Mnangagwa's allies fight back

HARARE - Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies, reeling from the unrelenting onslaught that they have been under in the brawling Zanu PF, as well as the brutal public skinning that their Midlands godfather received from powerful First Lady Grace Mugabe last Friday, are mounting a spirited fight back.

Well-placed sources within the camp told the Daily News yesterday that some of the faction’s leading lights were now of the opinion that they had “very little else to lose and no choice” but to face their party nemeses, Zanu PF’s Young Turks known by the moniker Generation 40 (G40), head on.

“Some comrades think that the best form of defence under the circumstances is attack, although there is no agreement on this.

“They also feel that they have very little else to lose and no choice but to take on the G40.

“While I personally don’t think that is the best route forward, I can understand how they feel as they rightly say that (former Vice President Joice) Mujuru was still thrown out into the cold despite playing nice to the end,” one of the sources said.

Yesterday, a faction of the bitterly-divided Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) that is aligned to Mnangagwa described Grace’s stunning Friday rally in Chiweshe as both “a waste of resources” and “shocking”.

Speaking at a hastily-convened media conference in Harare, the gathered war veterans also expressed confidence in the association’s deposed chairperson, Chris Mutsvangwa — an alleged key ally of Mnangagwa — who was booted out of office on Friday.

They also bluntly warned the G40 not to “stretch their patience any further” or else they would take them on robustly.

Chanting slogans such as “Pasi neG40 (Down with G40)”, ousted ZNLWVA secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, said the reason why the veterans had met yesterday was because there were “some in Zanu PF who are misleading President Robert Mugabe”.

“We met because of the recent vilification of war veterans in Chiweshe, the emergence of a counter-revolutionary clique, G40. (These people) are paying lip service to the plight of the people.

“Varikungomhanya kuita misangano kunana Chiweshe isina basa (They are mounting silly meetings in places like Chiweshe),” Matemadanda said in what was seen as a direct attack on Grace.

Curiously, Matemadanda also questioned the recent arrest of Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana on charges of defeating the course of justice, saying this was unheard of that a person of such standing could be treated that way.

The combative Matemadanda also said ominously that if the situation within Zanu PF continued to “spiral out of control”, his group would be left with no choice but to go to war because no one “asked us to go to (participate in) the liberation struggle in the first place”.

“Once a soldier, always a soldier. We are soldiers and we are worried that there is no respect for the security sector. In what country would you find liberators being demonised? Our children are now the laughing stock,” Matemadanda added.

When it was the turn of Mutsvangwa himself to speak, he said he was seeking audience with security sector bigwigs, as well as with Mugabe — who is the war veterans’ patron — over the deteriorating situation in the party.

He also said it was shocking that after an allegedly successful politburo meeting last week where “the president felt sorry for the G40 faction”, that “some then decided to have a meeting in a remote rural setting fanning tribalism”.

“Varikuda kubisa chimiro chapresident and we will not allow that (the G40 are working to besmirch Mugabe’s standing). We will not allow his legacy to be desecrated. Masoja edu haasi ekutamba nawo (You cannot fool around with our soldiers). They are the most professional in Africa.

“The party is run from Harare at its headquarters, not in some rural area in Mashonaland Central. We discussed issues afflicting the party in the politburo but we were shocked when we heard some of us waffling from that part of the country. We will not listen to their nonsense,” Mutsvangwa charged.

Quoting the late army general Vitalis Zvinavashe, who famously declared that only those with liberation credentials would lead the country, Mutsvangwa said this time around it was the war veterans who were championing this cause.

In the meantime, Mnangagwa’s allies — who have been using the famous Lacoste clothing and perfume labels as their symbols — have gone a notch higher and now have the face of the Midlands godfather defiantly etched on their profile pictures on their social media accounts.

Despite being on the back-foot after Grace savaged those behind the faction, youths aligned to Mnangagwa are almost violently adamant that their “boss” will ultimately succeed Mugabe.

