Mnangagwa might resign

HARARE - Embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, crumpling under the intense political pressure that is being exerted on him and his close allies by his determined Zanu PF foes, is apparently seriously mulling quitting both his party and government positions.

Well-placed sources close to the Midlands godfather told the Daily News yesterday that, as was first reported exclusively by our sister paper the Daily News on Sunday at the weekend, the 74-year-old VP was “anxious about his position and future” in the wake of the brutal public skinning that he received from powerful First Lady Grace Mugabe on Friday.

“Lacoste (Mnangagwa) is a pragmatist and he knows that things are not looking good for him and those who support him.

“I understand that he is seriously thinking of stepping down, if that will heal the party which has been at war with itself for a long time,” one of the sources said.

But another insider who confirmed that “resignation is an option on the table” for Mnangagwa, said it was clear that “his enemies the G40 (Zanu PF’s Young Turks known as the Generation 40 group)” would crank up their assault on him now that he “is wounded”.

“You know his enemies the G40, they are not going to stop here, as they now clearly want to finish him off. By resigning of his own accord, Ngwena (Mnangagwa) will therefore avert further humiliation and the clubbing to death of his friends,” the second source, a senior party official, said.

The Daily News on Sunday reported exclusively yesterday that senior members of the VP’s faction were debating what the best response to the stunning developments of the past week would be: whether to fight back harder or make a strategic retreat.

“It has not been an easy time, with some saying he should escalate the fight, and others of the view that the best way forward is to make a strategic retreat to allow the team to assess the situation properly, calm emotions all round and gather strength.

“Some comrades have even been suggesting that perhaps he (Mnangagwa) should consider handing in his resignation from both his party and government positions seeing that he is no longer enjoying the full support of his principal.

“On the other hand, others are saying that such action is unnecessary and that it risks inflaming the situation even more, as it would create the impression that he is too emotional and in effect declaring war,” one of the sources told the paper which together with the Daily News has been reporting accurately and consistently over the past five years on Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession wars.

Those who wanted Mnangagwa to quit were apparently pointing to mooted plans this week by the influential Zanu PF women’s league to ratchet up their demands on President Robert Mugabe to appoint a woman as one of his two deputies — a move that is said to be targeted at the beleaguered VP.

Ever since his appointment as VP, following the ruthless purging of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies from the ruling party in 2014, Mnangagwa has, figuratively speaking, been riding on the back of a hungry hyena — with his party foes taking frequent pot shots at him and his offices being broken into on several occasions, as the war to succeed Mugabe has escalated.

But other sources close to the VP who spoke to the Daily News yesterday claimed that Mugabe was not “enthusiastic” about the idea of Mnangagwa quitting his party and government positions —claims that could not be independently verified.

“He (Mnangagwa) is helpless at the moment and what he can probably do is wait and see what happens next, as Mai Mujuru did.

“However, it is as obvious as it was with Mai Mujuru’s case that Grace has the blessings of her husband because you do not have your deputy as president being humiliated and bruised like that without your permission,” the head of the Southern African Political and Economic Series (Sapes) Trust think-tank, Ibbo Mandaza said.

But University of Kent academic, Alex Magaisa, said Mnangagwa was not “easily disposable” because he had been close to Mugabe for a long time in a way that Mujuru never was.

“He has been with Mugabe for more than 40 years, with close roles in security-related matters. He has played an integral role in Zanu PF’s electoral successes, by means both fair and foul.

“For years he chaired the powerful Joint Operations Command (JOC). He is a man who knows a lot, perhaps too much. Can they get rid of him just like that?” Magaisa asked rhetorically.

Professor of world politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London Stephen Chan concurred with Magaisa’s view saying, “I don’t think Zanu PF can afford to lose both Mujuru and Mnangagwa.

“I think that he will remain in his post but, obviously, a campaign of destabilisation is under way”.

Southern Africa senior consultant at international conflict prevention organisation, the International Crisis Group — Piers Pigou — said it was difficult to know whether there were serious efforts to remove Mnangagwa from power.

