Mugabe's nephew challenges Mnangagwa

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, yesterday lashed State daily newspaper, The Herald, and backed Zanu PF women’s league secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka — who recently undressed embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in front of party bigwigs.

Speaking at a media conference at his Mukwati Building offices in Harare, Zhuwao — who is also Indigenisation minister — said he supported the forthright Mahoka who derided Mnangagwa as a “duck” that was silent while his name was being soiled by party functionaries claiming to be his political agents.

“I would like to borrow from... Sarah Mahoka’s statements when she addressed the Honourable Vice President Mnangagwa on the issue of certain individuals who purport to be acting for and on his behalf.

“Although... Mahoka’s statements were aimed at... Vice President Mnangagwa, I believe that they apply to all leaders conceptually. On my part, I wish to demand that no person should ever speak for and on my behalf on any matter let alone nonsensical factional and successionist agendas.

“I am implementing what... Mahoka has requested of us as leaders, despite my occupying a position within the party which is senior to her position,” he said.

When she confronted Mnangagwa, Mahoka said the Midlands godfather’s seeming reluctance to distance himself from the claims that he wanted Mugabe to step down ahead of the 2018 national elections gave the impression that those campaigning for him had his blessings.

“The VP is my brother and today we are asking you to reprimand people abusing your name. Do not behave like a duck that looks down while its children are being eaten. Stand up and say something like what VP (Phelekezela) Mphoko has done.

“I will say it publicly because I am not afraid to say so, although I know that I am now a target ... tinoona vana vakapfeka ma T-shirts akanzi Team Lacoste (we see youths wearing T-shirts with the Team Lacoste label) and so if you want to be president tell us.

“We also want to know president (Mugabe) if you are the one who sent George Charamba to attack Cabinet ministers that you appointed, because he said he was speaking on your behalf,” Mahoka said then.

In his media engagement yesterday, Zhuwao also moved to distance himself from the Zanu PF faction that is referred to as the Generation 40 (G40) group, adding that he had no knowledge of the “mythical” outfit.

“Consequently, I am therefore placing it on record that contrary to reports and impressions created by certain divisive individuals, and in some cases reported in the media in Zimbabwe, I do not belong to, nor do I subscribe to any factional formation of any kind within Zanu PF.

“I can confidently state that I have absolutely no knowledge of such a formation, nor the declaration of such a group or faction within Zanu PF. There has never been a declaration or statement by myself that there is or that I belong to the so-called G40,” Zhuwao said.

He said the allegations that he was associated with the G40 were “mischievous, malicious” and aimed at undermining him as a minister within the Zanu PF government.

Zhuwao said to demonstrate his commitment to end the media abuse by certain individuals, he was taking legal action against The Herald and its Australia-based columnist Reason Wafawarova, over an article that was published in the newspaper on February 18 this year.

In the article, Wafawarova accused Zhuwao of causing disunity within Zanu PF, while further attacking Mahoka for having openly confronted Mnangagwa.

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the guy's speech is full of bile! zanu need to budget for enough water for the forthcoming 21st gig. they must have huge supplies to spray their own rogue elements else lacoste & g-foti will go head-on unabated.

SaManyika Chaiye - 22 February 2016

Zhuwao, if you are in Zanu-PF today, you are either G-40 or Lacoste. You can not pretend like Grace that you do not belong to a faction. Belonging to a faction that is hiding behind Mugabe will not cover you enough for Zimbabweans to see. Makajaidzwa sitereki naBob muchinyepegwa kuti maZimbabweans vakarara, hapana kana mumwe chete anoona. Ndiko saka iwe naGrace muchitenderera nenyika yese muchiunganidza vana nechembere kuti vakuridzireyi mupururu pese pese pamunorutsa.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 22 February 2016

Zhu should pack his bags and head towards Mozambique. He is there all cz of his uncle. What qualifies him to be a minister? Voeesterk wake....?

Clemence Tashaya - 22 February 2016

the nephew is singing for his supper. if he doesn't, what else can he do; what else? what bob doesn't know is when nephew play good boys like this, thay will be commiting the ultimate sin! read the fictional nhume yamambo and its sequel misodzidikita neropa and see how chirisamhuru was conned by tawada! i smell a rat everytime the nephew is botlicking; makunakuna aya!

