Police hammer Team Lacoste

HARARE - If any further proof was required to show that the Zanu PF faction rallying behind Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations is reeling from the ruling party’s seemingly-unstoppable factional and succession wars, this was ruthlessly brought to the public fore yesterday.

In an unprecedented move, anti-riot police mercilessly clamped down on a group of war veterans loyal to the embattled VP — tear-gassing and water-spraying them before unyieldingly forcing them to disperse — after the group of former freedom fighters attempted to flex their muscles and congregate in Harare yesterday.

The chaos, which the Daily News had accurately predicted in its editions of the past few days, came as Zanu PF’s ugly internal ructions get deadlier and dirtier, with the party faction linked to Mnangagwa increasingly mounting an open rebellion against President Robert Mugabe and his influential wife Grace.

So in-your-face and aggressive have some of the utterances and tactics being employed by Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa faction) become, that there has been for some time now real fear within Zanu PF that the ruling party’s escalating brawls could soon boil over into bloody conflict.

Pandemonium broke out in Harare yesterday, with many disinterested bystanders and journalists getting caught up in the mayhem, as police threw teargas and sprayed water on the gathered group of war veterans who had trickled into the capital to attend their rally at the City Sports Stadium — with the apparent objective of baying for Grace’s blood, who recently savaged Mnangagwa.

“Nyika ino haitongwe naGrace. Tinoterera President Robert Mugabe (Grace is not this country’s leader. We only listen to Mugabe),” some of the war veterans could be heard shouting before they were brutally dealt with, to the utter shock of many, as Zanu PF demonstrators are usually spared this kind of rough justice by authorities.

Among the demands that the group of war veterans wanted to press home were calls for the ousted Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNWVA) chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa to be reinstated, as well as agitating for Mugabe to “rein in” Grace.

But their mission, including plans to march to Zanu PF’s national headquarters,  fell apart after the authorities decided to deal with them firmly — a treatment that is usually reserved for opposition supporters and other critics of the government.

However, sources close to the Mnangagwa camp told the Daily News later that the faction would not give up, and would continue “to struggle until justice prevails”.

Police officers, who gave the fast-aging war veterans five minutes to abandon their march yesterday before action would be taken against them, said their demo and meeting had not been sanctioned by authorities.

Some war vets flee after police fired tear gas. Pics: Annie Mpalume

The war veterans, clearly of the belief that force would not be used against them, said defiantly that they were “not going anywhere,” before breaking into song.

“Isu torara pano, hapana kwatinoenda. Tiri mauto. Taneta nekudzvanyirirwa, takairwira nyika ino (We are staying put. We are soldiers. We are sick and tired of being oppressed, as we fought for this country),” some of the war veterans shouted.

Soon after, all hell broke loose — and to the disappointment of some bystanders with a high affinity for real life drama, the veterans scampered for dear life with barely a whimper.

One war veteran who spoke to the Daily News later dejectedly pointed to the contradiction in the treatment that they had received from police, compared to the “pampering and protection” that anti-Mnangagwa party youths had got the previous day when they gathered in Harare.

“This is very painful young man. I can’t believe that this is what we struggled for. I’m even told that some of our comrades who were coming from Bulawayo had their hired vehicle impounded by the police,” the forlorn and frail-looking war vet said.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News on Tuesday that Zanu PF bigwigs were perturbed by the fact that Mnangagwa’s followers were increasingly challenging not just Grace, but Mugabe himself as well, in their public utterances — a situation they said did not augur well for the future of the party and the country.

“We have now entered a new ugly and uncharted territory in the life of the party and the country, where it’s difficult to predict what will happen next.

“What many of us are worried about the most is that those who are said to be fighting for Mnangagwa are more and more daring and challenging both Mugabe and his wife Grace openly, which is unheard of,” a politburo member who claimed to be “non-aligned” said.

Another party insider told the Daily News that he was “very worried” about the extent to which the two main factions battling for supremacy within the former liberation movement now appeared “to hate each other”.

