Coltart attacks VP over Gukurahundi

BULAWAYO - Former Education minister David Coltart says he is ready to face Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in court after the Midlands godfather threatened to sue him over remarks that the VP allegedly made at the time of the Gukurahundi massacres in the early 1980s.

In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Coltart said he stood by what he wrote about Mnangagwa in his just-released autobiography — The Struggle Continues: 50 years of Tyranny in Zimbabwe — in which the beleaguered VP is controversially quoted describing dissidents as “cockroaches”, and the Fifth Brigade that killed an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians at the time as “DDT”, a deadly pesticide that is used to kill vermin.

“In the circumstances, Mnangagwa would be very poorly advised by his lawyers to institute legal proceedings . . . suffice it to say that any action brought by Mnangagwa will be defended. I repeat that he will be very poorly advised to sue,” Coltart said.

The prominent opposition figure also questioned why Mnangagwa now wanted to sue him over this reference when he had not sued, or even moved to correct what had been reported by the government-controlled Chronicle newspaper 33 years ago.

“These extracts (in the autobiography) confirm that what is recorded in my book accurately reflects what the Chronicle reported him as saying then.

“In the 33 years that have elapsed since these news reports were published, he has never denied what the Chronicle reported him as saying and has never sued that paper.

“One would assume that if what he was reported as saying was false, he would have sought to correct that long ago,” Coltart said.

On his part, Mnangagwa has dismissed as false and malicious the claims that he had made these inflammatory statements attributed to him.

“The Vice President E D Mnangagwa wishes to communicate that all the statements attributed to him . . . are a total fabrication and that at no stage during the 1980s did he address a rally in Lupane nor did he at any other venue utter those words . . . in question.

“The vice president’s legal practitioners are currently perusing  . . . Coltart’s autobiography . . . before considering appropriate action to be taken to address these false and malicious statements,” a statement from Mnangagwa published in State media yesterday said.

In his autobiography, Coltart highlighted the inflammatory remarks that were reportedly made by Mnangagwa in 1983, that appeared to urge the North Korea-trained Fifth Brigade to escalate their operations in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces — resulting in the death of many innocent people.

Mnangagwa served as State Security minister at the time of what later came to be known as the Gukurahundi massacres.

However, the VP has always denied responsibility for the mass slaughter of mainly Ndebeles during that time.

But Mnangagwa was also quoted in the Chronicle edition of April 5, 1983 telling a rally in Victoria Falls: “The campaign against dissidents can only succeed if the infrastructure which nurtures them is destroyed.

“Blessed are they who will follow the path of the government laws, for their days on earth will be increased.

“But woe unto those who will choose the path of collaboration with dissidents, for we will certainly shorten their stay on earth.”

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David Coltart, Human Rights activist. Fought to the last strength to end oppression of blacks by the whites in Zimbabwe before independence, and continues to do so after independence. Never participated in maiming or killing any backs before and after 1980. No blemish at all.

Hobho - 23 March 2016

Yes David is well known patriotic Zimbabwean who is very efficient in everything he does and what ever he said about Gukurahundi concerning Munangagwa is spot on some of us where around that time this guy Munangagwa was the main leader of Gukurahundi together with Enos Nkala . He Munangagwa even made sure all farms owned by former zipra forces be taken by planting arms catch near them to support his lust ideas . This man is evil very evil many people were killed and others forced to leave the country in the early 80 s .What ever he is trying to say is blood lies from a murderer

Diibulaanyika - 23 March 2016

kkkk such is the power of a record. I am sure many do now appreciate the importance of archives

goo - 23 March 2016

Come 2018 we won't vote that dog mnangagwa in Matebeland. Even if they will kill us again never ever. I am going to personally make sure that there won't be a single vote from my people to this murderer. Only stupid Viola will vote lento

Ndoda - 23 March 2016

Come 2018 we won't vote that dog mnangagwa in Matebeland. Even if they will kill us again never ever. I am going to personally make sure that there won't be a single vote from my people to this murderer. Only stupid Viola will vote lento

Ndoda - 23 March 2016

Coltart joined selous scout brigade during Rhodesia, a very notoriuous grouping that worked with inteligence to eliminate freedom fighters. However, it was a call-up requirement since he was doing law at UZ. It was just fror not less than 3 months.

