Mujuru poses real threat to Zanu PF

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s renowned girl guerrilla and anti-colonialism activist, Joice Mujuru, who is set to launch her political outfit soon, poses a credible threat to the hegemony of Zanu PF and represents the first real opportunity for a change of regime, a respected South Africa-based think tank has warned.

Former Vice President Mujuru, expelled from the governing Zanu PF in 2014 over untested allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate President Robert Mugabe, and the new party, known as Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), will contest the 2018 elections.

Analysts say while Zanu PF continues on its self-inflicted path of destruction — with even Mugabe concerned that the party could disintegrate — the political environment in the country is set for a major shake-up and possible rejuvenation.

Mujuru, 60, who registered her party with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) two weeks ago, accuses the governing Zanu PF of neglecting the people and destroying the country through corruption. She says her new political outfit will provide a new beginning that will give all Zimbabweans access to the country’s economy.

The politician-cum-businesswoman said that the ZPF is set to develop into a fully fledged political party after intensive consultation with Zimbabweans across the divide.

NKC independent economists, a privately-owned political and economic research unit located in Western Cape, with a focus on the African continent, said Mujuru has not suddenly become a critic of Zimbabwe’s economic policies, but rather has a record of dissent from within her previous office as vice president of the country.

“Secondly, there is strong evidence to suggest that when she was expelled from the party and government, she took a large slice of her support base with her and that her party provides an attractive alternative to those still within Zanu PF who are disillusioned and resentful of the new power plays while the ailing president seems powerless to exercise his authority,” NKC analyst Gary van Staden said in his report.

“Thirdly, her ability to attract support from the current crop of opposition parties will be important and increase the extent to which the opposition can present a united front in 2018.”

He cited the growing discontent within Zanu PF ranks over the role and influence of the unelected First Lady Grace Mugabe and “her increasingly hysterical and irrational attacks on supposed successors to her husband and their various ‘plots’”.

“Finally, the bitter and divisive succession struggle within Zanu PF poses a real threat to political stability, and the contests could easily become violent,” Van Staden warned.

“Two ironies are also evident: that after the bitter and brutal infighting to succeed Mugabe, the victor loses the office to Mujuru and, second, (Grace) Mugabe recently acknowledged that her campaign against Mujuru back in 2014 was a mistake — she may yet see just how big.”

Other analysts have said they have been impressed by the powerful reminder of Zimbabwe’s fading dream which formed the core message in Mujuru’s speeches.

Tendai Biti’s opposition People’s Democratic Party has said it shared Mujuru party’s core values of non-discrimination and constitutionalism and that the party is an “important realignment of politics” and that her move is another step in the long process of realigning Zimbabwean politics around these values.

Van Staden said the ZPF is by no stretch just another hopeful opposition grouping doomed to fall victim to the often less than honest elections and Zanu PF behaviour.

“It represents the first real prospect of electoral defeat for Zanu PF since the near miss by Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) back in 2008 when only last minute gerrymandering and concentrated acts of violence prevented the MDC taking power,” he said.

“But then the MDC became its own worst enemy — an ineffective, hand-wringing, complaining coalition partner that allowed the Zanu PF and Mugabe to devour it for breakfast, leading to electoral defeat in 2013 and disintegration into several factions.

“Mujuru and the ZPF represent a real opportunity to rid the political landscape of a fractured and rudderless Zanu PF denied the once coherent, dynamic and powerful leadership of Mugabe — now a tired, pale shadow of his former self and a massive loss to the Zanu PF electoral machine.

“It remains entirely possible that Zanu PF will revert to old tactics of intimidation, violence, gerrymandering and outright cheating to secure a win, but that looks increasingly unlikely — not because it will not try, but because it will find much stronger opposition from within against such tactics.”

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van staden,you hallucinating,no wonder the story is by some staff writer as nothing of substance is in the story,give us a better story

truth - 23 February 2016

I somewhat share the same sentiments by NKC and those who would want to dismiss Joice can do it at their own peril.Let's play ball.

Convinced - 23 February 2016

she is a mature politician who knows when and how to talk unlike the likes of mt who made unnecessary threats to mugabe and got nowhere. politics is a game. this lady appears good at it. come 2018, she has my vote.

