Zanu PF dismisses Mujuru's party

HARARE - Hawks in President Robert Mugabe’s governing Zanu PF party have dismissed the launch of Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) movement.

The officials, who include party political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, said the launch of the party by Mugabe’s deputy of 10 years was a “damp squib”.

On the occasion of ZPF’s launch last week, Mujuru said Zimbabweans were hungry for change and promised to address unemployment as well as amend the current black economic empowerment laws, which critics say have spooked foreign investors.

In the 2018 elections, Zanu PF will seek to extend its 36-year rule and analysts say Mugabe’s derided party is still likely to win the election as the opposition is divided, and weak.

Ever since the nonagenarian controversially won the 2013 presidential election — with a 61 percent margin of the vote — economic fundamentals and social services have deteriorated further as Mugabe claimed a seventh term against Morgan Tsvangirai’s 34 percent amid allegations of ballot fraud.

But Mujuru says she was launching ZPF to end Zanu PF rule. “...we confirm our existence as a viable, inclusive home-grown political party. We are not fighting one man but a system... which is unjust,” the 60-year-old politician told an audience that included reporters, Western diplomats and four former Cabinet colleagues also fired by Mugabe.

Kasukuwere said they would defeat ZPF hands down in upcoming elections, before describing its launch as a “damp squib.”

In a nutshell, Zanu PF bigwigs believe Mujuru’s party was “grievance-driven” and, therefore, it would fail to offer any tangible solutions to the problems that Zimbabweans are facing.

On the other hand, Moyo tweeted: “In using Meikles Hotel to launch her Puffery First, Mujuru is copying the likes of Tsvangirai who used to camp there! It was her first outing on an alleged People First project at a five-star colonial hotel with a bar named Explorers.”

A politburo member who spoke on condition of anonymity said they welcomed Mujuru’s arrival onto the political arena and hoped that she has the necessary staying power.

“We will meet her where it matters most, in the hearts and minds of our people,” he said.

As it is, the International Crisis Group (ICG) doubts the new party would threaten Zanu PF’s power, but noted that she retains substantial backing within party and State structures.

“This appears insufficiently organised to present a viable alternative to Zanu PF, although anecdotal evidence of her organisational base generates ‘considerable anxiety’ within it,” it said in a February 29 paper.

“Inconclusive consultations about potential alliances with both opposition and Zanu PF elements have continued.

“This has compounded factional dynamics within the ruling party, and the ongoing purge of her alleged allies fuels speculation that some Zanu PF legislators are again considering joining her. Political exile can have serious consequences,” the ICG said.

“Few Zanu PF dissidents have contested by-elections as independents. People First’s formal registration as a political party may change the calculus, but as long as Mugabe is at the helm, a formal Zanu PF split appears unlikely.”

To many Zimbabweans, Mujuru — who along many in the interim management team that she said would run the party until leaders are elected at congress later this year — was destined to take over due to her  immense contributions in the liberation struggle and other social responsibilities.

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ZANU PF A-team, B-team, C-team at their best. Now they are telling the truth, and telling it badly. Chabvondoka “According to Wikipedia ( Vice President Mujuru “As minister of telecommunications, she tried to stop Strive Masiyiwa from establishing his independent cellphone network Econet . As Minister of Telecommunications, she (Joyce Mujuru) tried to stop Strive Masiyiwa from establishing his independent cellphone network Econet.[5] Masiyiwa had been given an ultimatum by the cabinet to sell his imported equipment to his rivals. On 24 March 1997, Mujuru decided to issue Zimbabwe's second cellular telephone licence to the previously unknown Zairois consortium Telecel,[6] cutting out Masiyiwa. The Zairois consortium included her husband Solomon and President Robert Mugabe's nephew Leo. After many legal fights, Masiyiwa won his licence in December 1997.” Farai Rwodzi – the Mujuru sidekick who has orchestrated destruction of institutions like Kingdom Bank, Interfin. Kikikikikikikiikiki. Vari kurota Mbuya ava. ONCE ZANU (MORE THAN 34 YEARS PANYANGA!) ALWAYS ZANU!

