Declare ambitions, Mnangagwa urged

HARARE - The Zanu PF women’s league, which is agitating for President Robert Mugabe to appoint a woman as one of his two deputies before the end of this year — in a move that could put paid to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations — is shaking things up again.

The influential league yesterday challenged Mnangagwa to “come out clean” ahead of tomorrow’s politburo meeting about his mooted ambitions to succeed Mugabe, pointing out that “too many dubious people” were going about campaigning for him openly while the VP had not made his position on the matter clear.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News, the league’s forthright national secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka, also said Mnangagwa’s failure to disassociate himself from the repeated claims that he wanted Mugabe to step down ahead of the 2018 national elections gave the impression that those campaigning for him had his blessings.

The women’s league’s latest intervention in Zanu PF’s worsening factional and succession wars comes amid claims by Mnangagwa’s party foes that the Midlands godfather has upped his “power grab” efforts since the brutal purging from the former liberation movement of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her top allies in 2014.

“He (Mnangagwa) should just state his interests like what others who have been accused of the same mooted ambitions, including the First Lady (Grace Mugabe) and VP (Phelekezela) Mphoko have done, in the interests of the party.

“Why is he quiet about it and why is he seemingly hiding behind others? Does this mean that what we hear that he wants VaMugabe to go is true? Why is he not denying that if this is not true?” Mahoka asked.

She said even Zanu PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, who had also previously been accused of seeking to stampede Mugabe out of power, had moved to clear his name by unequivocally denying the claim in public.

Mahoka added that it was “instructive” that the media had dropped Mphoko’s, Grace’s and Kasukuwere’s names as possible successors to Mugabe since the trio denied in public that they harboured presidential ambitions — at a time that Mnangagwa’s supporters were openly showing their factional colours by coming up with regalia inscribed “Team Lacoste”.

She also repeated the refrain that has been repeatedly made by the Generation 40 group, which is rabidly opposed to Mnangagwa, that since Mujuru’s ouster from the ruling party on untested allegations of plotting to remove Mugabe from power and assassinate the nonagenarian, only one faction aligned to the VP remained in Zanu PF.

“Everyone knows that in the beginning there were two factions, which you the media even wrote about. One was led by Mujuru and was in contestation for power with another one which was said to be led by the VP. And now that Mujuru is gone, only one faction is left.

“Those who talk about another faction called the G40 should help us to identify who is behind it, where it operates from and how it recruits its members. In short, as the women’s league, we want to know what sort of an animal this G40 is.

“Otherwise for us, we have only heard about one faction causing problems in the party because they want our president out,” Mahoka said.

She also savaged the leadership of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) for threatening to bar Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere from attending tomorrow’s and other future politburo meetings.

Mahoka said bluntly that the ZNLWVA’s mission was “an impossible one as they are merely an affiliate of the party which does not have that authority”.

“They are our war veterans whom we respect very much. But where do they derive their authority to bar politburo members who were appointed by the president from attending meetings?

“Kasukuwere, for example, can only be fired by the president himself upon recommendation by the Mashonaland Central provincial co-ordinating committee, not war veterans or any other affiliate organisation of the party.

“We also notice the way they (ZNLWVA’s leaders) are disrespecting party leaders that they are not guided by the party constitution. The party has rules which must be followed by everyone,” she said.

The women’s league’s sentiments come with added meaning and interest within the party as Zanu PF bigwigs are anticipating an explosive meeting when its politburo meets in Harare tomorrow, as the mindless bloodletting within the former liberation movement continues to escalate.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News’s sister paper, the Daily News on Sunday at the weekend that so high were emotions within the two major party factions that are at war that it was increasingly becoming difficult to get the two camps to “even sit in the same room”.

“It’s dog-eat-dog all the way, until one side is totally vanquished. We are all sitting on the edge of our seats as Wednesday approaches, particularly given the acrimonious exchanges of the past few weeks,” a politburo member said.

Insiders also claimed that the politburo meeting was postponed from last week to this week due to the absence of Grace, who was said to have been travelling.

On one side of the party war is a faction that is supporting Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations — referred to as Team Lacoste — and on the other, the party’s ambitious Young Turks known as the G40, who are rabidly opposed to the VP succeeding Mugabe.

