VP loyalists 'walking dead'

HARARE - The Zanu PF political careers of a number of allies of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa are hanging by a thread, after they appeared before the ruling party’s national disciplinary committee (NDC) on Wednesday night.

Well-placed party sources told the Daily News yesterday that it was almost a foregone conclusion that the members concerned, including War

Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica, were “dead men walking” and that their political careers in the former liberation movement were “as good as dead”.

This latest dose of bad news for Team Lacoste, as the Mnangagwa faction is known, comes amid FROM P1

revelations yesterday that the leadership of the three party provinces that are supporting the beleaguered VP — Midlands, Masvingo and Mashonaland East — is being dissolved in toto.

The members of the party’s NDC which met on Wednesday, and which was chaired by VP Phelekezela Mphoko, included women’s league deputy secretary Eunice Sandi Moyo and the party’s national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere. Contacted for comment yesterday, Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said he had not yet been informed of the outcome of the disciplinary hearings.

But the Daily News’ sources claimed that the NDC had, for example, recommended that women’s league secretary for administration, Espheniah Nhari, be suspended from the party.

“Mutsvangwa went to the disciplinary hearing but refused to say anything, while his wife said that she had not received the letter of suspension,” one of the sources said.

The Mnangagwa faction members in trouble with the party are accused of, among other things, disrespecting President Robert Mugabe and his influential wife Grace.

This week’s disciplinary hearings were convened after the Mnangagwa camp complained in last week’s politburo meeting that their members were being arbitrarily expelled from the party without being heard.

In the meantime, and in an ominous sign of worse things to come in the bitterly-dived ruling party, youths opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe have declared war on war veterans and the Team Lacoste faction.

Addressing a Harare provincial rally on Wednesday that was graced by politburo member Kudzai Chipanga, the youths said they would never respect anyone “aspiring” to succeed Mugabe.

The Zanu PF national youth league deputy secretary also came out guns blazing against Mutsvangwa and ex-war veterans secretary general Victor Matemadanda.

The gathered youths said “attacking the first lady is just tantamount to attacking the president because a husband and a wife are one” in a pointed warning to the Mnangagwa faction.

Chipanga said “the time has come to take head on all people who are denigrating the first family”.

“The 21st Movement is ours and we have a responsibility to organise it and no one can stop that programme. That is impossible. The only leader of Zanu PF is VaMugabe and these other factions cropping up pasi navo (down with them).

“There are some people who are dreaming, but let us warn them that all the youths are going to Masvingo, we will be there to match them pound for pound,” Chipanga added, following claims that there were plans within the party to disrupt Mugabe’s birthday celebrations slated for Masvingo at the end of the month.

On Tuesday, the national co-ordinator of the obscure Save Zanu PF campaign, Godfrey Tsenengamu, also told a Harare press conference that Mugabe must “rein in” his wife.

“Comrade president, we plead with you to rein and restrain your wife Grace Mugabe for the good of the party, your legacy, unity and for her own good as a politician,” Tsenengamu said.

Chanting slogans such as “pasi (down with) naMutsvangwa”, Chipanga declared that the party’s youths were prepared to put Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda “into early retirement”.

“As the youths we say to Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda we will give them ‘their size’. As the youth league we are the vanguard of the party. If you threaten war we will give it to you.

“Mutsvangwa you are now diabetic and whatever you are saying is nonsense.  As the youth league we have declared war on the war veteran leaders.  Mutsvangwa, who cannot even run 100 metres, cannot tell us what to do,” Chipanga added derisively.

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Uchanyora ugonyora zvigo shaya basa for how long now about team Lacoste. If youth are going to clash at rallies whose security is going to be compromised, actually its a good thing ..is Grace going o have rallies if there are clashes ...Pleas youth from both sides live up to your promises that will end Grace's rallies or compromise her security...Mugabe now weak weak weak , kudhara it was unheard of to challenge Mugabe in the open lie now and see another day WEAK WEAK WEAK G40 ..UCHAPEDZA INK NAZVO IZVI WATCD AND LEARN

Grace idofo - 19 February 2016

they would never respect anyone “aspiring” to succeed Mugabe......I am ashamed to be a Zimbabwean with this kind of thinking and utterances