Meanwhile, the Daily News on Sunday also reported yesterday that there was palpable fear within the VP’s faction, as the G40 were allegedly moving to rid “the entire system” of any trace of Mnangagwa’s key allies, followers and sympathisers.

“We understand that widespread purges affecting the party, the Cabinet, the security sector, the civil service and even State media are in the offing, which has sent many people into panic mode. The next few weeks will be crucial in terms of deciding what happens going forward,” a source said.

This followed ominous accusations levelled against Mnangagwa — once seen as a shoe-in to succeed Mugabe — by Grace at a rally in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central, on Friday.

In her thinly-disguised attack on the embattled VP, the First Lady not only accused him of deception, fake love for the First Family and working feverishly to topple Mugabe from power, but also pointedly said he would not succeed the soon-to-be 92-year-old.

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KKKKKKK 5days ago i said Munangagwa is facing the barrel of the gun and will be put down kkkkkkkkkkk NOW hini lo kkkkkkkk yaa Never take Chituta for a leader the cold blooded creature whose power thrives in water is now being put down and the jackals will have feast more water mushe toko .

Diibulaanyika - 15 February 2016

Yes, Mnangagwa should rather resign than keep enduring these attempts on his life, death threats and general insults. I know the first lady is not a military person, so I forgive her for thinking Mnangagwa can carry out such an amateurish bombing attempt on Gushungo Dairies. She always says she is Christian, but I believe she should substantiate her claims first, rather than risk telling a lie before God. Still, people should understand that she is front in a project driven by people with hatred for Zanu PF. That has always been so, even during the anti-Mujuru hate speeches. If Mujuru tried to kill our President, if Mnangagwa tried to kill Grace's son, why are these two suspects not in court, facing these serious allegations? If hate soeeches go too far, they risk being exposed as lies, because I don't understand why the Zimbabwe security system is not pouncing on Mujuru and Mnangagwa to answer these allegations. You don't need to lie in order to oust someone from a political position. If the President can dismiss a vice-president, both in the party and in government. All this hate isn't necessary.

machakachaka - 15 February 2016

Ngwena, you were there when the ari ben menashe plot was hatched for tsvangirai.You were there when they killed Tonderai Ndira and others.With the "enemy" camp almost finished,you went ahead to eat one of your own,JOICE MUJURU. Shumba ikashaya nyama inodya vana vayo.Now its your turn to be devoured, mr ngwena.Tsoko inotapirigwa kunyenga gudo kana yave iyo yoti kwangu kudiki...nzou iri kungopfuura muchingogwauta.ZANU PF haisi yokudada nayo.It is a cannibal organisation.WE WELCOME U NGWENA OUTSIDE ZANU PF.We know it will be cold for u...... isu takajaira kare....VanaMatonga vakakumirira kuZPF.....hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lastlaugh - 15 February 2016

Ngwena, you were there when the ari ben menashe plot was hatched for tsvangirai.You were there when they killed Tonderai Ndira and others.With the "enemy" camp almost finished,you went ahead to eat one of your own,JOICE MUJURU. Shumba ikashaya nyama inodya vana vayo.Now its your turn to be devoured, mr ngwena.Tsoko inotapirigwa kunyenga gudo kana yave iyo yoti kwangu kudiki...nzou iri kungopfuura muchingogwauta.ZANU PF haisi yokudada nayo.It is a cannibal organisation.WE WELCOME U NGWENA OUTSIDE ZANU PF.We know it will be cold for u...... isu takajaira kare....VanaMatonga vakakumirira kuZPF.....hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lastlaugh - 15 February 2016

EDM best route of staying in ZANU PF and maintaining his respect is to resign. It allows for him to give a false impression that he does not harbour immediate Presidential ambitions which we all know he has and believes NOONE else but him is most suitable and qualified for the post , by virtue of being Bobs runner for 3 decades. Resignation pacifies G40 and Grace and he can be recalled at any time when the centre doesnt hold no more. In a way EDM resignation would be the best gift he can ever give to Zimbabweans after all those years of handiwork in the killings of opposition activist ,rigged elections , gukurahundi . Do this for Zimbabweans and enjoy all the illgotten wealth Enda kwa ma gobo kwawakatora farm rimwe recently.