Over the past few weeks, bigwigs linked to the two main party factions have been shellacking each other savagely and publicly, with hawkish Information permanent secretary George Charamba and War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, on the side of Team Lacoste, exchanging barbs with Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, who is linked with the G40.

And unable to respond to the unrelenting pummelling that they are receiving from the G40, the Mnangagwa faction is once again agitating for Moyo to be expelled from the party.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday said Team Lacoste “is only too aware that it cannot match” the G40 in the propaganda war, notwithstanding the fact that the camp now enjoyed unfettered control of State media.

One of the insiders linked to the VP’s camp said so angry were Mnangagwa’s allies with Moyo — whom they view as the mastermind of the G40 — that they would “push hard for his dismissal or suspension for at least five years” from the party at tomorrow’s politburo meeting.

Other sources said the strategy by Team Lacoste going into tomorrow’s politburo meeting was to isolate Moyo from the other perceived supporters and kingpins of the camp such as the First Lady, Mphoko, Kasukuwere and Mugabe’s nephew and Indigenisation minister, Patrick Zhuwao.

“Their plan is to decapitate the G40 brains trust, of which Moyo has been identified as the most dangerous and committed member. This is why they are planning to isolate him from the rest of the group and then push for his summary expulsion on Wednesday.

“Their problem is that their plot is transparent and will backfire on them. Vanyangira yaona (we have seen through their machinations) as exposed by State media over the past few weeks,” another politburo member said.


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Ngwena haidyi chebamba chayo chinoza neronga. Why should he declare his ambitious knowing fully well the consequences. His silence is golden Let them fight and expose themselves for what they are . tomorrow is going to be a very decisive day .

Aluta Continua - 9 February 2016

waiting for our good sister viola to comment on this one. the tug of war is now becoming very interesting and lets hear from those who are rooting for the stupid alligator

mhofu - 9 February 2016

waiting for our good sister viola to comment on this one. the tug of war is now becoming very interesting and lets hear from those who are rooting for the stupid alligator

mhofu - 9 February 2016

This successionist debate is becoming boring why put the cart before the horse. God willing the old man can still win elections and rule for another 20 years. Why are people in haste and it is like they hurriedly want him to die which is very unAfrica

Zex Manheru - 9 February 2016

Mnangagwa should not be forced to say anything. Does the Zanu PF constitution compel a vice president to declare his/her ambitions? If so, why did the party not force Joshua Nkomo, Simon Muzenda, Joseph Msika, Joice Mujuru and Pelekezela Mhopo to do so? Some people are speaking against Mnangagwa, whilst others are praising him. If he is a quiet character, should he drop his natural style simply because some people view his silence as complicity? I have read about some Zanu PF leaders calling each other idiots in public. Now I see the point.

machakachaka - 9 February 2016

"Is it treasonous to have presidential ambitions?'' - said Edson Zvobgo, the only man with real balls in their entire ZANU PF membership. The rest of the men imbocho (male castrated goat kana kuti nzombe (male castrate cattle). Asi svimukadzi svinonzi Mahoka svigwaimani chaisvo.

dick mboko - 9 February 2016

ngwena musataura munoswera mava zibagwe uko muchimwa mvura

dhoti - 9 February 2016

i dnt see any reason for ngwena to respond to this senseless pestering,silence is golden,time will come wen decisive action shall be meted out on all turncourt agitators who are bent on upsetting the 2014 congress far as we are concerned,the executive line up stands as it is until next congress,lets respect that!!

chipamutoro - 9 February 2016

They say silence is a golden strategy but in Zimbabwe it can easily turn out to be the weakest link. Ngwena should say something about those perceived to be his supporters already campaigning when Mugabe is still there and possibly beyond 2018. Mugabe once said neither Mujuru nor Emerson are fit to succeed him. So the message was very clear and therefore an aspiring candidate should have challenged that statement before the 2014 congress. They were tricked to be appointed instead of being elected just like Mugabe. They thought they were fixing Mujuru but now it's very clear that they were politically foolish and naive to accept that process and give all the powers to a dictator like Mugabe. Mugabe will never fire Prof , Moyo because these fights though bad for the country , they work well for his plans. He is not going to name anybody as his successor , at least not now. Moyo is just a pawn in the whole game, come 2018 it will be check mate to both factions.

