Mugabe didn't fire me: Mujuru

HARARE - In a surprising revelation, former Vice President Joice Mujuru said at the weekend that contrary to the widely-held belief that she had been fired from the warring Zanu PF, she had in fact left the party on her own accord.

Addressing hundreds of war veterans in Chegutu on Saturday, Mujuru explained for the first time in great detail the circumstances that had led to her dramatic exit from the governing party in late 2014 — after she told President Robert Mugabe that if he could not stop his wife Grace’s unprovoked attacks on her, she would happily leave the former liberation movement.

She also told the captivated war veterans that Mugabe had initially professed total ignorance about the myriad and sensational accusations that the First Lady was levelling against her — with the nonagenarian going on to advise her to call a media conference to answer back to the charges.

To Mujuru’s complete surprise, Mugabe was singing a different tune when she met with him the next time she went to confront him about the worsening attacks on her — with the 92-year-old now seemingly of the genuine belief that she wanted to kill him.

“I said to Mugabe in the first meeting, ‘I think your wife should stop talking about me on TV. Let her call me so that we can sit down as adults if she has any issues with me.’ To my surprise, he said I could call for a press conference and answer back.

“I said to him because of the way I was raised, my culture and my training, I could not do that, as I was not brought up to behave that way. I then told him that if this (the vilification) continued, I was prepared to leave the VP post and go and look after my mother and the people left by (her late husband Solomon) Mujuru,” she revealed.

The former VP said after she confronted Mugabe over his wife’s vitriolic attacks on her at her “meet-the-people” rallies around the country, the “false” assaults on her in fact increased in both their tempo and brutality.

“After realising that the attacks were not receding, I went to meet him again on December 1, 2014. I told him that I had been born in a Christian family and that I had never dreamt of doing the things that he was accusing me of doing.

“I also told him that my hands and heart were clean. I have never planned to harm or kill anyone and I said to him that tomorrow (at the next day’s politburo meeting) I won’t be among you. I’m leaving Zanu PF and I am happy to do that with my hands clean.

“I am the one who bade him farewell. He did not expel me,” Mujuru told the enraptured veterans of Zimbabwe’s war of liberation.

She also explained that when Mugabe realised that she was no longer coming for politburo meetings and that she would not attend the Zanu PF congress on December 6 of that year, it was then that the nonagenarian wrote a letter “pretending to expel me, but the fact of the matter remains that I had bade him farewell and told him I was pleased to leave Zanu PF with my hands and heart clean, since I was not guilty of the accusations he was laying against me”.

Mujuru admitted that her departure from Zanu PF had been “inevitable” as she was clashing with Mugabe regularly over policy matters up to the time she decided to leave.

“I had many wonderful plans, for example, on the Zambezi water project. I wanted to open 500 000 hectares of land under irrigation along the route that the canal would take, but he (Mugabe) would always remind me that as vice president I had no budget allocated to me, so I could not carry out the projects I envisaged.

“These are some of the things that angered Mugabe. These are the things that created enemies for me in Zanu PF,” she explained — sending her audience into laughter when she said Mugabe had once admonished her for the chicken projects that she was promoting throughout the country.

“He would frustrate the poultry projects I was promoting throughout the country. He said ‘do you want my country to be run by chicken money’?

“When I started my poultry business, I wanted to show him that yes, you can run a country by selling chickens, millions of them, not two or three,” she said amid wild applause.

Despite the “hate and ugliness” that she had encountered in Zanu PF, Mujuru implored war veterans to desist from violence as they agitated for change and democracy in the country, but to inculcate in themselves “a culture of peace and hard work”.

“When we fought the liberation war, we were saying we are liberating ourselves so that we can work for our betterment and for that of the country. But our people are now saying we have been made street kids.

“2018 is not very far, we will refuse to be street kids. Our people will vote People First in 2018 and together, we will make this country great and a first world.

“Our people want to work for themselves, they don’t want hand-outs. We don’t want a situation where someone’s son brings me a tonne of salt at a rally. I want to be able to buy the salt on my own. That is the mentality of our people. Let us help them realise their dreams,” she said.

