War vets threaten to sue police

HARARE - War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa has threatened to sue police after its anti-riot ruthlessly put down their demonstration in support of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa against First Lady Grace Mugabe in Harare yesterday.

Police fired teargas and used water cannons to disperse a handful of war veterans planning a march on the ruling party’s headquarters.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba told the Daily News that the group of  war veterans was supposed to have given a seven-day notice before the demonstration.

“No one is above the law,” she said. “ZRP is there to uphold the law. It’s the country’s law they broke, so I don’t see on which grounds they will be suing us.

“They did not even go through the regulatory authority, they had no venue, and in fact they wanted to bulldoze the City Sports Centre.

“So we will not sit and watch people disregarding the law and the honourable minister should know this.

“Section 219 charges us to maintain law and order without fear or favour. So we will be happy to see what grounds they will use to sue us.  In fact failure to give notice is a criminal offence.”

  Mutsvangwa claimed the police had transgressed the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“This is a monstrosity which borders on sacrilege which we saw today to see war veterans being beaten by the police. What are we doing? We want an audience with our patron (President Mugabe),” Mutsvangwa fumed.

“We are being victimised but this is what we fought for: freedom of expression and movement. Now it’s being abridged.

“Naturally, we now want to go to the courts; we thought the party (Zanu PF) will play fair with us. We thought the government will play fair with us but clearly somebody is in dereliction of duty.”

Mutsvangwa claimed there was a third hand at play.

“We have been seeing tribalism cropping up, young people being made to chant slogans…dangerous and evil forces and a professor who cares for nothing but his own ambitions for power are at the centre of it all and he needs to be checked.

“This is a man who will stop at nothing to lie, to extrapolate ... his background, to claim to be a revolutionary when he was a deserter…..just yesterday he was saying ‘handei tione’ on his twitter.

“So he was anticipating this violence.  So I assume the (police) inspector in Bulawayo and the inspector in Harare were probably listening and getting orders from Jonathan (Moyo) ...he has become executive, he does not need to be elected. He anoints himself.

“He has the occult of Mandi Chimene (who last week replaced Mutsvangwa as Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association chairman) to make sure that the people of Zimbabwe accept an incestuous relationship between the occult and someone who has no basis except for a mystical belief in himself — a professor consorting with the occult.”

He added:  “This is a shock to war veterans and we appeal to them to remain calm.”

Mutsvangwa could not state how many war veterans were injured during yesterday’s running battles but appealed for assistance.

“Some are scared, they can’t understand... Today the state machinery visited people who were at best armed with a cell phone, not even with knives like those of Marikana, just a cellphone…they were at best attacked for the intention of violence but you don’t use violence to stop violence.”

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Hahahaha, ruthlessness is only good when it is done to disrupt Tsvangirayi and MDC - T's rallies. When done to war veterans, police must be sued?

XG - 19 February 2016

once again, let the jackals and hynas maul each other and spare the sheep. Let them fight to death and save the land the manace!

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

tsvangirai apinda papi apa @xg? akakoniwa even with so much support from zimbos, westerners and other african states men. he lost his chance on ladies. forget that handiende type.

zvirozviyedzwa - 19 February 2016

Hoo saka President can run 100m nhai Kudzai?

sungi - 19 February 2016

VaMustvangwa and company madii kunyarara henyu vobva munyerere kutaurisa kwamurikuita uku, kunogona kuzokupinzai munataisireva. VanaJabu vakatandaniswa vakambotaura zvimwetezvo l want too see our patron imi murikutaurawo the same. You talk of seeing the under hand and you are quick to liken this under hand to that of the Nut Professor. What if all that is happening has the blessing of the same patron that are so dieing to see. Kkkkkk ndimi maiti Mai Mujuru he hehe havakudonedza chopper l hope nemiwo muchaziva kuti hamuna kurwa hondo infact zvikunzi vamwe pavairidza gidi imwi mwaitora mitambo yemadzimai musi kubattle field. pafungei

goodlife - 19 February 2016

taurahako ZVIROZVIEDZWA, these Ovets used to say Tsvangirai chadashurwa,kkkkkkknhasi kwavakunzi we want to sue the police . Handimi here maiti kana ma opposition a complena nemaitiro anoita maporisa imimoti ''regai maporisa aitebasa rawo '' ko iri harisi basa here ? varegei vashande basaravo. Zvekuti takarwa hondo kure nazvo hondo yakapera maporisa ose aivepo paCity sports nezuro asati ambozvara.Havatomboizivi kana kudakuiziva so shut up

mutigori - 19 February 2016

war veterans claim they 'died for the country' and so everyone should be subservient to their whims. They have destroyed their legacy by attaching themselves to a partisan organisation (zanu) and worse still trying to play king maker within a faction of that corrupt organisation. In other countries war veterans are respected and celebrated but the thieves that claim to be war vetarans in Zimbabwe even though most of them were refugees and some were involved in petty crime (2nd hand undies trade) and today they boast they were the most courageous.

Galore 123 - 19 February 2016

Let the war vets say, Bhu-u-u-u-u-u-h!!!! Kkkkkkkkkk.

dhurun'aru - 19 February 2016

Mapurisa achirova opposition makeke asi vorava ma war vets zvaipa manje. Viva ZRP batai munhu.

oliver - 19 February 2016

I can safely say ZRP is the most straight forward and professional force.It beats up people irregardless of political affiliation.vanodadisa vana ava.

Zibaba - 19 February 2016

cde mutsvangwa kuda kusungisa porisi; yozvisunga ere porisi yacho?

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

zrp payairova MDC maipembera nhasi yorova imi mavakuti mavara azare ivhu.makafarira ng'anga inobata mai huroi

enda - 19 February 2016

Stages of anger management are notorious, Chris has gone over drive, He may seek help from Mutasa.

X-MAN IV - 19 February 2016

Zibaba, the word 'irregardless' never exists.

johnson - 20 February 2016

ndomu tuka charity uyu since wen zanu pf police ichipa vanhu go ahead yeku campaigner opposing zanu tibvire apa ndosaka mapurisa enyu akapinda basa nekumhanya marathon cz dai ma pinza basa neku vheta ma paper hakuna aimbouya ko cz ma zim vakadzidza to any extent yekuti havaite behavior inoitwa nemapurisa ne soja enyu aya ticha isa edu zvino uno munomama varoi

mukanya - 20 February 2016

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Ziggy Zigawo - 20 February 2016

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