Suspended Zanu PF secretary for security, Batsirai Musona, who is also a war veteran, told the Daily News yesterday that the current goings-on in the ruling party were “just hot air”.

As all this is playing out, Mnangagwa — crumpling under the intense political pressure that is being exerted on him and his close allies by his determined Zanu PF foes, is said to be seriously mulling quitting both his party and government positions.

Well-placed sources close to the Midlands godfather told the Daily News at the weekend that the 74-year-old VP was “anxious about his position and future” in the wake of the brutal public skinning that he received from Grace on Friday.

“Lacoste (Mnangagwa) is a pragmatist and he knows that things are not looking good for him and those who support him.

“I understand that he is seriously thinking of stepping down, if that will heal the party which has been at war with itself for a long time,” one of the sources said.

But another insider who confirmed that “resignation is an option on the table” for Mnangagwa, said it was clear that “his enemies the G40 “ would crank up their assault on him now that he “is wounded”.

“You know his enemies the G40, they are not going to stop here, as they now clearly want to finish him off. By resigning of his own accord, Ngwena (Mnangagwa) will therefore avert further humiliation and the clubbing to death of his friends,” the second source, a senior party official, said.

“It has not been an easy time, with some saying he should escalate the fight, and others of the view that the best way forward is to make a strategic retreat to allow the team to assess the situation properly, calm emotions all round and gather strength.

“Some comrades have even been suggesting that perhaps he (Mnangagwa) should consider handing in his resignation from both his party and government positions seeing that he is no longer enjoying the full support of his principal.

“On the other hand, others are saying that such action is unnecessary and that it risks inflaming the situation even more, as it would create the impression that he is too emotional and in effect declaring war,” the second source added.

Those who wanted Mnangagwa to quit were apparently pointing to mooted plans this week by the influential Zanu PF women’s league to ratchet up their demands on Mugabe to appoint a woman as one of his two deputies — a move that is said to be targeted at the beleaguered VP.

Ever since his appointment as VP, following the ruthless purging of Mujuru and her allies from the ruling party in 2014, Mnangagwa has, figuratively speaking, been riding on the back of a hungry hyena — with his party foes taking frequent pot shots at him and his offices being broken into on several occasions, as the war to succeed Mugabe has escalated.

But other sources close to the VP who have spoken to the Daily News claimed that Mugabe was not “enthusiastic” about the idea of Mnangagwa quitting his party and government positions — claims that could not be independently verified.

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can we achieve 2million jobs at this rate

a c - 16 February 2016

Things fall apart.

Chinua Achebe - 16 February 2016

Vana ngavambokura kwete kuswera vachingot G40....We need people who respect their elders and the rank file,because politics without principles is a recipe for disaster

LACOSTE PRINCE - 16 February 2016

The problem here is Mugabe himself. He has been overpowered by his wife somehow, and it is apparently clear that it is his wife who is now calling the shots. Something that Jonathan Moy has noticed and is trying to take advantage of that. But this time they have pressed the wrong button. Grace cannot and will not be able to take reign of this country. She insinuated at a rally last week that she is already at the helm, then this is a violation of the constitution. The fact that she wife to Mugabe does not mean that she is also a president. And for Mphoko,I have never seen a dull VP like him before. I do not know what he hopes to achieve by the dislodging of Munangagwa ,or is she simply a willing pigeon. In any case the mention Karangas and attempt to subdue them by singing Zezuru unconquerable is very dangerous to say the list. You dont abuse a tribe and expect to come out unscathed, worse still the Karanga -the majority tribe in Zim, covering Chivhu, Buhera, Masvingo, Mberengwa, Midlands, Lower Gweru. Please G40, stop your dangerous stupidity. Better concentrate on stealing and corruption - something you have proved to be best and with impunity. Also, what the G40 is not aware of is that Moyo is actual doing participatory research on his political studies thesis - Whether a dictator can survive if he ditches his old folk and start life in new group - The case of Mugabe and Zanupf. Moyo is busy in his thesis project, and fanning it to culminate in a particular result. But Mugabe is not aware that he is being made an experiment apparatus.

