Mugabe, Zanu PF 'are gone': Dongo

HARARE - Firebrand war veteran and former Zanu PF bigwig, Margaret Dongo, says President Robert Mugabe and the ruling party are "finished" — pointing to the former liberation movement's brutal factional and succession wars, as well as the increasingly frail nonagenarian's "grim determination" to hold on to power as evidence of this.

The fearless Dongo, who turned 56 yesterday, told the Daily News in an interview that the ugly ructions that were devouring the ruling party marked the "end of an era", and were also all a conseqence of Mugabe's "fatal love" for power.

“I left Zanu PF in 1995, and watching from the terraces, I am seeing people fighting for a dwindling gravy puddle. The party is a sinking ship and it’s all about who has power now to access more of the little loot left before the inevitable big bang.

“Of course, I still see most of them (Mugabe's underlyings) as cowards because they all know the source of the party's and country's problems. As you know, a fish rots from the head, but none of them will ever have the guts to say so in public, or even within their structures,” the former Harare South legislator said.

Dongo, who is a founder member of the warring Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) in 1989 — which was set up to secure the rights of marginalised former liberation struggle fighters — said Mugabe, the only leader Zimbabweans have known since the country's independence from Britain in April 1980, was at the heart of all problems being experienced.

“Zanu PF's so-called one-centre of power was also facilitated by some selfish leaders within the party who wanted to please him, so that he keeps on protecting them while they loot.

"I urge the opposition to take lessons from these developments and shun such autocratic approaches to leadership. The sad fact is that Mugabe's rule is autocratic and selfish.

"There is absolutely nothing good that can come from him and Zanu PF, as his every action only serves to perpetuate his stay in power and the misery of Zimbabweans. Remember that even the so-called fast-track land reforms were a survival tactic against a rising opposition,” she said.

Commenting on the current state of the economy, where up to 90 percent of the country's adult population was unemployed, Dongo said it would be "totally insane" to expect Zanu PF to take the country out of its quagmire.

“The country's economy is not even in the intensive care unit, it’s actually on its way to the mortuary,” Dongo charged.

In that light, she said, there was an urgent need for other people and multilateral organisations to come in and help the country, as Zanu PF could not "do it".

“You just need to look at all the companies that have folded and the savannah grass that now grows in the industrial areas to confirm this.

"The 90 percent unemployment obtaining in the country, the starving masses that the government is unable to feed, the dilapidated infrastructure all-around, the serious shortage of drugs, deteriorating education standards, poor sanitary facilities are all a result of Zanu PF's misrule,” Dongo lamented.

She also bemoaned the country’s "continuing skewed political playing field", where Zanu PF always tended to unleashing violence on opposition political parties when its hold on power was threatened.

She spoke after the inaugural open rally of former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s party, the Zimbabwe People First, was disrupted by violent Zanu PF supporters in Harare's Glen View high density suburb over the weekend.

“For as long as Zanu PF abuses its access to State resources and institutions, we shall continue to experience this unequal playing field in this country. Remember, Zanu PF also wants to use the police for its own ends against the opposition. This is both unlawful and unfair,” Dongo said.

She commended Mujuru’s “brave” decision to form ZPF, adding that despite Zimbabwe being a patriarchal society, the former VP had what it takes to successfully fight for power and lead the country.

“However, I continue to be disheartened by the population's apparent apathy to anything that is organised and led by women, yet women remain in the majority in this country in terms of population.

"I look forward to the day when this majority can also access real power, which will improve the well-being of not just women, but the whole of society,” Dongo added.

The former Central Intelligence Organisation operative also disclosed that she had only assisted the People First team during the party's formative stages.

Dongo, whose Harare house was torched early this year, said she had not yet got any feedback so far pertaining to investigations into the arson case.

“It leaves me wondering who the culprits could be and also how sophisticated they are given that the law enforcement agencies have not been able to arrest anyone, or at least provide some kind of conclusion to the case,” she said.

