Ladies' photos innocent: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has rubbished photographs linking him with scantily dressed women after an MDC function in Gweru last weekend, describing any suggestion of impropriety as absolutely ridiculous.

Tsvangirai was photographed seated with an excited harem of smartly dressed ladies in a park in Gweru, some in cleavage-baring tank tops and bum shorts, stirring media frenzy.

The pictures have stirred a public relations nightmare of immeasurable magnitude for the opposition leader.

But he has dismissed reports of impropriety as mischief-making, claiming the ladies asked him to pose for a picture with him.

“Wherever I go in Zimbabwe, supporters ask to have photos taken with me and I have no reason to deny them a photo with their president,” Tsvangirai said yesterday.

“I had photos taken with a lot of people in Gweru over the weekend, including a group of ladies coming from our meeting.”

The charismatic former prime minister said he has posed for pictures with supporters on so many occasions and could not understand why there was scandal over the latest images.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka also said the nation must be more worried about the national picture of despondency and hopelessness among the country’s citizens.

“Tsvangirai’s picture with a group of Zimbabwean ladies after an MDC function in Gweru at the weekend is an unnecessary sideshow!” Tamborinyoka said.

“Tell us about the national picture of gloom!”

Tsvangirai, 63, who had a string of illicit affairs with young women as he searched for a life-long partner after the tragic death of his much-loved wife of 30-plus years Susan, has in the recent past found himself fighting scandals over his private life.

Since 2011, a 23-year-old woman has claimed he fathered a child with her, and another woman said she was pregnant by him.

The stories dented his public image, but he later issued a public apology at the 13th MDC anniversary at White City Stadium in Bulawayo in 2012 for his indiscretions.

In a rare apology from a top political figure in Zimbabwe, he said he was sorry about his flings with several women before he settled for the imposing Elizabeth Macheka.

His peccadilloes with Locardia Karimatsenga, which resulted in a court challenge, could have been enough to dent Tsvangirai’s image for good, but there was an apparent “overkill” when a second woman Nosipho Regina Shilubane also lodged her papers dishing out sensational details of their escapades, a move that earned Tsvangirai a “victim image”, which is a good thing in politics, according to political analysts.

His spin-doctors insist that what we have here is an out-of-control intelligence agency with its own political agenda and vendetta, a blank cheque to spend millions to look into every nook and cranny of Tsvangirai’s public as well as personal life.

You add this to a zealous group of Zanu PF spin doctors and State media fanning the flames and some members who in the midst of all this were suggesting he was not fit for the highest office in the land, his spin-doctors said this was a
blatant and vindictive political case.

Comments (39)

Hey, Mr President; this is a hard one for us, your supporters! Anyway I for one is behind you for one fundamental reason; bringing change to zim. zanu will stop at nothing to batter and bruise your image using every means at their disposal. this will not divert my attention to the advanced stage of decomposition of zim economy that I have witnessed first hand and suffered at the hands of the rigging regime. there are some members who succumbed to heart attack in a posh hotel after allegedily having a streanous sexual romp with a young woman. a former male vp was allegedly linked to a scandalous ex-football administrator and the stories were kept under raps. uuum but what was this function mr president; a rally, a party or a picnic.

SaManyika Chaiye - 25 February 2016

Nice picture with beautiful ladies, what's wrong with this really? Some people are backward, this is 2016. I actually think it's a very nice thing that Mr President can take some time out to socialize. Well done Tsvang, Mugabe anotorwa ma photos aine machembere kkkkkkk.

misty - 25 February 2016

Mahure anotamba nemahure pfambi dzechikadzi pfambi inonzi Morgan

colonel - 25 February 2016

Daitaibvumirwa kutaura ne dailynews,vasikana!I ws going to twn on diibu its yos,taura tinzwe.ini viola

viola gwena - 25 February 2016

Oh oh oh.what hapend daily?I thot yu banned me.I culdnt get in last 5 days.anyway thank yu for resinding yo decision.we r all citizens.we shuld all be equal.I suport who I want.thats democracy.why bar me?anyway thanks for allowing me back,bt im ngwena forever.until he makes these silly mistakes like mr morgan,im convinced ngwena is the next president of zanu,zimbabwe.

viola gwena - 25 February 2016

Diibu suport yo man,dont be scared.his is nothing.the loves wht he loves,women.akatombonditswinya ndikaseka zvangu.ini viola ,once Bob Marleys woman for 5 days,ndidiwe na Moggi?bt hey ,men r like that.Bill Clinton did it,Robert Mugabe did it,Nick Sacorzy ,Mandela,Zuma ,all of them big leaders did it.even Kennedy the greatest American president slept at Marylin s lodgings.that Monroe or Norma buti Tsvangi yu nt alone.just watchout when yu get home.

