G40 outwits Team Lacoste in politburo

HARARE - Determined efforts by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies at Wednesday’s marathon Zanu PF politburo meeting in Harare to bring down the Generation 40 (G40) group, that is rabidly opposed to the Midlands godfather succeeding President Robert Mugabe, came to nought.

The Daily News — which has reported accurately and consistently on the ruling party’s brutal infighting over the past five years — learnt yesterday that contrary to State media reports that the G40 had received a heavy shellacking, it was in fact Team Lacoste that left with their tails between their legs after the explosive meeting.

In addition, there were suggestions yesterday that a new wave of purgings of some of the embattled VP’s party allies is in the offing, with the political careers of War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica, among many other Mnangagwa camp storm troopers, hanging in the balance.

Team Lacoste had approached Wednesday’s politburo meeting determined to see to it that G40 members were “crushed once and for all” and that Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo in particular “would be expelled and not live to tweet another day”, as an insider linked to the Mnangagwa camp had put it.

This resolve on the part of Team Lacoste, which is in firm control of State media at the moment, had been nakedly evident over the past fortnight in the government’s unashamedly pro-Zanu PF newspapers — with Moyo a daily target of the camp’s vitriol for the sins of his alleged “frenzied tweeting”.

However, well-placed sources told the Daily News yesterday that G40-linked politburo members, in particular Moyo and the party’s national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, had allegedly “outclassed the successionists (Mnangagwa’s faction) hands down” in the meeting.

Moyo, who apparently went into the meeting “with a thick file of damning evidence against the machinations of Team Lacoste heavies” , is said to have spoken for about two hours, defending himself.

“He was the first to defend himself, putting to the fore how State media had chosen to fight in the corner of a faction in the party, while attacking other party leaders. During the two hours of his defence, he cited examples where the media, particularly The Herald, was being abused by the likes of (under fire Information permanent secretary George) Charamba,” one said.

Influential First Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, who are said to be sympathetic to the G40, apparently also showed open contempt for the Mnangagwa camp in the heated meeting, including — apparently — when Mnangagwa himself spoke querying the motives of the women’s league who had organised a demonstration to coincide with the meeting.

“Mnangagwa even went to the extent of asking if the intentions of the women’s league had been to embarrass him when he was confronted by the league’s finance secretary Sarah Mahoka earlier, who asked him to come clean on his presidential ambitions.

“This did not impress many people, although (Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe) Mumbengegwi, tried to jump to Mnangagwa’s defence, claiming that the youths who were campaigning for him were doing so without the VP’s blessing,” another source said.

On his part, Mutsvangwa apparently spoke for about one-and-half hours, accusing the G40 of disrespecting war veterans and the party’s leaders.

“Kasukuwere, who was accused by (party secretary for legal affairs, Patrick) Chinamasa of sanctioning the summary suspensions of party officials without giving them the chance to defend themselves, also came out guns blazing.

“Chinamasa cited the Mashonaland Central case of former youth leader Godfrey Tsenengamu (an avowed Mnangagwa ally) as his prime example of this, but Kasukuwere would have none of it,” the second source added.

It was after this that the party’s national disciplinary committee, which is heavily stacked with G40 members and sympathisers, was directed to deal with the issue of suspended members better by bringing accused persons before properly-constituted hearings, as opposed to the current practice of summary expulsions and suspensions.

Reacting to factional and misleading State media reports yesterday to the effect that the politburo had only taken a dim view to the abuse of social media by members, Moyo said pointedly that this was untrue.

In postings on his Twitter account, he revealed that the politburo meeting had not focused on social media only, but the abuse of mainstream media as well, especially The Herald.

“Rega vaite. Very happy with how PB (politburo) meeting went. Going foward, actions will speak louder than words. Handei tione! (bring it on!) It was agreed after brutal debate that internal fights should not be taken to the press, including twitter & Herald!

“Yes & public fora includes @HeraldZimbabwe. Use of that paper to abuse party members had just gone way too far! Who cares about selective or self-righteous outrage. We are not children. We know what was said & why. Handei tione!

“@HeraldZimbabwe’s self-serving headline is not even supported by their own story. The Herald was discussed big time!” the technology-savvy Moyo tweeted.