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"I urge the opposition to take lessons from these developments and shun such autocratic approaches to leadership. The sad fact is that Mugabe's rule is autocratic and selfish". these are wise words from tete dongo. in the future opposition parties should desist from autocratic practices. morgan has already started to show he is autocratic and selfish. he will not accept that his tenure has expired and that he needs to give power to another. he is justifying himself just like mugabe is doing that he has to finish what he started. why not trust someone else to finish what the party started. kufa kwemujoni kambha haivarwe.

zvirozviyedzwa - 16 March 2016

despite failing to launch a formidable challenge against rhobhati, Dongo was (wo)man enough to recognise and call a spade a spade and waved goodbye. she is one individual who is able to live her life without having to lick any boot or to chew anyone's rectum. all the other amphibians and serpents saw the rot & foolishness and decided to participate & benefit from the folly; now they are needed by neither zanu nor the masses and are weeping bitterly. rega zvibayane so that wana maggi will have the last lough.

SaManyika Chaiye - 16 March 2016

Dongo is a muroyi, hokoyo.

Mbewa - 16 March 2016

It gives hope that more and more of the prominent class are seeing what Morgan has said for the past decade.Makoni, Dabengwa, Joyce and many others.However they are spoiling it by forming splinter groups instead of joining hands with each other and Tsvangirai. He carries the vision.

Macheka - 16 March 2016

It gives hope that more and more of the prominent class are seeing what Morgan has said for the past decade.Makoni, Dabengwa, Joyce and many others.However they are spoiling it by forming splinter groups instead of joining hands with each other and Tsvangirai. He carries the vision.

Macheka - 16 March 2016

Mbewa, you should be ashamed of your comment regarding M Dongo. In what sense is she a witch? Of course Zanu yawora!!!!!! hahaha.

Titus - 16 March 2016

Well said from a beauty with brains as well . But the problem is she seems too fond of former zanu and Mujuru and that is bias and it stinks of zanu it has some elements of zanu in it which all sane citizens hate most . .

Diibulaanyika - 16 March 2016

Zvirozviedzwa, Zimbabweans in general take time to lose interest in people like Morgan. Its difficult to mobilize Zimbabweans to develop interest in new candidates. In spite of the aforementioned assertion Morgan has not been given a chance to rule and we can't judge him as a poor leader. If we are not careful with Zim politics we will retain the same dictatorship under Robert's charge because the situation we are in is delicate. The bulk of Zim voters are not yet as civilized as you think to be able to settle for a change of hopeful candidates. Let's give Morgan a chance to rule and create democracy. I personally haven't noticed any dictatorial tendencies in Morgan. When he gets in power for one term or two then we get someone else.

midlands patriot - 16 March 2016

I was young but the songs still are reverberating in my head ,mokorokoto Marshall and the 4 brothers handzi bona rugare rwauya kupi ZANU yakaba zvese munyika handzi land what what he he totonga nyika kupi . I refer you all that are lost there is a song by magandanga I mean the real once not bomachancer the real once its splashed on you tube called kunendzira dzemosaja that song represents the epitome of what fought for not this bullshit Malawi is waiting handie mukuru I realise as well that all what zipra was about has been wiped off internet there is nothing its like it never existed. Because it did history zim is all a lie

Hloniphani.nyathi - 16 March 2016

Out being angry I wrote above post being coached by chinoz

Hloni - 16 March 2016

@ Midlands patriotic never mind about Zviro he is a political prostitute who started off with Mangoma now he is with Mujuru should Munangagwa form his political party with no doubt he will be there joining him so cionfused is this guy never take him serious hE is always irelevent and he hates Morgan too much for reasons known by him .

Diibulaanyika - 16 March 2016

@Diibulaa true mfana kithi this Zviro always repeat what Mangoma said about Morgan which is rubbish as we know .

Siginya mbila - 16 March 2016

Kkkkkkkkkkk. Zvirozviyedzwa wakaoma musoro saMugabe. Nyangwe kuudzwa chokwadi haunzwe. U say Tsvangis is a dictator ane makore mangani achitonga zimbabwe? We are tired of ur stupid comments. Kutonga bato nekutonga nyika zvakafana here. Sekuru vako Va Mugabe vanonzwa kuchema kwese kunoita vanhu asi havateerere. Kubva kuna Mandela, Bush, Chisano, Obasanjo, Khama, Cameroon, Blair vakati chibva vamwe vapindewo asi havanzwe. Nyika yaora havabvi sekuru vako. Patinongoona shoko rokuti handiende tobva tatoziva kuti uyu mupengo ndi zvirozviyedwa. Ndofunga haunavo machende sasekuru vako mugabe.