“I think anyone who says that they are not concerned by the wars will be lying. The truth of the matter is that at the rate at which things are deteriorating, it may be a matter of time before we see body bags in places like Harare and the Midlands,” the senior Zanu PF official said.

Contacted later in the wake of the political developments of the past few days within the warring party, the official said the situation had “worsened” — pointing to the alleged launch by Mnangagwa’s allies of an “ominous and shady” programme dubbed Operation Shumba.

“Indeed, what is this Operation Shumba? Is it merely a play on Mnangagwa’s totem or it’s a more sinister project that is underway?

“And what makes what is happening now less grave than what (former VP) Joice Mujuru and (ex-war veterans leader) Jabulani Sibanda were expelled for from the party? I fear for the peace and stability of this country,” he said.

A source close to Team Lacoste said there was a feeling in the camp that Grace’s blistering attack on Mnangagwa and his faction last Friday had “the blessings of the president” — adding further that it was “disappointing” that Mugabe had “failed” to stop his wife from opposing the Midlands godfather.

He disclosed then that it was contemplated that the faction, using a section of war veterans from the ousted veterans executive, would see the camp embarking on mass demonstrations in Harare.

Meanwhile, State media, and in particular the Mnangagwa faction’s main propaganda vehicle, The Herald, have ratcheted up their assault on Grace, VP Phelekezela Mphoko, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and other perceived G40 bigwigs.

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iri ndiro basa risina musoro. kushandiswa kurova vamwe venyu. vanhu vane nhamo vanoshindiswa kurova vamwe vavo vane nhamo. hakuna mwana wevatungamiriri wamunoona kuma grounds ikoko. kkkkkk seka zvako zviro.

zvirozviyedzwa - 19 February 2016

......I fear for thepeace and stability of this Country" ndoozvomoita manje nekuti zvazouya kwamuri,paya paitaurwa nezvazvo neMDC maiti regayi mapurisa aite basa rawo,ko imi pamairova vanhu mumaruzevha ,maiti tisu takafiranyika inowani. Apomaiimba muchiti; nhasi tofirapano' makazotizei futi.? Let me warn you WAR VETS you are now old keep out of active politics zvamakaita zvakakwana chidyai penjeni munyerere,Tsuro haiponi rutswa kaviri...........watch this space ''STOP IT '' kkkkkkkkk

peacemaker zano - 19 February 2016

ngavarohwe, vakauraya vanhu vazhinji in 2008. vachazviziva kuty hapana chakanaka chinobva kuna satan, hapana chakanaka chinobva ku Zanu. mapurisa futy anongoshandiswa no wonder y these days dzose dzangove mbavha. President Tsvangirai vanhu ava vanofanira kuchinjwa kana mapinda

JOHN FARAH - 19 February 2016

Honestly for me I would want to see Zanu pf blood on the floor. So far this is nothing. I want to see them eating each other for dinner!!

George C - 19 February 2016

Let the truth be told here. Zimbabwe will never be at war again. Fear yee not my Zimbabwean counterparts. What might have happened yesterday was just unfortunate but not surprising in a not so democratic Republic of Zimbabwe. The only lesson we must learn from this is know who is in charge and which corner he is fighting from. Let's speculate on n on

Ndugu - 19 February 2016

Moyo is celebrating because he thinks he is avenging his daughter hence all the lies from Grace about people wanting to kill Chatunga...No amount of police brutality or any blood bath is going to bring your daughter back waka totangirwa ..You can be evil all you want but in the end you will lose... You are the only person to blame for your daughter's death waidena ma South Africnas usina enough body guards for your daughter , waidenha MaZimba usina enough body guarsd for your daughter you are a fool, enjoy your last 2mins of fame because more is to come. Ramaba uchidenha ...

