G40 finishes off Team Lacoste

HARARE - In arguably the most devastating blow to befall the Zanu PF faction rallying behind embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations, one of the Midlands godfather’s most trusted allies, July Moyo, has now also been booted out of the warring governing party.

Interim Zanu PF Midlands chairperson Tapiwa Matangaidze told the Daily News yesterday the province had unanimously resolved to kick out from the former liberation movement, many of the VP’s top allies — including Moyo, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, Owen Muda Ncube and Victor Matemadanda.

“The Midlands PCC (provincial coordinating committee) resolved to pass votes of no confidence in people such as July Moyo, Owen Muda Ncube, Victor Matemadanda, as well as Goodwills Shiri.

“They stand accused of gross misconduct, steering away from the national leadership, deliberately undermining the authority of the First Family, promoting factionalism, as well as running parallel structures and promoting the factional . . . Lacoste outfit at the expense of the party,” Matangaidze said.

Moyo — who has until now served in Cabinet and as Zanu PF’s deputy secretary for administration — has for long been accused by Mnangagwa’s party enemies of being the brains behind Team Lacoste and its leader’s alleged play for power.

A senior Zanu PF official linked to the party’s ambitious Young Turks, the Generation 40 — who are rabidly opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe — said the latest batch of purges “officially mark the end of Team Lacoste”.

“Listen, it doesn’t matter what they say to you, they are dead and buried, never to rise up again. We have now decapitated all the heads of this successionist outfit, meaning that it is all over, including for their leader (Mnangagwa),” the bigwig said confidently.

Repeated efforts to talk to the purged officials were fruitless yesterday, amid claims that the faction was having a secret meeting at an undisclosed venue to plot their counter-strategy.

At the same time, the Daily News was also reliably told yesterday that more wide-ranging purges of Mnangagwa’s supporters were set to visit the unstable provinces of Mashonaland East and Masvingo soon.

Meanwhile, Matangaidze claimed that more than 3 000 party members — comprising district chairpersons and the provincial leadership — had attended the meeting that decided to kick out Mnangagwa’s most loyal aides.

It appears that the purges were fast-tracked after claims had been made that Team Lacoste members in the province were planning to boot out G40 functionaries from the provincial structure — meaning that the votes of no confidence were meant to forestall any such moves.

Ironically, Matangaidze — who was recently appointed interim Midlands chairperson by national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere — had himself been a victim of the party’s notorious votes of no confidence, together with ministers Makhosini Hlongwane and Annastacia Ndhlovu, for allegedly disrespecting the province’s political leadership that was then in place.

Matangaidze also made it clear yesterday that they were not done yet with the purges.

“The national disciplinary committee is also considering several other cases of indiscipline in the province. The cabal’s (Team Lacoste’s) attempts at trying to defeat the course of justice will simply just be ignored.

“We are moving on. If the cabal calls its illegal meeting as threatened, it would have effectively formed its own party, as they do not recognise our headquarters and do not respect the party’s decisions. They can go. They will not be missed by anyone,” he thundered.

Until now, Midlands has also been seen as Mnangagwa’s stronghold, a perception that has strengthened the G40s determination to snap Team Lacoste’s back there.

As the ugly factional and succession wars ripping Zanu PF apart continue to escalate, insiders have also said a major Cabinet shake-up — likely to deliver another devastating blow to Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations — is imminent.

Well-placed sources who spoke to the Daily News’s sister paper, the Daily News on Sunday last week claimed that the planned Cabinet reshuffle — part of looming and widespread changes that would also affect the top echelons of the civil service, as well as the security sector — would be targeted at Team Lacoste.

“These plans have been on and off the table a number of times since last year, but things appear to be moving swiftly now because of the nonsense (Zanu PF ructions) that is getting worse. I think there is a renewed determination to end this once and for all,” one of the sources said.

But another senior Zanu PF official, while also confirming the long-mooted plans, said he was “not sure that . . . Mugabe will make a move on this right away” — given the recent formal launch of former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF).

