Mnangagwa allies tackle Mugabe head-on

HARARE - Defiant war veterans loyal to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa are taking President Robert Mugabe head-on, vowing to stand by their ousted former leader Christopher Mutsvangwa, who was booted out of Zanu PF on Thursday.

At the same time, Zanu PF members who were either expelled or suspended from the former liberation movement on Thursday — and who are all linked to Mnangagwa — told the Daily News yesterday that their purging by the party’s politburo was a “factional nullity”.

A spokesperson of the bitterly-aggrieved war veterans, Douglas Mahiya, told the newspaper that while Mutsvangwa served in Cabinet at the pleasure of Mugabe, he had been elected the leader of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) by its members, and as such could not be removed from the position easily.

As a result, and in a move that puts them on a collision course with Mugabe, the war veterans would be pushing to meet with the nonagenarian next week, as had been originally planned, so that they could discuss their grievances with him in his capacity as their patron.

The tough-talking Mahiya said Mutsvangwa would for now remain their leader, adding that the decision to freeze the War Veterans’ minister out of the ruling party was “deplorable”.

“The chairman (Mutsvangwa) is not losing sleep because of the unjust, unprocedural and unfair suspension.

“He (Mugabe) promised to meet with us next week. When we meet with him, we expect our problems to be addressed,” Mahiya said.

Among some of their complaints, the war veterans accuse the government of failing to take care of their welfare and medical bills, as well as their children’s school fees — further accusing Zanu PF party’s bigwigs of grand corruption.

“We are also human beings . . . We wonder if this is still the same Zanu PF we know. Why are we being vilified? Why are we being abused like that?” Zvinorwadza (It’s painful),” Mahiya said.

He said war veterans would also fight to ensure that the country’s economy improved, and that it benefitted the majority of Zimbabweans.

“We can only be defeated because we can’t fight a giant who is well armed. But our spirit will not die,” the emotional Mahiya added.

His sentiments came as banished Mnangagwa supporters vowed to fight back and remain in Zanu PF “come rain or thunder”.

The Daily News also learnt yesterday that after suffering a savage beating at the hands of their party foes at Thursday’s politburo meeting, where Mutsvangwa and his wife were shown the exit door, Team Lacoste bigwigs congregated at a crisis meeting in Harare, to plot their comeback programme.

Although details of the meeting were sketchy last night, one of the camp’s alleged kingpins who was expelled from Zanu PF on Thursday — former Mashonaland Central youth league chairperson Godfrey Tsenengamu — told the newspaper that his firing was a “nullity”.

“Hapana, hapana (it’s a nullity),” he said angrily, adding that he would not be expelled from the party because it was, in any case, a voluntary organisation.

A war veteran linked to the camp, Batsirai Musona, said the party constitution was being violated willy-nilly, as “mere cell members are being arraigned before the national disciplinary committee”.

“Every party organ has a disciplinary committee starting from branch to national level and it is well spelt out on who should be brought before which disciplinary committee.

“We have a case of three former youth chairpersons, two of whom were officially suspended from the party by the same NDC and the third one was never accused of having violated any of the party rules and regulations except having been arraigned before the courts of law on cooked-up charges.

“Vengai Musengi and Godfrey Tsenengamu were booted out of the party without being given any chance to defend themselves in a well-constituted NDC which went on to recommend their suspensions in the politburo which seems to just rubber stamp the NDC’ s decisions,” the aggrieved Musona said.

He also savaged Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, accusing the Local Government minister of “single-handedly expelling a number of loyal party cadres for no apparent reason”.

“If one bothers to take a closer look at all these upheavals in the party, you find that there is one person who stands accused and that person is none other than the NPC (national political commissar) Kasukuwere, who has all the privilege of being the offended party, the arresting and investigation officer, the jury and the judge.

“He sits in all party organs, that is the NDC, politburo and central committee, and this gives him an edge over his perceived political opponents who would have crossed paths with him.

“Surprisingly, the NDC is now summoning cell members of the party to its court without recommendations from branch, district and provincial disciplinary committees.

“If this is not a violation of the party’s constitution what can it be? The party constitution must be first respected and allowed to operate for the benefit of every member of our party,” Musona added.

He also criticised Mugabe for praising Kasukuwere at the nonagenarian’s birthday bash in Masvingo last week, saying this had given the youthful minister the impression that he could do anything he wanted.

“It is no longer business as usual in the party because the destabilising forces are being praised for a job well done at every party function, instead of them being put to task for having destroyed the party from within.

“I was surprised in Masvingo when the president praised Kasukuwere for doing a sterling job when it is common cause to every loyal Zanu PF member that this self-confessed biggest political thug in Zanu PF has caused more harm than good to the party.