Danai Pazvagozha - 23 March 2016

Munangagwa is avery big coward. Most probably because he knows how ruthless Mugabe can be to those who threaten him like what happen to Mujuru Solomon. Munangagwa is very good in using others for own cause, then quickily dissociate himself with the if the plot is unravelled. so his fingers will never get burnt since he wears other people as hand-gloves. Such a leader is very dangerous. He cannot own up to anything. he is always hiding. Just check how he has remained foolishily quiet, even afetr a rustic woman from Hurungwe lebled him a waddling duck. I used to respect him, but now I dont. My hope now is that may be Mutsvangwa will emerge as the team Lacoste leader. Mutsvangwa is brave, as brave as a bufalo bull. He faces danger head on, and will never keep quiet even when faced by Mugabe. Thats a leader worth following

Danai Pazvagozha - 23 March 2016

I dnt see any issue here on wht was said ,allegedly said by vp that time.Theris not even a need to sue this fellow Coltart.If yu want to go by newsprints,then shows us also wht Nkala said that time of madness,Calistas Ndlovu,President Mugabe,Shamhuyarira,Vp good gues is yu will find the worst words frm these .This what mnangagwa said sounds very reasonable n persuasive in a war situation.Besides Coltart is only cming out nw wth his book either to make money over a sad chapter of our history,or he is aiding can only be both anyway.He kept his book under pillow when he was minister,why,cowardice or a manipulating vile person out to get relevence.They made a mess in their MDC ,same machiavelling style that killed mdc.Now the Ncube mdc is dying or dead hence Coltart has no platform politicaly.Bring on proper issues on gukurahundi n lets get on wth it.stop fumbling over pages of yo silly book.Yu are a lawyer n yu know very well yu have nothing on ngwena .Try Enos Nkala.Did yu print that also?No.Be a good I said bring up the real stuff,dont stamer.

viola gwena - 23 March 2016

whats real stuff?

truth - 23 March 2016

Ngwena is murderous we all know that and is not fit to rule Zimbwabwe.I pray my gud lord stops him in his track- Lacoste is bad news

Tshandida - 23 March 2016

One silly move by Croc regarding this "dark chapter" issue, he will drown. E.D is already under siege from zanu pf wars. Croc is rightly positioned and in a state which G40 wants him. G40 will find a window of opportunity and throw that chapter around his neck, and that will be the end of the mythical Croc. Its inevitable either zanu pf as whole or individual/s will take a big fall from that chapter at some point along the lines.

X-MAN IV - 23 March 2016

I think wht viola is saying makes coltart if he wants to reveal anything he must bring all out.not target one person.we all know it wasnt mnangagwa who brot in the army.he wasnt the only person in was a collective decision.

kays - 23 March 2016

@trueth.thats rite wht real stuff.There arent any real stuff.This is all hogwash.hope he sells his book n buy a house.

hunda - 23 March 2016

Coltart has come to Mugabes rescue. Pulling down Munangagwa while prooing up the commnader in chief. Munangagwa is guilty of supporting Mugabe but it is Mugabe who orderd the massacres yet I do not heear even a winper about that . Instead I get to hear a lot from matebeleland supporting Grace whose husband ordered the massacres. How myopic is that?

Grace Jones - 23 March 2016

I dnt like viola bt I think she has got a point.Mr coltart chose a good selling character for his book.o ly ngwena can sell his book.

gidza - 23 March 2016

Viola and company must read Coltart's book. Everything they want to know about who said what during that dark period of our history is there. What you are reading about now is just the extract from that book.

open eyes - 23 March 2016

Munangagwa i s not going anywhere. This G40 news item forgets it is G40 kingpin Mugabe who odeered these massacres. Munangagwa was not commander in chief. What he is guilty of is perhaps being to eager to do Mugabe bidding just like Mboko Jona and Kasukuwere. Mugabe uses people. This episode will strengthen Munangagwa even more. Becuase this threatens not just Ngwena but the security guys . the Chiwengwas the Shiri etc. Mugabe is going to be taken to task no question about it

Grace Jones - 23 March 2016

Munangagwa was Security minister that time he was a satan not human he made sure 20 000 people died bcoz 113 dissidents spoke same language like them and for sure instead of hunting 113 dissidents he went on saying some of these statements which David is merely mentioned . One fool Viola says it was war and Munangagwa was right to utter that nonsense sure how do you call a fight with 113 unhappy former soldiers war .They was no war what so ever please do not lie Viola to those who were not there bcoz you were not in the place were the killing took place we know that during that time you were busy singing jongwe rakakunda and allulating to your Mugabe and putting some zambia on the floor so that he walks on them Some of us who were on the gukurahundi killing ground we know gukurahundi was sent to shoot innocent unarmed civilians finish and kllaa.