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Joice wafarisa manje

colonel - 29 February 2016

Good revelation, but I pity the former VP, Coz its now too little too late. if she is not careful she can go the Simba Makoni way. she has to share the rigging issue with all Zimbabweans in order to win.

nelson ndlovu - 29 February 2016

Good start for yu joice. u nid yo fellow cdes in this but yu nid not wait any longer coz tym aint yo best friend now. we ready to support yu fo a change, but fo the good of our country. ppliz come clean and tell Zimbabwe how zanu pf rigged all the elections lost to morgan. tell us the truth and we are all yours. hatidi mapere munhumbi dzehwai

francis - 29 February 2016

Good going Joyce.Now is the time to hit them hard while Grace is causing further division.

Kufandada - 29 February 2016

Well done Joyce you left ZANU PF whilst your hands were still clean. You needed to make such a bold move quickly otherwise you would have gone the same way as your husband, Solomon Mujuru. For sure people will vote People First in 2018. But please do not join forces with sellouts like Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube, Arthur Mutambara etc. Also people see Simba Makoni as representing the elite only, he is more of an elitist.

Yana - 29 February 2016

Now we can see the difference between the real and the fake PhD. kkkkkk

Tahir Iqbal - 29 February 2016

I pity those who think Joyce Mujuru is what Zimbabwe needs. 36yrs of incompetent and corrupt zanu pf misrule is 36yrs too long and this zanu reload called People first is the wolf in wolf's clothing pretending to bleat like a sheep. She is now giving a revised history account of what played out in the open for all to see, time and time again she had plenty opportunity to set the record straight and she didn't. She left because she was kicked out, she didn't write a letter to her appointing authority to step down, why? In one of the numerous interviews she gave she could have even mentioned it in passing that she feels that she cant continue as VP for a,b,c & d reasons that's what people of integrity and courage do. Only a few years ago she was gloating about spilling blood & how she misses it etc now she wants to pretend she is not into killing etc...funny that is what Mnangagwa and Mpoko also claim. Mujuru is zanu to the core and continues to enjoy her loot during the time she was in zanu because Mgabe and his lieutenants approve...if not she could be Tomona or Gumbura at the twinkle of an eye.

Black Diamond - 29 February 2016

lies are so imbedded in zanu people dna! joyce rugare & dhidhimasi were sent packing by grace and bob blessed the move. who is joyce trying to fool when she was shellacked and verbaly whipped by zanu in full view of all & sundry? makadzingwa mhaiyo musatambe nesu muchinyepa. pazvainzi pasi negamatox maiti wairehwa ndiyani? In 2008 a teacher friend who conducted polls muconstituency menyu said you lost only to be surprised when results were being published that you had won! horaiti kana matiza huori hwezanu as you claim; tipeiwo matips emariggire amaiita maelection.

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 February 2016

Panyaya yemaChicken projects ngaarege kunyeba Mujuru. Mujuru was actually damaging Zimbabwe's poultry industry by importing millions worth of chicken from Brazil.

kujairirwa - 29 February 2016

by joining the liberation struggle you planned to kill the white man mai mujuru,you were not going to kiss your way to independence,if giving your husband a tender to build a dam whilst DDF ,was under your ministry in the nineties when he had no equipment which he then hired from DDF is clean,then mai mujuru tell us what is dirty

truth - 29 February 2016

I believe every word young Joyce is saying. It is a fact that she had a fall out regarding policy with RG Mugabe. The real culmination is that she was a threat to him, RG. It is equally a fact that Joyce and her allies had planned to vote out RG Mugabe at the 6th congress. It is a fact that anybody who challenges RG Mugabe's presidential powers is rebuffed savagely as we have noticed happening to ED Mnagawa of late. It is a fact that the establishment killed Solomon Mujuru, the liberation general. It is a fact that Zanu PF, for the past 36 years they have been in power, they have presided over a failed Zimbabwe. Joyce and few like Mavaire got tired of this failure monotony. I suggest that Joyce starts working with Tswangison as soon as possible. Good luck Joyce!

Mbareboy - 29 February 2016

genuine leader rinoonekwa nekuziva how to strategize. she was quiet all this time planning and now she is ready to take the bull by the horns. this is what will make joice miles superior than tm. knowing when to talk, how to talk and why. come 2018, zimbabweans will give this gallant soldier the keys to the state house. its a fight among two women. joice will emerge victorious.

zvirozviyedzwa - 29 February 2016

"......... where someone's son brings me a tonne of salt at a rally." kkkkkkk - Grace & Stanley Goreraza's son

s shumba - 29 February 2016

handei amai mujuru isu vana venyu tamirira kuti mutisvitse munyika itsva let zanu pf remain in that darkness

gunz - 29 February 2016

I f she was not chased why did she abandon her supporters within zanupf? Ndizvo zvinoita a would be president izvozvo. Oh my God She is worse that i had realised.