“Look, that talk of a reshuffle is not new, and I believe that there is substance to it. However, I’m not sure that Mugabe will make a move on this right away.

“The launch of People First may just delay things further as he may want to see how everything pans out,” the bigwig said.

But a youth official linked to the G40 said the beleaguered VP’s faction “know that they are toast” with the pending shake-ups.

“All the Team Lacoste successionists, wherever they sit — in Cabinet, in the security sector or as permanent secretaries — know that they are toast. Nothing will save them, unless they completely repent, get rid of their successionist tendencies and beg for forgiveness from Gushungo (Mugabe),” he said.

However, a politburo member who claims to be “non-aligned” in Zanu PF’s deadly and seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars, said widespread changes across government would be “regrettable” and only serve to consolidate the rampant factionalism destroying the party.

“As you know, I’m non-aligned, and therefore have no interest per se in the current fights. My interest is our party and I firmly believe that it will be regrettable were widespread changes to be effected across the board.

“There, clearly, is a need by the leadership to stop the worsening bloodletting, but more sackings, suspensions and expulsions are not the answer.

“If anything, they will probably worsen the already untenable situation, which is having a major negative impact on the whole country and its economy,” the party heavyweight said.

Dozens of Cabinet ministers, senior civil servants and security chiefs could lose their jobs if Mugabe decides to wield the axe as mooted, with virtually all the changes meant to “finish off” the Mnangagwa faction.

Mugabe has reshuffled his Cabinet line-up at least three times, since the brutal ouster from high office of Mujuru and her allies in late 2014 — shake-ups that both insiders and critics say have only served to cement Zanu PF’s raging infighting, while also effectively sabotaging the functioning of government in the process.

Mugabe sacked Mujuru and 16 ministers and deputy ministers in December 2014, after accusing the ZPF leader and her followers of plotting to assassinate and topple him from power.

While Mnangagwa and his allies were the major beneficiaries of that initial purge, the nonagenarian has since moved to neutralise Team Lacoste and also affirm the Midlands godfather’s detractors in his disjointed Cabinet.

This latest dose of bad news for Team Lacoste comes a mere fortnight after nearly two dozen bigwigs linked to Mnangagwa, including former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica, were booted out of the ruling party.

Zanu PF insiders who spoke to the Daily News after the party’s politburo announced the purges also said it was “all over bar the shouting” for the beleaguered camp in its wilting quest to get the Midlands godfather to succeed Mugabe.

In addition to suspending Mutsvangwa and his wife from the party for three years, the former liberation movement also summarily expelled from within its ranks 14 youth leaders — including Godfrey Gomwe, Godfrey Tsenengamu, Vengai Musengi and Edmore Samambwa.

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ZANU PF factionalism or no factionalism. The truth is all Zimabweans we are cowards including myself. Every time people are prepared to say no to Mugabe's leadership they are suspended from the party. As members of the party are we not also able to have vote of no confidence for the President. Otherwise we end up having new people only in ZANU PF what did we then fight for. We were very strong in Mozambique and Zambia but today most of us are no longer able to open their mouths and say Mugabe most step down and rest.

Chishayamavhudzi - 19 March 2016

Bob dzikanayo, dzikanayo, dzikanayo. Ngoma iye yavakunakidza zvino. Chiye chiparty chevadzwanyiriri veganda dema, chembavha namakororo akaparadza nyika yedu, chavakuhondomoka kunge imba yakavakwa nejecha. Kwemakore anodarika makumi matatu chakashandisa vacho vachiri kutibvura nhasi kutisafisa - isu vanavevhu kurarama nenhoko dzezvironda kunge nyika yedu isina upfumi. Nhasi chavakuzvibika nemafuta acho senguruve. HOKOYO ! Yangove njake njake isu takatarisa tiri pamaterrace. There cannot be any better time to excellerate Mugabe to his grave than now.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 20 March 2016


