They murdered my husband — Mujuru

HARARE - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru has made sensational claims that her late husband, liberation struggle icon and decorated army general Solomon Mujuru, was murdered in August 2011.

Speaking in an interview with the United Kingdom-domiciled Sunday Times at the weekend, Mujuru said while she was certain that Rex Nhongo (Solomon’s liberation struggle nom de guerre) had been murdered, she did not know who had carried out the evil assignment.

The former VP’s views starkly contrast the findings of a government-appointed coroner who ruled out foul play following a two-week long inquest — after the late general’s charred remains were retrieved from his Beatrice farm, about 60 kilometres south of Harare.

In her interview with the British weekly, Mujuru disputed the official version of the circumstances under which her revered husband died expressed — vowing that the truth about what had happened would eventually come out.

“There was a blue, blue flame, almost one-and-a-half to two metres high, (which is) not normal at all. It seemed to me there was some kind of accelerant,” she said — referring to the inferno that is said to have taken Solomon’s life.

“I can’t say who did it, but they know the people in power. It will come out,” she added.

Even though many Mujuru family members have publicly expressed disquiet about how Rex died, this is the first time that the former VP has publicly expressed her feelings about it.

When she was pressed by the Sunday Times to say whether President Robert Mugabe’s government was involved in Solomon’s death, she declined to proffer an opinion on that.

Speaking after his death, Mugabe was among those who questioned how Solomon had died, taking into account that he was a trained guerrila and distinguished military officer.

Turning to her controversial expulsion from Zanu PF in late 2014, Joice said this had come as a major shock to her — taking a swipe at Mugabe over the nonagenarian’s apparent belief that she had tried to use juju to topple him from power.

“I am a Christian and a member of the Salvation Army. I have never used magic … I said to myself; ‘what a backward man’,” she said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily News late last year — as emotions continued to boil over the disputed circumstances surrounding Solomon’s death — his elder brother, Joel, said he had often contemplated suicide because of the “painful” desecration of Rex’s name by Zanu PF leaders, including Mugabe.

The emotional Joel — who also said the Mujuru family was determined to find and nail his brother’s killers after hiring 12 private investigators to look into the matter — said he was struggling to cope with the vicious and relentless attacks on Rex and his beleaguered widow, Joice.

Joel also said although a State inquest had ruled out foul play regarding the late Mujuru’s death, there was widespread suspicion that this was a “professionals hit” by his political foes who were apparently piqued by his influence and kingmaker’s role in Zanu PF, having played a leading role in elevating Mugabe to the leadership of the party in the mid 1970s.

“It is very painful for me that a defenceless man (Rex) is now being subjected to endless attacks, even from the highest office in the land. It is really painful that my brother is demonised every time, regardless of the work he did for this country. Kuzvisungirira kuri nani (it is better for me to commit suicide) as I am the only one left,” he said.

“I’ve been thinking of killing myself because I am in terrible pain. I am not saying the president should stop talking, but I am just asking whether there are no other means to solve whatever problem there is than to attack him daily?

“Kana vachigona kuuraya vanhu vekwaMujuru vese ngavauraye or I will lead the way and kill myself (if they can, they may as well finish off all the Mujurus, otherwise I will make their life easy and take my own life),” he added, choking with emotion.

At the first hearing of Mujuru’s inquest in August 2012, the coroner controversially refused to allow the family’s preferred pathologist, Reggie Perumal of South Africa, to examine the remains of the fallen hero.

The Mujuru family wanted Rex’s body to be exhumed and re-examined, arguing that the State pathologist Gonzales Alvero had done a shoddy job and skipped key processes of the inquest — amid a widespread feeling that the coroner had acted unlawfully and that there had been “behind-the-scenes political interference” in the inquiry.

All this has led the family to make public demands for a second inquest, to examine, among other issues, the exact circumstances that caused the fire that killed Solomon, and whether he was still alive when the fire started.

“If a second inquest is to be ordered, it must be held by a different coroner. The findings of the second inquest will then replace those delivered from the first,” a source close to the Mujuru family told the Daily News.

Stung by the worsening desecration of Rex’s name by Zanu PF bigwigs, Joel said the Mujuru family was now even more determined to hunt down his killers. This came after Mugabe accused the deceased former army commander of having plotted to remove him from power using the likes of MKD leader Simba Makoni and veteran academic Ibbo Mandaza before he died.

The highly-charged Joel, who stammers like his late young brother, and often dropped tears during his interview with the Daily News, said it was “very painful that a defenceless man (Rex) is now being subjected to endless attacks even from the highest office in the land”.

