Mzembi slams Team Lacoste

HARARE - Tourism and Hospitality minister Walter Mzembi has warned Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his allies that they risk being booted out of Zanu PF and government if they do not keep their “unbridled” ambition in check.

Speaking on the occasion of the fundraising dinner for President Robert Mugabe’s 92nd birthday celebrations in Harare at the weekend Mzembi waded into the Zanu PF succession wars accusing “a number of constituencies in our midst” of “speaking with forked tongues over the sacrosanct and untradeable subject of loyalty”.

Mzembi warned all party and government officials appointed by Mugabe including Mnangagwa that they would struggle to match Mugabe’s “achievements” even if they were given the chance to govern.

“The standing ovation from heads of State and government for the president compels every one of us to introspect, and the question is, will you be able to command the same response and goodwill?

“Are you not gambling with people’s lives with your unbridled ambitions? Being an MP is an elected position but ministerial deployments and other senior deployments in government, are all served at the mercy and pleasure of the president.

“So, be warned you can wake up a nobody, walking the streets. We are all exercising borrowed and delegated authority, so do not get overexcited with borrowed robes, they can be withdrawn,” Mzembi said.

This also comes as the Zanu PF youth league has claimed that there was a plot by Mnangagwa’s allies who include war veterans to derail Mugabe’s birthday bash slated for Masvingo on Saturday.

Speaking at the same occasion, politburo member Kudzanai Chipanga, who is also Zanu PF deputy youth league chairperson, equated ambitious party bigwigs to the biblical donkey that Jesus rode as he entered Jerusalem.

“The donkey thought that people were ululating for it and decided to go alone one day but was thoroughly beaten. The same will happen to some who include VPs, ministers and MPs who have the mistaken belief that we like them on their own even without the president. They risk being treated like the biblical donkey,” Chipanga said.

Once described by Mugabe as his best minister, Mzembi went ballistic with fawning messages for the 92-year-old Zanu PF strongman as he took bootlicking a level higher exalting him as an oasis of wisdom.

Mzembi said the fundraising dinner that ran under the theme “youth celebrating an African icon through enhanced productivity” invoked in him “cherishable memories and privilege of the favour upon my life of working under the “Founding Father of the Nation”.

“Working under him can be equated to drinking from the biblical well of wisdom, the well of Jacob.

“History will one day in the future capture how together with the youths, we fought so resolutely to preserve that legacy in the face of conflicting messages and actions that are surprisingly being communicated by those we should be learning from.

“Notwithstanding, these universal accomplishments, I sense in our midst instances of dissonance, ferocious attrition that sadly divert our strategic focus as guided by him.

“This is especially so when self-opinionated individuals, diverse obsessions and contestations override the voice of reason to the extent that it gives the president no peace of mind.

“Akin to Jesus Christ’s experiences, when at Nazareth he was admonished by His kin who said ‘Is he not the son of the carpenter, the son of Mary, and brother of James?’ Jesus reminded them that ‘A prophet is not without honour except in his hometown and among his own relatives and in his own household”.

“Such familiarity that bred generational contempt may unfortunately be finding expression in our Zimbabwe body politic today. Allow me to remind everybody of the Biblical Psalm of David that says ‘touch not my anointed”.

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Just wait for mzembi to be fired and he will change the vocabulary to 'null & void' jargon of the chrises and matemadandas or to rugare's 'our choice was wrong' rhetoric!

SaManyika Chaiye - 22 February 2016

This guy is a Gamatox, he survived the chop when Mujuru was cut off her tail,now he is behaving like Webster Ndlovu Shamu.

Mudhara - 22 February 2016

History will judge those who accumulate fake degrees like Mzembi and then confirm their lack of critical reasoning by spouting nonsensicals...'Mzembi warned all party and government officials appointed by Mugabe including Mnangagwa that they would struggle to match Mugabe's “achievements” even if they were given the chance to govern.' No person can do anyworse than the display of incompetency and corruption and wanton killing of an economy and people we have observed the past 36years. It is not called an achievement you amoeba, its called an unmitigated disaster.

Galore 123 - 22 February 2016

Ko wezhira warashika papi kupa support yako kuna Mugabe ari kuuraya nyika nemusangano. Usaita sedununu zve iwe. Toziva veMasvingo sevanhu vakadzidza uye vakangwara.

Ziziharinanyanga - 22 February 2016

Hon. Mzembi, I salute you, that was exact that do not brag on delegated or borrowed authority, once taken you will be "walking Dead" ask Jabulani, Gumbo, Mutasa, Shamu, Goche and Mliswa. Foolish bravery is suicidal. Know which side your bread is buttered.. Strategists always first conduct scenario and situational analysis and act accordingly. So Hon take your strides guided. I salute you.

Mapondera L - 22 February 2016

they have have displayed no leadership qualities,once the president appointed them to be speaker of parliament after the electorate rejected them,their misguided ambition to succeed is based on the misplaced belief that the presidency must be attained on tribal basis and not merit,their only achievement was their efficiency in planning the killing of defenceless villagers in matebeleland and midlands

truth - 22 February 2016

true the boy is gamatox! he is trying hard to rinse himself of the deadly pesticide to appease the old man. he needs to find a proper detoxy and then go for a long shower.