Be Warned - 9 February 2016

Never say anything that doesn't improve on silence.Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken.

Chemical Solution - 9 February 2016

This now glaring factionalism is now becoming dirty but for those who follow politics, this is "good food" strong meat indeed. I have said this and I am going to say it again... Tsvangirai, Mnangagwa, Grace and Mphoko will never rule this country. NEVER!!! This country is going to be ruled by someone just from nowhere. And it will be the greatest surprise of our history. And the other: the only party that can kill or defeat ZANU {PF] is ZANU [PF] itself and the worst culprit is Mugabe himself. For the success and longevity of his party Mugabe was the worst leader, this country has ever seen. Check his record!

maonera kure - 9 February 2016

what is unbeknown to his detractors,ngwena has benefitted immensely frm all this noise for and against him,many neutrals(including the deplomatic corps) are beginning to think by his silence,he might be the only sensible heir apparent to stir the sheep to safer waters.........this while some pple are busy shouting at him,remember zuma's ascension amid accusations and counter plots but tht won for him public advise to g40 is tht let the man make his own mistake,dnt try to force him into making one cz u hev made him more vigilant,there's now an aura of indispensability about him,judging by the amount of public sympathy and support for him!!

chipamutoro - 9 February 2016

Everybody in zanu including Mahoka wish Mugabe would step down.What this wore is suggesting that Ngwena must pretend that he does not aspire to become president like the rest of them. I think only on this one he is right to remain silent.Is it debatable that one day Ngabe will leave the presidency and someone takes over?Dont we have pple who are aiming to land the vice presidency? Are ngwena and mphoko dead?

Macheka - 9 February 2016

Since January 1, 2016 forex inflows topped US$168.9billion. The Beitbridge - Harare - Chirunda 8lane dual carriageway has been completed, the VP opened the new residential complex in Ruwa

Chigumbukumbu - 9 February 2016

Mahoka should declare her ambitions as well.We are aware that she wants to be vice president.To declare yo ambitions is not synonymous with denying having those ambitions.

Mwana Wevhu - 9 February 2016

let this unworthy drama of deceit and dissimulation continue unabated whilst we watch. zvinonzi pfuma yekuba inozvimbira. all the fights are about control the treasury chest and the right to loot. everyone in zanu and mujuru's pockets first knows that rwavhi Mugabe is the supreme lawgiver and ultimate loot dispenser that is why they dread him otherwise there is need to respect a useless 94 year-old hide. pasi nemi mese mazanu nemapf cousins enyu vana didi mutasa!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 9 February 2016

Saw it long that war veterans are of no use in ZANU PF . Toothless bulldogs . TThey have been removed form ZANU PF already and they should find refugee somewhere. ZANU has become a personal property to some family which is enjoying the loot . Why were all people called to the farm and fed . Mungadya mahara but the gys wanted to consolidate power and show you where it is .

Fugu - 9 February 2016

If Ngwena declares his Ambitions is it going to stop the raw sewage that is flowing like a river just 1.5km from ngwena s farm - Close to SO CALLED PG -successions issues -NONSENCE-I SAY AGAIN -RUBBISH.

Chilufya Zoto aka-prophet 271262 - 9 February 2016

Sme women in the league r just mad cows,foot n mouth.of the 3 priviouse zanu leaders,ndabaningi sthole,herbet chitepo,n robert mugabe non of them wr ever asked to declare ambition,it was a calling from zanu.the 3 were elected in absentia.that what we know in zanu,we recomend wthout anyone stating their ambitions.Vp mnangagwa has never stated any desired ambition for the highest ofice bcoz he knows its a calling,the original zanu way.mahoka must turn her guns on president mugabe who alone has given the slight hint on mnangagwa s position by allowing him to be vice president and acting president.thats the only clearest hint of mnangagwa ambition,if if he has any besides fullfiling the mandate given to him by president mahoka n g40 her surrogate brothers must ask president mugabe to respond on why he apointed mnangagwa.finnish.anything short of that ,shuld be percieved as a retariliatory n reactionery action from their always failing attempts on mnangagwas person.they hav tried all sorts to denigrate the vp.they pick quarrels wth him.they call him names.a senior cadr,a man who helped president mugabe form the 1st Zimbabwean ask this man to be answerable to mahoka?fellow citizens this is hanging him out to dry ,laughed at by mahoka.

viola gwena - 9 February 2016

Ngwena should not declare his ambitions. Mugabe does not subscribe to that and he will react ruthlessly. The attitude of the people especially in ZANU PF towards political leaders show signs of hero worship. Hence Mugabe wants to be worshipped. If Ngwena declares, it means criticising Mugabe. Mugabe will not take that criticism kindly.

