Suspended Zanu PF MPs return to the fold

HARARE - Zanu PF has been forced to consider allowing dozens of MPs currently serving lengthy suspensions to rejoin the governing party.

Some of the suspended legislators who include Shamva MP Nicholas Goche, Enock Porusingazi (Chipinge South), Tendai Savanhu (Mbare)  and Fortune Chasi (Mazowe South) have been spotted at  First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rallies taking active roles.

Insiders said the first lady is being strongly urged by senior officials to consider readmitting the officials as a dramatic move to reunite the party.

The MPs, except for Savanhu, were at Grace’s recent rally in Chiweshe where the first lady acknowledged Goche as an honest leader.

Goche was accused along with former vice president Joice Mujuru of plotting to assassinate president Robert Mugabe.

Former deputy Justice minister and Mazowe South legislator Fortune Chasi, who had fierce run-ins with Grace over violent evictions of Manzou Farm villagers, is also being rehabilitated.

Chasi — who was recently fired as a junior minister by Mugabe for his perceived support for Mujuru — said there were no hard feelings. “The first lady is our mother and she knows people make mistakes, I make mistakes, and everyone does,” he said.

“That is why she has publicly called for the spirit of forgiveness and as a professional; it is also in my nature to forgive and forget because we cannot be successful as a people when we hold grudges.”

At the height of their fracas, Grace accused Chasi of “terrorising” her in the area, where she owns a number of farms and runs her Amai Grace Mugabe Children’s Home.

Chasi said all that is water under the bridge now.

“It is that spirit of forgiveness that will make us successful in all our endeavours and now I am concentrating with doing work for my constituency and the party fully backs me,” Chasi said.

Porusingazi, who is serving a five-year suspension, weighed in saying the reason why they were punished in the first place was to force reform.

“We have always been supportive of our mother and his excellency that is why you see us participating in her programmes even when the rallies are in other provinces,” Porusingazi said.

“There are people who labelled us names but now the truth is coming as it turns out that they are the ones who have never liked the first lady.

“We do not change, we will continue to work with her and nobody can ever separate us for the mother of the nation.

“Besides she is the women’s league secretary and we are happy with that.”

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A baboon is better than an idiot when it comes to reasoning.

Mukanya - 24 February 2016

Thats the problem yekuonererwa pama rallies or kuti ini ndigonzi handibviri..It shows a lack of reasoning capacity, or comprehending the imapct one's actions can cause. You purge nearly everyone from the party instea of managing the situation ,now Grace ave kuita sembwa inodja marutsi ayo because of poor or low IQ. Now she does not have enough manpower to do her dirty work. Ukaona munhu odzokera kune vaya vaimbonzi igamatox kwakupererwa chaiko ...kunge Mbwa trying to bite its on tail going in circles. Nhasi vana Muzembi ndivo vaave kusevenzesa yaimbonzi gamatox...Kushaya chaiko

Grace idofo - 24 February 2016

What about the chief praise singer Webster Shamu? Is he still in class at Midlands State undergoing rehabilitation? These imbeciles have no scruples, no conviction and dare I say no soul. How do you live with yourself? And these are the people who like to gloat that they "died" for the country? Come on...please.

Galore 123 - 24 February 2016

Zanu pf is a pure criminal syndicate, of a few group of people serving their own personally interests at whatever costs. Hunger and poverty is their weapon.

X-MAN IV - 24 February 2016

Its common knowledge to acknowledge every elderly woman as a mother. However the correct approach would be to aknowledge anyone who is elderly like your mother as mother, one who is younger as aunt or daughter in law and the older one as your grandmother to be a grand mother. This respect is given to the woman in isolation of the husband if you are nor related to here. Now Porusingazi and may not have much age difference but Porusingazi should be closer to 60 years or about 55 years, Grace Mugabe at 50, should he say mother knowing that he is not even older than her. Neither is Chasi or Goche, its known that Grace does not have the respect of a mother, actually she is a man snatcher. Obviously no respect towards such is fitting. Mugabe same. he is not even fit to be a father, since he is a murder. liar, saboteur and all evil. He does not have father figure like Nkomo or Muzenda.

amina - 24 February 2016

It is now very clear that people only want their positions and do not care about the country. If you were suspended why would want to go back where you were chased. Let's be gentleman enough and accept all these people are benefiting from mismanagement of the country not that they like ZANU PF. Genuine people who knew what they wanted have joined hands and formed an opposition party indicating they do notcare about ZANU PF. We just want good leadership not 14 million people suffering because you want to honour what you call the first family. People have to run away from following individuals but good practices of accountability and transparency.