Jojo Madiro - 19 February 2016

I note with regret the careless talk from our so called youths. As far as I am made to believe respect for the elders and leaders is one of the corner stones of the ZANU PF s co values and ethos. Listen to the germ of a song ''Nzira dzamasoja'' which never rose to its deserved prominence. This song brought about all the discipline ZANU and ZAPU cadres had to drive the war to the enemy. What we are having from these spoiled born frees leaves us with bone in the throat. Wrein in vans venyu. Vana vongokura nama single mothers without time to discipline vans since they will be busy irking for a living in the battered economy of our beloved Zimbabwe. Let's struggle on

Ndugu - 19 February 2016

I also agree with the writter above. let both groups live to their billing...then we will have a proper 21st Movement. All this pretence must go. Even RGM must be challenged more and more not only to rein in on his wife but to declre his retirement plans

Jojo Madiro - 19 February 2016

.....hanzi namai Mujuru,,chembere yekwaDotito ''Huya utijoine Munangagwa tiite ZANU2 called People First,"" ukaitarisa izere nevanhu vatingati maPolitical Failures,vakashaya zvigaro kuMDC ne varikudzingwa kuZANU zvoungana ikokokkkkkk chegorerino,tichaonerera

youth chair - 19 February 2016

Ndiyani anoterera decision yeNDC , only G40 or province yanaMafios..Other han that hakuna province inoterera NDC kungonyora mupepa nhau usina grass root support . Go and interview the Grassroot kwete kunyora zvawaudzwa namoyo. Unofunga kuti Leadership yeMasvingo neMidlands ikachinja nevanhu vese mafungiro avo. Pana manager anova succesful pacompany asina support of the workers...Keep on deluding your self with Kasuku and Moyo's lies then when 2018 comes you will wake up..Ngwena haiende zvekumhanya

Fake - 19 February 2016

Yu lye a lot.viola posted the true account.fighting old pple wth teargas,hamunyare g40

fadzi - 19 February 2016

Munangagwa is almost finished.Ndomatangiro akaitwa Mai Mujuru and if you guys muchifunga kuti ingwena, you are lying to ypourselves.Haana chaanoita uya and mugabe kanotyisa ndikuudzei.That is why Grace is noew untouchable.Ngaadzingwe nevanhu vake vose.He ammented the Zanu PF CONSTITUTION achifunga kuti zvichamunakira.Mutsvangwa aibva aita semuridzi weZanu PF.Ngavadzingwe vese the kosara the so called G40 yacho and muone kuti vanosvikepi.That will be the end of it.Mark my words, that Party is not going anywhere.Kudzingwa nakasukuwere chaiye kkkk haa mahumbwe.Mugabe kkari kuita as if hakana basa nazvo but nechemumoyo kanoziva kuti mapowers ako anenge achiwedzera.Ngavadzingane.ZIMBABWE YAVEKUZONAKA MANJE.

Emmanuel Kabasa - 19 February 2016

Mupurisa wenyu kablastwa na mbuya vee,kkkkk

hunda - 19 February 2016

At least lacoste irikumira mira unlike mujuru pple.kudzingwa na grace ,pasina kana noise.mujuru kubva kuhondo kuzodzingwa na gire,that simply.ngwena irikutraya.

unandi - 19 February 2016

@Emmanuel iwe ne Daily news will forever write almost since when, Ngwena haibve zveku mhanya ...Ndiyani anoterera Dumb kasukuwere enda Manicaland unodzidza chikoro ...Some headlines are good on paper but Grassroots maya , you are fighting a loosing battle

Hahaha - 19 February 2016

Munangagwa is finito all these hallucinations by his confused and shaking few supporters is just reactionary very soon they will be silent and out . Mugabe is armed and Munangagwa has zero arms as witnessed yesterday when his few supporters were clobbered and chased around like aliens or like zenophobia victims in SA kkkkkkkk okunga pheliko kuyahlola who thought Mugabe would treat Munangagwa like KAK . now we are same fanana baba Emma .better guqula izenzo stop following Mugabe look now where you are down and out