“Why keep on talking about Solomon, why? Solomon akafa (Solomon is dead) and that should have been the end of the story.

“Asi haatadze kuuya kuzobvunza munhu akamuuraya (He will not fail to confront his killers). Manyangarara ari kuitika mavhirovhiro ekuti zvichabuda pachena chete (All the nonsense that is taking place in Zimbabwe shows that some people are being haunted by his death and the truth will come out).

“This issue will not end until we get to the bottom of it. Why talk about Solomon today? Solomon will confront his killers one day even before the second coming of Jesus Christ. He will ask them, ‘why did you kill me?’ There are 12 people leading the investigations and even if I die today they will carry on. We are going to find who killed Solomon,” Joel said.

Joel also said the Mujuru family was angry and “in a state of confusion” as to what Zanu PF was seeking to achieve through its continued vilification of their departed son.

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They may think that it's now water under the bridge but some people shall be haunted for life. Then the truth shall come out. For now rest in peace qhawe/gamba.

Hero for sure - 23 February 2016

Seka zvako mwana wemurozvi..kikikiii..Mese apa are all afraid of name and shaming those involved in the killing of Solo but you know the culprits. You used to say nyo nyo nyo to Mgwena's stories versus we need all of those guys who used to make noise to stand up and mention those names.......Crocodile achatonga bedzi.....Taurai tinzwe claim to know politics........ka....kikikii

Clemence Tashaya - 23 February 2016

Nonsense why were quite all these years ? You are still one of them no feeling for you bcoz if you are real serious you could have said it there and there not to to be chased away from zanu .

Diibulaanyika - 23 February 2016

When I had of the painful death of Gen Solomon Mujuru I collapsed. I came to know him through reading a book entitled 'Who is Who in Rhodesia'. I was aged 17 doing Form 3 in 1976 at one of the missionary schools in Mberengwa. He was known by his Chimurenga name Rex Nhongo. My paternal grandmother was a Nhongo clan so I was used to whispering to my trusted friends that Rex Nhongo was my uncle such that I gained a lot of respect. I became very interested in joining the liberation struggle and ended up in Mutoko under the care of some village elders till independence. I only learnt that Rex Nhongo was not his real name sometime in 1981 through my cousin who was a major in the ZNA but that not stop my admiration of him. I write with a heavy heart. Now turning to Ambuya vangu Dr Mujuru, If she had not been chased away from faction riddled ZanuPF was she going reveal her husband's killers?

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 23 February 2016

Musarova imbwa makaviga tsvimbo. Mugabe ndiyo mhondi yakauraya Mujuru, Tongogra, Chitepo.

Ziziharinanyanga - 23 February 2016

Still a sad story...politics aside.

jacktheswede - 23 February 2016

RIP Mukoma Rex Nhongo...true soldier of freedom. Of course Mugabe had something to do with it but so did Ngwena. Ngwena was the only direct beneficiary of Rex s assassination. and he celebrated instead of questioning why his commander had been liquidated. Amai Mujuru will avenge by being first female President.

Rasta Hero - 23 February 2016

RIP Mukoma Rex Nhongo...true soldier of freedom. Of course Mugabe had something to do with it but so did Ngwena. Ngwena was the only direct beneficiary of Rex s assassination. and he celebrated instead of questioning why his commander had been liquidated. Amai Mujuru will avenge by being first female President.

Rasta Hero - 23 February 2016

"They murdered my husband," says Joice. She wants to utter this now when she is out of government. She should have shouted about this when she was in government. At that time, as vice-president, she had enough power to significantly influence government's actions to solve the Mujuru death mystery, but she chose to put up very mild doubt on the government's version of the events. She had chosen to live with that version, until she was fired. I feel pity for General Mujuru. He died a painfully and horrible death, but Joice is an actor.

machakachaka - 24 February 2016

can't help myself than to laugh at this, now you make these revelations because you are out of Zanu PF, even if it were the case, your silence will make us judge you that you were complicit. throw another card not this one joice, we are not fools

Cde Banda - 24 February 2016

There goes that woman again. Kusanyara kwaro ! How dare you traded your husband`s life with a position in a rotten party in a rotten government - that is if he was really your husband ?