Handei tione - 9 February 2016

Vp mnangagwa ,a man who took orders from gen Tongo,n zanu leader mugabe way back in the 70s ,to be asked by little yestaday mahoka n moyo to declare,lay bare his soul for these youngsters ?this man who nearly got hung for the struggle,to tell this man to look into mahokas eyes n answer her idiotic question,.if there are man n women of the struggle still alive in our zanu,plse dont allow will be the president himself .I hope it will not come to this n sinerely hope the same men n women of honour who stood by these 2 galant sons,Robert Mugabe and Emmason Mnangagwa,will stil remain loyal cadrs n put a stop to this ends now comrades.

viola gwena - 9 February 2016

Sick and tired of these internecine squabbles centred on succession agendas.The country is at cross roads,the looming drought is not helping matters either.The people want to know the measures being taken by the government in mitigating the effects of drought.It is likely that thousands of cattle are going to perish due to lack of grazing pastures as well as water.Why should the leaders spend most of their time quarrelling over trivialities, such as who should succeed who If this issue of succession is not handled carefully, the country is likely to be plunged into civil strife.

vivian v siziba - 9 February 2016

Sick and tired of these internecine squabbles centred on succession agendas.The country is at cross roads,the looming drought is not helping matters either.The people want to know the measures being taken by the government in mitigating the effects of drought.It is likely that thousands of cattle are going to perish due to lack of grazing pastures as well as water.Why should the leaders spend most of their time quarrelling over trivialities, such as who should succeed who If this issue of succession is not handled carefully, the country is likely to be plunged into civil strife.

vivian v siziba - 9 February 2016 not zanu nor mdc bt this comment frm viola is quite touching.I think this mahoka must apologies.

tobs. - 9 February 2016

So what nw viola.yu crying or wht.

musa - 9 February 2016

Viola come to mdc.a position is waiting for yu.president Tsvangirai gave the goahead to go out n get yu to mdc.come sweetie old lady.

bob - 9 February 2016

So much time and energy being wasted on these internal feuds at a time when the country is facing a disaster of unequaled proportions a condition that can be attributed to the drought but also years of misrule and gross incompetence. Sad isn't it that we now find ourselves in this position something that is always blamed on us the former white Rhodesians. Makes me think back to the times under Smith when everything worked, food and clothing was affordable, there was law and order, the roads were good, no electricity or water cuts, Chibuku was 10c, all the schools and hospitals were excellent? Blaming us former white boys isn't going to get you anywhere Mr. Mugabe. Instead of stirring the pot and causing such factionalism why don't you instead focus on the economy and ways of improving life for Zimbabweans...even I would cheer you on if you did so. It was never the colour of a man's skin that influenced my like or dislike of a person but his words, deeds and actions. Think about what I am telling you Mr Mugabe.

White Colonial Boy - 9 February 2016

I dont realy take part in this forum besides of the zipra origin.I 1st saw vp mnanga in 1977 at our military camp I zambia,in the company of Umdala.viola yu gave a very chilling acount,mahoka plse ,stay put.dntstart. what yu cannot solve.

masibanda - 9 February 2016

What is happening in ZANU pf is just a big shame. A man can not declare his ambitions to be President! Eish only in Zimbabwe's ZANU pf . luckily I have never been a ZANU and will never ever be one.

Nduguo - 9 February 2016

Why did this league which long siezed to be women s long back,why did they drop the issue of qouta system,when it was made clear to them its zapu s turn?why did they not carryon wth the demand?they dropped it becoz it ws going to affect vp shows they r after vp mnangagwa and why? And I answer he is the last man standing for warvets,original zanu.

viola gwena - 9 February 2016

Shame tete vee.dnt cry nthing will harm vp ngwena.stay strong for yo leader.

opra - 9 February 2016

M begining to dislike this moyo fellow.viola chuk him out.let him form his own zanu.

chaka - 9 February 2016

From what this woman Mahoka is saying that the only faction left in zanu is that led by MUNANGAGWA it is a forgone conclusion that they shall be a big put off on Munangagwa the same way Mujuru was put off . The writing is on the wall . .