Diibulaanyika - 24 March 2016

Its a comic book.simple.I was 35yrs old in 1984.wht coltart is advertising in his book is not true at all.This Diibu s comments not worth responding to.nonsense.Thereis need to be fare on comments.I will respect viola on her inputs than water mellon heads.

jabu - 24 March 2016

Book writing seems to be a lucrative business for retired politicians from Bulawayo.Smipa wrote his also.Bt I think Coltart s will be bought more bcoz this side ,bulawayo,tend to regard whites as supreme.

bob - 24 March 2016

abantu lithanda ukukhuluma izinto elingazaziyo this guy Munangagwa is a killer he killed our brothers and sisters he must pay for that with his boss Bob fake all Zanu PF

jabu - 24 March 2016

abantu lithanda ukukhuluma izinto elingazaziyo this guy Munangagwa is a killer he killed our brothers and sisters he must pay for that with his boss Bob fake all Zanu PF

jabu - 24 March 2016

I hope Coltart also wrote what he did as a Selous Scout.

mimi - 24 March 2016

EDM said worse things than these. I remember when he spoke he spoke with so much anger threatening to raze every house to the ground. This is all in the archives at the ZBC if anyone wants to see the footage. He is a very ruthless person and at the time he really wanted to show everyone that is he is very ruthless. Now its backfiring against him because he wants the presidency.

Inyika - 24 March 2016

If ED is to be tried for Gukururahundi,what about the then ZNA commander Lt Gen Mujuru?,what about the Commander in Chief? Also guys lets be honest dissidents were there for real and they killed people.I had never heard anyone talking about former dissidents being tried for the atrocities committed by these guys. Those who believe that weapons were planted in Zipra farms must tell us were the dissidents got their weapons? Was is it by coincidence that when Unity Accord was signed the dissidents went to surrender their weapons?Isnt it there was a link between ZAPU and dissidents,coz why did the dissidents came out of the bush,if they were not send by ZAPU. When you think of Ngwena,s trial date also think of Gaigusu,s trial date as well.

tinna - 24 March 2016

Why doest Coltar launch a court case on ngwena.why rite a book n invite ngwena to sue?he is a legislater,a lawyer.whts stoppin him.I think he has no knowledge of that war.he was in twn,at his offices.A white Rhodie that time,he wuld hav no 1st hand infor .This book is based on hearsay,newspaper cuttings n lies.Does he know how many farmers were killed by dissidents that time?Did he record that or it wuld make his plans chamelion.?he must rite about mdc,thats wr he has 1st hand infor.

viola gwena - 24 March 2016

But he is mentioning evil words said by an evil man Munangagwa who made sure 20 000 blacks perish bcoz of 113 unhappy former soldiers who wanted to correct the rot that we see ourselves in today during iits infancy .Whether he was a Rhodes or not that does not matter and he has right to write what ever he wants and put what ever quotes he has by anyone it is his democratic right .This this thing of saying so and so was a Rhode is what we want to get rid of in this country that is racism and racism is stone age behavior . .

Diibulaanyika - 24 March 2016

Batshele Diibu Diibu kkkkkkkkkkk

Siginya mbila - 24 March 2016

Well well well, talk about unrepented fools these zanoids are. Even when the evidence is clear and everyone with sense can see it for what it is they still try and defend the indefensible. its better to say we were ignorant, we were juped, we made a mistake raising or supporting a militia to go and butcher unarmed civilians etc. But What David has demonstrated is the power of the record, you might think as cyber warriors (Viola Gwena et al) you are nameless and faceless but believe you me the past always has a way of catching up and the records you are making now will be the nails used on your coffins. Fact, there were more farmers killed and injured under Mgabe's shambolic land grab post 2000 than there were farmers killed under the zanu sponsored and executed matebeleland genocide.

Galore 123 - 25 March 2016

Nonsense,these disidents bashed babies against walls.they killed rong pple.if it was government they wr after why kill farmers n shonas?tnhey culdnt find soldier camps n attack.They raped,maimed innocent pple who new nothing about their quarel wh zanu.That gwesela was a real murderer,gaigusu .they were an army not 113 as this idiot is saying.they were thousands.they used villagers as cover.those 20 000 were killed by those disidents,they exposed my uncle killed by running into his house.

fadzi - 25 March 2016

U viola urite.I wsa thr deep in Nkayi.I nearly gt killed when I questioned an army of disidents why they always come into villages n get us in trouble.they even raped the very villagers.

unandi - 25 March 2016

That war culd hav been stoped long back if the dissidents stoped killing pple for fun.if pple like Coltart had advised them to stop killing innocent pple no army wuld hav come to they didnt,even when it got out of hand the Coltarts kept quiete.

gire - 25 March 2016

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