Mandiwanzira's ZiFM caught up in Zanu PF fights

HARARE - Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday savaged commercial radio station ZiFM Stereo after the station, owned by Information Communication Techonology minister Supa Mandiwanzira, pulled out of an interview that it had granted him to discuss a government scholarship programme.

The irate Moyo suggested that political machinations were behind the station’s last-minute decision to decline to host him after it aired a controversial interview with hawkish Information permanent secretary George Charamba last week in which the presidential spokesperson roundly panned Moyo and other perceived opponents of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But ZiFM vehemently denied claims that it had banned Moyo from its station, as well as suggestions that it had been pressured by Charamba to deny him the interview opportunity, stating that the cancellation of the planned interview was due to a clash of schedules.

The ZiFM furore comes as the ruling Zanu PF’s factional and succession wars are getting nastier by the day, amid growing frustration by the party’s Young Turks known as the Generation 40 group — who are opposed to Mnangagwa — that they are being blacked out by State media and other mass media outlets linked to senior party officials.

“@ZiFMStereo plz have the decency of at least trying to sound professional in your handling of a clearly difficult political situation!”

“Truth is you ‘postponed’ the STEM program tonight under pressure from a successionist who feared the program would stray into politics!”

“Even as @ZiFMStereo knew the program was on STEM you were forced to conclude there was an elephant in the studio that you can’t handle!”

“You then decided to ‘postpone’ the program falsely citing a clash of schedules while knowing that this is not the true reason at all!

“It would have been true & professional for @ZiFMStereo to say it is unable to broadcast the program due to reasons beyond its control!” Moyo tweeted angrily yesterday.

“What is unprofessional & unacceptable is @ZiFMStereo broadcasting a defamatory interview with Charamba without giving me a right of reply!”

“When I was Minister of Information in 2015, I reprimanded @ZiFMStereo for suspending a presenter on account of a Midlands politician!

“It’s a pity @ZiFMStereo didn’t learn anything professional or useful from that ugly incident. I feel for your audiences & advertisers!” Moyo added.

Some Zanu PF insiders claimed yesterday that Mandiwanzira was allegedly a key member of the Mnangagwa faction, saying that Charamba’s interview with the radio station had been a “well-planned hatchet job” on the G40.

Efforts to get a comment from Mandiwanzira last night were not successful.


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Moyo being frozen out everywhere. But his twitter account is giving team lacoste sleepless nights. Charamba has tucked his tail between legs now

maone - 9 February 2016

He is tasting the bitterness of his own medicine. The same method he used against Mai Mujuru is being against him .Why have you suddenly changed instead we expect you to be very objective but it appears you have taken a factional bias.

Aluta Continua - 9 February 2016

@maone kana arikutombo shaya hope iye Moyo ndiye asina zororo unoti kutaurisa ndokugona here team Lacoste is now flexing its Muscles handiti Moyo aionererwa gore rese vanhu vanyerere. Now people are hitting back ochemei handiti ndiye aidenha kurumwa nechekuchera uko. Acc# can be shut down if they so wish remember service providers are all Zim based companies saka hapana kushaya hope apa ...kumupfidzisa chete

hameno - 9 February 2016

Let Jonathan Moyo taste his own Medicine. He bombed the Daily News. Ko zvawai paza Daily News uchiti kune Herald, ko chaipa chiko nhai Jonso! Gore rino uchatisurira tose

dick mboko - 9 February 2016

Zanu Pf non-events

XG - 9 February 2016


CIA - 9 February 2016

Washing their dirty linen in public these clueless ZPF politicians. Will this madness bring food on our tables and create employment for Zimbabwean citizens? We have had enough of this rubbish and it's high time the president flexed his muscle and fired these guys from their ministerial positions- i mean Jonathan Moyo, Chris Mutsvangwa, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao and George Charamba. They are hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons. Fie upon them all - have no kind words for them.