Patriot - 15 February 2016

Cdes. Grace is a really disgrace in the ZANU PF politics. How can such a hotchpotch come from a young lady like Grace...the typist. The husband is really insane. She is busy looting our state resources in the name of Amai what what? That's utter rubbish. How can he insult vanhu vakaita saMgwena just like that? Zimbabwe yawora to an extend yekuti mukadzi wa old President is now in charge of the country. Mai wee! Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs. Cde Ngwena.....please if you decide to resign please do so honourably in order for you to relax and leave ZANU PF nemapenzi ayo. Mwana wanezuro chaiye challenging Ngwena iwe Grace. Hondo chaiyo wakaiona here Grace? Ngwena has been with you old and now senile husband in the stuggle...Ngwena has been with Sally Mugabe and where were you when others were busy fighting for the independence of Zimbabwe. Where are the so-called War Veterans in this fight? Where is Uncle Bob when he can let the dogs out for Ngwena? Vakomana.....ZANU PF yawora zvemazvokwadi. Letting a little known MP from Karoi haranguing the VP in front of vana vanezuro.....kwete...apa Ngwena should just act kwete kudhererwa navacheche kudai isu tichiona........This has gone far now and l think we need to fight back because these useless coach roaches are taking advantage that Uncle Bob is now old and senile. Enough is enough for us who support the Crocodile. Don't worry Ngwena it now time to tell and show them the naked truth.........Usadhererwe ne maskirt awo hapa zvirimo........We are behind you Cde Crocodile.

Clemence Tashaya - 15 February 2016

Viola where are you updates please

Tino - 15 February 2016

@ clemence true he needs to fight what is he waiting for...Bob haasisina kubatana mubrain and no longer aware of the situation half the time he is sleeping anyways....where are his army supporters ngavaridzirare pave respect

Nhai - 15 February 2016

the president was in detention for 10yrs from 1965 to 1975,mr tashaya how then you claim EDM was at his side?we the victims of ghukurahundi keenly await lacoste to answer for his deeds

truth - 15 February 2016

Oh my goodness what a total stuff up, hey? I don't think anyone other than perhaps that Professor J. Moyo,, a United States of America university graduate, is feeling secure right now? Professor Moyo, the man with the sweetest of tongues and all the right answers, the one who has jumped ship many times and whose proven loyalty is to but one person: himself? All that empty rhetoric about the heroes of the liberation war and all those who contributed and served - not even they are safe anymore? I have nothing against Mai Grace, all I know is that she has made some fierce enemies. Let us pray for our country. Now that this is over hopefully our politicians will face an even more important critical situation: the looming famine.

Phukit - 15 February 2016

Hamba, hany'a naani chidhoma chekwaChivi, rega tiite zvedu cash isu. Ndezveikoko'd=196734

Ziggy Zigawo - 15 February 2016

Garwe kkkkkkkkk ngwena yazosangana ne ............ heyoo yotiza mudhamu yonogara murukova , pakaipa .Hee ndakabhomba chitima hee ndaivapo Gukurahundi richiitwa,hee e takauraya vanhu vaMDC muna 2008 june heee e Tsvangirai takachidashura ,hee e mai Mujuru walk over ,chiuyayi kwedu takakumirirai ,motanga manonyoresa mazita enyu kuna va Kudakwashe Bhasikiti,mozono vetewa navaMavhaire ,whish you good luck but its cold out here kkkk isu tatojaira muchajairawo

peacemaker zano - 15 February 2016

Hello EM, welcome to the world of real politics,1st or second VP of Zimbabwe, Chair of JOC, Ngwena, Lacoste, Gandanga guru, Bomber of a goods train or whatever, C10 hombe, participant in comes DisGrace, energetic, say it as it is type of a bitch, wife of a president, political novice...she took on Mujuru and now Ngwena. Hate her or like her she has made an impact (negative or positive) to the politics of Zim. Well done Grace, finish them all. Go for Oppar, who is surprisingly quiet these days, and then Chimene, and then Chiwenga, Chihuri and the whole bunch, go for them...and then for Prof and the gang then it will be Amen, Jehovah ndiregerereiwo!!!!!

gamuchirayi - 15 February 2016

Decimation of whole generation of Magandanga is best gift for Zimbabwe. These guys never respected us during and after the war. They have tortured us for almost 4 decades and only thing left is for them to declare their OWN children heirs to the throne. Moyo is our Savour by god's Grace; and apa ndapika naPatrick. Our next leader is Mr Zim Billionnaire. Morgan will be declared Father Democratic Zimbabwe and forget about Mujuru and Ngwena because these guys will NEVER change their ways!

