I will never work with Tsvangirai: Biti

HARARE - Opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Tendai Biti has ruled out the possibility of reuniting with MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

This followed recent reports that Tsvangirai had sent emissaries to the former MDC secretary-general to initiate talks that could lead to the formation of a grand coalition of opposition parties ahead of the 2018 polls.

The development also comes at a time former vice president Joice Mujuru officially registered her Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party and is reportedly keen on working with both Biti and Tsvangirai.

But in what could be a pointer to the mooted coalition suffering a stillbirth, Biti confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that while he was in talks with Mujuru, he would never countenance an alliance with the former prime minister.

“We differed in principles and values and now the situation has worsened, the chasm has widened, it has been exacerbated,” Biti said.

“It is about a fundamental of principle. We are in contact with genuinely progressive forces that are democratic, including People First.”

The former Finance minister said reports suggesting that there were talks going on between him and Tsvangirai were a media creation.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said it was too early to talk about a coalition.

“We can talk about coalitions later. For now, we as political parties, are agreed on the need for electoral reforms, the need to have the Constitution operationalised, the need to end abuses, to pressure government to find (Itai) Dzamara among other things. Coalition is good in principle but we are still a long way from elections, so we cannot be putting the cart before the horse.”

ZPF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said while his party was prepared to work with Tsvangirai and all opposition forces, the time was not yet ripe for coalition talks.

“We will cross the bridge when we get to it,” he said.

“At the moment, all parties are busy consolidating their structures and when the time comes, we will always find ways to find each other. We will work with all who believe that the task at hand is to remove this abusive and manipulative regime from power and that includes Tsvangirai. We will not choose who we work with as long as we share the same goals.”

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Tsvangirayi, leave this Biti alone, try working with Makoni (yes him, he got 8% of the vote), Zanu Ndonga (yes, it always has at least a seat), Mujuru, Dabengwa. These are the meaningful political parties. Leave this Biti and Weshmen Ncube alone (they both indicated they don't want to work with you).

XG - 18 February 2016

MDC-T does not need wolves in sheep's clothing like you Tendai Biti. We know you have always been part of a ZANU PF plan to destroy from within. Obviously you have that ZANU mentality of never ever, never that. Being a useless lawyer does not translate into being an acceptable leader. Remain where you are as an agent of the regime but remember the days of your masters are now numbered. I would rather vote for a baboon than vote for Tendai Biti

gamuchirayi - 18 February 2016

The truth of the matter Mr Biti is Save is the man who brought you to the limelight. You are too small to compare yourself to and challenge Tsvangirai. Put your tail between your legs and accept reality, go and apologise to Save and save yourself from being flushed away in 2018 to political history sewerage ponds. Do you have the masses behind you.

icho - 18 February 2016

fine but one day biti will be forced to eat humble pie

burning spear - 18 February 2016

biti is right. tsvangirai haaite kushanda naye. he has no strategy other than cry babying. joining him will sooner or latter amount to nothing. you are a wise guy tb. don't join this handiende type.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 February 2016

Tending Biti is confusing education with politics . MT is obviously very popular with the masses despite all the weaknesses . He is better of without your group because that gives him a window to breathe and focus on the goal of removing ZANU of from government . He have called for rallies and what we see is not worth commenting . Stop wasting your time declaring something that is not there . You are lost my brother and wish you the best in your failures .

Stalker - 18 February 2016

Tending Biti is confusing education with politics . MT is obviously very popular with the masses despite all the weaknesses . He is better of without your group because that gives him a window to breathe and focus on the goal of removing ZANU of from government . You have called for rallies and what we see is not worth commenting . Stop wasting your time declaring soimething that is not there . You are lost my brother and wish you the best in your failures .

Stalker - 18 February 2016

Biti you are just nothing.We know of your intentions.Save is way better off without you than with you.

Weganda - 18 February 2016

My young brother Biti wants to pretend to be a heavyweight in politics yet the truth is that he failed to contest in defence of his constituency when MDC-T recalled him. If he has support of winning elections single-handedly why did he give the seats to ZanuPF? The MDC-T had advised them to come back but because Biti fools himself thought otherwise. I don't see the party getting any single seat come 2018. The so called PDP has no tangible structures to talk of. What he has are the imaginable structures.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 18 February 2016

Kana viola avekuzotaura moti heh heh.brcken oppo

fadzi - 18 February 2016

Well you never hear viola again bcoz his Munangagwa has been put down and what is left are are dying kicks . But as of Biti he is jealous of course MDC T is the most stable political party since Biti left . Now who cares about what he is saying he is just like a sick dog baking at a healthy bull elephant and we all know a bull elephant can not be scared of a sickly imbwa does it ? MORGAN is best political leader in the country as of now like or hate it that will never change . Biti you can go and work with another zanu Mujuru or zanu Mugabe and you will never be voted in power bcoz the friends you have chosen remain accused of destroying our country and sane people can not want to put them in power again . But you look much better now keep on swallowing those pills which make you feel better and bigger than Morgan they pump amawala in you .