Grace Jones - 29 February 2016

Now, I know why mugabe refered mujuru as too simplistic.

X-MAN IV - 29 February 2016

Better late than never.Let's avoid this business of saying where were you in the last 36 years,we may as well ask Tsvangson who cored formed the MDC the same question,where was he in the last 20 years.It should be remembered that in the entire first decade Tsvangson enjoyed full time membership of Zanu while the people of Matabeleland were being butchered by Gukarahundi.

general spinola - 29 February 2016

This is exciting and refreshing. you can underestimate Amai Mujuru at your own peril. This woman has one strategic advantage over the other opposition leaders; She is a war veteran in her own right and above that she knows Mugabe inside out...all those nights in Mozambique you can imagine what Rex Nhongo told her about Robert when he was desperate for support and Rex came to his rescue. This woman has information...lots of info about Robert. The opposition needs Amai Mujuru more than her needing them. Bring on 2018. It is time for real revolutionaries to stand up to these Matibili Dynasty imposters. Bring on Jabulani Sibanda and Kudzai Mbudzi and let the real campaign start! My hands are itching for change!

Rasta Hero - 29 February 2016

The problem with these politicians is that they think everyone is as stupied.How many acres of land each does these so called big fish own.The real people who fought for land have nothing better than1 acre.How many farms does Mugabe have.What of Mujuru.Zims if these 2 have more than 20 farms each wat about some other ministers and all who think are big fishes wat i know is god knows better i would rather vote for whites Let them treat me badly Yes because they ar not my blood My own blood Mugabe Joice Mnangarwa to mention a few ar enjoying GOOD LIVING while we stil farm on top of the mountains Grace doesnt want to be the President but is just pushing time for her son to grow strong and take over the leadership WAS TONGOGARA GOING TO BE LIKE SEKURU

Pelle - 29 February 2016

kkkkk mujuru I remember the day you were SACKED you said in an interview you ere still loyal to the PRESIDENT(who in this case is the same man you claim you had broken links with him) so it shocks me when you try ti instill such OUTRIGHT LIES in our innocent minds...Joice remember Zimbabweans are not naive they are just capable silently listening to liars esp from the political front so dont take our silene for stupidity we know you were FIRED when you were hoping somehow fate could miraculously turn the tables in your favour......SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop hallucinating you could get the levers of power by propelling lies

gnomic - 29 February 2016

Runaidha is getting mixed up in her brains. There is an interview which was recorded which she did with SWRadioAfrica and she admits being fire. The polite advise to the Dotito woman - SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

the Godfather - 1 March 2016

you can as well ask me why I voted zanu in 1980 & 1985 & why I carried a zpf card. infact we were all zpf at the begining

rmunemo - 1 March 2016

Moyo vekubereka haudiwe pakutonga nyika. We do not want people to think with their hearts, but rather with their brains. What is chicken project?We saw it happening in Malawi with Joyce Banda. She was also selling eggs. Where is she now? Are we ready for women Presidency?

Peterson - 1 March 2016

After along in hiding now she out and start by talking nothing of course . We know Mugabe fired her bcoz she wanted to to bewitch him using A sangoma from Nigeria .All want she said here is total manga kuphela Only fools and a few troop of gamatox can take her serious.

Diibulaanyika - 1 March 2016

once a zanu always a zanu. joice insisted that she will remain zanu until she was officially cashiered by rwavhi Mugabe. now she wants us to believe that she wasn't fired. this lady is showing signs of being a worse liar than jonathan moyo. that aside, what has she done for us in her 35 years of zanuhood to deserve our votes, the answer is nil.

josphat mugadzaweta - 1 March 2016

As long as you go it alone Joice, u wont achieve anything. as much as some people might hate Tsvangirai, it is an undisputed fact that MDC-T has the folowing of the majority of Zimbabweans. join hands please and liberate the country(provided that your People First have an idea of how the ZANU rigging machinery operates)

matmat - 1 March 2016

I agree with Matmat, Mujuru you cannot go it alone, join hands with other like minded people in MDCT, MDC, Mavambo and others. You cant defeat this monster and cultist. You already have my vote!