Danai Pazvagozha - 16 February 2016

Mnagagwa should just resign! What is it that he is going to introduce for the better of the country that he failed in 34 years. If party failed to listen to his positive contributions in all this length of time, so much the reason for him to resign. A joyce Mujuru precedence was set. What is the difference between him and Joyce? Simba Makoni resigned in disgust to fool hardy party policies. Simba is a true patriot.

Mbareboy - 16 February 2016

surely if Ngwena is 74 years old plus another 10 (2 terms), then there is no point in having him succeed Mugabe. By 84 his wife will also be taking over.

Chipapa - 16 February 2016

Danai has raised a very interesting point that Jona is on Thesis Project and to imagine you have a Doc used as a vehicle without the same doc picking it up.So its true to defeat zanu pf you have to do from within.Jona is smart but the collateral damage he is causing to the country will catch up with him.He might have made arrangements to fly out of the country when it becomes too hot in the kitchen.Cry my beloved country!.

Tortis - 16 February 2016

Hey i do not know mani these fools called war vets they always threaten to go back to war but all of them are finished by beer . mahure , tobacco , and HIV more over who will support them and give them food knowing they are evil . let them go back to war and we will see how that war will go on . As for Munangagwa its game over baba try something politics is not your game or better resign that will at least bring back some respect to you . Having been in govt for 36 years doing nothing but destruction . Quit and may be join your family in Zambia . Mahoka said it very soon you will die that is for sure what you did to other people is about to happen to you .. heeesh toko kkkkkkkkk.

Diibulaanyika - 16 February 2016

Daily news have started to be biased, No one is deposed or ousted or whatever. 9 Provinces have thrown their weight behind the trio so they are not ousted. Chimene is the one who confused and her move NULL and VOID. You so make it count, she is married Mr Editor

Prof Moyo - 16 February 2016

Jonathan Moyo does not control Grace Mugabe imi wee.He just supports the First Family.

Kufandada - 16 February 2016

Prof Jonathan and his G40 mafia are anxious to push Mai Grace onto the throne for one reason only: they know that she lacks any significant support, leadership skills and will be easy to topple. I see it as clear as daylight?

Mbewa - 16 February 2016

All this noise about Ngwena is nonsense. Takamuramba kare ,tichiri kumuramba and tomorrow we ill baby dump him. Zimbabwe will never be ruled by Ngwena , it will be the darkest hour for the country. The blood of all innocent MDC activist, Rex Nhongo , Gukurahundi , to name JUST A FEW is on him. Murume akanyangara chiso sekunyangara kwaakaita moyo.

Patriot - 16 February 2016

...and what is the basis for supporting the First Family? Is the 1st family a political party? Thats the problem with supporting people instead of institutions in the constitution. Where in the constitution of ZANU or Zimbabwe does it say the First family or firat lady is an office of party or country? ndiko kunhanzva dzi anus ukoko.

Bona - 16 February 2016

I am surprised on the idiots who always pik on Moyo. Ever since Mutsvangwa was appointed minister he gunned for Moyo even in S.A. shortwave station. The longer ZANU PF keeps this idiot, the morre noise we will get. He is foam ruber tha one, why try to entangle the defence forces in your mud slinging. The aremy has its own spokes person /pr OFFICER, AND not a group of useless old men who have voices left with no strategy and strength at all. If G40 IS ABOUT GIVING POWER TO THE YOUNG WHO HAVE NEW IDEAS AND ARE STILL ENERGETIC WHATS WRONG WITH THAT. How old is President Obama, PUTIN, etc? If these old former terrorists hate the youths, then come fro a fight and get finished off in a matter of minutes.

truths - 16 February 2016

I am surprised that people like Matemadanda and Mutsvangwa are claiming that their children are a laughing stock and that they are living in poverty. My questions are what happened to the 50K zim dollars that you were given in 1997, what is happening on the farms you grabbed from the white farmers, what happened to the companies you took over illegally, what happened to the farm equipment you stole from Gono!!!!!!!!! the list goes on. We are not fools Matemadanda. Today you want to act as if you are for the people. We can read between the lines, Go to hell.