viola gwena - 25 February 2016

The MDC-T photo with his female supporters shows how desperate ZanuPF is trying to divert the populace attention from its factional wars. ZanuPF is a confused group of people who claim to be championing gender equality. As we speak they are talking of replacing one their VPs with a woman yet they denigrating women.Since 2000 we have been seeing obscene dancing by the Mbare music group. 'Rambai makashinga. in which women displayed their 'bottom' with some young men holding tightly the women's waists was only removed from airwaves when fellow women and the public complained through President Mugabe. The very person who claims to be highly educated concentrates on criticizing. Instead of wasting his energy on a photo Moyo should find ways of creating 2.2 jobs annual which he and his friends promised people in 2013. His ZimAsset programme has dismally failed. The STEM is another programme that won't survive for a term. Some schools have advised parents to pay fees for their kids because the gvt is broke. To Mr Tsvangirai I say please continue meeting your supporters and pose for photos with them. There is no more ZanuPF to talk of because iri kungomashuka ichingomwashuka like an amoeba. .

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 25 February 2016

You wanted Tsvangirai to run away from these ladies,cant u see that at least his hands are not rounded at anyone.

vilbram avril - 25 February 2016

ndizvo zvinogonekwa nasekuru ava. pfungwa nemoyo zviri kumichato not his party. thats why he is always outsmarted by bob. regai zvakasiiwa nana biti.

zvirozviyedzwa - 25 February 2016

morgan munhu wevanhu anodiwa mhani munhu uyu, i dont see any problem

dakalo - 25 February 2016

KKKKKK apa Tsvangie wadadisa. Kufara nemasupporter. Unechei uri mutungamiri kwaye. Jonso ngaanyarare. He should not think our women are so loose and cannot say no. This is Africa, Tsvangirai can have as many women he wants as long as he does not force them or take them by force from their men....Chinja, maitiro enyu aya.....pakaipa

dollarman - 25 February 2016

Stop meddling in Tsvangirai's life and his supporters people. look at the lives of people who are struggling. We have seen thousands of people of a myriad character posing at your gatherings and noone has said anything. Tsvangirai should enjoy his freedom and meet all those who like him. it is the game of numbers.

batsiranayi ngugama - 25 February 2016

Being a politician doesn't make anyone superhuman.Morgie also needs to lead a normal social life.

oldsnake - 25 February 2016

Being a politician doesn't make anyone superhuman.Morgie also needs to lead a normal social life.

oldsnake - 25 February 2016

Vanhu vezanu vanondishamisa kanenge twitter kasiya kuparangana kwavarikuita manyoka kavekuti nanga nanga naMT Kakaita sei kamugayster 40 karikuda kunyira vanhu vese mugabe akafa hatidi kukaona muno otherwise tinokafushira kari kapenyu kanyoka kemunhu as long karimo muzanu haifi yakaita rugare kunyepa chaiko shuwa mutasa was right rattlesnake moyo.

JIBHA - 25 February 2016

This is very much normal in a modern society, where people want to take a "selfie" with a popular and prominent person. I have found this photo to have democracy, freedom of expression, non discriminating, and excited people. The state machinery have miscaculated this one. They have proped Mogiza one step up. This country needs a people's person leader.

X-MAN IV - 25 February 2016

This is very much normal in a modern society, where people want to take a "selfie" with a popular and prominent person. I have found this photo to have democracy, freedom of expression, non discriminating, and excited people. The state machinery have miscaculated this one. They have proped Mogiza one step up. This country needs a people's person leader.

X-MAN IV - 25 February 2016

This is the reason why you are not going anywhere Mr Morgan ,you play with these people unopedzisira wave worse tha mukomana wemombe .They will destroy you .Your image is more important to us .

oscar - 26 February 2016

this is crap

erty - 26 February 2016

Tsvangirayi represents the future that is why he has all these young and beautiful girls around him whilst on the other hand Bob represents the past ndosaka achiwunganirwa nezvimbuya zvisingageze zvinotengesa madomasi muMbare msika.

Nyimo - 26 February 2016

This is exactly how you killed MDC. Remember we are in Zimbabwe, not the USA, and your image count to the tinest bit. Do not be misled by the mushrooming of dancehall culture in Zimbabwe which is gradually eroding our beautiful Zimbabwean culture.Continue doing this and hear what people say: "Mugabe is smart". For sure when they come to image they are right. Do not cry foul when you lose elections, this is the recipe for your demise.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 February 2016

the more they scandalise the president, my heart grow fonder! @Diibu uri kutsvagwa na vhiora.

SaManyika Chaiye - 26 February 2016

Hapana nyaya apa. Whats wrong with the ladies posing for a photograph with Morgan? Are you saying it would have been acceptable if they were men? Why judge people because of their dressing?