Titus - 9 February 2016

both supa and moyo are useless nonentities that is why the find themselves in the useless party zanu. supa's ascendancy to the ministerial post is just courtesy of his marriage to slut grace's sister. so are the bimhas. he is one such guy that I don't care a fig about. how did he get the money to start the station to begin with and how can he run a ministry in which he also has business interests, interesting isn't it.

josphat mugadzaweta - 9 February 2016


chepade - 9 February 2016

is that true

succeed - 9 February 2016

I have head opportunity to host Moyo in my office (as a banker) for business discussions. That man Jonathan is no ordinary person in his head. Love him or hate him, the man has intellectual prowess. He is intelligent beyond measure. And Mugabe knows it very well. Look at other dull ministers and gvt officials, they are now busy fighting against Moyo's intelligent and unprecedented STEM programme that is meant to promote science students desperately needed at Universities. The not so bright Dokora's ministry now claims that their own STEM will only come in 2017 (see today's Herald). And the Ministry has stopped all ZBC STEM adverts. A clear sign that Moyo's vision and intelligence is far above other Ministers in Mugabe's government. Cry the beloved country Zimbabwe.

Danai Pazvagozha - 9 February 2016

We all know Super never got a license to own a radio station bcoz he is professional and deserved it no but bcoz he is a member of zanu . He is not different from zbc same same .He acquired the mighty movie what happened to it collapsed and should we have a new govt that can give broadcasting licences to professional s i tell you Zifm will never last a week .

Diibulaanyika - 9 February 2016

Can johnathan meet viola here,tinzwe.zvipederane feya feya.

kilian - 9 February 2016

Yes,ngaabve kumatweeter aite take on viola .moyo is scared of viola gwena.

bob - 9 February 2016

Moyo ngaaende ku BBC.he is the one who banned he wants them back.dofo.

hunda - 9 February 2016

Mandiwanzira and ZiFM are truly pro-Mnangagwa and Charamba. in proper media ethics, ZiFM should have/ shld also grant the right Professor Moyo airwaves to respond to various pin-pointing allegations levelled against him by Charamba. It cldnt have been a one way issue. its so true that Mandiwanzira had planned this talkshow on his radio to throw nails and spanners in Prof. Moyo's pathway. However, the Prof is unstoppable.

Intelligence - 9 February 2016

Anyumwa bere nderake!! Charamba NEVER mentioned Prof Jonathan Moyo by name. He sold himself out by responding and/or commenting on Charamba's interview. if he want's, I will talk to Dr Ibbo Mandaza and ask him to organise a SAPES forum where Charamba, Mutsvangwa and Moyo can be panelists tigonzwirira zvedu.

Biggie Taapatsi - 9 February 2016

With all the sympathy that Prof Moyo has gathered over the past few weeks, he should learn to slow down and not make enemies of everyone. I thought he and Supa were actually a great team at Min of Information; I guess I was wrong.

Biggie Taapatsi - 9 February 2016

In Zimbabwe there is already a power vacuum before Mugabe is gone. As soon as Mugabe goes centrifugal forces will catapult the chaf such as Jona,Kasukukuvere and this nonentity without identity called Zhuwao, into oblivion.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 9 February 2016

Supa has been playing a low key and Prof has sucked him in. Prof is a rare breed.. Only if our country was democratic, it would be nice to have the Prof Vs Lacoste public debate or fora winner takes all..

X-MAN IV - 9 February 2016

These are the people who run our country. Through these people Zimbabwe will develop to become a first world country full of automated services, electric trains (not mahwindi); organized business (not informal tomato sellers) commercial farmers (not wood harvesters) engineers (not vendors). This will happen in 1,000years as said by Ian Smith?

gonan'anga - 10 February 2016

Now mugabe has sucessfully won - the masses hv shifted away the troubles they face in the country to focus on succession issues. Becoz of him nt passing the button he z the root of this confusion!!!! He mst swallow his pride.