Shoko Ndirori - 8 March 2016

Mbada haichinje mavara nemaitiro mai Mujuru ndeve zanu.Vanhu musanyeperwe

Chitsiga - 8 March 2016

Of course what can people in ZanuPF say except to dismiss all opposition parties as a threat? If the President is still reasoning normally he should be quacking in his trousers. Perhaps he knows how he is going to prevent coalitions among opposition parties. To me the old man is now an isolated wounded buffalo surrounded by hungry lions with vultures hovering in the sky. ZanuPF is finished and no amount of violence is going to storm this change. However,my worry with Amai Mujuru and her group is the way they are recruiting members of ZPF. The recruiting strategy is open to extensive infiltration by ZanuPF zealots. It is now difficult to believe some those affected by the so-called vote of no confidence whom the ZPF is said to be inviting into its ranks. I would like to clearly say out my mind about the ZPF leadership, I don't hate it. In fact I'm happy that at last they have acquired wisdom and decided to march with the toiling masses of Zimbabwe. What I don't want to agree with them is to place all the blame on Mugabe and start boasting that their supporters come from both ZanuPF and MDC. if I may ask who is their enemy? For all along I thought MDC's enemy which is ZanuPF is ZPF's enemy too. To me their apology to the nation is not sincere. I don't buy it, I am not convinced. You can't say 'sorry' but come and join me, to those who are grieved particularly the Gukurahundi massacres in Matebeleland and parts of Midlands, the petrol-bombing and killings of MDC-T supporters, the abductions and disappearances of people cannot be whitewashed away by simply saying 'we are sorry'. They should start exposing the dark side of ZanuPF I know its difficult for them now but let us be promised that the perpetrators of these heinous acts should be exposed in the near distance future. I am not advocating for violence but for people to come out and lead us where Rashiwe Guzha, Patrick Ndabanyana and Itai Dzamara are, dead or alive.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 8 March 2016

they know all her weaknesses and the fact that she doesn't have the resources to commit violence and buy voters. she is corrupt to the core and inept.

josphat mugadzaweta - 9 March 2016

Unless if they have already rigged election maybe that will make them win .But for the first we will go to elections with three zanus zanu Mujuru zanu Munangagwa and zanu G40 and common sense tells us zanu will have split votes and they are likely to suffer defeat worse than the one they suffered in 2008 . . If they think the opposition is not intact then that is wishful thinking bcoz sure now is the time for opposition to work quitely with out making too much noise as they are no election by the corner . ZANU is finished and Grace made sure that happened ..Zanu is the weakest political party so far .All sane people should not listen to these two gays they always talk rubbish .

Diibulaanyika - 9 March 2016

is there democracy in the mdc t, n, b, 99. there is no democracy thats the reason we have these numerous mdcs. tsvangirai is a dictator of the same magnitude as that of mugabe. he changes his party's constitution just like it is in zanu pf. he wont allow anyone to take over from him even though his mandate expired in 2014. lets not fool ourselves that there is a democratic party in zimbabwe. the best person as of now is amai mujuru. our task as a people should be to achieve change. this appears possible if we vote wisely in the 2018 elections. vote mai mujuru for change.

Chibaya T - 9 March 2016

chibaya u are right ,absolutely correct the only party as of now is zpf ,if we vote amai mujuru it will be better for the nation tsvangirai has not .we can opt for

GABARINOCHEKS - 9 March 2016

Woza 2018 phambili le MDC or ZPF pansi lababulali zanu pf izono zenu zinengi emhlabeni lokhu elikweza ebatwini lizoku thola kulilindile kuNkulunkulu wenu or liphila ngegazi lantu

Jabu - 9 March 2016

@ Jabu actually people want MDC only this zpf is a zanu baby so people do not want something that will kill them in future . Mujuru is one of those killed 20 000 pple in this country and no sane person can want to associate himself with murderous such as Mujuru and Mutasa as we know history repeat itself they will kill pple again should they get in power which is unlikely to happen anyway . We have no problem with our mdc but a few confused pple outside want to create problems which they just imagine .Biti is doomed and zonke mawala is finished.

Diibulaanyika - 9 March 2016

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