zvirozviyedzwa - 23 February 2016

I sure do agree with van staden. its pretty clear the political landscape in zim is shifting real good n the biggest earner is ZPF. Lyk it or not Joyce has it all in her hands n she only hev to net it. this tym its bhora mugedhi for ZPF

francis - 23 February 2016

I sure do agree with van staden. its pretty clear the political landscape in zim is shifting real good n the biggest earner is ZPF. Lyk it or not Joyce has it all in her hands n she only hev to net it. this tym its bhora mugedhi for ZPF

francis - 23 February 2016

I don't know if this analyst has any proof that mujuru has support of the majority of zim, if he claims he has proof then I don't know where he got it from. This lady is so overrated it hurts, mai mujuru is no where near presidential material please. These so called analysts do not know exactly what people think about mujuru, nobody knows. She has not held even a rally. To think mujuru can help lift this country is unbelievable naivety. It means if mnangagwa were to be chucked out of zanu and forms a new party people will believe suddenly he is a saint and can lead zim? Zimbabweans please wake up, please. Mai Mujuru havana nyaya, she is just taking chances, why would anyone sane want mai mujuru who was part of the zanu that terrorised the nation since 1980 to be president. Crazy!!!!!!!!

misty - 23 February 2016


paradzayi - 23 February 2016

I really respect Amai Mujuru and her group of Sekuru Rugare Gumbo, VaDidymus Mutasa and many leaders who were falsely accused of plotting to assassinate the President Mugabe as an excuse of purging them. I also not doubting her popularity but to continuously portray her as the real messiah is a wrong assessment. It is not going to be easy for them because they know a lot of the dark side of ZanuPF. ZanuPF is likely not going fold arms as its dark side is exposed. The ZPF has a lot to sell itself by exonerating its leaders from all crimes they are accused of having committed when there were in ZanuPF. I don't wants mention names of some ZPF stalwarts but they are aware of what I am saying. The starting point for them is to tell the truth on all the disappearing of and killings of the opposition supporters, the demolitions of people's houses in the so- called Murambatsvina Operations and many other hideous acts perpetrated against the innocent civilians of Zimbabwe. People need the truth because we have suffered for a long time. It not wise for the opposition particularly MDC-T to rush into coalitions with such new political parties whose leadership have been associated with President Mugabe. If they had not been purged were they going to openly criticize Mugabe as they are doing now? Are these not sour grapes? Were they going to form ZPF party? The answer to these questions is a big NO!!!!

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 23 February 2016

Outside the Mugabe, the Mujuru name is the foremost popular name in Zanla circles. Rex Nhongo, her assassinated husband was the most loved Commander after the late Tongogara. Joyce Mujuru has never lost an election since 1980, that alone talks volumes about her popularity and her electability. Joyce Mujuru would easily win any election against anyone in Zanu outside Mugabe. Ngwena failed to win a constituency in his beloved midlands and was embarrassingly beaten by a school teacher. Her opponents killed her husband in an attempt to weaken her but the number of senior Zanu stalwarts literally stumbling on each other in pledge to join her party is testimony to her pull factor. Of all the potential candidates for the Presidency right now, namely Mugabe, Tsvangirayi,Biti, Ngwena, Makoni, Dabengwa, Ncube, I would vote Mujuru over all of them. She has the history, the principles, the experience, the right policies (BUILD), the stature and the demeanour of a leader, and her pledge to put "People First" will endear her to many more people. And she holds a genuine Doctorate!!! Zimbabwe actually needs Mujuru than Mujuru needs Zimbabwe.

Rasta Hero - 23 February 2016

Rubbish!!! Tsvang is the most loved and supported opposition leader in Zim whether you like it or not.

misty - 23 February 2016

We will see said the blind man seating on a round table with four corners.

Mentalist - 23 February 2016

NKC's research is incomplete, biased, unprofessional and very misleading at the same time. It is hogwash for this research institute to sensationally claim that Mujuru took a number of supporters from ZANU when it is obvious that she took all her disgruntled breathrens who have been chucked out of field like weeds.

Mentalist - 23 February 2016

The challenge Zimbabwe face is how to remove a dictator who has lost elections many times but refused to give away power. The participation of the majority in the democratisation of Zimbabwe has been muzzled by Mugabe, hence if Mujuru still comes up with same strategy as a way of removing Mugabe, then the same will happen. We need a change of strategy that will enable power transfer of the loser to the winner.

Ziziharinanyanga - 23 February 2016

This is the second time this NKC's dubious research is published. It has to be the 10% stake doing the talking. Can someone buy that stake and free "daily news". Simba Makoni is more popular than Mujuru. Mujuru is a threat to total democracy and development of the country. She is not a threat to zanu pf. In actual fact she is wholly owned by zanu pf fired, suspended or otherwise.

X-MAN IV - 23 February 2016

X Men I agree with you that Simba Makoni is a viable choice but he hasn't won any election even in his own constituency. A good man he is, and experience too as former Sec General of SADC. But I don't believe in Tsvangirayi's popularity coz he couldn't even win his own constituency that is now under Chinos. Charity must begin at home bro. Mujuru has never lost an election anywhere on earth. Most of the businesses you accuse her of gaining corruptly where her husband's ventures. when Rex challenged Mugabe on Gukurahundi and corruption, he was forced to resign in 1990 when he was only 50 years. like all Generals in the world, he had no option but get into private business using his well entrenched connection off course! Read my fingers as I type, Joyce is clean and she will win. the only person never to lose an election in Zimbabwe. Tsvangson is weak, is despised by his own colleagues and he is broke!!!!!