The begnning - 19 February 2016

We dnt care whether yu think yu won johnathan.we came in peece and yu set those children on us,unprovoked.our meeting was nt to demand the return of Mutsvangwa.yu lie n lie thru yo clenched teeth.Mutsvangwa has neva left the association,he is and wil remain our chairman forever,til God calls him.yu probably lied to the presidnt ,strait faced,speaking frm the corner of yo mouth.bt the youngsters did try to fight us ,we tried to reasn bt they attacked.we did fight back and im here to tell yu that me in my early 60s culd still throw a punch,tho I mised wth the second throw,coz I had to dive for cover and stay low.as I lay down yo little boy,teargas in hand stumbled on my leggs an fell wth a thud.soundly .he lookd at me as if to suggest I had deliberately tuckled him.I just sorry mwanangu n he gt up,stil giving me a look.a questionable look.did I trip him,ofcourse I did.bring him dwn

viola gwena - 19 February 2016

We will see yu at the birthday,masvingo,home ground.we will kick yu thr ,in frnt of yo bosses.we will not eat the cake,our teargas.we came to harare yo home,now its yu in my land,our house.we will make yu speak chikaranga,chitoko.thats rite come to us ,lets settle it ,bring yo boys armed ,coz we hav our boys itching to eat n shit yu out.we going to clean yu up n rinse yu properly.blast yu filthy ,greasy ass monkey.

viola gwena - 19 February 2016

the police must have waited a little while for the leaders of wo vhetsi to arrive and then spray, beat and puff gas on all and sundry that call themselves war veterents. The war vets are so stupid to believe that they can entrust their welfare with Mugabe, that was the height of odiocy because nowhere in the world can the veterents of a struggle can be represented by a mortal being. in fact they should have crafted a law or enshrine some clauses in the constituition that will protect the sanctity of being a vet of a struggle so that even if anyone comes to power he/she will be oblidged to respect the constituition as it is. However instead mutsvangwa and the entire bandwagon of war vets resorted to bootlicking and rectum chewing on Robhati thinking that he is a god of some sort. Hazvinzarwo warumhe! Britain have its veterents of WWII that it reveres and respect regardless of whether labour or the conservatives are in power. So being a veteren is not an issue of politics but a serious matter of life & death in the struggle. Regardless our fellows were gullible to rhobhati and the tactics are working in his favour everytime whether the war vets are on his side or not. What a hard lesson and a bitter pill to chew and swallow? rohwayi maningi handiti ndizvo maiita president tsvangirayi. Kana marwadziwa dziserayika else rohwayi kani!

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

Yebo sister vee.ha ha.yu fot the thugs?I love yu tete.muri ma1.

gire - 19 February 2016

I love yu too my sister gire n we can do it together.

viola gwena - 19 February 2016

The war veterans or whatever they are called, were at the forefront of oppressing villagers and now they talk of freedom. What goes around comes around. You lost your principles by supporting selective justice. Get your fair share. You are no more than idiots.

Zvichapera - 19 February 2016

G40 cn only rely on state apparaters to confront us.we dont.we faced them youngsters ,clenched fists n we said lets party,bt hey they ran bak to truck for teargas n buttonsticks.that yes we couldnt match ,we retreated.and later ofcourse moyo came to inspe t the damage inflicted.he was in his car,looking scared.me ,a woman,in my 60s I put achallenge to him the idiot profesor,I can blast him in front of his wife n children.I can make him wimper wth pain frm my fists.a cowerd.muroyi.kumusha kusina anoziva.

viola gwena - 19 February 2016

porisi should have beaten the hell out of these thugs in masquarade. the violence have not yet reached the level that i so wish it to reach. I have been longing for something more than this because mbudzi idzi dzinopreacher peace yefake yet wachidhanda MDC left right & center without a single chance of seeking recourse because POSA ne AIPA zvakasetwa kare. Ndiri kuda kuti wanyatse kumenywa chaizvo chaizvo; kana wakadzotsera zvakanaka futi stereki; infact that would be the best. ukatamba nemwoto unotsva nemwoto, ukatamba nenyika unofirenyika!