John Makamure - 26 February 2016

tanganda you are right. haadzidze murume uyu. what tarnished his political career was women. getting married to numerous of them at one go. he continues to make the same mistake poor tsangison. we now know him as a purezha seeker even at the cost of the image of the party. moregirls they call him.

zvirozviyedzwa - 26 February 2016

Where is the Story here. Jonathan kungocommentor everything Mr Know it all. Hapana paasingaise mhuno yake. Kana aripopular kudarika Tsvangison ngaaunganirwe tione. Kana ari mugoni kudarika Tsvangison ngaatiudze kuti kaParty kake kaakaformer gore riya kakaendepi, hakana kumboita last even 3 months. Tsangison is very popular. You tried several times to tarnish his name since the Ariben Saga but has never lost an election but you nikuved the elections. You tanished him vevakadzi mukaita zvose but still won the elections and you nikuved. Now people want to be associated with him poita nyaya. Tsvangison munhu wevanhu uya. Yu talk too much about him because you know he is verry popular.

kays 1 - 26 February 2016

saka mbare chmurenga choir and others vanototamba mushe paya hanty mira uone kuGZ kubash vanenge vachitambira nyaika yese

gnomic - 26 February 2016

That's how desperate Zanu is. And for President Tsvangirai to respond to such trivial issues is not worth it.

Bra Tee - 26 February 2016

such sentiments also goes when one is popular with ladies, esp ladies wanogeza waya. kagodo kekuti dhara ririkudiwa. tsvangirayi manje anodiwa nemunhu wese. rhobhati anobhohwekana nekuti anotodawo tsvangirayi.

SaManyika Chaiye - 26 February 2016

Tsvangirayi is a person ,on spot light neverthless he must try to potray a dignified way when being taken photos in future with his supporters as has profound background with women but there is nothing there to talk about......

Mushandira ,wedza ,runtanhira,mtekedza,sadza ,MPATSI,sENGA BRIDG - 26 February 2016

Who said these young ladies are whore such think is stone thinking

Diibulaanyika - 26 February 2016

just try to keep your private life private. this is shows that you are irresponsible if you cant control a few pics now what me more when you the president and what message does it send to the world?

chomzy - 26 February 2016

I want to thank all those who have stood by Tsvangirai in all these efforts to paint a bad picture of our president.He represents Zimbabwe and do the people want him to run away from his supporters? After all they are dressed in the way that most of us dress.Were the ladies naked? The ladies were as happy as I could to be photographed with this charismatic leader.Zimbabweans be careful about people who want to see our country remain as it is.Morgan is our man.What he represents is what we admire in him.He represents governance and commitment to service.

midlands patriot - 26 February 2016

@midlands patriot."Morgan is our man.What he represents is what we admire in him.He represents governance and commitment to service." 1st).Of which Midland are you a patriot ? 2nd). Are you telling me that what he represents on this picture is what you admire ? Tell your father or your mother that is how you see it . The next thing you will find them dead the following morning after committing suicide having realised what a wasted night they have to have you conceived.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 27 February 2016

Morgan is a man of people I remember one day when he just showed up at forth taxi rank in Harare greeted every one who was in a line waiting to get in a taxi . He IS NEVER SCARED OF PEOPLE . and that makes him the cut above the rest .It is a shame that Moyo who is known of hosting gays eg Aaron Mpofu Former Zbc CEO can insult our president for pausing for pictures with his supporters who vote for him .It is a shame for a Minister to insult women by calling them names bcoz of what they are dressed bcoz he whats to scored some faded political mileage .This thing of wanting to settle political scores by using women is women abuse and must be condemned recently we saw female CIO used to try and discredit the pastor and the great PASTOR Pius Ncube was silenced by same same lunatic tactic and that is clear that women are being abused here . Viva Morgan even Ben MANESHE failed no one will discredit this man using dirty tricks it won t work .

Diibulaanyika - 27 February 2016

true he is a man of ladies. hard to imagine how he will behave once in power. for that reason, he wont have my vote come 2018.

zvirozviyedzwa - 28 February 2016

You can continue voting those who make you suffer its your right. But your grand children will never visit your grave. Zimbas never stops to amaze me. Suffer continue until you start eating your own stuff. Confused to the extent that you do not know where your problems come from.

Johannes - 28 February 2016

spot on friend.These people travel in circles.

Dalala - 28 February 2016

at least zvasiyana nekupa mbama fungisai zvakavapano aida kupa first lady CD rake ku Sheraton. the first family is utouchable with a convoy of security

r munemo - 29 February 2016

Remember somewhere in Proverbs it is written that madzimambo akawisirwa pasi neva kadzi

tsvaira - 29 February 2016

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