One of his followers, a Mathew Dera, asked if the Tsholotsho North legislator would continue using social media, saying, “But certainly no more ‘crocodiles’ or burgers from dead crocos this time around, only Stem maybe otherwise you go herd cattle”.

In response Moyo said, “If people who are not PB members get funny in the Press, we shall deal with them here. Make no mistake about it!” he said in a retort that was believed to have been directed at Charamba.

Another one of his followers, a Tatenda Mashanda said, “Anyone who tries to prohibit use of social media is living in 12th Century mentality,” to which Moyo responded, “Nobody will ever do that. So don’t worry. Be happy!”.

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Will make our own decision after we hear the other side , you are always try to boost the G40, why would moyo speak for 2 hrs if the first lady sympathises with her there will be no need for that...Tichanzwa Viola ndiye aneyese kwete zvenyu zvekunyeba izvo

Nesu - 12 February 2016

"The Daily News — which has reported accurately and consistently on the ruling party's brutal infighting over the past five years ..." This sound so Herald-like and is has bias written all over it.

X - 12 February 2016

That meeting was another waste of time. More than half the time was spent people speaking useless things to do with factions. More serious issues like the economy, unemployment, power shortages etc were not given any time. It shows that Zanu PF is all about itself not for the people as they claim.

Inyika - 12 February 2016

Viola we now need you big time whats going on. To be honest am so sick of this bitch Gire...whynot just fire Ngwena pane kutiitira noise day in day out...ndinotaura chokwadi this ndinotaura chokwadi that shut up amd die already

Noku - 12 February 2016

We used to respect your paper Mr Editor but your recent editorial policy has taken a factional leaning. Why is it that the so called G40 is made up of people with question war credentials whereas the other faction consists of tried and tested veterans of the struggle the likes of Sekeramayi , Mutsvangwa ,Chihuri Chiwengaq only but to mention a few. The problem is the Presdident who has outlived his relevance and is now being misled by an overambitious wife who is also misled by a vengeful professor who is on record saying he wants to destroy the party from within. Play your watchdog role well . Do not be biased.

Aluta continua - 12 February 2016

Even though I have very little sympathy for Team L, I however agree with most of the comments- the daily news is now one sided . It's more orofeesional to give a balanced report and stop behaving like the herald. Mnangagwa can not be blamed for planning to hit back hard. Propaganda can never be factual. He should actually step up the game and expose Gire. I am sure they have something dirty about her. Why not use it now and finish her once And for all. Hit the snake by the head . This Mahoka was very disrespectful to a senior party member like Ngewana . I wonder if she is married. Secretary of finance should not behave like a drunkard bitch.

Be warned - 12 February 2016

Make no mistake, it is very too late to fire Ngwena. The scales covering the crocodile have now grown bigger, wider and thicker such that it is impossible to do the Joice Mujuru Nyungururwi folk tale. The person who is having sleepless nights about this everyday is Mugabe. Apparently he now intends to leave power to his wife anyhow. Something that a good number of influential people in Zanu distaste, including 'the commanders' as revealed by Charamba. The rallies that Grace intends to rove around shouting are of very little help as the people opposed to her are senior leadership. This leaves Mugabe very unsure of the safety of his family business acquisitions in the event that he anyhow leaves power. Jonathan, as bright as he is, correctly read Mugabe's intentions and chose to be on the side with Grace. But unfortunately their attempt to push the crocodile out of water will come to naught.

Danai Pazvagozha - 12 February 2016

@ Be warned Totally agree with how can a someone walk in an ambush like that without team Ngwena knowing, The problem with team Ngwena they are guillable to Mugabe's cunningness ..they crave for Mugabe's attention like kids, one lie from Mugabe they are ok with it. I am Ngwena's big supporter but getting frustrated by it all. Now Gire is campaingning while they oppress Ngwena next thing they boot him out with nothing , why can not he break away and start campaigning he is running out of time

Agreed - 12 February 2016

@ Danai i was one of the people who believed those stories, but i think Ngwena is now at a disadvantage , how can he be humiliated like that and his backers not coming to his aid. Last year he endured relentless attacks from Moyo and where are his backers they need to come out now before its too late ...Why is Grace being allowed to abuse him like this ...we are so sick and tired of waitin , For the humiliation yesterday was the last straw please please some one do something or break away so that we can start caampaigning beofre its too late.