Diibulaanyika - 18 February 2016

Biti Biti Biti veduwee why don't you learn from your so called friends, Munyaradzi gwisai, Job Sikhala , Welshman Ncube, just to mention a few where are they, they thought they are bigger than MDC the people's party vakatukirira va Tsvangirai vachifunga kuti tichavatevera haa haa haa where are they how many seats do they have vakatizwa nevanhu vangani vaakutongonyara kudzoka kikikiki we know what we are doing we don't need you in our Party you are a sell out if you have chance take time to watch that DVD yepa nhamo yamai Tsvangirai then you will know that you are now lost uri benzi you sacrificed people for your personal gains imbopaparika paparika hakoka uchaona kuti hausi tsotsi in 2018,you will be history whether you are there or not in our MDC T we will continue to support President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai not you Tendai Biti Mbiti, stupid.

Wamambo - 18 February 2016

We are not surprise when Biti says he will never work with Tsvangirai again.His political icon is Robert Mugabe and by suggesting to work hand in glove with Joice, he is making all efforts to join Mugabe through the back door. Yaa, Tendai, join ZPF or else you wont get anyone to follow you.Wakatengwa neZANU PF.......

gotsikotsi - 18 February 2016

What baffles everybody is that, Biti, you spend more time running down Tswangirai than focusing your energy in destroying the bad Zanu PF governance. You dumped MDC T without going to congress, naturally you were recalled. Why did you not contest Zanu PF as an independent to demonstrate your prowess? You are definitely turning Tsangison into a martyr. You are starting to smell like a CIO agent. Cut the crap!

Mbareboy - 18 February 2016

This man is not serious, he does not have supporters yet he behaves as if his party stand a chance of winning. Biti's party has a zero chance of winning . Tsvangirai is trying by all means to put food on this guy's table but the dude is too blind to see.

Mentalist - 18 February 2016

Viola nyama yako mdc yovhiiwa usipo

yuba - 18 February 2016

haaha, navanaBitiwo, yooh haunyari here Biti kuzviitawo kunge uri principled. what exactly can you do Biti to redeem Zimbabwe out of it mess when you could not show good principles when in MDC. truly you can not blame Comrade Tsvangirai for your being a sell-out.we know you after money and positions.you need Tsvingirai but not Tsvangirai seeking you.Tsvangirai is seeking mergers for the benefit of our beloved country,not you,shame you!

tsviriyo - 18 February 2016

Give Biti a chance - the leadership of both ZANU-PF and MDC-T have been shown to be incompetent. ZANU-PF is as corrupt as hell, and the MDC-T is if nothing else, mediocre. Let's have a transitional authority to focus on the economy and create an environment for free elections.

david taylor - 18 February 2016

Biti thought he was the next big thing in town but he is clearly not. Why would anybody want to join hands with supporterless Biti? What happened to the renewal mantra, what are they renewing now? Such short termism means his party only has leaders but no followers so winning a single seat in the next elections will be a miracle.

Inyika - 19 February 2016

biti imboko amana

panga - 19 February 2016

MDC does not need a coalition to win elections. Please Morgan leave those that left and concerntrate on strategies required to capture the masses.

mukanya - 19 February 2016

Biti lost without MDC-T he is not popular at all. While at the finance Ministry he proved that he is not clean, when issues of office dating wanted to surface he was up in arms block inquiries on his cell phone calls with some lady in his section. He should not even consider himself an equal with Tsvangirai, Tsvangirai is even popular than Mugabe. If you remove CIO, and Military and ask people to stand behind a candidate of their choice, Tsvangirai will almost take all even Mugabe will choose Tsvangirai cause he is the only man who was able to make Mugabe continue as president when Mugabe lost in 2008, and gave him an opportunity to salvage his image in 2013 after rigging again.

amina - 19 February 2016

zvakaramba bambowee who is the betrayer you and Tsvangirai? Biti ndiwe waimiririra matalks uchipiwa mari nezanu batana nezanu yako isu hatitokudiwo hauna kana benzi zvaro rinokutewera by the way Tsvangirai will win 2018 arione asina even kubatana nevamwe zvataitoda ndozvakaitika izvi zvekuti matsotsi apesane aya kwetewe iwe zvako to hail my brother.

fireman - 19 February 2016

Biti is a very principled man actually. Tswangirai is just as bad as Mugabe and a feminist. He has failed for many years what new tactics can he bring to zimbabwe now. Thats why he is looking for coalitions. Zim needs new blood people. I see Biti like Mugufuli type of a leader. we need someone like that in zim

josh - 19 February 2016

@josh If, by principled, you mean going to bed with ZANU, then you are right. Biti was defending Gono, the architect of Zim dollar fall, way back. What's principled about that?