SaManyika Chaiye - 22 February 2016

very true cde zhuwao,wisdom beyond your years,its a pity some people judge you because of your family connections,however its foolish of anybody to expect mnangagwa not to have any ambition.whether he has those ambitions or not is immaterial,the man is just unelectable,ask the people of kwekwe,zanu would be defeated with him as a candidate,the man has no appeal beyond karanga tribalist

truth - 22 February 2016

@truth. If Mnangangwa is not electable where is your worry and Zhuwao´s/Grace`s ? Are you and the two the ones who are going to vote for him or not ? You go on to talk of "karanga tribalist". May I take the opportunity to remind you that if you want to see a tribalist look in the mirror - straight away you will see one big one. You know very well who is tribalist. If you have an axe to grind with makaranga why don`t you just say so on your own feet instead of hiding in the shadow of Zhuwao whom you know rides on the shoulders of Mugabe. Final reminder to you: you can level any accusation that makes you burn to Mnangagwa, but what you cannot do is expound your hatred of Makaranga on any forum to make yourself feel good. I have never heard of any Karanga who robbed any tribe of their land or property. Instead history is awash with cases whereby Makaranga were disposesed of their land and property by some tribe which you know. That was then.Today is different times: no tribe can trample any other tribe in Zimbabwe without repurcussions.If you doubt me ask Bob. He labelled one of our minority tribes as uneducated and I am sure he is right away suffering from a guilty conscience - especially that he claims to be their president.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 22 February 2016

As time mo es on,these fellows wil e it zanu.mnangagwa was nt brot into zanu,he was part of the formation of zanu.that noone can take away.a great leader is seen by the type of pple that betray him.zhuwawo can sing for his food for good advice is mend yo bridges bfo it rains.yu n yo fellow g40s r only hadening ngwena.theris nothing yu can do to him.

viola gwena - 22 February 2016

To be head of zanu is a calling.yu dont get it frm anyone,as yu n mahoka presume..all zanu leaders were cald .so whether mnangagwa has ambition or nt its still a calling..the pple yu must face are those in zanu that r crying for change now.face them n tell them theris no vacancy coz uncle wil live forever.

viola gwena - 22 February 2016

@Truth just shut up that unelectable Mandra si not going to was h, who is electable in ZANU besides rigging. Famba nenguva Ngwena is popular now than evr , Zvana Jonso zvenyu , ibava wachera gomba wati puthu ecause youare behind wanzwa ..stop with the kwekwe rubbish

Tibvirwe zvedu - 22 February 2016


GZ - 22 February 2016

2018 not far away,another resounding victory for zanu,whether you like it or not with RGM on the ballot paper and mnangagwa as chief election agent

truth - 22 February 2016

2018 not far away,another resounding victory for zanu,whether you like it or not with RGM on the ballot paper and mnangagwa as chief election agent

truth - 22 February 2016

You sent Mahoka to undress the VP and now you want that to sound as if it were a wake up call to all leaders. Hypocrite.Zvichapera.

Bvondo - 23 February 2016

If Mnangagwa is unelectable where is your worry...isn't that your uncle is the party's sole candidate 2018.

NEHANDA NYAKASIKANA - 23 February 2016

No one in zanu is fit to lead this country including the stupid and evil Manangagwa . Zhuwayo is the son of mkwenyana mwaana amukwansi from Moza he has no business in our politics just shut up .

Diibulaanyika - 23 February 2016

Zhuwawo bambo vako varipi. Enda ikoko undotaura tsvina yako

Makwiramiti - 23 February 2016

@ viola my dear sister, yu'v allowed yo addiction for this ngwena guy to defy yo logic. u tok of a calling? by who/? to do wat? to hell with the caller n the called one coz wat eva their agenda is, it lacks respect for human lyf. my frend, in politics, the electorate is the caller and in zanu pf that counts not. yu call yoselves to kill n destroy human lyfs as if yu own one. cant yu c all this suffering, economic degradation, unemployment, homelessness, poverty, n u still call yoselves the chosen ones. pity u, dai zanu anga ari mkadzi wenyu taiti makadyswa,

francis - 23 February 2016

G40 is trying to very hard to catch this croc and pull it out of these dirty muddy zanu pf waters. The last one to fall from zanu pf will fall very hard.. Zanu pf is dying as an organisation and its too late to save it, the events in motion are unstoppable.

X-MAN IV - 23 February 2016

Haaaaayaz. Zvakaoma. tombomirira kunowira tsvimbo ne dohwe.

Chitova - 24 February 2016

zhuwao we are not your not stupid. your stupidity shall catch up with you

chomzy - 26 February 2016

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