Yago - 16 February 2016

I would like to tell Mphoko straight in his face that he is a rabid tribalist and by the recent remarks he made about Karanga people means that he will not be there for the birthday bash in Masvingo. We do not want to see you there please!!!!!!!!!!!!

KingZaka|| - 16 February 2016

Cde..enough is enough.....Grace should be disciplined. No one is above the law rather......Ngwena should fight tooth and nail. Grace is not supposed to be in politics rather concentrate on charity work as the first lady. Why making a confusion in the once vibrant ZANU PF? Asi ZANU PF is full of idiots like the likes of Grace or she is taking advantage of his husband's senility. Of course Uncle Bob is old but how can he leave his wife throwing tantrums to old and respected cadres of the ruling party just like that. Uncle has a hand behind all the tantrums. Its un acceptable for a young lady like this typist to behave like that in front of respected cdes like our own Crocodile. No Ngwena should take drastic measures on this tomfoolery behaviour. Even, own war -vets are disturbed on this move. Aiwa......Ngwena can't be disrespected just like that. Kana kunzi kupondana....let's fight these donkeys and coach-roaches. Where those accidents cdes and friends? Where are those incidents when our cdes and die while taking a shower in the morning? Where are those stories where we could here that a certain cde died all because she/he wanted to avoid a "Black Dog"...Ok we are busy planning to revive our system......Grace should just watch out. The same old stories of plotting to kill Robert since Smith, Sithole, Muzorewa, Tekere, Banana, Mujuru and all those and now its Ngwena....aah vakomana. The same style of divide and rule tactic yaUncle Bob is being used.....No this time we are all saying Nada Abrigado to Grace..rather we can also play games for the first lady. You think kuti takapusa here? Ngwena will never be defeated while we are watching rather to go back to war or start our cold war in the system. Pasi naGrace......the typist. Time is coming and we can see it ...last kicks of a dying horse......Isu ndisu ticha vota....pasi naGrace ne G40 yake.....and pamberi naLacoste.....Mwana wevhu ini

Clemence Tashaya - 16 February 2016

I think vhiora adzoka aakunzilacoste prince! yeah the game have twists and turns and i find it hard to tell who will bite thedust n the end.

SaManyika Chaiye - 16 February 2016

Rex.Gukurahundi. Chatunga..Joyce...Lookout Masuku

jomo - 16 February 2016

Rex.Gukurahundi. Chatunga..Joyce...Lookout Masuku

jomo - 16 February 2016

M<unotosemesa mhani . Ndiani akakuudzai kuti kamudhara kedu kamuZezuru. Mubrandya ndo waungati muZezuru. Usatambe nerudzi rwedu uchidaro . It is is only Malawiana who are poer hungry like our old man. Banda died at the age of 92 still wanting to rule . Vanoromba vanhu ava so they think that that they are the only ones who can rule the coutry

Zvipiwo - 16 February 2016

Ngwena is nt the 1to resign.At early 70s ,a war hero,a lawyer,an experienced man,one who hs been holding fort while the other 2 holidaying n following grace anywhr.mnangagwa is the real deal.he is the 1to take zanu to 2018.thats why we ,the democrates in zanu ,the war heroes ,want to wuickly turn this economy around in time for 2018.we r being disrupted by pickpockets like the g40.yu all shuld remember its ngwena who jolted the chinese president to come n ink those promises.he went to china ,came back n reported to yu citizens that he had to tell the chinese to get it on or ship out.ngwena told the chinese to honour up to their promises or get out.he even told them he is not shy to go back to the west if china dont perform on promises.yu know wht fellow citizens,the chinese then quickly sent their leader who then promised ngwena those deals.reviving a dead economy is very diferent from being 1st lady.its a tough requires tough men wth hearts of honour,those that wont walk away from any fight.I promise yu ,I speak wth conviction ,yoVP is not gonna walk away.40 yrs of the struggle,faced the hangman,fought smith to the end,and yu think he can walk away from 4 stoogies,4 prisoners,4 sellouts,4 thieves and 4comic book acters.only fools and good for nothing followers cn envisage anything good frm these 4 prisoners.