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 24 February 2016

whr wr u murume achiuraiwa

ngosimbi jorno - 24 February 2016

I 1st met my commander cde Rex,or simply shef Rex ,in 1974.Even tho the gen always complained that me n freedom,another girl were rebels out of command chain,I always admired the cde rex.He knew which plane to bring down during any attack at camps.he was always steady,never scared or neviouse.even carried on walking casually during an attack ,telling us to move whr we had taken cover.A very reliable man.Gen Tongo s man,his trusted friend.I miss my commander,. i i i iwe k k k komuredhi ita sesese muuto hey.shame .peace be upon him.

viola gwena - 24 February 2016

you are now using solo's death to attract vote? you hubby was the defence forces commander when the 5th brigade decimate ethnic ndebeles. if you live by the gun you die by it. you were smiling when ngwena was almost fired in 2004 and it boomeranged on you. you don't learn joy, enjoy the cold outside zanu like anyone else and wish you get no votes in 2018, you are a crook like your mentor Mugabe.

josphat mugadzaweta - 24 February 2016

only god knows

max - 24 February 2016

Dr Teu and husband were longer co-habiting as hussy & wifey hence one being in chisipite while jackals were dismembering the general in beatrice. the issues surrounding Dr Teu, rex and the killers is so inseperably intertwined to an extent that trying to solve the puzzle you end up entangling oneself. Dr Teu is so confused that she dont know what to say and when to say it. exposing the killers may open a pandora's box for her as she might have been involved unknowingly or her evil deeds may be exposed in the process. its a fix for this woman and to me she is very confused.

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 February 2016

The First Family (Dr. Grace Mugabe and Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe), I am appealing to you to ask why the Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri is letting Constable Hove continuing to denigrate the First Family like that. Constable Hove has some clue on the failed bombing of the Gushungo Dairy Farm. He is also saying that something will happen at the 21srt anniversary in Masvingo if everything goes according to plan. I don't know why such people who do not have the First Family at heart should continue to serve in the country's security department. He has some materials for the People First under his custody. I know definitely that they are not at his home but he knows where those IEC materials are hidden. He is stationed at Makamba police station in Hwedza under Goto Rusape. It's unfortunate that the police do not display their force numbers otherwise i could have disclosed them. Urgent investigation for him to come out clear is requested. He brushed the essence of splashing close to USD 1 million ($1000 000.00) in sponsoring such barbaric occasion of a dictator. He wished if that money was given to him he would have used the money in a better sense that the Masvongo event.

Kamba - 24 February 2016

Headline should read ""We murdered my husband""

Command Center - 24 February 2016

Typical female propensity to seek sympathy in order to gain relevance and ultimately influence. Totally agree with the numerous posts here, why oh why did she not bring this up when she was still in Govt? Its because they were now living separate lives, a couple in name for the sake of the party, no love anymore it all ran out to the last drop somewhere between the war, independence, and accumulation of material wealth post independence. By not saying anything during time she was soaring as VP she was indirectly accepting there was no foul play to Solos death. Now you wanna talk shyte! Gerraraherrre i say....Gerraraherre! Solo was clearly a kingmaker who convinced other commanders to accept RGM as centre of power during the war. He realised his mistake on this and was pushing for RGMs peaceful ouster and the mistake he made was sharing this initiative with ED. ED being the typical RGM loyalist told RGD of Solos machinations and RGM said "ngaatsve" (take him out), and of course this was taken by loyalist ED literally to mean burn the bugger with some accelerant that will burn with an intensive blue flame and char his body beyond forensic recognition! ED is a loyalist through and through. That's a good quality under any type of president. That also makes him a better presidential candidate than conniving insincere JTRM

Ndakambokuudzayi - 24 February 2016

Solomon is the one who welcomed one of his killers in Moza despite the fact that Magama was against welcoming this individual in Moza . Now he got what he wanted and Joyce should not expect us to feel sorry for the murder of Solomon bcoz he hosted the evil one in Moza . Now he got what he wanted . No sorry for him .

Mavuunakulya - 24 February 2016

People should understand Zanu politics or dictactors's way of operation. Mai Mujuru would not have said a word before being sacked. She would die the next day. Now that she is out of the system she can spill the beans and if she dies the world will have no second guessing who would have killed her. Remember her farm has been attacked twice since her expulsion. That says a lot. My advice to her is that she should reinforce her security systems

zim zim - 24 February 2016

I am queit sure that that was the last time we had a true hero in zimbabwe. he was the first Hero to discover kuty zimbabweans needed a new party. You mother, what you are saying is right but the time you talk about it makes me wonder. i remember one time during mourning you advised his supporters not to point a finger on anyone. that was the right time to tell the nation that Rex has been murdered

JOHN FARAH - 24 February 2016

Was this woman not part of the plot to assassinate her 'Husband'. Apparently these guys had 'Divorced' some 20 years before Rex's death. Rex NEVER believed in Joyce's capabilities to lead the country; hence his attempt to prop up Makoni!

