Successor to be named after I'm gone: Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has once again made it clear that he has no plans to name a successor while he is still alive, also dismissing speculation that he plans to cede power to his powerful wife Grace.

Speaking in a belated birthday interview with the State broadcaster, ZBC TV, last night, Mugabe said Grace’s surprise rise to power in the ruling party in 2014 did not mean that she was poised to take over from him.

He also spoke out in the first interview against the worsening factional and succession wars ravaging his ruling Zanu PF .

“Uyu hanzi akazosiiwa ari panzvimbo. Inhaka here?... I think it’s ridiculous and for that matter vamwe vanoti aah president vanoda kuzosiira mudzimai wake kuti asare achitonga.

“Ndekupi kwawakambomuona kana musystem yedu tichiti mukadzi wangu anozogara nhaka yangu? (People are engaging in idle gossip about who will succeed me, as if this is some form of inheritance where I can say my wife will take the reins when I’m gone),” Mugabe said.

“KwaGushungo hazviitwe izvozvo. Kwenyu zvinoitika? (In my Gushungo clan we don’t do that. Is this what you do where you come from?)” he asked rhetorically.

The First Lady’s rise to the leadership of the ruling party’s women’s league and having a seat in its powerful politburo has fuelled wild speculation within the former liberation movement that she was aiming to succeed the increasingly frail nonagenarian.

The speculation got wings when Grace said at one of her rallies last year that as a Zimbabwean she had a right to aim for the presidency.

But Mugabe said last night his successor could only be appointed by an extraordinary congress after he was gone.

“Vakuru vanozosara voona kuti ndiani anga aine kodzero yekugara nhaka, vanombotanga vaona kuti uyu anosara akabata pamusha anonzi ani . . .ozogadza nhaka (Traditionally, elders left behind will sit down and look for the most deserving successor).

“Now, in a democratic party you don’t want people, you know, leaders, appointed that way to lead the party. Saka vaye vanoti, aah pinda iwe ndigozopindawo, kuzvinyepera (Those who are jostling for power are wasting their time), it doesn’t matter who.

“They have to be appointed properly by the people . . . kugathering yecongress. Usina kuitwa appoint ikoko hapana chako. (If you are not appointed by congress, tough luck to you),” he said.

Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since the country’s independence in April 1980, claimed that outlining a succession plan when an incumbent was still alive was alien to local culture.

“Mmmh,... hameno dzakabva kupi pfungwa idzodzo. It’s not part of our culture. (This succession planning business is foreign to us).”

When ZBC TV’s Tazzen Mandizvidza suggested that perhaps the lack of a clear succession plan was fuelling Zanu PF’s infighting, Mugabe retorted: “You want a successor when I’m still there?

“Why do you want a successor? Or else unoda ndikurove chibhakera ugowira pasi to feel kuti I am still there,” he said chuckling and pumping his clenched fist in the air.

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Qawe laMaqawe - 4 March 2016

why worry about who succeeds rhobhati? what difference does it make. zanu supports are the ones who should care about that. Both rhobhati and successor are not worth running the country.

SaManyika Chaiye - 4 March 2016

Please do not take this very old guy serious he is no longer one of us he is now a indlozi muzimu he is not in the world of the living hence he sees things the wrong way and he thinks he owns this country .It is a shame that those in zanu can let indlozi lead them in a modern day world and politics shame . But whether he likes it or not he will go alone leaving this country he will never go with it . to his grave .

Diibulaanyika - 4 March 2016

ndini ndichakutongai nyararai henyu manetswanei.

chatunga - 4 March 2016

1. By the time inofa kunenge kusisina Zanupf exceot various factions 2. I bet even Ngwena akaburitswa muZanu macho another fsction wil emerge till everyone has their own faction 3. Joice anopika to hunt diwn vakauraya General rightly but z this not retribution. What about mhondi dzakanyangarisa Dzamara nevamwe vose vakapondwa when you were VP. 4. Ko Imi mhuri yeZimbabwe how cum takabvuma kutongwa mumusha nemwana wemukuwasha sei. Baba vaMugabe wss not Zimbabwean and patsika dzedu mwana ndewababa so he belongs ku Malawi kwakabva baba vacho. Remember Zimbabweans of Makawian, Zambian and Mozambican decent vachinetswa to denounce claim citisen of those countries. How z Mugabe different to them and yet he treated them kunge ma aliens. I recall even Ncube The Independent Newspaper achinetswa to get a new passport and yet ndivo vana vevhu vakazvarwa nevabereki vakanorwa hondo from neighbouring countries. We have serious issues which needs sacrifice kuti tizvikunde. As for joki raMugabe I wdnt be surprised kana uchitorara nengochani dzako Jonathan and Saviour . Tht z how lowly I think of you

Farai Munhuweyi - 4 March 2016

If Gushungo z a Zimbabwean totem how dies that become Mugabe 's mutupo cz munhu anotora mutupo wababa. Z Gushungo Malawian

Farai Munhuweyi - 4 March 2016

This is the greatest betrayal of our time. Mugabe went into power by elections, now he want to die in office for successor. When he took over after hoodwinking Sithole and partners, he felt it for the people's interest. Now the same people want him to leave he is quoting traditional practices. When he married Goreraza's wife, hwy did he not look at the cultural practices that stipulates respect of other people's wives. If leadership is about elders, why did he not give Joshua Nkomo to be president. You see, thus the mentality of wizard. In Mugabe, all is for his favor or that system is bad. Why does he sanction for elections when he even see that in both ZANU PF and state, as long as he is there there is no chance. This is the opportunity for parliament to call for an impeachment on Mugabe for not respecting the constitution.

amina - 4 March 2016

Shut your f%$#ng mouth you faggot Mugabe...musatanyoko wako. Killer, murderer, woman snatcher, fool, idiot, useless in bed...You have no f%$#ng clan to talk about!! You are raising other people's children as yours. You are finished. Can someone give this monkey a double dose of zyklon B. It is very useful for treatment of senility and stupidity. The results are amazing...this will help rejuvenate Bob

gamuchirayi - 4 March 2016

no leader in the world will give you farms, a law that allows you to participate in the economy as a black zimbabwean,its not surprising opposition to mugabe comes from people too lazy to work the land,people who believe in the supremacy of the whitemen with nostalgia for cycling to work and eating the leftovers from the baas,to the the president we say,long live gushungo,thank you for empowering us,we now run our own businesses,we are forever grateful

truth - 4 March 2016

Mugabe will go into the grave with zanu pf. Its inevitable this mafia tactics is coming to an end.

X-MAN IV - 4 March 2016

This is just a clever way of skirting the accusation that he wants his wife to succeed him.....what he will do is engineer that congress (which he controls) vote in his wife to suceed him....then claim he had nothing to do with it. This is one of Matbili's oldest tricks.....claiming that pple will decide when he knows he will coerce the pple in a certain direction

yoka g - 5 March 2016

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