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

Not our sister vee.samanyika ibvapo.musoro wakaome ngekukwira makomo nge mutiro.

musa - 19 February 2016

Hate or like viola mmmm.she is a character.

titus - 19 February 2016

'Soon after, all hell broke loose — and to the disappointment of some bystanders with a high affinity for real life drama, the veterans scampered for dear life with barely a whimper.' That tells you everything you need to know about those who claim they 'died' for the country. Most of these people were refugees and had no military training nor did they ever handle a weapon other than a broom stick or something the Chinotimba characters. Today they claim to have been downing helicopters, bombing this and that and playing Rambo in the press. Some like Chris were stealing panties from the line others were at University.

Lt General - 19 February 2016

Lacoste go forit.take on themonster yakatadzwa ne mdc

member - 19 February 2016

Zvarwadzs vhiora but unokunzwirai ngoni ndoona sepasina. Itodzoserayiwo kkkkkkkkkk!

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

Can someone explain why Ngewana went to see Chiwengwa after their meeting with Mugabe? It looks like what happened yesterday is just the beginning of more violence to come. Team Lacoste should urge their leader to abandon Mugabe now. The fact that he refused to stop Gire &G 40 rallies is a clear sign that he is behind all the retort from Gire. It's better kubudirana pachena vanhu vanyatso kurowans zvakanaka. We are tired of these hide and seek thing . Civil war will be a blessing for Zimbabwe and it's inevitable .

Be Warned - 19 February 2016

@musa; rowhyi wakomana munzwe kuti zvinoita seyi. bob will reduce you to a plastic paper ball for the edification of unwashed rural children on a rough playground. dai makadzokera kubarrack riya ramakamboitira mumwe musangano uya. kwete kuenda paciti spotsi. pane road inoda kunemwa afta Gire ka apa, imi ndoo pomoitira matakanana ekuti hee toda kumarcha. hamuziwi kuti hazvidiwi ere zvekumarcha; bvunzayi isu we MCD-T. rohwayo maningi I repeat!

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

Hapana chekucelebrata apa.old pple.yu use teargas n button sticks .shame on yu police.only in zim.other progressive nations they wuld hv used pursusion,hearts n minds.not brutal force on pensioners.viola is even bragging bringing dwn a cop.whr we going as a nation.

unandi - 19 February 2016

Unandi ,good question.police plse dnt be used in this shamefull thuggery.Diro rekusamanyika is a foreigner,we zimbos respect elderly .

kays - 19 February 2016

Samanyika uri mutiro,diro mangoyi.just for politics yu wil celebrate chembere yakandirwa teargus?unobvepi iwe.hausi samanyika ,urimu mosken anorepa mbuya yakarara

rambanepasi - 19 February 2016

Yeah ndoopandanga ndichida chaipo pamasvika wana ramba naana kays. You are now people! Do you know that homes were burnt down in Headlands and Mayo panaana 2008 paya and you were enjying pa run-off. I say rohwayi stereki. Makamborohwa nemabhunu iye zvino mobikana mega. endai kuHerald kwenyu makambondiona ikoko. pano ndepeMDC. marohwa kuherald hamuchina voice maakutizirano; svikayi zvakanaka manzwa.

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

yambiro kune varimuchipurisa nevari muchiuto, iyi ndiyo nguva yekuti mufunge kuti zvinokodzera here kuva muchiuto kana muchipurisa. because zvirikutevera hazvina kumira mushe. kana musingazive kuti chirikuuya chi, tavekudzokera nguva yehondo mapurisa nemasoja asmith akapedzesa vabereki nehama dzichiuraiya naivava vekutiza teargas nezuro. irikusvika nguva yekutora varimuchiuto nechipurisa one by one husiku vanhu ivava hafe vakaoneka zvakare. ndinoda kuti mumbogara pasi muzvibvunze kuti zvinokodzera here kufira mugabe kana munangagwa even tsvangirai.

mujibha - 19 February 2016

nguva yekushandiswa nemapolitians yakapfuura. zvibvunze kuti pano pandikurohwa neteargas mwana wamugabe , wamunangagwa arikupi.