Dunlop Munjanja - 19 February 2016

Never say Never I thought Biti is learned

Pompano - 19 February 2016

we the suppoters of mdc....dnt even want you back...we are better off without you...you have been already replaced in our ranks and the part is moving....

gava - 19 February 2016

Morgan Tsvangirai is the biggest sellout this country has ever experienced. Remember back when Mugabe was down and out, almost finished politically after losing those 2008 elections, it was none other than Morgan Richard Tsvangirai who pulled him off the ground and out of the mud and helped facilitate his full recovery by signing that GNU agreement someting he promised he would NEVER do unless ALL his preconditions had been agreed upon? The traitor signed without even one of his preconditions being met. Furthermore, Mugabe breached that agreement hundreds of times without Tsvangirai ever even trying to challenge him even once? All of us have experienced more than enough to realize that this man is a traitor. Please believe me Zimbabwe.

Mbewa - 19 February 2016

morgan will always fail when it matters most. that is the danger of people who lack proper strategies. i think mdc t people expect too much from this handiende type. he has done the best he could. he will not get any further. just watch how mrs mujuru is cruising. she knows when and how to talk. come 2018, she will be in power.

zvirozviyedzwa - 19 February 2016

aaahh vana biti munongohukurawo imi. ofcoz u wil never work together with MT coz haudiweko. imbotraya zvema mainance kucivil court coz kupolitiks yu're dead meat.

francis - 19 February 2016

aaahh vana biti munongohukurawo imi. ofcoz u wil never work together with MT coz haudiweko. imbotraya zvema mainance kucivil court coz kupolitiks yu're dead meat.

francis - 19 February 2016

The greatest bad guys, you understand where they're coming from. They believe they're doing the right thing. Sometimes it's for greed, sometimes it's for other reasons, but they are what they call the centre of good. They always believe they're doing the right thing. Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power. The above fits well for the RENEWAL TEAM.Eat your humble pie alone. Stupid Mbiti Tendayi

Chemical Solution - 19 February 2016

tsvangison akadhakwa kudhara dhara , better mujuru , makoni or someone new completely new to politics

Harare - 19 February 2016

Gamatox Gamatox you are trying to campaign for your stupid thieve Mujuru and trying to bring zanu through back door .Biti can work with Mujuru and Mugabe but Morgan will beat them all .

Dave - 19 February 2016

biti stop being childish and show your clout.TSVANGIRAYI this TSVANGIRAYI that...the electrorate won,t take you seriously .

WEZVISHAVANE - 19 February 2016

Brothers and sisters, no ye not that in politics there are no permanent enemies and friends but permanent interests.But for the learned lawyer i think he's destined for the political dust bin. He ought to have learned from Welshman Ncube, Munyaradzi Gwisai and others who are now politically irrelevant.Politics is a game of numbers not how much of a professor you are.

Titus - 19 February 2016

both Biti and Tsvangirai are failures lets not avoid that Tsvangirai is a dictator he violated the constitustion of his party by bidding to stand 2018 election while it was the proper time to give the batton stick to his fellow cadres ...this act shows that this man is selfish being a leader of MDC is like a strategy to suit his person interest not to bring a change to the peril and vices poverty which zimbabwean people are subjected to.

Chibhodhoro Mukaka - 20 February 2016

Vanhu vemuZimbabwe makavata.Hamutendi,,murume wamunongogara makatuka uyu akarisker life yake for u. Maida kuti adii shuwa imi maiona kuti anga akavharirwa mwena yese. Hee Tsvangirai idofo hee atadza. This man haana election yaaka dyiwa aibirwa&haana masoja kana mapurisa anomubatsira.Ngavaite tione ivo vanabiti vanozviti vakafunda tione.Tsvangirai ndinomu biger He tried his best for us,,come on guys dont be cowerds please!!

matofo - 21 February 2016

guys, avakunyara kuti aritidze kuti arashika , dzangova shungu dzebofu kunochera,, asi chokwadi ndechekuti chinobuda hapana , Biti angofanana nenzou irimungwegwa, no matter how big it's body is , current situation ndiyo ino tariswa , haachina one step forward , that's why achida ku joina Joice

prince toddy - 24 February 2016

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