Diibulaanyika - 19 February 2016

let them walk whichever way they deem fit especial the current circumstances! If they want to do frog jumping; crawling or rolling, let them do so dead or alive for they were the architects of arnachy who understand the rythime from the orchestra of violence that they played in 2008 june 10! Lest we forget that the war vets were the defenders of the regime when Tsvangirayi tried to convince them that the kantri was going to the dogs; instead they ullulated and continue to ullulate every time time bob embark and disembark planes to various intenational meaningles trips were he has always come back empty handed to the suffering zimbos. they danced and ullulated everytime mugabe officiate the burials of numerous of their fellow war vets; both fake & genuine; most of which who would have died under controvesial circumstances. someone tell me are these guys blind or what? did they not see how cain nkalan died; hoe ET manyika pasedon; how the brigediers gunda, mleya and lifa died in a space of less than a month under circumstances only God knows; how Gen mujuru died, how madzibaba border died; yet they continue to ullulate!! who is to blame when a chicken hammer its eggs and have them for dinner? who is to blame? zim is in an inferno, both economc and political and what do they do about it? busy denigrating one another at rallies in rural areas where poverty has inflamed the mouths and gut of the avarage zimbo such that the innocent rural folk now panders to every whim and charm of a first lady who rhinks that she is also a president. kana uri mukadzi weporisi hauz porisi; kana uri mukadzi wateacher rega kumira mberi kwewana wakabata choko. kana uri mukadzi wemusoja hauz musoja mhani. panekumwe kunyenga kunoparira kwoita kumwe kutadza kukontrolla mukadzi kunonyadzisa. iko zvino wana mutsvangwa wokumurwanhumbi nemunhu asina kana kumboita chimbwido hake. wanofa neshungu gore rino else wanopona nekusura!

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016


Hahaha - 20 February 2016

teargasing and beating up the war veterans is one serious blunder and grave miscalculation Bob has ever made. The war vets are the epitomy of sovereignity and independendce in Zimbabwe. Any attack on these pple , whether from G40 or Lacoste team, or even Mugabe himself, is a direct attack on Zimbabwe. That borders on treason.Period.

zindman - 20 February 2016

hahahaha handisa wa garwe hangu bt I like dat effort yairi kuita ngwena iyo kadzinge kadhara ako kadzokere kunyika yako hatichakada isu

mukanya - 20 February 2016

President said its Mutsvangwas fault we wr teargasd.I beg to difer Mr President.This meeting was called by all comrades.Mutsvangwa was only summoned by us .what we expect yu mr president to do is to find out 1st who sent those police fellows.that is the issue we expect the yo office to be siezed wth.If yu respect us as yu allege,then plse spare us the small politics of attempting to fire mutsvangwa,bt get tothe bottom of who sent the riot squad on us.we want that man.simple.

viola gwena - 20 February 2016

To try n blame mutsvangwa when pple like 1st lady r cozing havoc in the party is just hypocris.moyo hs defied yu more than twice ,repeatedly tweating soon after yu gave a directive.yu hav not done anything on him.we believe he acts wth yo support .otherwise such stubornnes is unherd of in zanu.sme of us hav bn arround since the chitepo leadership ,dwn to yos .we hv seen it all.for yo wife to asume the godmother of zanu,the referee of zanu,to us is madness,especially if cadres like me are still around.nt only me bt muchinguri,.we are too senior to yo wife in zanu.mnangagwa way too senior to her,way above her.so for her to tal like that to our seniors,jst bcoz she is yo wife.unacceptable to us.infact now we want to protect our zanu vp by demanding he be ellected at a congress by zanu,not to be appointed bcoz yo wife is taing advantage ofthis.we want to give him the respect of being ellected,nt appointed by yo wife as she claims

viola gwena - 20 February 2016

tete v, mugabe is king, rhobhati jnr is heir apparent, bellamine in 3rd inline. while the boys are yet to come of age, Gire will be Queen regent. your ngwna might be a distant11th or 12th inline with a very slim chance of rulling given his age. zim is a dynasty with bob as the tsar and grace as the tsarina!

SaManyika Chaiye - 23 February 2016

tete v, mugabe is king, rhobhati jnr is heir apparent, bellamine in 3rd inline. while the boys are yet to come of age, Gire will be Queen regent. your ngwna might be a distant11th or 12th inline with a very slim chance of rulling given his age. zim is a dynasty with bob as the tsar and grace as the tsarina!

SaManyika Chaiye - 23 February 2016

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