Makwiramiti - 1 March 2016

haa, hapana hapana, strategy handisi kuiona apa. she s too simple, too empty, very much afraid and she has actually no idea at all. she failed to even juss say i want to be president when she was still the vice, what abt nw wen shes a nobody, hahaha hapana hapana,,,, MT chibaba

welly - 1 March 2016

Mugabe apera

Harare - 1 March 2016

Yes ladies and gentlemen , all my fellow comrades and friends let's all agree that everyone makes mistakes and there is time of awakening. Now that our former VP has laid bare that she had differences with the the self centered Robert Mugabe that does not make her inferior. Only that when one is under someone's authority you have to take your steps very carefully such that you keep the two of you in good books. Such is the case with children whom we all bear raise and groom we give them boundaries. Such is the situation Joice Teurairopa was found in. Now that she has seen it fit to stand alone, let's give her the chance to show us what she is made of, besides the poultry projects she had tried whilst under the oppressive rule of Mugabe. Surely we may be falling shot of some good ideas that would lead us somewhere we can enjoy Republic of Zimbabwe to the fullest. Mugabe no longer cares about our welfare enmass.

Dokonda Nyamakate - 1 March 2016

Now here's my question Mai Joice Mujuru. What's your plan? Are you not going to split votes and cost us a chance to change things for Zimbabwe? Do the wise thing - get into a coalition and let someone lead your fight to dislodge nhubu idzi.

Dhokota weRunyararo - 1 March 2016

if there is anything that joyce finds wrong in zanu, its her being fired by zanu. i dont take the vomit of a story that she was not fired when grace said pont blank that she was going to 'baby dump' joyce; and she did. does that not constitute being fired joyce? spare us the lies and continue cuddling with dhidhimas and rugare. dhemeti!

SaManyika Chaiye - 1 March 2016

No coalition forget about winning an ELECTION Mujuru. Form political partnerships for real change in Zimbabwe NOT just to wake up one day and you appear very big and thinking you can suddenly change things by the day. Look what happened to Tsvangirai and Makoni factors to the final election results. If Makoni or Tsvangirai had reached to each other we could be in different world altogether. Big political megas are needed here of course small parties have got a share do not leave them out. But if they are a suffering from the Kenyan syndrome work with one or two big opposition parties NOT one man parties like Mangoma and others. Political confusionists hoping from one place to another. The nothing is good on earth self appointed ''leaders''

Charira icho - 1 March 2016

Whilst no one can doubt what Mai Mujuru is now explaining the fact of the matter is that: THIS IS YOUR WORD AGAINST MUGABE because you discussed this issue as adults and in private. What is of importance to all living War Veterans is for you Cde Teurai Ropa to 1st prove & show that now you are prepared to change for the betterment of the Zimbabwean nation. You Cde Teurai Joice could start by telling the nation how much farms your family owns to date; distribute some to the thousands of even War Veterans who never were given a 2 hectare piece of land for which you and them fought for and sacrificed your youth, education & many other things for. Once you do this then I am sure everyone else will know that you now mean business. Just to remind you that there are thousands of living War Veterans, Chimbwidos to this day who have scars, suffer trauma of what the liberation war did to them and that has not been addressed. Yes whilst many Zimbos might lament that they were given that useless Zim$50 000, it is worthwhile to note that most because of the severity of their illnesse(s) did nothing with it.

Mimi - 1 March 2016

move on ladies and gentlemen. mai mujuru is moving on in her political career. she is ready to take over. let's give her the support as many others have said. don't be fixated on the past. its the mdc t people who don't even see the numerous wrongs of their handiende type mt. he had all the support of zimbos to dislodge mugabe but rather used that opportunity on women having multiple marriages. he also promised to be different and only serve three terms and later changed the constitution like all dictators do so he can overstay. if there is a person who should not be trusted, it is mt. thats the reason many senior figures in his party left him. machinja pls do not spoil our opportunity to change course. 2018 is for dr amai mujuru to take it to the state house. do not split the vote pls ma chinja. chinjai maitiro this time around.

zvirozviyedzwa - 1 March 2016

MDC does not need a snake Mujuru who wants to bring zanu through back door into power in 2018 . Morgan has support through out the country while Mujuru has gamatox in Mash east and that means zanu votes are split between gamatox and chipfukuto and that sound very good for those who want change .

