Multitudes rally behind Mujuru

HARARE - On a cloudy day, and after months of stoic silence, former Vice President Joice Mujuru yesterday emerged from her shell to announce to the media, diplomats, pastors, war veterans and hundreds of her cheering supporters that it was now game on against President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF.

In her own words, there had been “intense speculation from our detractors” and there was also “strong anticipation from our supporters” in the past 18 months — all of which had put immense pressure on her to expeditiously join the country’s democratic quest from the front.

Observers said yesterday that if the number of prominent people and other lesser known mortals who came to Meikles Hotel, the venue of her Press conference, was anything to go by, Mujuru and People First would be a force to reckon with in 2018.

As Mujuru made her grand entrance into the hotel, she was accompanied by her personal assistant and former Cabinet minister, Sylvester Nguni, as well as the party’s founding elders Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo.

So jubilant was the mood, that for some minutes, the room where the media event took place resembled a festive mini-rally.

Among the scores of her loyal followers who were in attendance were former Zanu PF politburo members Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Dzikamai Mavhaire, a number of former government ministers, ex-diplomats, war veterans, legislators and former members of the security forces.

Clad in a black suit with white laces, the widow of the late decorated liberation struggle icon, General Solomon Mujuru, was of course, the undisputed star of the show.

When she stepped onto the podium, she wasted no time and, in an impressive business-like manner, went straight into her address in which she promised her followers that she would do things differently from her former party.

And in what many among the gathered crowd described as a refreshing departure from Zimbabwe’s usual politics of acrimony and bile, Mujuru studiously refused to be drawn into discussing Mugabe, maintaining her promise to depart from “Zanu PF’s ways”.

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The story lacks details of what her address to the gathered crowd was. Please - what did she say?

chimedzanemburungwe - 2 March 2016

A Zanu PF will always be a Zanu PF. Mai Mujuru honestly shouldnt be trusted because if she was able to change why did she wait to be sacked from the party why she didnt change things whilst she was in the party. Morgan hatifi takamusiya

MAMBO - 2 March 2016

People first yaenda neNyika Mai mujuru seems to be turning heads in the political spectrum. People are now suffering from political fatigue as far as the mdc is concerned. It is actually true that the mdc needs to revamp its leadership if they are to remain a more credible party. Tsvangarai needs to step aside and allow someone else to take the reigns otherwise they are heading towards political wilderness.

John Bemba - 2 March 2016

We been in the tranches for almost 20 years! I have had enough of Chematama winning elections but failing to capture state power. Hazvibatsire to keep on hoping and placing our votes in the wrong basket. Zimbabwe yakuda vanhu vane zvivindi kwete vanotya kufa. Shuwa unoti wahwina election vakutiza nyika! Remember in 2008 what happened? Biti na Chamisa vakasara woita press conference ku Miekles Tsvangirai atiza nyika kare! Guys lets give change a change zvinoda vakashinga izvi. I doubt that if Mujuru wins an elections she will run and hide in the Netherlands Embassy.

Chibaya Tim - 2 March 2016

Now, at last l have a political party to go by since 1980. Mujuru will be Muhamad Buhari of Zimbabbwe. Check it from now ff........... Wezhira.

dhurun'aru - 2 March 2016

Vanhu vakaita saMambo hativade muZimbabwe. Mai Mujuru is genuine. We have supported Tsvangirai but he has betrayed our winning by his lack of strategy. Mai Mujuru vakahwina we know kuti tatove muCommon Wealth. We loved Tsvangirai very much but hazvibatsiri kuda munhu anongotorerwa office iye ahwina.

dhurun'aru - 2 March 2016

Pamberi naTsvangirai, maida kuti agare achiziva kuti mapanga arodzwa? The only man in Zimbabwe to have publicly dared to take Mugabe head on is Morgen Tsvangirai. Vamwe vose ndivana muckeka dzafa.

MDC Ndizvo - 2 March 2016

Mujuru we will now treat you like an opposition leader you will taste our music your honey moon is over welcome in the ring

Colonel - 2 March 2016

Mai mujuru is doing a good thing by trying to turn around the system and challenge Zanu pf. Lets be real, the MDC has long lost its meaning and appeal to the people. Putting our differences aside, the Mai Mujuru party is a positive alternative for Zimbabweans. To those who pursue real change, people first is the progressive party that will move the country forward. Forget the past, the real enemy is Mugabe, Mnangagwa and ZANU pf not Mai Mujuru.

yana - 2 March 2016

Colonel, Colonel, Colonel! So what now? You want to kill her or her followers simply because you don't accept parallel views. Try it. I don't think you will succeed.

Soko - 2 March 2016

Ko Colonel murikutiikowo kani nhai? Whats wrong with being an opposition leader?

Cde Pito Yarira - 2 March 2016

How does mnangagwa become an enermy ,of who.he has only been vp for a yr.wht has he done that was nt done in 10 yrs by vp msika,vp nkomo,vp mujuru all put tgether more than 25 yrs in power.surely yu will find more blame in them than vp ngwena only one yr as vp.yu must look at facts n reasn wthout being partisan.

viola gwena - 2 March 2016

This is misleading, which multitudes are you talking about you people? What can Mutasa bring to this country? Rugare Gumbo at least wakabvira kare achinetsana namudhara Sovereignity, although pasinawo zvaakaita futi, Notsobright Matonga hapana zviripo magaro eshiri. Mutasa ndiye muridzi weutsinye rwese hweZanu. Ropa rese unoziva kwarakaenda.

Mahweda - 2 March 2016

When people start to complain of MDC having failed to take people to the Promised Land, it is the right time to get to the throne. All new parties are fake. The only party that Mugabe fears is the MDC. Come 2018, Morgan will surprise many who think he has failed and rendered himself irrelevant.

Lenda - 2 March 2016

Mai Mujuru is Zanu PF product. She lies, she lacks consistency. This other day she went to the British Newspaper and told them that she was shocked by how Mugabe booted her out of Zanu PF, and today she claims that she was never booted. Where was she when opposition people were killed in her own home area? she was the master of corruption in Zanu PF, they were the ones with claims of diamonds fields in Chiadzwa, she is the one who would import chicken from Brazil after the president banned chicken imports to promote local market. Beware people, she just want to expand her economic empire through a political party. She cannot claim to be different from Zanu PF because they were booted, and yet all the top brass is Zanu die-hards. Be skeptic. In 2008 you heard the likes of Dabengwa saying they formed Zapu and Mavambo so MDC will not win.

Inini - 3 March 2016

Izvezvi vana Mutsvangwa nanaMnangagwa vakadzingwa varikunojoiner Pple Frst, dzese mbavha nemhondi dzekuZanu PF ndindzo dziri mu PPle Frst, including the leader of the so called Pple Frst

Inini - 3 March 2016

@ Mambo you are spot on. Of course Joice Mujuru is another front for ZANU PF who are trying clever tactics to try and fool the innocent and unsuspecting people into thinking and believing that major changes for the better will occur under her rule. Be warned everyone because these are all the exact same wolves, all with a very distinct and clear track records but who are now trying to dress in different clothing. Just think about her past and all the corruption scandals linked to her? Her elimination of business competitors to suit her pocket and agenda? The tune that her party now sings might sound sweet but anyone with any sense will realize precisely what is going on. Please listen to my advice.

Mbewa - 3 March 2016

we hope so dai zvaita ,we can exodus home 2018 ,we tired of the UNITED kingdom ,KUTOPANGA MBORO DZEMUHARARE DZINONAKA kkk ,takafongoreswa.VIVA MAI MUJURU.

felistas chinwadzimba - 4 March 2016

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