Mnangagwa's allies feel heat

HARARE - The political careers of Zanu PF’s suspended provincial leaders for Midlands, Masvingo and Mashonaland East — who are linked to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa — are hanging in the balance, amid renewed efforts by their foes to kick them out of the warring governing party.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources told the Daily News yesterday that it was now “a matter of time and not one of if” the three bigwigs — Kizito Chivamba, Ezra Chadzamira and Biggie Matiza — would be booted out of the former liberation movement.

“These comrades simply have to go as they have been the source of too many problems in their respective provinces, which the party can no longer tolerate. It’s enough frankly,” one of the sources said.

Among the litany of charges that are being flung their way are those related to their alleged “continuing undermining” of President Robert Mugabe and his powerful wife Grace, as well as claims that they are fanning factionalism in the governing party.

The Daily News was reliably that the three men would know their fate during next week’s key politburo meeting in Harare, after the preliminary hearing of their cases was held this week — which ordered further investigations.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo confirmed last night that the Kembo Mohadi-led sub-committee of the National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) had conducted preliminary hearings into their cases.

“There is a sub-committee which was set up by the commissariat department to investigate these issues and the National Disciplinary Committee will submit their report to the politburo next week.

“I think it will be pre-mature for me to tell you the outcome of the National Disciplinary Committee meeting,” he said.

At the heart of the three bigwigs’ pummelling, as well as Zanu PF’s worsening factional wars, is the unresolved question of Mugabe’s succession — where the major players are a faction loyal to Mnangagwa, known as Team Lacoste, and the party’s Young Turks, who goes by the moniker Generation 40 (G40).

The sources who spoke to the Daily News revealed that Matiza had appeared before the NDC sub-committee on Tuesday, while Chivamba was hauled to the hearing on Wednesday. Chadzamira is expected to appear before the same committee today.

The NDC sub-committee includes Mohadi (secretary for security), Eunice Sandi Moyo (deputy women’s league secretary) and Pupurai Togarepi (secretary for youth affairs).

It is believed that the sub-committee will submit a report to the NDC this week — which is headed by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko and includes First Lady Grace Mugabe, legal secretary Patrick Chinamasa and national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere among its members — once it has concluded its hearings.

When Chivamba, Chadzamira and Matiza were initially suspended by Kasukuwere, they were accused of indiscipline and inciting insolence, as well as engaging in violent conduct — charges which they deny.

The trio also stand accused of sabotaging a recent rally that was staged by the women’s league in Harare to thank Mugabe for his “sterling” leadership of the African Union (AU), as well as harassing the league’s members and blocking buses that had been hired to ferry the women to the event.

The hearings into the three men’s conduct come at a time that Team Lacoste is reeling from Zanu PF’s deadly ructions.

Recently, an angry Mugabe, publicly shellacked ousted war veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa after he called an unsanctioned meeting of ex-combatants in Harare.

This occurred soon after Mnangagwa was embarrassed by women’s league finance secretary Sarah Mahoka at the party’s headquarters, during Mugabe’s thank-you rally.

“I will say it publicly because I am not afraid to say so, although I know that I am now a target ... tinoona vana vakapfeka ma T-shirts akanzi Team Lacoste (we see youths wearing T-shirts with the Team Lacoste label) and so if you want to be president tell us.

“We also want to know president if you are the one who sent George Charamba to attack Cabinet ministers that you appointed, because he said he was speaking on your behalf,” Mahoka said then, as Mnangagwa watched stone-faced.

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cde matiza,show the party some respect,we gave you a tender to design the new vicfalls airport,we as a party have supported you in your business endavours and the least we expect from you is to fan factionalisn

truth - 26 February 2016

how dare mahoka sarah ask rhobhati whether or not he sent joji charamba to attack cabinet ministers on air; how dare kkkkkkkk. the girl was on drugs & did not know what she was saying. g40 drugged the girl so she could have the guts to standup to dambudzo & rhobhati. she thinks she is a cadre yet she is a drunkard. as for the trio in question, their best before time in zanu has come. fire more rhobhati!

SaManyika Chaiye - 26 February 2016

Verengai zvir Muherald are you not the ones who were saying Ngwena is feling he heat neye quota system, saka why is Sandi flip flopping now...Ko what happened to Ngwena on the ropes...Ko what happened to Grace's rallies are you not reporting on that why ...zvabaya here???hapana iripo apa ...Takati totenda dzamwa dzaswera nebenzi

Haiwa - 26 February 2016

Mugabe and Grace were shellacked by Army and war vets, and what happened with the three from Midlands whom you said where as good as gone, and what happened to Mutsvangwa who was supposed to would have gone last month ....and what happened to Ngwena at conference...Zvinyebere ufare @Dailynews .....isu mangwenites are celebrating , thanks to poor strategist Jonso everything boomeranged, the Mahoka incident gave birth to cheweshe rally which gave birth to riots which propelled the army to take action, saka who has the upper hand in the end