Agreed - 12 February 2016

Mugabe interfers each time Ngwena team has an upper hand with some spit and shine stupid speeches and hacks away victory from Ngwena's jaws...When are these the so called backers of ngwena going to come out , am so angry with how Ngwena was ambushed and Ngwena endures it all and Ngwena's supporters still sit on the fence . I doubt very much if he has any supporters at all.

Agrees - 12 February 2016

Read viola coment on page mnangagwa under siege.difrnt story,mo credible thn this frm dailynews

hunda - 12 February 2016

Its under Pressure mounts on mnangagwa.sure its mo credible..

sleek - 12 February 2016

The President is going to allow G40 to trample upon wartime heroes simply because his wife sympathizes with G40. I believe the war veterans (I don't call this group Team Lacoste) should tell the president that he is about to hand over this country to a group of people who are very unlikely to respect the objectives of the liberation struggle since the G40 group is a mixture of unscrupulous business people, females with questionable morals and outright crooks. They see their advantage, now that the president seems not willing to fight for the war veterans anymore. Forget it, Matemadanda, you and your lot are out. That is why you heard senior officers in the security forces being told in Victoria falls to shut up, when in fact they have been allowed in the past to talk politics. Ask Nyikayaramba. They are war veterans who have outlived their usefulness in Zanu pf. The summary of this matter is simply that Zanu PF was founded by the comrades, who went on to fight a fierce war in defence of the people's aspirations, but they are now being ousted from their party by a new group with personal business interests rather than national interests. Kwanzi naJonso handei tione! It's a vulgar challenge.

machakachaka - 12 February 2016

@ hunda read Viola's comment not much substance there just talking about mbuyas fro ruzevha , but the bottom line is mbuyas or no mbuyas Ngwena was ambushed and humilated and it worked, i even doubt Viola's account about details of the PB nothng much ther, what suppoters need is assurance action from people like what Charamba did , though challenged . I donot know why people are still in hiding its obvious to see where this is going and where it will end..You just hear people say province this province that but how sure are you of those provinces or they will ditch at the darkest hour.

Agreed - 12 February 2016

pliz save us from the economic mess not zanu this zanu that.surely 35yrs suffering like this???all zanu people are confused hudyire too much that's why yu support such an old leader like bob yu know if change comes mese mucha suffer god knows......

taneta - 12 February 2016

Agreed, Ngwena knows Mugabe since the 1970s. He knows Mugabe is a loves power, that he wrestled from Ndabaningi Sithole when Sithole was in jail. That is why Ngwena tean is doing what they know best, attack only those animals that dare cross the river. Otherwise remain silent under water even if there is noise near river banks. The ngwena team are silent, but working hard to resist whatever. Do you think the commanders can shout that Grace must shutup. No. But they speak it silently,or when drinking in cicles of close friends. The Ngwena strategy is best. Mugabe knows it. A dangerous enemy is the one thta remains silent as you shout your war cries. Because you never know what is up their sleevs, may be a suicide bomb.That is why Mugabe falls now and then.It is pressure from this behaviour of the crocodile.

Danai Pazvagozha - 12 February 2016

Hello again people.im waiting for clearence on parametrs on commenting on this forum. Yu see we work following guide lines.I hav to adhere to party protocole.but any one ,even the worst fool can tell yu this article was penned by moyo.he just hands over editor.the language,the usual words n meterphors are all the usual moyo.wil be back soon.

viola gwena - 12 February 2016

Maybe the journo is a straight product of moyo s students.using all moyo words,n thinking.he had a serious tough time in pb.

viola gwena - 12 February 2016

Poor @viola gwena, a demented and not so wise Zanu PF apparatchik. What have you got to say now that today Dr Amai openly came out guns blazing against Munangarwa and his Team Lacoste goons in Chiweshe? I salute Daily News for being the only newspaper that always tells us the truth, with fear or favour. Poor Munangarwa and his violas. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Moses - 12 February 2016

Sarah Mahoka's new nickname is simply not fair, ED and D for Dhakisi. Hayibo!

Chimedza Nemburungwe - 12 February 2016

Moses you are so right. Mrs Mugabe slaughtered Mnangagwa and Team Lacoste at her rally today. This @viola is either a spook or smokes some very powerful green weed. The regime is crumbling. Nomakanjani!