dembo - 16 March 2016

I looked up Margaret Dongo on Wikepedia and nothing there about her being a witch. If she is a witch,she is a good witch because she is a survivor in wacko ZANU-PF.A survivor she is if you take a look at what has happened while the clock was ticking on ZANU-PF time. 1) Death of Cde Josiah Magama Tongogara. 2)Death of Cde Witness Rukarwa. 3) Death of The Great "Gono Goto.4) Cde Chris Ushewekunze. 5) Cde Sidney Malunga. 6) Cde Lookout Masuku. 7) Captain Nleya " Parade". 8) Cde Zororo Duri & his children. 9) Cde William Ndangana. 10) Attemted murder of Cde Patrick Kombayi. 11) Attempted murder of Godfrey Majonga. 12) Death Mr Peter Pamire. 13) Death of Miss Rashiwe Guzha. 14) Cde Eddison Shirihuru. 15) Cde Maurice Nyagumbo. 16) Cde "Border to Border". 17) Cde Moven Mahachi, 18) Death of Bishop Abel Muzorewa's son. 19) Attempted murder of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. 20) Death of War veterans leader Cain Nkala. Lessons must be learned after 36 years of independence.What ever the out come is in Zimbabwe, remember one thing, Zimbabwe is a land locked country with its unique provinces.. But just because the ruling class calls the shots from Harare,capital, international airport ( Zezuruland) province, your survival depends on other provinces willingness to cooperate,far from it now because time has caught up with ZANU-PF chaos. Grace and her G40 time is up. You, ZANU-PF, and diaper clad G40 have been fooling/abusing "POVO" for 36 years.You have dirty,dirty hands. Your politics are headed for the dugeon. Years ago, the Masvingo province, as powefull as it was put all its eggs in one basket by nesting in ZANU-PF nest. If it wasn't because of Masvingo leadership and protection Mugabe would have been a figment of our imagination.Lo behold, Mugabe,screwed you big time by consolidating "Zezuruland" The solution out of this quagmire is in front of us.

Chibwechitedza - 17 March 2016

if you cannot read the signs of morgan's dictatorial characteristics then you will experience them in the future. go ahead with him guys. as for some of us we already see that there is no difference between morgan and bob. the same purges in zanu are in mdc t. thats the reason the party is prefixed t at the end. it belongs to tsvangirai. he is bigger than the party. for me it should be the other way round. the party should be bigger than tsvangirai but alas!

zvirozviyedzwa - 17 March 2016

I agree with you zvirozviyedzwa. morgan formed the party yes and he has not ruled the country yet buuuut! the fact that he is not passing on the baton speaks a lot. at person who has the party and country at large will feel the need to hear what others have to say, how they think and how they would suggest. you guys don't see it because you are used to it because that is what zanu is doing. Morgan is just like bob....period!chokwadi

chokwadi - 17 March 2016

Nonsense @Zviro just yesterday you were with Mangoma who said all this trash you are repeating here ,Now you are with Mujuru and that you are a chimbasungwata you just follow even fools . Stop abusing sikokiyana so that you become sober and see things the right way .Musoro waka woma sewaJonathan

Diibulaanyika - 17 March 2016

Zvino kana muchiti Morgan na Bob zvimwe chete toita sei Zvirozviyedzwa na Chokwadi

Tsunami - 17 March 2016

Zvirozviyedzwa arikutonga ndiTsvangirayi here kana kuti ndiMugabe? Taura nezvearikukutonga mhani?

manfred - 17 March 2016

at the inception of the mdc party in 1999 tsvangirai said that he would demonstrate to the country how democracy work by serving only three terms and then he would pass the baton. in 2014 at the expiry of his tenure, he changed the constitution to allow himself to be the president of the party unendingly. not only that. anyone who opposes him especially in this matter, he purges out of the party just like all dictators do. it would be a grave mistake to allow such characters access to security apparatus because you wouldn't be able to move him from power. he gave us the people of zimbabwe this promise and we trusted him but now he has betrayed us and for that reason we will never trust him in the future. all this is besides his short-comings and lapses in judgment in general. so, come 2018, power kuna mai mujuru. machinja kana musingadi kuchinja leader, you can't be sloganeering about change that doesn't happen in your camp. a promise should be kept.

zvirozviyedzwa - 17 March 2016

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