SaManyika Chaiye - 22 February 2016

Shut up Mzembi no one cares about your bob ass licking Mambo jambo

Muzembi the idiot - 22 February 2016

Vana Mzembi idyai zwamunopiwa naBob makanyarara. Kana magutisa kwete kuti nyaudza nekambo kenyu kemapenzi.Kana iyeMugabe avakuzviziva kuti muri kumuvhara nokuti hakuna wisdom yechokwadi inouraya nyika.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 22 February 2016

Yu wanted that farm.ngwena stopd yu frm invading a farm that employees 600 workers.mahofa asked for yo plan bt yu had dnt pik isues wth ngwena.he was doing basa

viola gwena - 22 February 2016

Yu cn go now n invade since yu can get aproval frm whoever thr.whts stoping yu.go kick the white lady out n grab has sugarcan ready for havesting.good timing.

viola gwena - 22 February 2016

Ana Mzembi kuti nyaudza. Tibvire apa oasis of wisdom when everything is going down the drain. What wisdom is he talking about? Whatever Mugabe touches falls apart. Look at the economy, public service, Air Zimbabwe , NRZ , Zisco a wise leader does not destroy strategic companies in his country. So Mzembi pliz spare us your foolishness and enjoy the post you have for now.

Bewarned - 22 February 2016

Za u has a very bad its all about grabing farms?

bob - 22 February 2016

Bob ,I wuldnt say zanu has bad reputation bt pple like mzembi give zanu a bad reputatio.

viola gwena - 22 February 2016

Ana muchekadzafa !!!. Murume ndi Jonathan M. Taking the bull by the horns @ Croc buster !.

GZ - 22 February 2016

bootlicker of the month goes to Walter mzembi, and he enters directly into the main of bootlicker of the century , where he will face serious (saliva) competition from the (late/fired) webster shamu, obert mpofu , the fired Didmus M etc

Harare - 23 February 2016


jack - 23 February 2016

I think sometimes it's better to keep quiet and get people to 'suspect' you are wise. This was a pathetic performance by Mzembi

Biggie Taapatsi - 23 February 2016

Walter if you are a serving at the mercy of mugabe, so what is the difference between you and the guy who looks after mugabe's cows at Gushungo dairy. I know with your certificate from HRE Poly, you may or you are not the most academically gifted guys but this bootlicking only makes you worse off. inno guzha

innocent pande - 23 February 2016

Is the servant greater than his master ? Jesus once or the messenger greater than the one who sent him , he added.. Mzembi The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe most recently warned both the G 40 and the Team LaCoste from bickering. You now only warn LaCoste????? Clearly you belong to a faction...

mataranyika - 23 February 2016

imbva akatotibira ma10 000usd akapa mahure ake

gonzomhini - 23 February 2016

I have no commend about Mzembi's praises to his paymaster. However, no matter how good The President was or is, it would have been wonderful if he had seen another leader in Zimbabwe. Having in power for 36 years is an indicator that he was not good at staff development.He was going to be very happy seeing someone leading while he will be resting with grandchildren at home.

Moses Chihwemukudu - 23 February 2016

Typical zanu pf boot-licker. A cabinet reshufle must be on cards, Otherwise gravy train will drop you in the middle of nowhere...

X-MAN IV - 23 February 2016

these arrivists are just rubble rousers. Anyway Mzembi you are entitles to your thinking thats what makes us a society, but for those who are politically literate, the mighty hand has written on the wall, E.D is the next, and we liberals are behind him left right and centre, together with the majority in zanu. Pamberi ne Team Lacoste, pasi ne G40

Cde Banda - 24 February 2016

these arrivists are just rubble rousers. Anyway Mzembi you are entitled to your thinking thats what makes us a society, but for those who are politically literate, the mighty hand has written on the wall, E.D is the next, and we liberals are behind him left right and centre, together with the majority in zanu. Pamberi ne Team Lacoste, pasi ne G40

Cde Banda - 24 February 2016

kkk hanzi you will wake up a nobody walking the streets?? Saka ndozvamunotiita isu vanoswera mumastreets nhai vamuzembi? Inga mwakaoma. So you are bootlicking because you dont want to 'walk the streets'like us? Its not about the people I can see now, its about fear of walking the streets, fear of being kicked out by Mugabe??.

Rt Brigadier - 24 February 2016

Ndahwa kusvoda chaizvo nespeech yemukomana uyu. i think he went beyond the terms of reference by wading into the devisive ZANU PF wars.Pane ambotaura kuti dzimwe nguva kunyarara kwakanaka because Mzembi azozvifumura big time. But varume ava havaoniwo here kuti varikushandiswa? Status quo INOGONA KUCHINJA ANYTIME WOZODINI? will you be able to retract some of these statements dzatinoita because taisirwa gravy in front of us. I think lets have a long term view yenyika tisati tatora maside in politics. I shudder to think what will happen to some people when things change .... hameno!!

tawanda mpambwa - 24 February 2016

"A nobody walking in the street" eish mbwaaa dze zanu idzi is that how u refer ordinary pipo damt zvichapera mujuru apa nyanga tokubatai ruf mahure imi muno mama

mukanya - 24 February 2016

kune waitsvinya zvakadayi waakuti hee sorry hee this that hee we can giveyou beta lyvs. soon the boy will trip and fall thats when he will learnhid lesson.

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 February 2016

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