Kufandada - 20 March 2016

Zanu is a revolutional party formed in 1963.A revolution is not a mechanical thing whr it can be stoped by a fault.It takes its correct path.The real zanu is now vested in the warvetts,the vanguard of the revolution.They will protect it.That Is why all expelled comrades are not expelled frm being a warvet.they remain under this umbrella which is unpenetrable by fascists.All warvets,sibanda,shamhu,mujuru, are all welcome to meet their patron.yu cannot be expelled fm being a warvett.,yu cant wash it off.its yo history.the history yu made yoself to take up the armed struggle against colonialism.this history made yu see those General Tongo s glare,yu took his command,yu obeyed.so noone can wash that off.zanu is macomrades.come .

viola gwena - 20 March 2016

Theris this mistaken belief that warvets r a structure of zanu.its actualy the other way round,zanu is a structure of warvets,Dare rechimurenga was bigger than zanu.Zanu reports to warvets.The last warvets uprising was for our families,this time its for the revolution,gwara remusangano.The pride of all warvets,the revolution.

viola gwena - 20 March 2016

Theris this mistaken belief that warvets r a structure of zanu.its actualy the other way round,zanu is a structure of warvets,Dare rechimurenga was bigger than zanu.Zanu reports to warvets.The last warvets uprising was for our families,this time its for the revolution,gwara remusangano.The pride of all warvets,the revolution.

viola gwena - 20 March 2016

Kana zviri izvoo zvamakaendera kuhondo zvekuuya moita Mugabe Mwari, makarara zvikuru. I completely despise all of you. You cowards!! I would never stoop so low as to worship another man, let alone his wife whom you all know.

duzvi - 20 March 2016

ZANLA n ZIPRA .Wth Zanla having to form zanu the political wing of the armed struggle.High Command as bigger than zanu.So all comrdes,mujibhaz,chimbwidos,mufudzi we mombe( message caryers) are all warvets.cannot be expelled.can ANy zimbabwean be expelled frm being zimbabwaen.No.

viola gwena - 20 March 2016

Chatsva.warvets wil return the country to citizens.lacoste is game on.

gidza - 20 March 2016

Viola Gwena. Do yourself a favour. Zanla or Zipra did not form Zanu or Zapu. Just go through your history books if you were too young then.

G Mutsa - 20 March 2016

other than just this mantra for what you vets fought for, why didn't you improve the country from where the whites left-off? people are expecting politicians to grow the economy and provides jobs for people other than just amassing power that counts for nothing. lets face it sister viola. the failure of zanu is equally the failure of war vets. you're actually a liability to the country you guys. people are now fed up with your war history songs. we now want brains that seek to startup the economy whether they fought in the struggle or not.

zvirozviyedzwa - 20 March 2016

Thank you Daily News for always telling us the truth about what's happening in Zhanu Poo and siding with the people all the time. Aluta continua!

Kt - 20 March 2016

We dnt care about what yu think came 1st.viola is spot on.macomrades were there bfo 1963,already fighting.zanu belongs to us mawarvets nt g40.anyone is free to belong or start their own party, t za u is a product of warvets.if yu r tired of us then vote for yo party its that simple.so viola thank yu.I longed for smeone to clarify this to mafikizolos

komu - 21 March 2016

G Mutsa,im sure yu went to scuul n can master sentence reading.viola did not say zipra formed zanu.she sayd ma warvets who were later calld zanla.if yu change yo name at 15 yrs does that mean yo age yu less 15 yrs?

bob - 21 March 2016

Let the comrades do us a favour n retire this this mudhara.MDC failed to dislodge him.they had the chance bt failed.Let this Lacoste do it.they hav my suport.

gidza - 21 March 2016

Zviro are yu complaining about Mai mujuru?She is a war vet and she was running the country being number2 from Mugabe.She failed to run the country.if she was nt expelled she wuld stil be in zanu.so yo comments include her.

nancy - 21 March 2016

Thats how confused these pple are,Zvirozviedzwa.Yu think mujuru is now diferent.she ran the economy to the ground.Didnt she try to kill econet.she detroyd ministry of water resourses wth tenders to boys ,like Chapfika mcdonald.she is the destroyer.