“He has brought the name of the party into serious disrepute,” Musona alleged.

In addition to suspending the garrulous Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica from the party for three years last Thursday, Zanu PF also summarily expelled from within its ranks 14 youth leaders — including Godfrey Gomwe, Tsenengamu, Vengai Musengi and Edmore Samambwa.

Addressing the media just after the politburo had met and dealt with scores of disciplinary cases that had been brought before it by the party’s NDC, spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo revealed that more than 20 officials had been banished from the former liberation movement.

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I am one of the happiest people for people are now seeing how bad ZANU PF is and this exactly what all people are crying about. if one one overstays in power he/she thinks every person in the country respects him. Ladies and gentleman its high time Zimbabwe and the 14 million people are more important than one president and his or her family. There is life without ZANU PF or after ZANU PF. We want democracy and economic improvement.

Chihwemukudu - 5 March 2016

The hunter is being hunted all these people expelled from the party they claim to their must just shut up. What do they expect from an institution that fails to respect national laws and constitution that is only changed by parliament. There is no party constitution they can talk about if it can be changed by one person to suit whatever situation that same party law can still be changed within minutes. Whatever wrong you support will come to haunt you one day stop crying big men don't cry

Munyoro - 5 March 2016

Better form your party Munangagwa just like Joice kkkkkkk how can you will be abused by indlozi shuwa . As for these morons war volunteers toko they had been praising Mugabe hoping to get some more 50 000 dollars . Guys stop crying you created this monster face it but as we know it will kill you like ii has done to other zimbabweans .Hey how many zanu do we have now zanu Joice G40 and zanu lacoste come 2018 uzenenjabulo .yaa zanu yavanyama yekugocha .

Diibulaanyika - 5 March 2016

ZANU PF is gone. All we want is them to fire our own Crocodile.... Then it will be history .....for the world. We dont long as the typist is there fron Mufakose,.....we shall not supprt uncle Bob,.....we used to support Uncle Bob but now with everything under peatcot giovernment , we have no choice but to leave Robert alone with his graceless Typist. Bob has an alibi........? Nonsense....... Ngwena for real..... Backward never..... Lacoste........ Murozvi chaiye........

Clemence Tashaya - 5 March 2016

I why people should wait until they are expelled can they see zanu is finished just do the right thing by resigning give them the space to rule for the time being

zpf - 5 March 2016

Hanoi the party constitution is being abused....what about the national constitution that you guys willy billy abuse. The only problem that I have with zanupf people is that they still fight to praise and protect the same person who f**king them from the back.. Until someone in their says to this old man ...enough is enough...there is little that can change. It's not surprising to see the faction that seems to be losing now winning next year...

Jojo Madiro - 5 March 2016

Go to Hell ZANU PF and all those expelled. We need a new party able to attract foreign investment and create jobs. war vets stop kuchechema you are the one who caused this situation by supporting Zanu every elections and those $zw50000 which was not budgeted for. For own information everyone fought the liberation war hamusi mega so dont keep on making noise muri kuda tear gas zvakare. its high time now you need to cross the floor and join opposition and fight together with other opposition parties to remove zanu, mugabe, munangagwa etc. wake up people

john - 5 March 2016

What goes around comes around. Kasukuwire is just doing fine. Chuck them all out of ZANU pf Tyson. These morons they were used to intimidate our relatives in the villages during the 2013 elections. Now look at what is happening to you. The country is now a junk state. You have no money to pay fees for your children. Banks are cash less. No jobs. Yet you raise a million for a 1 day event. Have you ever celebrated your own farther' s birth day ? How many of you guys ever celebrated your own birthday since 1980,? I doubt very a few or none. What Mugabe is doing is cleaning the house before God calls him . He realised how bad and notorious you are and Kasukuwire is doing just fine. The demise of rogue elements is good for the country. Mugabe and Gire should extend the purging in the army. Retire all those animals before 2018 .

Stalker - 5 March 2016

dog eat dog

leslie - 5 March 2016

Away with these extortions,anarchists and arrogant individuals who strayed into the party to cause mayhem.Their positions in the party are quickly taken up by those who want to see order and sanity prevail.Its a time of great introspection as the party renews itself for a better legacy.

Membathisi - 5 March 2016

Crocodiles had created a false sense of bravado and invincibility all along to fleece and bully the membership.Now it is clear that the party is finding its strength as these electoral liabilities fall away.Principle and truth is what counts.