Khumalo - 12 February 2016

Very much impressed by the effective strategies and daizzling tactics of the forth-right young Turks.These work as a well marshalled team knowing when to attack ,how to attack,when to defend and out-flank as a team.There is currency and logic in their discourse as opposed to the other side who are stuck in the war-weary bygones.

Membathisi - 12 February 2016

Ndapakutenda Daily News, nekuti ma-sources enyu akasimba vakomana. Zvese zvamunonyora zvinoitika chete.

George - 12 February 2016

@Danai, i hear but this keeping quiet strategy was used bY Mujuru and look what happened to her. I am not saying generals should shout , but surely something can be done behind closed doors. Last year Masvingo had to stop the madness while the whoever behind the scenes are just planning and planning till when , till Ngwena is showed the door. The poor guy looks so stressed another year of harrassment over and over

Agreed - 12 February 2016

G40 has no strategies at all they flopped last year and they are using one strategy over and over. Their only advantage is Pres back up. Each time Ngwena has an upper hand the Pres steps in . G40 are floppers nothing else same startegy since 2014

Hapana - 12 February 2016

Guys tell me. I amin the dark.What did Grace say about Munangagwa. And remebmer,when Grace speaks,its Mugabe's words

Danai Pazvagozha - 12 February 2016

@Danai, Gire said bluntly that Ngwena will never succeed Sekuru. It's all over for him.

Kt - 12 February 2016

"zvataurwa nezvinodiwa naamai hazvipikiswe" That came from mugabe himself.If team lacoste does not feed now, they are finshed. G40 is fronting their person , who is currently invisible. Time is running out for everybody. Its either eat someone or get eaten.

X-MAN IV - 12 February 2016

Why dont they kill each other at the Politburo meetings. I think its the best way to deal with weevils

Ndabambi - 12 February 2016

If commanders are not happy and war vets are not happy, then Ngwena will take power through the army if the mafikizolos outclass him. Let it happen the Egypt way. Pasi na Grace. Zimbabwe is not a Mugabe dynast

ephraim - 12 February 2016

Now Gire is claiming someone wanted to kill her son. Moyo was there too and one can easily see where this is going. They want to blame everything to Ngwena even what God take naturally . I now feel pity for team Laco. They are lacking a clear strategy to counter G40 propaganda . It does not mate even if the first family is sympathetic to G40. Call a spade a spade and be ruthless . Why respecting Mugabe when he allows people to dehumanise others. Mugabe is going to appoint someone after using Ngwena to win the 2018 elections. Moyo is not that clever or complicated , he is being fed with correct information by some one and guess who? ED is accused of a lot of bad things most it never proved but he keeps quite . This is the stage where he should never trust what Mugabe tells him behind the scenes. Action speaks louder than words . He is sending his proxies to warn every body that Gire can and will be the next president. Maje that will never happen , we will not allow that to happen I even if Ngwena fails, Chimboitayi tione , time will tell.

Be Warned - 12 February 2016

Grace can go ahead and expel whoever she wants but this is her last 2 years in power , she can claim all false hoods ngaamudzinge Ngwena wacho taka mirira tired of rubbish this rubbish that ..stupid ...@ vola taurai vana Moyo is busy abusing twitter imi michingoti party protocol

Gire - 12 February 2016

I totaly agree wth viola.what did g40 achiev wth all that noise outside?nothing.self praise.so even if they r backed by 1st family then even worse.mutsvangwa stil thr in polutburo,yet they suspended him.it means he even challenged 1st lady n vp mphoko y attending polutburo.a good political analysis I wuld agree mo wth viola than this daily news story.

blaz - 12 February 2016

I thot or heard mugabe mocking mahoka eqauting her to a mad woman who was his neighba at 1tyme.I herd him wth my own ears.I wuld take viola s on this n yes also I think moyo is writing these dailynews headlines.its his typ of english

blaz - 12 February 2016

Ofcoz its moyo penning these headlines.viola is spot on.yu see team lacoste must be careful coz its realy not moyo they r fighting.its 1st family.thats why moyo is allowed to caryon twiting,after this polutburo.yu dont just walk into a snare to show yu r brave,bt check 1st.