Save - 15 February 2016

ndowhira vhiora ngoni chisikana chiya cheman'a anopinda ZW$. achiya chine zino rimwe rinosara panze kana chapfiga muromo. regai zvibayane!

SaManyika Chaiye - 15 February 2016

hanzi zanu i zhou inongofamba ichingofamba, imbwa dzichingohukuru iyo Zhou ichingofamba kkkkk.

misty - 15 February 2016

The truth is that Gushungo does not like and trust Ngwena but only that Ngwena used to bulldoze through opportune and honey political avenues. These two guys are big enemies and what is happening is the real face of politics. Magaisa and Pigou are wrong in their analysis. Don't judge political effect with history of friendship, that's nonsense. Baba vakaramba wani mwana wavo wavakabereka, kwakuzotaura zveushamwari izvi that can end at any time despite historical link. Gushungo does love Ngwena and can dump him at any time, full stop.

dhurun'aru - 15 February 2016

No one should resign, this is an interesting drama that's destroying zanu so it's all good but i foresee real trouble, richadeuka chete.

misty - 15 February 2016

No one should resign, this is an interesting drama that's destroying zanu so it's all good but i foresee real trouble, richadeuka chete.

misty - 15 February 2016

Cde Dhakisi is no more . I should think this is the time for our Security forces to take charge of the country . ZANU PF centre no longer holds . The old man is giving up that is why power is now sweet to madam Gire Dr Fake. Things are out of hand . For sure little kids like like Tyson , musoro bhangu and Mozambican taking charge of thwe country. this is why Dube stole USD61m from PSMAS.

Dhakisi - 15 February 2016

In all fairness Grace is doing just fine . Can you imagine Zimbabwe without War vets , Ngwena and the rouge Army? ED should just resign and leave the country . He is behind all the mess Zimbabwe is today. Gire and the G40 cabal should continue the good job they are doing. I love it kkkk. If he refuses to go push him out. He is not electable - it seems no one likes this man .

Stalker - 15 February 2016

@stalker can you imagine a zimbabwe without Grace Muabe. race is not doing this for the good of the people but for her to retain power , then eventually it becomes a dynasty so given the 2 evils had rather go with the reformist, Grace zero IQ a dictator

#Gracemustfall - 15 February 2016

we are paving way for Robert Junior

daniso - 15 February 2016

Dnt be too excited,g40.its cming rite at afraid,be very afraid.yo last kicks.check yo rentals in south if yo homes r

viola gwena - 15 February 2016

Gire, Gire Gireeeeeh!!!

mwana wangu bellarmine - 15 February 2016

Chatsva.who has real power?In zanu n army n government?Vakomana.tinoramba tichienda.kuchembera hakuna anoramba.tirimudariro.

viola gwena - 15 February 2016


viola gwena - 15 February 2016

@Viola. Fear and intimidation wont work no more. Usatyisidzire. Millions of jobless G40 in the streest are waiting for just an opportunity to express our anger and disgust with the leadership, Comrade Dhakisi should just resign and allow Zanu PF to reoarganise and choose an electable leader who appeals to all membership.

Patriot - 15 February 2016

The work of Jonathamn Moyo, a sell-out who returned to Rhodesia na Sithole to be a "sikuzi apo / ndanga militia . The history is there and we are completing the research. He was campaigning for sithole in Zimbabwe-rhodesia 91978-1980) before going to USA only after the 1980 whitewash - ask him and let him tweet his response and we are waiting with more evidence!