mujibha - 19 February 2016

Comrade VP Mnangagwa please stand up and fight for your supporters who are being brutally assaulted by G40 who in the Police force authorized the attack on Lacoste supporters

Colonel - 19 February 2016

kkkkkkkkk KaMugabe akoo!!! akoo !!!akooo!!!!!!! roverai pasi bwaa one time kwa matibili kkkkkkkkk Mugabe is the problem and these so called war vet have learnt it the hard way toko I am sure now they now see what all sane zimbos saw many years ago ..Next time never trust Mugabe kkkkkkkk he told you guys to threaten people during elections in reserves and you foolishly jumped and started killing opposition supporters who wanted to solve the nation 's problems by removing through vote . Now hini lo exactly what you did to whites in their farms is being vented on you . Haa kkkkkkkkkkk fools are always fools but as for Munangagwa its game over what ever he is doing has no solution to his political woos .Better resign or you be beheaded by G40 mahoko mudenga haaaa bwaa kkkkkkkkkk Haa!!!!!!!!

Diibulaanyika - 19 February 2016

@viola , you guys just embarrassed yourselves had a successful meeting, why another meeting 2 days later of course unning scared she is used to the Mujuru where no one says anything. You should have learnt from the Mahoka incident each time you parade your intentions they will be thwarted . Right now you already talking about Masvingo they will bw waiting for you . Keep your cards close to your chest..You now behaving like G40 showing off and then when you flopp the whole world sees...Grace is in a panic mode watch closely the Chiweshe video the convo is so disjointed , trying to be funny but failing dismallly...Next time do not parade your intentions otherwise fighting a losing battle.

newewo - 19 February 2016

@newewo; team haina musoro iyi. inogaya kuti hondo inorwiwa versus warungu chete. They can see but astonishingly they cant recognise that this is war. zimbabwe is now a carcus and the other hyna cannot see that its fellow is fighting to kill. this is a battle for survival and its survival of the fattest. the war they know was guerilla warfare that they were not even good at after all. mhoms know that she needs to establish herself before mdhara quits but she is doing it in a desparaging manner that attracts more enemies than friends. the girl also have no brains just like the o vets. see how they embarked on land grab after chief svosve made the move and bob silenced them with ZW50k which they spent on cabbages for their anthrax infected cattle; some even paid busfare for their lice infested 1945 made van gils super cento jackets. hawana brain i say it again hawana brain! nhasi waakujamuka, the same bob silence them using burtton sticks coz he is broke of the money is needed at the dairy and there is none to give crazy war vets who wre told that they owned the kantri. they continue to expose they next move after being teargased and one doesn't need to consult a prophet, wizard or spaewife to have an ougury that they are going to be hammered again if they are not going to be decimated once and for all. they will regret the confrontation when they have played it clever by being cowards and survived the armed strugggle. hawana brain and hawadzidze kana kudzidzisika futi!

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

Is it worthy to get injured for Munangagwa ?What ever these guys are doing is just waste of time hee Ngwena hee Ngwena now where is that nonsense gone .Munangagwa is simply incapable of thinking properly and Grace knows that since the guy does take notes as she speaks every day and she has seen that Munagagwa is mentally weak hence she chose to insult him publicly. and that is his end .

Dave - 19 February 2016

vhiora take it from me, the other hyna is going for the jagular! you better take note while you are still breathing else you will learn about it from the other realm. seri kweguwa hakuna munamato hehede!

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 February 2016

Totally agree with those who say G40 are going for the Jugular while Ngwena still thinks kuti idambe .. You now need to hit harder to show your muscle, The Ngwena team are still respectful of Mugabe...Mugabe has now come out slating Mutsvangwa donot pay any attention its Grace and Moyo ...Mugabe can hardly spend 2 mins with eyes open. You need to be serious and donot be thick...Mugabe will do anyhthing he is scared of a civil war..So be careful....Now Mugabe is at his weakest he is not going to do anyhting because no full support from the army.

