'Plot to murder' Sarah Mahoka

HARARE - The Zanu PF war to succeed President Robert Mugabe is getting nastier by the day, amid claims that a hit had been ordered against forthright women’s league secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka — who recently skinned embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare.

The straight-talking Mahoka confirmed the claims to the Daily News yesterday, adding that there were also growing reports of Mnangagwa’s followers giving women perceived to be aligned to the Generation 40 (G40) group a torrid time in the provinces.

“Yes, I heard that someone had been sent to kill me and I phoned him. His name is Maburutse, but the guy denied the allegations,” Mahoka said.

She said she had not been intimidated by the claims of the plot to kill her, adding that she is “ready to die for President (Robert) Mugabe and Amai Mugabe”.

“We don’t care even if they send people to kill us. I said it before that they must come out and declare their interests,” Mahoka fumed in a jibe that was widely believed to be directed at Mnangagwa.

“Some of us are prepared to die for President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe. If you go against President Mugabe hazviite zvakanaka, unenge wandibaya panyama nhete (if you fight Mugabe you are also fighting us),” she said.

“God is the one who gives life, so I don’t care if they even consult n’angas handitye munhu ini kunze kwaMwari. Munhu hapana zvaanondiita (I don’t fear anyone including those who consult witch doctors, I only fear God).

“This is a free Zimbabwe and we want to live peacefully. So, this issue of threatening each other must stop now,” she added.

Mahoka also alleged that the ongoing harassment of women in the provinces were a desperate bid by the beleaguered VP’s supporters to stop the women’s league from agitating for the elevation of a woman into the presidium.

The claim comes as the women’s league, supported by the G40, have stepped up their demands for the return of the women’s quota system in the party, which will see Mugabe appointing a woman as one of his two deputies — a move that is said to be targeted at demoting Mnangagwa.

Mahoka said there were growing reports of female district organisers being threatened with unspecified action for pushing for the resolution that was passed at Zanu PF’s conference last December.

“We are being told by some strong Ngwena (Mnangagwa) allies that we must stop our women’s quota system push. I tell you, the Ngwena faction is now out to threaten people but it’s now too late for them,” she said.

The intimidation reports also come after Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere suspended three provincial party chairpersons for alleged disobedience and insolence.

The three suspended bigwigs are Kizito Chivamba (Midlands), Ezra Chadzamira (Masvingo) and Joel Biggie Matiza (Mashonaland East) — all believed to be key allies of Mnangagwa.

“We have suspended Chivamba because he was no longer coming for meetings. Secondly, he blocked members of the women’s league from coming to Harare to welcome the president. He also went to the press making statements that undermine (the party) leadership.

“The same with Matiza in Mashonaland East … He was harassing women there and we have said to him enough. He came for the meeting, but made sure there was pressure on women not to attend that meeting.

“In Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira had the same problems and we have told him to step aside. We can’t have insolence in the party; such arrogance and disrespect for leadership,” Kasukuwere was quoted saying last week.

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Lying mother fudgers.th sprts muniser sees a bullet in his hotel room,which police later confirm it ws frm his gun,1st lady sees ambushes murderers wth petrol bmbs about to kill her son.,,later tomana is arrested for nt prosecuting.this story allegedly implicating vp.mahoka sees her murderer n calls him ,name supplied,gues who they want that poor fellow to implicate?good as mine.fiction frm johnathan moyo.we want this g40 crushed n wont be long now.we want to take on economy,thats our challenge,nt these fudgers.vp hd given a stern warning ,time to look in the eye.

viola gwena - 16 February 2016

Mahoka, are you sure that you want Zimbabwe to be a peacefully nation?Peace to you implies when your personal wishes are granted.Peace to you means being allowed to kill innocent souls for supporting the MDC.Peace to you means wiping out anyone who goes against Mugabe.Peace to you(Mahoka)is when a country is devoid of democracy.Continue your bootlicking acts in silence.When the Zimbabweans are silent, do not think they are docile.IF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A DEAD DONKEY DO NOT THINK THAT DONKEYS DO NOT DIE......

MUCHATIROTO - 16 February 2016

Mahoka anoda kuzviita gamba for nothing in ZANU if they want to kill you they wont give notice Go and ask vamwe varipaNational Shrine

Chatunga - 16 February 2016

pakaipa mwan wamai

mbada - 16 February 2016

Wakadzi ava have gone viral.The infection will harm the whole nation.

Tortis - 16 February 2016

Let's wait and see if u play with a gun u will die like that, people 8s suffering don't play

Pearson Abel dziwani - 16 February 2016

HERE IS THE PHILOSOPHY: Once one political lie has been formulated and used to humiliate with the aim of alienating a senior person, it has to be authenticated by a series of believable follow-up lies. The lies must be well crafted to the extent that the godfather must believe them without doubt. That way and that way only can you succeed in your desperate push.