Rasta Hero - 23 February 2016

People shouldnt forget that most if not all new political parties come about after their founders are either discontented with their previous party or a purged/dismissed for want of change. We should also ask why JTR and crew were purges/dismissed from Zanu Pf, precisely because they didnt agree with where thevparty was heading under RGM and therefore wanted a constitutional change of leadership at congress. To therefore question why they are criticising ZanuPF now after being expelled is unfair for them. They wanted to transform Zanu Pf from within and that was resisted by bootlickers to RGM

boutros - 24 February 2016

With the current goings-on in Zanu-PF I, to be honest, don't care a hoot who wins the elections in 2018, so long as it is NOT Mugabe. This is so painful when I say it because it's the one party that I have voted for since 1980

Biggie Taapatsi - 24 February 2016

the problem with these so-called think tanks is that they pretend to know everything yet they know nothing at all. why didn't they foresee her expulsion from zanu in the first place? in order to get the support of zanu supporters, you should use force and carrots! does joice have the wherewithal to do so, the answer is a big NO! pamberi naSave 2018!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 24 February 2016

Mujuru poses zero threat for Zanu PF, because she is still Zanu PF! Honestly you get booted out in the most humiliating way from Zanu PF and the only name you can come up with for your bogus party is ZPF??? A party name and slogan (building Zim brick by brick) that you allegedly stole from that other hapless nonentity Shumba and his "Zimbabwe First/People First" concept. Its crazy that your fellow Zanu PF ejectee Mutasa even tried shamelessly to have your party registered as Zanu People First before ZPF was adopted. Then there's the ZPF Line "we dont lead the people, the people lead themselves" - what genius came up with that one I wonder??? Leaders lead people surely, I smell chaos coming from the JTRM camp no doubt. These ZPF fossils only came up with ZPF as a consequence of the unexpected removal of the economic shelter they enjoyed from Zanu PF patronage. JM, Mutasa the whole lot of them had been looting without restraint and without regret right up to the point Mazowe Crush 1 rained hard on them. This is why it was easy to hi-jack Shumba's People First concept, thievery is in the blood and they don't even see it as thievery, thats the sad thing about this crop of leaders getting chucked out of Zanu. Believe me when I tell you that Mujuru and ZPF are already in an unholy alliance with the effective state machinery to continue to confuse the masses with the sole purpose of destroying the possibility of a united opposition coalition come 2018 elections, they have already been promised Zanu PF positions, farms and mines in the post 2018 election aftermath, provided they run with the ZPF facade and bamboozle the highly naive masses

Ndakambokuudzayi - 24 February 2016

ko mutevedzeri waJoy ambori ani nhaimi, winning elections since 1980 was because of being in zpf not out of zpf she might have 1 vote if she couldn't have killed her husbund

samanyika - 24 February 2016

These claims that someone never won an election in their constituency is on of the most borrowed but very wrong assessment of politics. If Joice Mujuru had stood in Harare Central Constituency would she have won the 2000 parliamentary election? If Bob had stood in Kweke Urban parliamentary election in 2000 would he have won that election just as much as Nelson Chamisa would have lost in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe. It is party politics at play and not individuals that carries the day in Zimbabwe. That said I think outside of Zanu pf Mujuru and team will struggle to appeal nationally. They may do fairly well in their former constituencies since people will identify with them but nationally people with rally with their former party Zanu pf. NKC in Western Cape, SA???

admire taguma musingarabwi - 24 February 2016

mai mujuru vari kuratidza vega kuti ndivo mutungamiriri chaiye by the way she handles herself. she is not haste in the way she does politics. she is not threatened. she is a moderate willing to work with all progressive people for the betterment of zim. these the types of leaders we want in zim. come 2018 my vote is with mrs mujuru.

zvirozviyedzwa - 24 February 2016

When Makoni came it was said he is popular and would win then Welshman same thing now again we have gamatox Mujuru then some confused individuals are making same mistake praising the wrong person who Zimbabweans do not like to be their president . What Mujuru is going to do will only split votes for zanu nothing else and that is commonsense .People have their president in waiting and everyone even foreigners know the man .Trying to sideline Morgan is being idiot bcoz hate or like him the guy is the most liked leader in the country .

Diibulaanyika - 24 February 2016

president of gweru girls. what else does he know other than zve madzimai. he doesn't even know when to be serious and when to relax. the president in waiting is on the ground putting in place strategies that will see her succeed come 2018. kwete zva baba vanogara vachibiridzirwa nekuti vanenge vasipo vari kuvasikana.

zvirozviyedzwa - 25 February 2016

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