Save - 24 February 2016

Stop perpetuating CIO propaganda that was alluded to by Muchinguri when she sloganeered ''Pasi nevanopisira varume mudzimba". This slogan was so absurd and embarrassing that no one in Zanu PF even Grace herself has ever used it. Even Mugabe is embarrassed by such shameless lies that he recently said the persecution and accusations against Mujuru were not well thought out and are not correct. Rex was Joyce's pillar of strength. In 2004 Mujuru played a central role in elevating Joyce from a mere cabinet post to Vice President. Joyce has always doubted the state version of how her husband died. While she was still mourning and still VP, she doubted how her husband a trained soldier would fail to escape a fire when their bedroom had a huge window. She even told us that even her young children used to jump through that window coz it was more convenient to get out through it that use the door which is further away down the corridor. CIO goons must be ashamed to attack a widow. Joyce is the Neria that Tuku sings about. When Brigadier Gunda died in that mysterious car accident, his wife also doubted the circumstances but nothing happened. Hits on people are done secretly by security agents and not by cabinet members. its foolish to expect Mujuru to know who killed her husband coz such hits are done by underground agents and are not sanctioned by cabinet. Don't spread your senseless rumours here. Rex was killed, and Mugabe never even called for an investigation. Ngwena was the only direct beneficiary and lord knows how he was glowing those days at Joyce's misfortune. Where is Muchinguri now? She has buried her head in shame at realising that just like Ngwena, she too has been played a chase game of thrones! You should be ashamed too for lying about a widow! Nxa!

Rasta Hero - 24 February 2016

People with Zanu(pf) links should not be allowed to rule this country. While in government, 20 000 Ndebeles were killed in the 1980s. Many opposition supporters were killed under their watch since 2000. The death of her husband should have caused her to resign from government and party. She did not do that which means she is complicit in her husband's death. In 2005, people's homes were destroyed during Murambatsvina and she said nothing. In 2008, about 200 MDC SUPPORTERS WERE ASSASINATED AND SHE SAID NOTHING. She is a murderer as well. Her hands drips with blood. She should have done what Zuma did in South Africa , to challenge for the top job since she had the support of the party structures. You can be a leader if you are timid. Zimbabweans let us not forget this. WE WANT LEADERS WITH NO BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS LIKE TSVANGIRAYI, BITI, DABENGWA, NCUBE, ETC

dovi - 25 February 2016

Dovi has a point, we don't want future leaders whose hands are dripping with blood. People like Rasta Hero enjoy listening to themselves (am not being judgmental). Were Joyce and Rex still married? Was Joyce part of the plot by Rex and group to have Makoni challenge Bob in 2008. The house Bob spoke about was not Joyce house but Rex's. did she naively bring herself closer to ''çrocodiles' for VP position or is she a victim. The business cabal started by Joyce superseded that of Rex whose Makamba and Jain Mutasa was easily vanguished. Ray, Butau, Chapfika and them are still kicking and bankrolling her. Karangas are too unfortunate to be represented by a figure like Ngwena otherwise 'ushe madzoro"

Save - 25 February 2016

I wuld hv liked to enhence this topic,bt time is not wth us people.our economy is the challenge.we need to jump start our economy.all these stories of our departed comrades,loved once,can be best delt wth later,when our economy is growing.yes its painfull to loose a husband,a commander,bt the living are next to die if we dont improve the economy.all these pretenders are nt telling us how the economy can rise,g40 included.zimasset is a big dump squib.nothing to show still.

viola gwena - 25 February 2016

Mujuru just launch your party otherwisw ou are about to lack relevance all the sympathy vote you had from people is now going to Ngwena ...All you are saying should have been said before not now , if you wanted a fight you should have done before , you are now coming forward because you can see how team Ngwena is fighting bac just lauch your party zvipere, rega noise and you are behaing like you have it all in the bag hausati wawinner election donot forget that

Iwe - 25 February 2016

Of course they did my dear. And you have been a long standing member of ZPF that has shed innoocent blood for decades. Wakey! Wakey!

TruthBTold - 26 February 2016

we will make our best ever comment in the ballot box come 2018. God allow me to reach that far

tatenda taonepi - 26 February 2016

only God knowz

gallant soildier - 7 July 2016


JEQJEQE KHUMALO - 8 December 2016

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