viola gwena - 16 February 2016

Heeey.viola Is backwth a my my .I neva liked vp bt coz of sister vee,I may compromise.

fadzi - 16 February 2016

Viola said its the economy ,way back,.I think its sensible to say that r u sure ngwena will nt be another mugabe,refusing to go.?kubvunzavo

hunda - 16 February 2016

Viola if ngwena wins n becomes president ,wht is yo 1st take on the economy.will Grace be forever yo enermy to bury?

kilian - 16 February 2016

I wil only tell yu what ngwena wants,whether he will live up to it ,God only knows.Economy is his 1st priority.sterm out corruption,farming,mining,small n medium businesses and a corrupt free far as I know these are his priorities. On corruption he is facing 1small obstacle for now ,thats G40.its members are corrupt to the bone.they have aquired properties n money unfarely.they hav stolen money meant for poor citizens n built their empires.Thieves n prostitutes they are n they want form government .To make us cheap citizens.this corruption n nepotism has to be crushed totaly.

viola gwena - 16 February 2016

If lacoste war vets continue, heap praising R.G mugabe, they will leave zanu pf in pieces. Mugabe is the sole problem to the situation they find themselves in.They must stop beating the bush. They must confront him once and for all. Mutasa went mad in this DENIAL stage before moving on. A decison has already been made to have them fired and mugabe has rubber stamped it.

X-MAN IV - 16 February 2016

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mama shamim - 16 February 2016

Viola how can master of corruption fight the very thing he so upholds, that has made him fee invincible that he can commit genocide and own all gold in midlands

jomo - 16 February 2016

Mugabe is yo problem in ZANU.He can stop all this nonsense in one day,but he is allowing dirty politics that he played to Muzorewa,Chikerema, Sithole and other Godfathers of Zimbabwe revolution.

Juda - 16 February 2016

I agree with Comrades Lumberjack and his fellow War Vets that rubbishing the role of the war in the Liberation of our country is a negation of the entire struggle, that the G40 and its leaders were fanning tribalism at the Chiweshe Rally, that the struggle to liberate all of us was not based on Tribalism and that all tribes were represented in both ZANLA and ZIPRA. I was shocked by VP Mphoko's reference to tribalism. I think Ngwena has shown leadership by maintaining his silence, Ngwena would be foolish to be moved by people fanning tribalism so openly. It is going to be war kkkk Handei tione!!

Ingram Washanda - 16 February 2016

Viola is magetsi.yes tete,jobs 25 n if lacoste cn organise jobs plse.

diva - 16 February 2016

Im interested to know ,viola how wil jobs come frm a sick economy

eddy cros - 16 February 2016

I work for zimra.viola its not our duty to create jobs.whr does zimra come in

dumbe - 16 February 2016

I saw yo comments in tday daily news. How does zimra create jobs.

dumbe - 16 February 2016

I work fo dailynews.sme 4 guys came wanting viola mobile number or wht platform she uses.I culdnt sleep.

shiga - 16 February 2016

Trying times for our cdes l am busy killing coachroaches at my house as l am writing and posting now

Clemence Tashaya - 16 February 2016

Lee - 16 February 2016

croco ngarirove pasi hapana chakaipa nekuti vanhu vanotya croco irero. better kana rikaenda pamusha paro. hatidi imwe gukurahundi.