Newewo - 19 February 2016

Love it, love it, when the clowns come out to fight. disGrace is splitting and disowning those RGM has used and abused all for the sake of RGM's Dynasty

Nooshie - 19 February 2016

Mugabe rulled Zimbabwe using devide and rule tactics - deviding the nation on tribal lines. Now shortly before he is history he is placing his wife for succession, telling her there is nothing to fear as long as she can continue the same tactics. He tells her: get a few imbeciles from each and every province and then use them to crash any dissenting voice that may emanate from there .... then you are assured to remain in state house till you are as old as me. He continues: Zimbabweans zvitototo, zvipashumaranga zvaunokwanisa kutsikwatsikwa pamadiro. But me Masamba am saying: post Mugabe is different from during Mugabe`s time. Mugabe won the position he occupied for a lifetime. He could always employ the tactics and win everytime because of his well known resistence to the past colonial regime whose soldiers maimed and killed Black Zimbabweans in every province trying to keep itself in power. But Grace has none of that. Its not enough for her to simply share a bed with Mugabe and then wake up to tell Us Zimbabweans to believe in her. A leader has got to have a track record. Going province after province collectin kids dumped by carelesss and irresponsible women and building a home for them is not enough. Neither buying a degree to recieve the title Doctor will confer on her the brains to take care of a nation - or to be seen as otherwise branny. Kana dzisimo hadzimo, fullstop. Already I am seeing gravy consequencies for her tribal overtunes she is pedalling. I am by no means tribalist but no one in Zimbabwe can be given a leeway to trample my tribe just because she has access to state machinery to use against my tribe. This will not happen in my watch without any repercussion. NEVER !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 19 February 2016

and these guys say they did bite the bullets during war meanwhile today they r running away from mere smoke and water......and you want us to believe that u r war vets....real war vets died in the battle... these guys simply survived the war by running to hide in the hills and no fight in the battle front

mr t - 19 February 2016

Turning to the Gukurahundi issue. Nobody in his/her right senses can condone murder of innocent civilians. Mugabe had no better plan sove dissent from Zapu when this party felt they were excluded from sharing the cream of the independence cake. Hence the militry wing Zipra felt they had to fight it out against Mugabe. When uprising by Zipra (remember

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 19 February 2016

These are exciting times. Zanu pf is trying to go through a democratic process of which they are allergic too.Its just rough and bumpy.

X-MAN IV - 19 February 2016

CURRENT LOG STANDINGS P W D L Pts Mapostori 1 1 0 0 3 Police 2 1 0 1 3 War Vets 1 0 0 1 0

Dee - 19 February 2016

continued (remember Entumbane). I remember Mugabe shouting fro the capital: "WE WILL ACT CLEARLY AND UNSHIRKABLE" in response to the war that has started in Entumbane. The dissidents were tribalistic to the core. My uncle had his home in a Ndebele-dominated village but was himself working in town. Everyweekend he could go to his family in the rural village.In the village were Ndebeles sympathetic to the dissidents; these people wanted my uncle killed for no reason. One day the dissidents intercepted my uncle on his way home , beat him up and made him roll in mud the whole day. His crime: he was a Shona. To survive they made him sign a deal to work for them - proving groceries and clothes to them every week-end or otherwise they were gpoing to slaughter his whole family like chicken. Mugabe assigned Emmerson to quash once-and-for all the dissidents. He assigned him his N.Korean-trained Gukurahundi comprising chiefly of young men from deep Mashonaland to employ every means to end the rebellion. Why ? Because as a leader he had no other better plan to coerse Zapu (and their military wing Zipra) to to the line that one of their own was not the "Father Zimbabwe" as they envisaged. There in came Emmerson to carry out the task. Today Mugabe wants to set hiself free ( as a saint) and set Mnangagwa against the Ndebele tribe as the bad man. By so doing his intention is to set Makaranga against Matebele so that his wife will have it very easyr ruining further our country. Knowing very well how gullible Zimbabweans are he has convinced his wife Grace that she can.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 19 February 2016

