consultation before the meeting with His Excellency,” Sekeramayi, who is Zanu PF secretary for war veterans, said.

The meeting also comes at a time when ex-combatants who were in the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) have officially launched their own welfare association and appointed Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa as their patron.

The meeting with Mugabe is being pushed by war veterans rallying behind Team Lacoste, a group backing Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations.

Among their plethora of demands are calls for a stop to the worsening purges in Zanu PF, a demand for Mugabe to rein in his powerful wife Grace whom they accuse of fronting a Zanu PF faction known as the Generation 40, complaints about their paltry monthly allowances and the government’s failure to pay school fees for their children.

An earlier planned meeting was thwarted by riot police who used teargas and water cannons to disperse the ex-combatants that had gathered at the City Sports Centre in the capital.


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mugabes shoes are too big for ED to fill,he does not match the president in intelligence,charm ,education and all the qualities considered for such high office,though we concede munangagwa is more brutul and can plan and effect a genocide in a manner that makes mugabe kindergarten stuff

truth - 24 March 2016

KKKKKKK What intelligent when the moron does not even know it is time up to go . After taking over one of the best economies in africa he ran down every thing forcing everyone to eat shiit including truth.

Chimedza matomboN - 24 March 2016

the reason why Zimbabwe is this situation is because an average Zimbabwean doesn't want the truth. below are some of the truths that people routinely circumvent: 1. rwavhi gukurahundi Mugabe committed genocide in Zimbabwe mainly the gukurahundi atrocities of the 1980s. this is the reason why he doesn't want to vacate the throne because he knows that he will be arrested. this has nothing to do with his marriage to grace is this come well after he had committed the crimes. 2. grace is a useless slut who left her marriage to get married to rwavhi because of pecuniary gains. 3. joice mujuru was the main driver of corruption in zanu with her late hubby rex. she owns a number of farms, mine and buildings around the country. she has no positive contribution to make to the country given her horrendous performance in govt for the past 35 years. she is a liar who wants us to believe that she always had differences with Mugabe yet she begged him to stay on the eve of her official cashiering. the fact that on top of her priorities is the chasing of solo's killers shows that she is in it for her own benefit and not for national benefit. tsvangirayi lost his wife in dodgy circumstances but never has he said that he wants to avenge that. also, joice consistently said that she has no ambition to become president now she is lying that people requested her to be president. the day we learnt to accept and tell the truth, our country and ourselves shall be liberated!!! VIVA SAVE 2018 VIVA!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 24 March 2016

This is old news. Zanu PF has had parallel structures for a while now in the Midlands, Mash East, Harare and Bulawayo. There is the G40 or Kasukuwere organised part and then there is Team Lacoste or war vet organised part. Its a matter of time before it spreads to the rest of the country. Let them split, in 2018 they will be history.

Inyika - 24 March 2016

Seka zvako, maiti hamubviri, zvino zviripi????? Chisingaperi chinoshura.

kkkkkkkkkkkkk - 24 March 2016

i dont trust joice uyu

mphoko - 24 March 2016

It is unfortunate that the war vets are used and reused when THERE IS NEED. President Vs War vets results: Most of their requests will be verbally granted, fees, pension etc. Kuti vafare sezvo iyezvino vachizivikanwa kuti vakatsamwa. But execution will not come easily. Kungoshandiswa kupera imi muchiona nyika ichingowondomoka. Ndimi nesu tinongotambura yet a few are crafting unfriendly policies dzino destroya economy yenyika. Vana venyu nevangu havashandi even after University. Vashoma vacharoora nokuroorwa nokuti vanogoroora or kuroorwa neyi. Chifambi chawanda, tsika dzedu dzawondongwa nemitemo yongotenderwa navatungamiriri venyika. Zvese izvi nezvimwe zvizhingi zvasakiswa nokusada kuteerera vamwe or fungwa dzavamwe mu party. Zvawandisa zvashatiswa munyika zvichibva mukusabudirana pachena. Ngatidzidze kuteerera fungwa dzavamwe nyangwe dzakati siyaneyi nedzedu, dzingava dzinobva mukati medu or from outside. Pfungwa dzakanaka dzakanaka zvisineyi nokuti dzataurwa nani. Asi imi maKomrads ndinoziva kuti mune ushingi. Pamusangano unotevera ingo udzayi sekuru feya feya kuti, "ZVAMAKAITA SEKURU TINOZVITENDA MADINI KUTI TISARUDZE UMWE PAKATI PEDU ACHAMIRA PAMA ELECTION A 2018". Do you think at his age he can have a convincing 5 or 10 year plan yekuite develop nyika at 94yrs. Or he will be just a puppet of other people vachange vachitonga havo VARI KUSERI???? We need a candidate NOW so that he/she can be campaigned for in time. Todavo kumbo hwinha ma election pachena veduwee. Chimwe nechimwe chinenguva yacho ma comrades, tell sekuru openly like did the late general Mujuru. Musatye kutaura chokwadi. Musatye kufira nyika. You are heroes already and by so doing you will be a DOUBLE HERO. I LOVE MY PRESIDENT BUT WITH ALL HONESTY VAKURA UYE NGAVACHIZORORA VANAKIRWEVO NE PENSION VACHIONAVO VAMWE VACHITONGA.