fadzi - 21 March 2016

Zviro yu r confused or yu geting paid by PF.Mujuru in the absence of Mugabe,which was very often,she chaired cabinet,ran polutburo for 10 yrs.she is the reason of yo anger.she grounded everything ,she n bob.

diva - 21 March 2016

So viola if thats the case then yu must Warvets must recall Mugabe .enforce the congress after recalling mugabe,if zanla is bigger than zanu

musa - 21 March 2016

"....undermining the authority of the First Family....." Fellow Zimbabweans, where in the Zanu PF or Zimbabwean constitution does "First Family" appear. Why do we now seem to have a co-President both in Zanu PF and at national level. Should we not have only the President. Why have we accepted the title 'President' to be substituted with 'First Family'. Does it now mean Chatunga is senior to Mphoko and Mnangagwa?

machakachaka - 21 March 2016

....handei tione..... toona kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe...

prof - 21 March 2016

kudos to team lacoste for trying to change the current person in power. Kudos to Tsvangirai. Kudos to Mujuru and all others trying to derail this current opportunist of a leadr we have. yes they all have flaws but 30+ years is a lot for one person to rule. ZANU, u will nevr stop these so called factions. they are here to stay till you go. Kudzinga veteam lacoste shows ur weakness, it shows that you are now afraid and this SOLUTION of yours is PATHETIC. Rambai muchivadzinga, you are just adding coal to the fire and one day it just might burn you to the ground. Isu tirikungoona hedu isu. Ivo godfather ve Midlands havasi Chituta, muchavaone henyu. itai Manyawi amurikuita, even if he does not become president, he is going to be a force to reckon with and it is starting now. Kudhara zvese izvi zvaisafungika muZANU nokuti vanhu vaitya manje zvazvadai, vamwe vachasimuka nyangwe mukaparadza team Lcoste.

observer - 21 March 2016

Hahaha hanzi G40 finishes team Lacoste. Muchenjere kupa ma titles enhemha daily news. Musaita majokes ne Team Lacoste iyi. ini zii semunhu mukuru, ndongoti ingotarirai muone. Makadzinga Mujuru manje woda kukutemesai musoro, hamudzidze makadii nhai varume. and Imi G40 chii chamurikuita basa kungoswero attacker team lacoste, mind your own business and think of ways to better the country. you are busy majoring on the minor, so what if all team lacoste supporters are out, what are you going to to for the nation, just because you have amai on your side does not mean you are immune, amai venyu ava,,,,,pane mabasa chokwadi. Ameno henyu. As for Mujuru and her party. We want to see action panyaya yekubatsira vana ve zimbabwe kwete kutinyaudza. Zimbabwe does not revolve on Zanu. Hazvishamisi iyo DAILY NEWS YAKABHADHARA KUIAT VANA VE ZIM VABVISE FOCUS ON THE MOST PRESSING ISSUE. kuswero reporter on Zanu, it is the ruling Party but not the godhead of this nation, wake up before it is too late people!

oooooooo - 21 March 2016

Tichaonerera gore rino!

marcy gee - 21 March 2016

We have all witnessed how anyone, but more especially the war vets, have been undermined and then eliminated from the party for merely expressing different views to those opposed to the First Lady and her aged ailing husband? No formal legal or constitutional process has been followed in deciding the fate of individuals? What we all have to now realize is that absolutely nobody is secure under Mugabe's leadership, not even those who fought so hard during the liberation struggle and who have remained loyal to the party? This has to stop comrades. Ndapedza.