Membathisi - 5 March 2016

Veduwe! Va-Mutswangwa vanorasika papi? From as far back as four months ago I could see that you and your missus, young Monica, are finished as far as Zanu PF is concerned. There is new blood to rejuvenate Zanu PF. Young Grace the wonder woman is in charge. She told the nation that we are tied of this bullshit of war vets beating chests like bad behaving gorillas demanding to be respected. By the way respect is not overly demanded but all the way earned. How is this nation going to fund your spoils if there is no production? Zanu PF has taken all the farm land; mines; manufacturing industry but nothing is coming out. Zero! This is where young Grace is coming in to kick ass! She is an accomplished industrialist. Lacoste mob would like to extend the war vet culture of plunder and partisanship with no production. G40 is cutting the crap and the president is right behind his wife. Mutswangwa, you catch drift? As for the croc, it is slowly morphing into a monstrous lizard. The croc has been around RG Mugabe for the past 34 years and has never put any changes in Zanu PF as Grace, the wonder woman, has achieved in the short two years she has been in politics. Kasukuwere is proving to be a good henchman for the wonder woman. Grace is cleaning up all the drunkards off the stage! Kick butt! New productive Zanu PF is imaging from the ashes.

Mbareboy - 5 March 2016

By the way the croc has taken out lots of people perceived to be opponents. Grace has no graves behind her. She kicks ass openly for everybody to see. Very clean! Kick ass. Hard.

Mbareboy - 5 March 2016

Factional nullity or not, these people are being left by Zanu behind. Those who want to talk a lot can be thrown out too and we will where they get the platform to talk. This time we have Zanu at its best reducing the likes of Mutsvangwa and his wife to nothing.

Inyika - 5 March 2016

I will be BLUNT, I have not come across a people as THICKHEADED as Zanu PF members; can't they see that Mugabe is ADVANCING HIS FAMILY INTERESTS, not the party's or the country's ????

MORONS - 5 March 2016

War veterans with kids still at school? Really???

mjaji - 6 March 2016

Even after a century without a war, we shall still have war vets.

Nathan - 6 March 2016

So vicious is the tone of this factional infighting that the alarm bells warning of civil war are ringing. Rumours circulate that even within the Police and Military things are going on that are being kept away from the press? So who in their right mind would want to invest in Zimbabwe right now and this includes China, our ally, who must be disgusted by what she sees going on.

Mbewa - 6 March 2016

At 36yrs post independence and we still have war vet asking government to pay fees for their children??????? Are they real war vets or just chancers??

Green Bombed - 6 March 2016

chancers me thinks @green bomped. most of them appear way young to have participated in the struggle. vabaiwa nechekuchera. they are the ones who kept mugabe in power through violence. now violence is being matted on them.

zvirozviyedzwa - 6 March 2016

zanu of is full of avaricious ppl,we need 2 put ppl 1st 4 us 2 hv progress.zanu of hs killed ths country and wld lyk 2 believe th little old man is taking us 2 th grave wth him,we r nt experiencing any grwth as a ppl. y shld Mugabe and his vapid wife hold ths country 2 Ransome,r they th only ppl who fought 4 ths country's independence. wat's so special abt Mugabe tt we deify him 2 sch an extent,we shld worship God nt this little and vacuous old man who hs several degrees bt is acting and behaving like a tout. am deeply hurt by ths gross and dastardly acts by Mugabe and his minions,th future is in our hands,y shld we let Mugabe play rough shod over our lives. if u r perceived 2 tok 2 mch they do an ITAI DZAMARA on u,wat kind of cruelty is tt,hs children r nw fatherless js cz sm ppl want 2 maintain th status quo by getting angry on th idiotic ,lunatic,maniac old man's behalf. to hell wth grace mugabe, wats so graceful abt ur character, u r a disgrace 2 womanhood and our nationhood,who do u thnk u r,u cn nt bcome president thru sexual intercourse,f*@&$ you!!!!!

bla taps - 6 March 2016

Head on is da best and lets fight from outside party structures vashaye wekudzinga .Ngwena inototonga chete n nxt after Ngwena we give t to manicaland then mat south mash east tichingodaro mash west tozokupai after 72 years u know y.

gusheshe - 6 March 2016

Where is Viola was she Monica Mutsvangwa or??