Never Maswerasei - 16 February 2016

Who is this silly and uneducated Sarah..mahure eZanu PF...l saw them kuVic Falls making noise with their hoarse voices all because they were drinking like prostitutes in Vic Falls. How can an uneducated ordinary member of Parliament like Mahoka...disrespect Ngwena in public like that. Kusa enda kugwazhi kuno nyadzisa. Inga Robert akati dzidzai and where were you. Muri imbwa dzinongo hukura without mazino imi vana Mahoka.....Tibvirei...Little know bitch rekuKaroi. Kurima hamusi kurima asi makapiwa mapurazi.......munei munongo tevera Grace kwese kwaanoenda...kusinga rime.........Voersteek

Clemence Tashaya - 16 February 2016

Webanga anofa ngebanga, wepfumo anofa ngepfumo, wegidi anofa ngegidi...wechihure achafa ngezvechihure. Mahoka, Mahofa, Chimene, Oppar (where is the crying woman by the way) and then Prof Jonso (not as clever in my opinion), Kasukuwere, VP MM, Chris so and so and the bitch of the times ...all of them are doing whatever they are doing for their mafios boss Mugabe. I remember Bob achiimba kuti ndiwe muroyi ndiwe, ndiwe wapedza hama....and some dude had a stroke. Now let me tell you all you ZANU idiots WE WILL NOT BE SCARED BY THREATS FROM THE SO-CALLED WAR VETS. 80% OF OFFICERS IN THE POLICE, ARMY, INTELLIGENCE are not so called war vets, they will stand up to defend their future and not your past which is mired in corruption, deception and etc etc. Now I believe Things have really fallen aprt, the centre spends 99.99% of his time sleeping and hallucinating...

gamuchirayi - 16 February 2016

Politics is a game of the people,by the people, you can not afford to say ''munhu hapana zvaanondiita'' and she who has no fear knows very little ,and besides God hedges his own.

Game of Thrones - 16 February 2016

Mugabe created G40 becoz he wants his wife to be the next PRESIDENT of zimbabwe, then chatunga and so on

Harare - 16 February 2016

tasuwa heroes' acre

joe - 16 February 2016

I only enmvy Lacoster bcoz of viola.she unpacks g40.viola dnt disappear again.CIO plse tisiirei viora

sleek - 16 February 2016

G40 whr r yu.Viola s gone bonkers on yu.

mbada - 16 February 2016

Viola yu r missing yo dude Bob Marley.yu jealouse of gire.yo bob died wthout saying goodbie to yu.

chifodya - 16 February 2016

Mahoka, who started the talk about people dying. It's important not to start unnecessary talk. But this drama never ceases to amaze.

Inyika - 16 February 2016

Honestly is there any body who can take Mahoka seriously? She is just good at fermenting chaos more than the oversight responsibilities mandated to her to ensure that the Hurungwe peasants enjoy the national resources allocated by the national treasury

vivian v siziba - 16 February 2016

Honestly is there any body who can take Mahoka seriously? She is just good at fermenting chaos more than the oversight responsibilities mandated to her to ensure that the Hurungwe peasants enjoy the national resources allocated by the national treasury

vivian v siziba - 16 February 2016

Chikamba mahoka chinourairwei? xaaaa

Makwiramiti - 17 February 2016

In no time mahoka will be minister of njaninjani.nepotism at its worst.a silly uneducated wman ,minister.thats wht she wants n grace wl make her.women like viola gwena r nt liked by mugabe.

chaka - 17 February 2016

sarah mahoka u are sure you can die for rg mugabe n grace marufu....thts idle worship u r doomed poor uneducated woman. Its clear in ur statement u are pursuing the interest of the persons of mugabe n grace not a national cause for the benefits of the generality of the zimbabwean masses and for tht matter ur fall is nt far

hungweeeeeh - 17 February 2016

Zimbabweans keep on praying for a Zimbabwe that would create an environment where we all contribute to nation building rather than hurling insults at one another.Please pray to God the time is coming for a real Zimbabwe.It si God alone who can restore order to this once prosperous nation.All our prayers help to bring us up to an ideal Zimbabwe.You can see the signs of God's intervention.The people who were once united on stealing and bringing this economy are now at each other's throats.Please keep on praying God answers our prayers but let us keep on praying.It is our only tool.Lokk they are now destroying each other.The once friends are now turning into enmity and dividing their party.That is weakening themselves they cant hold themselves together.It is God's power so lets keep praying and remember your party MDC.God is the only answer forget about anything because they are strong and can kill so only God can save us from this mess.

midlands patriot - 17 February 2016

mahoka kusadzidza kwakashata, ukutevera grace uyo akaona nyika yaipa anotiza iwe woendepi, chituta

team lacoste - 17 February 2016

I was following all your comments, you have one thing in common, you like knowledge. Our help comes from the Lord. Second all of you, you are sympathise with Mnangagwa, what good has he done to the nation of Zimbabwe. All corrupt guys they used Mugabe's name, now he is their first enemy why, Grace is right to boot them out. Lastly also killed a lot of people their turn is at hand, imbwa idzi. These guys must be grateful Mugabe gave them farms let them go and practise farming there

Just-In - 17 February 2016

No different with suicide bombers then this woman. She has been promised a diamond mine on the other side, Silly cow. Dumb

Mary - 17 February 2016

sarah mahoka is being used effectively wat a shame she does not realise she is being used.well my question is ,with bob having shown he is no longer capable n the reins now with vedu chiremba amai,wont the security forces swoop in n take control,in all this confusion who enjoys the support of the security forces?G40 here or the security boss of all time GARWE.

cadre - 18 February 2016

I do not know this Sara Mahoka & neither would I wish to. The fact of the matter is that she seems not to know what she is treading upon, kungowawata zvisina mature. What nonsense was she peddling paRALLY - of all places? Has she ever been a Political Commissar & or if so why shouting obscenities in front of the povo & to a VP who kept mum. Chirudzii

Mimi - 23 February 2016

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