Diibulaanyika - 1 March 2016

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prof ashaf - 1 March 2016

morgan had a lot of protest support from all of us my friend @diibulanyoka. He misjudged the electorate and started to do his will with power. no respect for the party and sleeping everywhere from buluwayo, harare, bots, SA instead of demonstrating to the zanu people how democratic people behave. after all the immorality, when his turn to pass the baton came what did he do? he manipulated the constitution the dictators way so he can overstay. we moved camp because we realized that there was no difference btwn morgan and mugabe. now that mai mujuru has entered the political ring, we are excited that real politics is now happening in zim. watch this space for more.

zvirozviyedzwa - 2 March 2016

So if Grace hadn't attacked you, you would still be sitting pretty on the gravy train, giving a blind eye to the corruption and the destruction that ZANU PF has visited upon the country? What you just said confirms what I have alwAts thought of you Joice, you were pushed out but you really wanted to remain in ZANU PF physically as you do spiritually. If you really felt about the policy contradictions between you and Bob, why did you keep on attending cabinet meetings, why not resign?

Inini - 2 March 2016

The dust will settle in ZANU PF, we will survive the storm,as always our party will never die.

Gumbo Cain - 2 March 2016

@Zviro please stop calling me your friend i bcoz you are not normal i am normal so we can not be friends at all with such differences .

Diibulaanyika - 2 March 2016

VIVA ZIMBABWE PEOPLE FIRST! VIVA! VIVA JOYCE MUJURU! RUGARE GUMBO! DIDYMUS MUTASA! JABULANI SIBANDA! SYLVESTER NGUNI! DUMISO DABENGWA! TENDAI BITI! VIVA! Pasi nembavha dzirikuhwanda naMujuru! Dzakamirira kuba muera yaMujuru! Pasi nadzo! Pasi naRobert G. Mugabe neMukadzi wake Grace "Shut-up" Marufu-Mugabe! Pasi naye! Pasi nevanouraya vamwe! Pasi nevanoponda! Pasi nevanohaya maLebanese! Pasi nemhondi! Haaa Mhondi! Haaa pasi nema accidents asinganzwisisiki! Pasi Nazvo! Pasi nevanohudyire! Pasi navo! Pasi neShort-sleeve! Pasi Nayo! Pasi nevanohwanda neIndigenisation! Pasi Navo! Pasi neTribalism! Pasi Pawo! PAMBILI LO ZIMBABWE PEOPLE FIRST! PAMBILI! PAMBILI LO JOYCE MUJURU! PAMBILI

Viva Mujuru - 2 March 2016

It's now 36years after independence. So many experiments were done in the country and some programs started NOW Mai Mujuru is telling us she wants to start afresh? This will be the only reason why people won't vote for her come 2015. The majority of people in this country are beginning to reap fruits of the land reforms,indeginisation etc,then vamwe mai is now saying anoda kutanga patsva! Mark my words!

buntu - 2 March 2016

We will support you AMAI Mujuru-Zve ma Chickens hatina basa nazvo chinhu chimwe nechimwe chinenguva yacho.Iyi inguva yekubvisa ana musoro bhangu pachigaro chete.

Chilufya Zoto aka-prophet 271262 - 2 March 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I am solidly behind you Joyce. Ngativake Zimbabwe together. You already have one vote in Gutu South constituency!!!!!

Sir Chifamba - 2 March 2016

Power to the people,time to crush down the ageing walls

Siyabulela Mqikela - 2 March 2016

In literature good actors are those round characters not flat ones. I appreciate realisation than persistently wishing to die unchanged. Take a clue from Paul in the Bible, he killed christians but reformed and we read his letters. There is no logic in castigating Dr Mujuru if we are all free Zimbabwe. Let the people decide for themselves.

batsiranayi ngugama - 2 March 2016

joy ndizvo

peter mbwende - 3 March 2016

Mai Mjuru should not try and saintify herself now because she has been part and parcel of that same ''corrupt and incompetent'' government that has made our people suffer for 36years .Today because she has been ousted from the basket her eyes are ''opened'' .Please people of this rotten nation let us not be blinded.Nevertheless come 2018 my vote is on Mai Mujuru because she is the better devil in zim politics ,taking into consideration the fact of Tswangirai's incompetence and western pleasing policies.

truth - 3 March 2016

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