zvirozviyedzwa - 16 February 2016

For as long as ZANU PF fools continue praise singing Mugabe Zimbabwe will never rise. The truth is Mugabe is the biggest problem in Zimbabwe . he is old n has over stayed his welcome. Call a spade a spade. these ZANU PF fools are messing us and after all they stole the victory their victory is not legitimate and as long as they are rejected by the people they won't succeed. Yes they will succeed in oppressing the people but they will never enjoy the fruits of their corruption. They will always be at war with themselves. They can't claim to be successful business people knowing very well its stollen wealth. Its like dofo rapasa nokukopa, rinongofa richiziva kuti degree raro ndere manyepo harina value, stollen titles doctor so an so and you won't even know or understand the significance of a doctorate. Svodai varume vakuru kupembedza benzi kuti vanhu vaseke hazvina kunaka. Chivi pamberi pamwari. Munoswera mucheti vatungamiri vakasarudzwa naMwari Mwari havasarudze mhondi kana vadzvanyiriri kutungamira vanhu munonyepa. Taipei mutungamiri mumwe akazodzwa naIshe mubhaibheri zvamunoti muri ma xstu. Sorry zvenyu. Nguva yaswedera. When its darkest remember dawn is breaking.

Ndugu - 16 February 2016

Chaakadya chamuka Emmerson, he orchestrated the horrendous death of Rex with the aim of staging a coup de tat on Joyce Mujuru. With the help of one by the name Constantine they hired hit man to kill 5 star General. It was part time when mai Mujuru and the so called gamatox group were humiliated in 2014. Emmerson was the initiator of Gukurahundi its public knowledge and the chief manipulator of the electoral processes in our country. There is nothing positive about the modus oparandi of this son of satan. Noone in his stable mind can fall in love with Zanu pf. All this nonsense is good News to the people of our beautiful land .Let this cult group disintegrate and die forever.We do not have time to waste criticising Grace, maybe She was sent by God to clean the house through madness.Regardless how the house was cleaned its good News to us. We care not about the bombings at Masuzo Matibili dairy factory or the fake stolen iPhone . Let confusion reign in that bulshit organisation. Who cares about Saviour's entry at Renamo headquarters, can we eat that. Ko uyuwo Mutsvangwa chiiko chaanogwauta, hauna nyaya muchinda. Kana ndimiwo zvenyu vanhu vakakwana vangatuma kamufana kaya Saul Maburutse kuti enda unouraya Sarah Mahoka. Veduwe kana munhu arwara ne mota inosvika pakuibva yoda kusvinwa. Zvino yaibva manje. Vanhu kutambura zvekusvika pakupfeka nhembe nekuda kwevanhu vanehutsinye. Vana kupepereka nepasi rose vachitiza nzara. Whether Ngwena resigns or not but the truth is Ngozi yaSolomon inoda kuripwa. Zvamakaita munozviziva hapana angakuudzai imi murimi vabati vebasa.

Chengetai Chipowera - 17 February 2016

Any sane person can not talk of Munangagwa fixing our economy and rooting out economy when we know the guy is the most corrupt having blundered diamonds from the DRC Congo when our soldiers were involved in the war in that country . He has been sitting in cabinet meetings for 36years making decisions that have made us drink sewage water and make our people migrating running away from poverty caused by Munangagwa and gang . Only mazanga can bank on their hopes this Chituta called Munangagwa but the good thing anyway he is being shunted out of zanu very soon will be out in the cold like Joice .

Diibulaanyika - 17 February 2016

Here we are facing what is potentially the worst famine ever and instead of our leaders spending their precious time and energy thinking of ways to avoid mass starvation, misery and great suffering they, all of them, in true form are squabbling with each other over who is going to lead this country. How pathetically stupid and irresponsible is this form of behaviour? How can any of us ever respect any of them ever again but especially Grace Mugabe who seems to be the root cause of all these ongoing problems. If even one of you selfish politicians has even the slightest bit of decency and integrity you will stop this nonsense and think about what measures we can take to lighten the seriousness of this pending famine? Why do you politicians only think about yourselves. Mai Grace can you ever remember when you last cooked a pot of sadza? Of course not because your meals of steak and relish are all prepared for you in lavish style in State house, so you have absolutely no idea what it is like to go to bed hungry and with empty shelves. WAKE UP YOU STUPID POLITICIANS.