Edmore moto Shumba , Gweru - 15 February 2016

Love it, love it, love it. May ZanuPF die in the name of the Mugabe Family Dynasty and then may the Dynasty itself die. These clinging Klingons don't have much to boast about. Grace, Bob and Junior will never have much joy about seeing their likeness on a coin or banknote as ZanuPF currency will always always be the object of derision, ZanuPF/disGrace have the midas touch of sorts everything they touch turns to dung.

Nooshie - 15 February 2016

Your Excellency, Comrade President Robert Mugabe, aren't you ashamed of the state of your nation today? All the squabbles, infighting and instability? Blaming us white Rhodies just will not resonate anymore with the povo because they all know that the state we find ourselves now in is all your fault and nobody else's. You, like most other African leaders are total failures causing hundreds of thousands of Africans to take to the sea and try and seek better fortunes on European turf if they don't drown on the way? If your old memory serves you correctly you will remember that us Rhodesians had not just a few targeted sanctions against us but international sanctions heaped against us yet not only did we survive but we had a healthy bank balance? Why don't you have the courage to admit that you are useless and have failed the nation spectacularly? Live in your dream world Mr President but soon we will meet mudenga where we will all be judged not by your politburo but by God himself, a fair and honest judge. You are a disgrace Cde President Robert. You really are.

White Colonial Boy - 15 February 2016

I don't support Mai neither do i sympathise with her, am sure it will be misplaced priorities to select anyone from the bunch of ousted and to be ousted crew, they don't have anything to offer to the nation, since they have a farm each ,let them go and farm and lead by examples as they always used to encourage farmers over the the phone now you will be fore front. Hamba uyelima

Just-In - 15 February 2016

Our Midlands leader will stand the test and pass it with flying colours. Mnangagwa will be Zimbabwe;s next president.

Zishavane - 15 February 2016

Gracemustfall@ Yes that is factored already . Grace and her G40 will be easy to deal with. Let Gire do the dirty work whilst Mugabe is still alive. Once they finish the job then Grace will be dalt with, She has created many enemies for herself and I am pretty sure someone is just waiting for the right moment to deal with Gire.

Stalker - 15 February 2016

He better not resign. Unlike Mujuru he has no connection with the people being aloof and brutal as he has been and so outside Zanu PF he is just a Dhakisi out of water. But Grace is going for him and he knows that. Lets wait for the next rally.

Inyika - 15 February 2016

Resignation would be a powerful & smart way to win some admiration & sympathy, esp from opposition circles, yet, unfortunately, that is not how he got to the top anyway. He will hang in there until he is humiliated @ congress as usual. Va Mnangagwa siyayi ngoma dzicharira wee.

Sandile - 15 February 2016

By 2030 there might be no zanu pf at all. The problematic issue with zanu pf is that its too dirty in there. The set up, and culture makes it impossible for any person to question authority. Its Mafia stereo, type. One life span. Hope lacoste will take election briefcase results with him and leave G40 vulnarable. Zanu pf is dying a spectacular natural death..

X-MAN IV - 15 February 2016

regai dzitungane dzemudanga rimwe .dzichapoya chete.tarisai muone muchaona zvakawanda

enda - 15 February 2016

Munha-ngagwa Remember the accident, the cyanide incidence, the stone through the roof of your office and the several break ins, we no more investigations, but again who sanctioned the killing of Mujuru....where is Chiwenga, where is Sekeramayi, madoda batai Moogabe ....bail us out of this suffering baMnangagwa, and be a hero of Zimbabweans, nd change your fate in our hearts, you have the means...and the power...

Msuuuunuuu - 15 February 2016

Lets' get rid of this whole damn lot of big-mouthed, self important idiots, and create a transitional authority of respected leaders to move the country forward.

david taylor - 15 February 2016

Remember the arms cache you planted near zipra forces farms Munangagwa so that you could justify gukurahundi now chilikwayiwe bambo hey Better join MDC as an ordinary card carrying member so that you can have some peace of mind . guqula izenzo Hoza Morgan hamba Munangagwa cheeeeeeeeeeesa mpaaaaaamaaa!!!!!! .