Icho - 24 March 2016

All this to me shows how people are afraid of saying the truth. What we are saying is there is need for change and renewal in ZANU PF if it is to serve the nation. People are hiding behind their fingers. All messages from the Provinces are that Mugabe must retire. The idea of having amai Panyanga muZimbabwe will never work out. Once again thank you war veterans for realising that you are being used.

Mahalape - 24 March 2016

Josphat nyaya yako iri kuzivikanwa nyarara zvako tinozvigadziridza chete ...

bentos - 24 March 2016

this is where we; the MDC-T gets beaten by zanu! look here, the bullfrogs have sat down and saw that their party is committing suicide and they want to avoid that! now look at what calibre of persons were present at this preliminary meeting; the so called big wigs. they have mapped out the agenda for the meetng and who is invited and who is not; right! non of the disgruntled war vets are invted and of the disgruntled members present was mutsvangwa alone. now; the script have been written and the actors have been chosen and what is left is for the meeting to be broadcast on ztv and hearing pple asking for 'forgiveness' from gushungo and gushungo accepting their apologies before falling asleep as usual. afterwards the party will be said to be united again much to the chagrin of 'those bent on seeing it spliting' and celebrations will follow with the burning of t-shirts written team locust. its gona be a thriller to the zanu faithfulls and gullible Zimbabweans wll nod in acceptance and rhobhati will live another day.

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 March 2016

To tell the truth, I feel both mentally and physically very stressed. 2018 to me is like going to planet Jupiter. The journey is painfully long and hence tiresome. I only get comfort and some relief when I remind that no matter how long the night might be the sun will always rise the next morning. My fellow friends, I have been in the govt service from 1980 to date but have nothing to show it. I joined govt as a teacher at the age of 19 after my 'O' level. I taught in difference provinces and districts but I still struggle together with my family and grandchildren. I am really stressed particularly that I hold degrees in Electrical Engineering and earn a monthly pathetic minute salary of $303. What pains me most these days is the looted natural resources worth $15 billions. The very people who stole this amount of money are some among us the poverty stricken lot have chosen to kill for. How stupid for some of our brothers in ZanuPF to try and plunge us into a civil war in support of the groupings? I come from Midlands, Mberengwa to be precise but I don't like what both the so- called Team Lacoste and G40 overzealous zealots are doing in the district. Mberengwa is hard hit by shortage of food, instead of bringing food and encouraging people to venture into income generating projects, ZanuPF has chosen to engage them into factional battles. With due respect President Mugabe must go peacefully. Is he proud of what is happening? These are some of the things that stress me day and night.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 24 March 2016

Zanu pf yagara inemaparalell structures Mugabe achingosurvivor. Remember sei anaNdabaningi vakatorerwa party na Robert. Bhora musango yakaitwa vkaiita varipi. Mumaconstuency kwaifieldwa macandidates maviri sei. Kunosiya sei Kombai akada kuurawa naMzenda. Why Misihairambwi Mushonga akabuda MuZanu achida chigaro chamayor weHarare. Hazvisi zvitsva

View from the gazebo - 24 March 2016

Iwe Moyowaonda file maserious. Urikudzidzira kunyora maessay kanakuti urikudakuita Councillor kuMberengwa ikoko. Degree rako wakaringa unechinangwa chipi kana Kuti wakamanikidzwa kuriita nevabereki iwe dzisiri shungu dzako. Deno dzaivedzako tingadai tichikuona uchibhururuka nendege kuenda kubasa kuMozambique ,SA kana Botswana. Nyika kana isina chekuexporter inoexporter skills then yobudirira . Mugabe akasiya teaching nokuti haibhadhare . hapana nyika inemateacher anofara .education inovhura brain kuti uve innovative. Uno de motivator vanoda kudzidza.

View from the gazebo - 24 March 2016

One can only pray that the shenanigans ravaging civilian controlled institutions does not spread to the protection services,particularly the branches of the Defence Forces.Hopefully,all units remain united under the CDF. A slight crack in the Defence Forces would have grave consequences for the country.

gen spinola - 24 March 2016

This is not really big news. First of all, the party is only splitting in Masvingo and Mash East. 2, out 9 provinces. Thereby making Mnangagwa's political establishment nothing more than a regional party. this is very different from Mujuru, who can command support from structures across the board. There is nothing for Grace And Mugabe to fear here. Team Lacoste is publicly the most hated of all political factions.

Steven - 25 March 2016

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