Army yotonga - 26 February 2016

I genuinely feel sorry for innocent souls who blindly follow the so-called Lacoste Team because their leader is quacking in his trousers. The man so-called ngwena has been discovered to be not a lizard but a 'duck' as madam Sarah Mahoka put it. Mahoka has correctly put it, because in water it pretends to be calm and composed yet beneath it would be busy paddling. Quiet diplomacy or mugoti unopiwa anyerere does not work in Zimbabwe. He should tell those who still think is a crocodile the truth that he is a duck and advise them to go to Amai. Mnangagwa knows very well that what he is experiences is own creation. He was used to chase away Dr Mujuru in order to create a vacancy for a lady VP. For Mnangagwa to oppose the idea of having a woman at the presidium would be a violation of the party constitution. As a lawyer he should know better than the generality of ZanuPF members. Tough luck for my homeboy. Right now whether he likes it or not G40 is in total control. It is now a kangaroo court presided by cats in which mice are the accused. The G40 represented by First Lady and VP Mphoko are going to decide the fate of 3 provincial chairmen claimed to support Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa should have seen that the committee is flawed. He is a coward and his adversaries capitalize on this. He will never stand up for his supporters, My word of advise to the tormented souls is leave this man and join Amai or any opposition party. Kana uchiri kuda veZanuPF kuLacoste Team hakuendwi.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 26 February 2016

@ Joel save your sympathies for the coward G40 and yourself , hauna nyaya iwe

Ndiya - 26 February 2016

@ Joel iwe ndiwe unotori tormented kutsvaga vanhu for Grace , social media yese hapana ane anything positive to say about Grace worse those on the ground hanzi toenda kunotora chikafu or social entrenaiment because people can not believe kuti Mukadzi mukuru spew such nonsense we feel for your tormented soul JOWI

hAIWA - 26 February 2016

When climbing the ladder, please politicians do not jump other steps rushing to the final step lest you don't get there. Watch the impact of their fall.

batsiranayi ngugama - 26 February 2016

it s only a fatherless person who destroys a bridge after crossing

david - 27 February 2016

For me I always say and I am still saying this is still nothing. We want to see the zanoids slitting themselves on the throats....kill themselves. this is nothing!!

Jojo Madiro - 27 February 2016

matiza is good riddance to bad rubbish from my province of mashonaland east!!! the next step is the disappearance from the political scene of the rogue party zanu and their pf cousins as well as the demise of their supreme lawgiver and ultimate loot dispenser Mugabe!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 27 February 2016

I feel sorry for the Team Lacoste, EDM has no support of the masses and he is unelectable. They should look for someone else to back.

Inyika - 27 February 2016

Who was made a judge over factionalism. How do you define factionalism. Lets not pursue our agenda of a dynasty government in the name of factionalism. Regai Munangagwa kana mai Mujuru vaite compete and people will vote. Do not push people off in the name of factionalsim when you also belong to an even worse faction G40. Stop using the youth.

naome - 27 February 2016

@Nyika who is electable in Zanu PF why do they use the army to intimidate people if they wee electable...Why is it that Mugabe is refusing an early congress he will lose, and Grace look at the comments on social media and people on the ground they hate Grace....Ngwena has support thts why they are scared ....Grace and Bob are scared of joice and Ngwena thats why they try to oppress them. If Ngwena is non electable then why waste time on him???? Then they should just get on and live Ngwena alone. He is a big threat

ndiya - 27 February 2016

How can anyone in their right mind ever now think that ZANU PF can win the next election? Never before in our enture history have we been so divided and opposed to one another? Fortunately we have a very stupid and weak opposition who fail to take advantage of our divisions...for this we have to thank our CIO. Unless we stop this squabbling and bring everyone including Mai Mujuru back into our ranks and forgive and forget then we are surely finished....not just the party but the whole Government and country. Mai Grace we beg you to please keep your big mouth shut.

Phukit - 27 February 2016

Party politics is good for any long as rules r followed n abided .no taking sides,for g40 or lacoste.we wa t to change the direction of zanu,or the be ready for 2018.electorate wnt jobs thru a vibrant economy.we want zanu to catchup wth other liberation movements in sadc.we cant do thatwth zanu as it is.a seriouse change of management is required.nomore centr of power,on an individual.internal party elections for all posts.this is only being delayed coz of our respect for after him its zanu for the is the rightthing to do.

viola gwena - 28 February 2016

Factionalism becomes that if rules r brocken,party rules.otherwise this is good for zanu.let the teams fight it out .but the party head must nt take sides.bcoz thats when party rules get brocken.let it be fare.the winner will take all zanu n lead n will be respected.

viola gwena - 28 February 2016

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