Diibulaanyika - 16 February 2016

G40 days r numbered,less than10 days.usatambe ne ngwena.pinda nesu mudariro,dnt run to anyone.we hav no respect or traitors.we dnt fear traitors neva mind the position.traitors r best described n known by the attack a sitting vp wth maliciouse injuriouse lies is treasn.prison is the best place for perpetraters ,of such remains to be seen why tomana ws arrested .flimsy reasns.Three stoogies taking advantage of our old president n an unschooled 1st lady.she doesnt knows admittedly.if it was real 1 st lady Amai SALLY ,she wuldnt listern to crap from this trio.

viola gwena - 16 February 2016

Mukasatizira kuaamai muchawana mukaka wapera!! Kwaaaaa! Ini zvangu ziiiiiii!

ZULU ZULU - 16 February 2016

Zimbabwe has become a disgrace nationally, regionally and internationally. "The nations (Zimbabwe) have sunk down in the pit which they have made. In the net which they hid their own foot is caught. The Lord is known by the judgment He executes. The wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Psalm 9V15-16 ZPF ought to know that Zimbabwe belongs to God and NOT to them. And they will be called to account for the way they have stewarded this nation. It is a disgrace and their on going antics are a disgrace. They should all resign in shame and call free and fair elections. That would honour God.

TruthBTold - 16 February 2016

Evil begets evil, a hyena will never give birth to a sheep. The blood of thousands of people who have died directly or indirectly because of Ngwena shall not go in vain. Remember the mysterious deaths and car accidents, Rashiwe Gusha, Lookout Masuku, Tonderayi Ndira etc including the bones scattered in shaft mines all over Matebeleland... The biggest mistake was to kill Rex Nhongo, that made all war veterans vulnerable! Mugabe said it all- the politics leads the gun not the gun leading the politics! These so called soldiers of freedom were but just dispensable pawns in Matibili's game of thrones, his desire to emulate North Korea is crystal clear; the Heroes Acre, the 5th Brigade, the fake communism, the sanctions, the mass hunger and starvation and now the Matibili Dynasty Kim Jong Un style. Even the killing of respected Generals...the parallels between Zimbabwe and North Korea are frighteningly real! Prepare for Her Excellency Dr. Gire, holding seat for Heir apparent H.E. Chatunga!

Rasta Hero - 16 February 2016

mr VP note that there some young pple going to state house with infomation that you give them from midlands they are helping the g40 destroy yu

serp nata - 16 February 2016

The First Lady is being used by Jona and group to kill ZANU pf.Being a Doc, am wondering why she cant see this,the implications of what she says to interntional community and fabric of Zimbabwean community.Is Bob gone insane.I know the President as mean and focussed,having peoples in his heart.Why let the lady continue harming the nation.For whose benefit.Its worrying so say the least.You can not through stone at the military and war vet constituence like that.Keeping quiet senge zvavarikuita is not a good signal mr president.Dzorai mukadzi, nyika inobvira katesi so makatarisa mukafa ne high blood pressure.No one will be able to put off the fire.Kungotaurao tiri kuma terrace.

Tortis - 16 February 2016

Did you hear Dr Grace chanting MDC slogan parally yavo.Hanzi chinja maitiro.There was an emphasis on this.Gore rino.ZANU pF in MDC apa you are the first lady.Madambura nyika.The unquongerable zezuru, aa!Zimbabwe is for all people from zambezi to limpopo.

tortis - 16 February 2016

KKKKKKK imagine a pikinini Grace saying Munangagwa fosteki fotseki and the man remains with his mouth zipped in fear of Grace .This is a CHITUTA CHAICHO ISPUKUPUKU IDEKELEKE ..he is quite not bcoz of respect but bcoz he does not know how to react or what to do to defend himself just bcoz he is dander head and that is the reason why people of Kwekwe have always dumped him during election .Now What a put down kkkkkk yaa .This Chituta never realised it when break ins at his office just happened frequently . That was a hint that he was being spied on by G40 which will also kick the bucket before elections as zanu becomes more fragmented .

Diibulaanyika - 16 February 2016

Toko, how I wish they could roast your balls on burning coal. What you did to abantu bakithi hurts, in this case it is just yourself; tshana nyamazana yami. The .50c you make per fuel litre can sustain you when you run. Your deals Trek are known to everyone EDM

Jamengweni Godonga - 16 February 2016

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