Moses Chihwemukudu - 24 February 2016

in short, his is another case of shear boot licking and rectum chewing by little minds singing for their next meal. they were told that its cold out there and indeed they cant stand the cold hence the kneeling and clapping to the young lady. baba wakaroora ka sixteen year old unototi amai kkkkkkk!

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 February 2016

Listen to what those brainless bootlickers are saying after being dressed down like children in front of people. It shows they can't be independent and the don't believe they can make a life outside tha ZANU PF and all they do is to prays. (sic)

Ziziharinanyanga - 24 February 2016

kkkkk mbwende nemasascum anodaro kuita sei.....uchadyiswa tsvina shame on those comrdes

dofo - 24 February 2016

Couldn't survive outside the pool. Unashamedly had too put their tails in between and hero worship to be accepted back. Shame

Obert Maseko - 24 February 2016

@Viola,ko tipire tinzwe kuti Grace walked out of a meeting yesterday zvaita sei....Asi akanzi adzore vanhu vakadzinga here ohetrwise 2018 no more chiFL reality started to sink in semunhu anotambura ne kushaya intelligency

ndiya - 24 February 2016

Three things i pick from what Chasi, and even Porusingazi have said is that: 1. people make mistakes, and Zanu PF similarly made mistake in suspeding them. 2. They have forgiven all those who led the purge against them. 3. they have b not and will not apologise because they never erred. They also havent changed To me these are matters of principle for which i respect the two MPs, bootlicking notwithstanding

boutros - 24 February 2016

Shame for those guys they are like fish out of water. Zanu is like water fish can't survive out of water.kunze kwavaomera uku kunoda isu vavakatindivadza

ndunanyoka - 25 February 2016

This is the very reason why today's ZANU (PF) can never be that strong. Even in marriage, mai vachimbodzingwa, vomboinda, vonofara, vozodzoswa, a a a a, dzinza racho ringa vonekera sei. Its the same. Most people joining ZANU (PF) evaded induction. As a result, those who can shout louder get posts, start to live large, start to terorize honest citizens, want to be feared, get opportunities to make money, read the direction of power and raise voices of praise to the leaders, dividing the party in the process.A governing party should be guided by principle, not rivalry and lies, lies, scheming, plots and counter plots. So far the only segment of ZANU (PF.) that speaks the party's language is the War Veterans. Of course its not surprising. They were inducted. Zvimwe zvotovona izvi, zvichapfuka. Pointing out what extra ordinary things a war veteran may have done to deserve to mention that they are war veterans i sign yokuperegwa. I cherish Dzinashe Machingura. He was a true war Veteran. The simple reason why these readmissions are taking place is to crowd out People First party, which appears to have a war veteran composition at all levels equal to ZANU (PF). Could this not be too late? Who now can re-unite the tribes besides the war veterans that did it before? Welcome Cdes Chasi, Goche etc.Vakafa havana chavakavoona.

Mwenyendiani - 25 February 2016

It is clear that the G40 project is not getting buy in from senior ZPF people with liberation history hence their desire to bring some from Mujuru.

Makwinja - 25 February 2016

It is clear that the G40 project is not getting buy in from senior ZPF people with liberation history hence their desire to bring some from Mujuru.

Makwinja - 25 February 2016

G40 is so desperate they culd even sing for Chirau to join them.all these callings they think it can strengthen them against ngwena.Goche of all people.if Shamu joins them its out of hunger bra shamhu.kutsvaga pekuseva.

viola gwena - 25 February 2016

finally these guys will mince meat munangagwa. good going gamatox, fight again from within!!! KKKK

jurumame - 26 February 2016

@ Viola Ko marally arikunzi abanwa how far true???

Ndiya - 26 February 2016

Haaa these stupid MPs are being used as pawns. Singing for their supper. Hapana zvehuCde muZanu PF. Mugabe has reduced them to nothing. He fires and restores at will. Nonsense!!!

Hokoyoi - 27 February 2016

When Nyongolo was alive we hated him only to glorify him post-humously. Lets cherish our leaders whilst they live. President Mugabe will be cherished post-humously. S. Africa embraced Mandela during his life-time and God blessed that country no wonder we flock there.

Ntabiso Mpofu - 29 February 2016

It is foolish to think of sane person who seeks revival from the sunset. Look for the sunrise Look for Joice Mujuru

Bangomwe Of The Zambezi Valley - 1 March 2016

Challenges begat reasoning. The question that arises is timing.

Liberty Shungu - 2 March 2016

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