Chamvari - 10 February 2016

what does lacoste , G40 mean ?

r munemo - 10 February 2016

I really do not understand it when citizens credit Jonathan Moyo for ''intelligence''. What exactly has he done? Ok talking about STEM, obviously he strayed into another ministry's domain. In fact he has copied it warts and all from other nations. Just google STEM and you will be amazed that its not his brainchild at all. Secondly, there is a scandal right now at Collages and Universities because Moyo unilaterally declared his no maths no degree policy. If he was so mathematically astute, why did he find himself in art subjects. I suppose he may not even have been good enough to study Law. Pataikura, POLAD was the most useless and loathed degree program. What i'm saying is the its proven by studies and practice that you do not need maths to pursue HR, Journalism and Media, Law, Communication, Psychology, Social Work etc. Why disadvantage thousands of our young citizens just for a certain big ego? Had I a family member directly disadvantaged, I would have challenged this policy in a court of Law. So to me Moyo is nothing but an overvalued, arrogant loudmouth.

Samaita - 10 February 2016

Samaita kkkkkkkkkk, am very sorry that you hate Maths. It has been scientifically proven that learning the thinking philosophy in Mathematics equips one with the ability to think and make informed decisions, either for life skills or even in work environment. Every human being needs Maths, not because they need to do Polad or Journalism, but for them to be better equipped to handle life no matter where they go. Maths is a thinking discipline. Other subjects can be passed by just memorising - the subjects you highlighted like law, journalism, HR. But you cannot memorise life Maths as well as life decisions. This is where Maths becomes handy. And there is a method in everything that can make sense - that's Maths – defined as the science of space facts and figures.. Some of us find Maths being a necessary diet, and hence our wallets always remain fat. I suppose that's the purpose of life. Prodeant Vaxilla in Maths

Danai Pazvagozha - 10 February 2016

Zimbabweans don't be fooled. Zanu is one all this is meant to confuse us and derail us from real issues, spending valuable time looking for news about the goings on in Zanu and forget their failures. ALL THIS IS SPEARHEARDED BY THEIR INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT HEADED BY NON OTHER THAN JONATHAN. mARK MYWORD

caution - 10 February 2016

@Danai Pazvagozha, you are certainly missing the point here. If you agree that maths is not necessary in HR, etc so why make it a pre-requisite for studying HR etc? Samaita knows what he is talking about and you don't. Jonathan Moyo, like his president, is overrated for nothing tangible except talking.

nyika ndeyedu - 10 February 2016

Ibbo dnt leav out viola gwena on the forum.she is the real deal to johna.

hunda - 10 February 2016

Im 1of those that hated ngwena bt bcoz o his silence im begining to think I culd hv been wrong.and viola is doing a good job on his image.perhaps if viola can tell us about gukurahundi,maybe its smething mising here.

titus - 10 February 2016

Viola said the stem thing ws already at ministry of higher learning bfor moyo came in.

gire - 10 February 2016

Shiri yabvuta rekeni kkkkkk. Vana Professor paitaurwa kunzi ZBC is not being fair in theie handling of political issues maiti Tsvangirai anorwara now that watambwa same staera waakuti mavara azare vhu. Mhanyaka Ku ZBC undotaure nonsense semazuva ose. By the way, I think even ZBC ikati inoda kupa vanhu ma top boxes aye edigitalisation , ndofunga Jona na Mahoso vari 2 ndovanoada, ini I'm fine ne decorder rangu remaChina

Ziggy Zigawo - 10 February 2016

Old school zimbabwe kicked off school with mental work Mathematics just to awaken human senses and shake off dust inside brains.Pre jambanja era people used to re-write mathematics until they passed it. 36 years in independence we cant be classified as disadvantaged group. High standards should be maintained in Education sector. Copy and paste + buying Phds is out of hand. If I was in government I would make people who do curios work to design, mathematical toys, for infants at Gvt expense. Mathematics must be a right and a necessity. This country is rich.It is because of mathematics Harare is jammed/stand still with traffic, Any person who is not sleeping cannot go for over 1hr without doing anything physical or thought that involves element of mathematics. The world is now a global village, it must be encouraged to have school products that can easily be up to date with the rest of the world. We dont want people who put down the phone and say I will call you next week or month end. Pamberi ne maths!!

X-MAN IV - 10 February 2016

Hate him or what I like this Prof. He is honest ,

Ngwena Munangagwa - 10 February 2016

Hate him or what I like this Prof. He is honest ,

Ngwena Munangagwa - 10 February 2016

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