KO - 6 March 2016

I remember Christopher Mutsvangwa speaking eloquently on TV against the opposition, defending his murderous organisation in strong English words. He was shown on many occasions and the power in his speech was such that no one would win an argument with him. One could tell that Mutsvangwa and indeed the rest of the Zanu gang members ned to defend their continued illegitimate stay in power with the likes of Mahosos and Chivavuras carrying out their periodic tasks of trying to brainwash the generality of Zimbabweans. I was wondering when all this would come to an end and it sure looks like the end is very near. I have Jonathan Moyo to thank for this inevitable death of the monstrous Zanu although I think he took very long in achieving his goal. Many people of course hate Moyo and rightly so for they may not be aware of his patriotic machinations that are ironically public knowledge. It has been espoused for a very long time, even by the evil Mugabe himself, that Moyo went to kill Zanu from within, and that is exactly what we are seeing today, the result of his single handed efforts to rid the country of the parasitic, destructive, heartless guerilla organisation that we voted for with genuine love in 1980, unaware of its uncaring attributes that became evident when Mugabe forgot to address the land issues, looked on as looting of state resources took place all around him. Instead, he flew out of the country on numerous trips. We later learnt that he had personal business interests in the West were he was particularly fond of visiting. When he was going to Zambia, for instance, he passed through London. You would think London was between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Moyo is a hero.

Mr Dete - 7 March 2016

Grace is not fit to lead, she is emotional and ruling a country is not solely based on emotions. You like what she says because it seems like the better options but believe you me it's pointless. As for Ngwena his silence should be frightening because he studies and calculates. he does not run around like a headless chicken. Anyway, this is politics, time will tell what will happen, all we can do is just assume and watch!

observer - 7 March 2016

Oh! Mahiya and his fellow comrades now realize that they cannot go back in the bush and fight as they used to tell us. My God, my God, these so called war vets are pathetic indeed. Mugabe should use the war vets until they are all dead. Long live the Zimbabwean dictator.

Zvichapera - 7 March 2016

Dai mwari atinzwira nyasha.....avo varikungot nhasi nhingi buda nhingi pinda nemiwo futi muchaenda....

LACOSTE PRINCE - 7 March 2016

Hutongi madzoro.clever leaders like Mohamad of Malaysia are seeting prety now,having left their parties intact.Thabo Mbeki is happy ,not having fought change.Mandela died a hero even to whites.Nyerere died a beautiful man,after accepting to change CCM,he retired a hapy man.Kikwete,Chisano,kaunda,Mogae,Nunjoma,.All these men are smilling n stil flying all over the world ,in again we hav other exambles,Gaddafi,mubarak,Mobutu,Marcos ferdinand,Saddam Hussein,Mengistu,these men refused to deal wth reasn.They forgot about the real Owner of the countries,God Almighty.He allowd them to rule .These men forgot its the people ,citizens ,that God cares for,not just their families.Suharto neva aw it coming from poor ctizens.Banda asked for forgiveness,before going AWAY.He culd have saved his party by passing on the barton stic to Tembo,bt he refused.kukura hakurambwi.siira vamwe munezvakanaka,musangano uendere mberi.Tese tiri vanhu ,asina kubarwa ndiani?

viola gwena - 7 March 2016

Viola,spot on.mmmmmm.

hove - 7 March 2016

Viola You said all that needs to be said , the end of Mugabe will be very painful

Harare - 8 March 2016

Zvodyanana! “The Revolution devours its children”. The atmosphere of suspicion has turned to paranoia: “It is the punishment of tyrants and villains to live in terror of each other”. Mauya mauya komredi! ZANU chiwororo! Gangster's Paradise: Jonathan Moyo akabvondora! Tinovatenda Jehovah vachigadzirisa Zimbabwe nokubvisa zvose zvinosemesa. “Where there is no vision the people perish”. ZANU PF, ZANU MUJURU / MUTASA, ZANU MUTSVANGWA zvaparara – ava masvingo eGreat Zimbabwe Part 2. Gadzirisai nguva yenyu yava shoma. Shamhu yamucharohwa nayo naJehovah mukasatendeuka nekuregededza huwori hwenyu, shamhu iyoyo ichabata magenerations emadzinza enyu. 34 years muchiparadza nyika. Zimbabwe and its people and resources belong to God. You confused your stewardship to ownership and took for granted the responsibility God and the Zimbabweans gave you . We are and shall see your judgement… Jehovah havasekwe Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan. Isaiah 10:1 Woe to those who enact evil statutes And to those who constantly record unjust decisions, Isaiah 1:23 Your rulers are rebels And companions of thieves; Everyone loves a bribe And chases after rewards They do not defend the orphan, Nor does the widow's plea come before them. Isaiah 3:14 The LORD enters into judgment with the elders and princes of His people, "It is you who have devoured the vineyard; The plunder of the poor is in your houses. 1 Kings 21:20 Ahab said to Elijah, "Have you found me, O my enemy?" And he answered, "I have found you, because you have sold yourself to do evil in the sight of the LORD.

Shoko Ndirori - 8 March 2016

Tete Veeeeeee.

jembe - 8 March 2016

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