@Masamba what of the zipra forces who were shot at in Chitungwiza and Ndebele people whose houses were taken by zanu from them in Harare is that not tribalism it seems to you only Ndebeles are tribalists when we know Shonas are the most tribalst of all tribal groups in the country bcoz they hate speaking other people languages only Shona and English and that is why even all govt working places are full of them . .What was your uncle looking for in ndebele areas i think he a gukurahundi spy that is why they beat him up . Now you see the reason why the clever zipra forces wanted out Mugabe in the 80s .if we had supported them we would not have a 92 year old clinging to power for nothing . But the biggest loser is Munangagwa bcoz he was in the fore front of the killings and now he is out dumped like a used condom .

Diibulaanyika - 20 February 2016

war vets barred from proceeding to Harare on Thursday held since 2am and the two buses left back to Byo manheru. zvakaoma

inini - 20 February 2016

war vets barred from proceeding to Harare on Thursday held since 2am and the two buses left back to Byo manheru. zvakaoma

inini - 20 February 2016

@Dibulaanyika. You wandered off the point in my text to interpret it the way that suits your whims. Nowhere in my text did I say accuse Ndebele speaking people as tribalists. Instead I categorically stated that dissidents were tribalists to the core ... and that is a fact. If you happened to have been one of them then it explains your outburst. the point in my text is I have a revulsion for people who harbour hatred for another tribe which constitute our country Zimbabwe - nevermind wether they are a majority or a minority. This is not in line with modern human thinking. Yes history may tell us who was occupying what part of Zimbabwe before a certain tribe came to either push them out or co-inhabit the part of country. But in my view this is history , we can not reverse it. But we can however forge ahead in harmony for the good of our country. This is what matters. As to your question as to why my uncle had his home in a Ndebele-dominated village I would like to remind you that the border (passport controlled) for Zimbabwean citizens lie not inside the country but only in the perimeter. so any Zimbabwean is free to build a home anywhere in the country as long as its within the boundary. No Zimbabwean own a particular part of the country at tghe exclusion of another Zimbabwean. If that is your thinking then you are wrong and you automatically declare yourself a non-Zimbabwean of which you should then find another country to call your own.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 20 February 2016

Robert Mugabe, you and you alone are responsible for the shocking state we now find ourselves in. You will go down in history not as a hero but as an evil despot dictator whose lust for power and fame is unmatched anywhere. The divide you have created cannot now be reversed. Never before have we ever witnessed so much hatred and animosity among the people. Even though the different factions might hate one another they still all have one thing in common: they hate you. They see you as a snake, someone too frightened to let go simply because of your past evil deeds and all the terrible things you have done to this nation? You and your family will one day face justice.

Phukit - 20 February 2016

@masambaakareyo.you are probably ba beneficiary of the tribal based patronage in zim thats why you deny that zimbabwe is where it is today becoz of shona tribalist who have marginalised local people from binga to chiredzi denying them the right to benefit from natural resources in thier areas whilst hypocritically pursing indigenisation,is it indigenisation or shonalisation?

truth - 20 February 2016

When you were chanting pasi nebasinakurwa Hondo, pasi ne MDC, pasi na ningi nanningi it was so exciting, now the tide has turned . I nonzi Zanu and its owned by one man Robert and as long as he is alive you will see, even the G40 has no chance -soon they will also be teargassed.. But surely its so exciting, whoever thought Zanu and its war verts were ever going to be in this state. I Zapu elayiginyayo isinuka eziswini -handeyi tione !!!!

LABRADOR - 20 February 2016

You think these guys are war verts. all they knew was to dance to Chinks Chingaira's songs in Mozambique and harass the villagers in the EATERN HIGHLANDS. Even the British confirmed at independence that all of them were not military material.

labrador - 20 February 2016

and stealing underwear

truth - 20 February 2016

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