White Colonial Boy - 17 February 2016

Remember this reptile is not from the Zimbabwean water bodies. Its from Zambia only that it swam through the Zambezi river across into Zimbabwe. Munangagwa is Zambian period,to say hee ndiri shumba murambwa, that's fake. Karangas has the right to rule Zimbabwe like any other tribe but Munangagwa kwete taramba. I foe one am Karanga but I reject that foreigner to take over from another over the border bulshit Matibili from Malawi.

Saul Maburutse - 17 February 2016

Chickens are coming home to roost

Makwiramiti - 17 February 2016

Chickens are coming home to roost

Makwiramiti - 17 February 2016

Viola if what yu r saying is true on ngwena s economic insight,why did he not do that,35 yrs in government.good ideas yes bt ha he got the stomach for changes.

bob - 17 February 2016

When God intervenes you see wonders.Did you ever think that these brothers would be fighting each other like this?They stuck together when they were killing,rigging elections,and doing all sorts of rot to the beautiful country.Now each day goes with their own fights.What are they fighting for?All the energies are spent on fighting each other rather than fixing issues about the economy.We all witnessed what our men in the MDC did during the unity government.Soon after the GNU these people stole elections and the country went down.They cannot accept this.They will only wait to be booted out of government then they will start to say they were not part of the rot.Lets not be fooled by these tired politicians.They are just here to steal and fatten their pockets while the majority suffer.The only people capable of saving us from this mess are MDC,they once did in 2009 when the country went down and they revived it to where we are now.We are currently spending the left over monies from Tsvangirai's efforts.Do not think there are any other people capable.Proper Governance calls for sane people and diplomatic leaders not people who continuously shout hate speeches,kill and make people disappear.The is no any kind of magic in governance but good policies asking for help from the Almighty God.Do not think of any wonder leaders from out there,we have them.Tsvangirai and team are there for us and the international community have confidence in them and we can prosper with such leadership.Do not think so and so who has spent over 30 years stealing our resources will do anything better.Look up to Tsvangirai and team.

midlands patriot - 17 February 2016

Please Zimbabweans do not tire on prayers.God loves our nation so much.Lets keep on praying for this country.Its the only way we can reach our goals.Do not be fooled,its only God who has the power to make things work for us.Infact He is doing so now.All these squabbles are a result of our prayers.They will keep hurting each other until they cant hold themselves together.Keep up with your your prayers and we will reach Canaan.This is how God works.Only Gods way.the walls in Jericho fell because of God's ways.The Red sea was penetrable coz of God's power.This is how God saves his people,not only by war but sometimes by people fighting themselves thereby weakening themselves.We do not fight with blood and the flesh but the spirit of God.Lets all pray hard for our country and God definitely answers.Do not think of war magic or uprisings but keep on praying for the country.Our God listens and He cares for all of us and He will surely save us.Its a pity families are breaking because spouses are made to go to far away places to seek employment yet our country has vast resources to see us through to prosperity but the selfish people have destroyed all that.All hope in our civil service has been disabled.Our hardworking teachers are demoralized and they cannot turn around our education system.BUT HEY,DO NOT DISPARE GOD THE ALMIGHTY IS THERE FOR US.KEEP ON PRAYING HARD FOR US TO MAKE IT COME 2018.HE IS THE ANSWER AND OUR ONLY HOPE.

midlands patriot - 17 February 2016

ana mutsvangwa zvipiko ma war vet eku joaina aya tibvireipo kugumurwa kwamakaita kwakukurwadzai ka ekuzvino makungo zhamba uri mbiti yemunhu, lacoste ngatonyarara hake cz corruption kudya kwake nana muda pa mbizo apa mbwaaaaa dzevanhu

mukanya - 17 February 2016

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