Kokorodza - 21 March 2016

Had zanu been like Ccm,Anc,Frelimo,Swapo we wuldnt have these struggles,ugly wars in zanu.Zimbabwe wuld hav been in the same class as these countries.bt its not.zimbabweans r refugees in these countries bcoz of us.We need to refocus the party ,to win 2018.To win so that we geton wth the economy.improve our country.Zanu has capable men n women who can move the revolution to work for the pple.A revolution cannot be stopped,leaders come n go.Only God can stop it,bt its also God Who activates a revolution.To govern His pple well.For the well being of His pple.So trying to stop one is wishfull thi king ,if not evil.Mujuru goes and incomes Ngwena,Ngwena can go and another leader will come in.Theris no shortage of men of honour in Zanla.So the earlier we deal wth this leadership crisis in zanu the better for the country n zanu itself.Economy is the biggest challenge for zanu.we need to fucus on that.All of us as Zimbabweans.Nothing wrong in a cabinet that includes opposition.absolutely nothing wrong to have Biti as minister or Ncube minister of home affairs whatever.we are all zimbabweans.So lets be focused on the way forward.

viola gwena - 21 March 2016

My fellow End Time Message Believers I recommend that you read this ebook “Not My Will But Thine Be Done.” Even those of you no longer going to church read it. I found it insightful and a blessing. Download free on httpscolonforwardslashforwardslashareobooksdotcomforwardslashbooksforwardslash183.

Philip Mubaiwa - 21 March 2016

zim politics is confusing guys that i must admit. part of me wants mrs mujuru to ascend to the throne but i am against is the chimurenga mantra. hatidye chimurenga matra. we all writing on this forum because we want the best for our country. i think war vets should tone down. we are all in this together. there is no liberation that they can now do on their own initiative. this time probably we need civilians to spearhead the change. together we can build a better zimbabwe.

zvirozviyedzwa - 21 March 2016

Supa Aba marii!!!! http://www.myzimbabwe.co.zw/news/5999-shocking-whatsapp-chats-reveal-how-minister-super-mandiwanzira-conducts-business-with-network-companies.html

Supa - 21 March 2016

Ndookukura Zvirizviedzwa.yu can rejoin Tsvangi ,ndookusina ma warvets.zvino wodii?

gire - 21 March 2016

KKKKKKKKK hey has anyone imagined what would happen with zanu should Mugabe die today I foresee bobojan fight . .Hey mani keeping fingers crossed very soon and very soon this satanic party will vanish from the FACE of the earth

Diibulaanyika - 21 March 2016

kkkkkkk you see Zviro for as long as write like that no sane person will scoof at you . That makes sense civilians are the majority and they need not to be held at ransom by a bunch of barbarians war vets . VIVA Morgan

Diibulaanyika - 21 March 2016

Team lacoste and viola ,dnt destroy PF.mujuru is nt mugabe.

hove - 21 March 2016

Wth leaders of difrent paties being in their late 50s n above its a tuff call to find one who had nothing to do wh the struggle.Ask yo party leader ,they smehow were part of the struggle against colonisers.A civilian culd be smeone in the 40s,so maybe join the so called g40.bt be ready to be sad all times.those in it see they lack,comrades.thats why they battling inviting Cdr jabu to try n coompensate for their lack of origin.Their lack of structure.lack of ground support of civilians.These are hired chalatans,bent on circumventing the ideals of a revolution.these men n their mad cows need an introduction to themselves,thieves n prostitutes wth one common goal,stealing the values of our revolution.Holding our leader prisoner using lies .taking advantage of our leaders age.Refusing to let him rest.to retire wth his friends,Chisano,mbeki,nunjoma,kaunda.they scare him into believing ghosts haunting him.Yet we want our leader to rest n watch the other cdrs take the struggle further.struggle to uplift the living starndards of our pple.Holding our leader for ransom,the leader we who led us into 1980.Ndaramba ini Viola.Pindai nesu.

viola gwena - 21 March 2016

i wonder what forward viola talks about. you can only talk of taking the country forward when you have been moving in the right direction not the backwardness zim has become synonymous with. with all due respect, cde v varashika. if what zanu did in the past 36 yrs is what you call forward, then we are very different. we are not reading from the same page sister.

zvirozviyedzwa - 21 March 2016

long live the republic down with dynasty/monarchy politics!

buster - 22 March 2016

the best way to destroy them is within.......lol vegavega ma comrade aya isu tichishikashika.hameno ikoko

jay - 23 March 2016

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