good - 12 February 2016

Team lacoste did well n good.dont forget diplomats r watching.team lacoste must be weary of that too,besides fighting G40.mnangagwa now has mo respect in diplomatic circles far mo than moyo n g40.these guys r nobodies at international level.so lacoste may not have to take on every idiot that challenges him.

member - 12 February 2016

I agree.read mo into viola n yu will see theris sme form of diplomacy to take care of.ANC n frelimo definately wuld prefer mnangagwa than grace or g40.they also watch how team lacoste is handling the whole issue.if a mad man piks his shit n throws at yu,do yu also pik anybody s shit to hit back.no.otherwise yu both mad.for g40 to resort to rural crowd thats redising themselves to thugs.yu can have diplomatic friends like that.and still they came out wth nothing.empty handed.

chifodya - 12 February 2016

I thot grace savaged g40 mo than lacoste.she said dont think yo scuuling cn be used to insult pple,who ws she refering to,I think moyo.mugabe dealt a blow to women league on qota isue,said he chooses his vp on his own,dnt tell me what to do.I herd that.he said my presidium is barely a yr n yu want me to change,,then he eqated mahoka to a ma wman.whr is daily news geti g this from.?I turn to agree wth viola.its moyo s wrtings..

nxa - 12 February 2016

Mnangagwa is finnished.viola cn huff on bt her boss kumusha

lodza - 12 February 2016

Yu see.viola cn concentrate on zanu now n leav mdc alone.tisiye vee.dealer na moyo.bt at least yu great us.

chaka - 12 February 2016

Tete viola tell us mo about bob marley.leav this crap to idiots.yu already won on this isue.were yu going to give bob a baby if he had asked.I wuld have,even more.

mercy - 12 February 2016

Team lacoste seem more mature than the g.vp mnangagwa ws more behaved than all.he is centr of attraction n talk.everywhr its ngwena ngwena.he is geting mo popular by the day.

nancy - 12 February 2016

guys do not be tricked this is g40 vs war vets.the game is still on here are the result at 2016 stadium 15min in first half after a good move by jonso to kukuwiri who crossed sausage lips mboko then a good hearder by goodbooster gire to the far corner of the net its a gooooooo G40 1 WARVETS O.WHAT A GAME.

JIBHA - 12 February 2016

Mutsvangwa, Monica, Matemadanda booted out by War vets...Vanhu vacho kupandukirana hapana zviripo

Nesu - 12 February 2016

If anyone thinks any side won here,nt an inteligent analysis.G40 came to fire mnangagwa.Team lacoste came to fire moyo n kasukuwere.so who gt results?non.they both did not achiev any result.bt team lacoste gt more simpathisers now.they took sme diplomacy victory .g40 has to do mo than they did.mnangagwa is very safe.he has military ,vp position,most senior party members,.wth jomic on his side,its a tuff call to dislodge him.g40 hv to get rid of all army commanders 1st n deal wth central commettee structure,which is still heavily tiped in mnangagwa side.even polutburo ,in the absence of mugabe g40 wont even attend.they wil be killed.

chaka - 13 February 2016

Kasukuwere wanted to fill up hq wth women bt was let down.remember mai mujurus last pb meeting?the place was packed wth pple who pushed mugabe to fire her.bt this tyme the absence of youths n other women did kasukuwere.team lacoste pla was to stop most women from attending ,frm provinces.they succeeded,using warvets who wr dis

mulled - 13 February 2016

The mutare women did not jump on to the bus.muchinguri stil in charge thr.masvingo ws non starter.mash east refused,so did matebeles.viola was busy on this strategy.women warvets put gear up their fite.this combination of muchinguri n the violas is a seriouse task.they managed to pursuade most women not come n g40 s plan floped.

mulled - 13 February 2016

Moyo savages charamba,thr is only 2 comments thr.why so few followers on prof.n yet this one is oversubs ribed.is it bcoz of viola nt commenting on it?

nxa - 13 February 2016

She hs a following.she is quite exciting.now even rastas folow her.zanu,mdc,pf,checkmate on wht she says.

blaz - 13 February 2016

Team Lacoste has a battle this time. I can see the likes of Mutsvangwa being the first to be expelled or suspended. Team Lacoste has to regroup and think another strategy otherwise they will be decimated. Or they can form their own War Veterans First - People Last!

Inyika - 13 February 2016

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