Diibulaanyika - 9 February 2016

Long time Diibula!

SaManyika Chaiye - 9 February 2016

Fudge this mahoka.upseting my viola.I now want mnangagwa to hit moyo whr it hurts.maybe mnangagwa is nt bad after all.I didnt know he worked wth Tongogara.

nxa - 9 February 2016

Is that Mahoka not the one who reportedly can't read or write! And she wants the VP of her party to come before her and declare if he or not he has ambitions to become president! A big nxaa. Hakasi iko kamai kekurohwa na Themba Mliswa here ako?

Biggie Taapatsi - 9 February 2016

Ndiko Biggie.butsu na temba.

kilian - 9 February 2016

Yaa ghudhu.viola can at least forget wth yo fuctions wth yo big mouth.

zuze - 9 February 2016

Hate viola or like her ,she is slowly changing mnangagwa image.sme zombies bgining to like ngwena coz of this viola.

Blyth - 9 February 2016

Noises made against ED is a clear signal those screaming see him entering the state house slowly but sure. It cannot be an issue that he is displacing Mugabe because (after all) these people know for certain Mugabe is finished, so a replacement is urgently needed. They are worried about their own future under Ngwena. Knowing him as they do they have to launch a do-or-die campaign against him whilst Mugabe is alive - only now do they have a chance of turning the tables against him in their favour.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 9 February 2016

Over the years ED has been a man of big mythical proportions, They are turning him into a pet. There is no other time to fight for power in zanu pf, The time is now. Gloves are OFF!!. Eat somebody or get eaten.

X-MAN IV - 9 February 2016

this viola is busy sprucing the devil and lots of you are getting enchanted until such a time when the devil shows his true colours. zimbabweans are slow learners. we forget so easily the heinous past of this cayman and the future with him is no different

mhofu - 10 February 2016

this viola is busy sprucing the devil and lots of you are getting enchanted until such a time when the devil shows his true colours. zimbabweans are slow learners. we forget so easily the heinous past of this cayman and the future with him is no different

mhofu - 10 February 2016

Hanzi naChiyangwa - munongomirira izvo zvinhu zvichitofamba!!!!!!!

joshua - 10 February 2016

The crunch meeting TODAY demands the anointing and healing prayers of the Prophets from the ever mushrooming pentecostal sects abundant in the country. Act now before the ghost of violence descends on the purveyor.

Mukanya - 10 February 2016

Zvaiwana Ngwena, its drought season and the dam is fast running dry and the croc s getting exposed. What comes around has gone around. Ngwena and his Mutswangwa drunken Rambo belittled Mujuru's war credentials, now Viola is telling us Ngwena is a hero this and hero that. Nxa, Ngwena is a fake, he was not part of the Crocodile gang. He is a Zambian who was educating himself at University of Zambia while Dabengwa, Machingura, Tongo, Rex and Teurayi etc were fighting in the bush. Ngwena's only achievement is being Mugabe's assistant and bodyguard. He is Mugabe's tissue and it is time to throw the tissue into the bin....where it belongs! And Moyo know Ngwena can not be trusted after disowning him @ Tsholotsho Declaration! Ngwena is not electable, a murderer with a hard looking skin but he is very soft inside. Time up Mr. Gukurahundi!

Rasta Hero - 10 February 2016


NDUKU ARAM - 10 February 2016

Rasta hw cme ngwena ws seen in 1977 wth Umdhala in zambia,zipra camp.hw come all those pictures of him n mugabe in moza,in the 70s.I think rasta yu lying.the insults expose yu as a liar.yu make us listern mo to viola.

bob - 10 February 2016

Mdc n Pf pple Iike mhofu n diibu r jeolouse of viola s inputs for zanu.they cant match her.

nancy - 10 February 2016

EDM will not declare his ambitions because he is a coward. This is the reason why he agitated for the killing of innocent civilians in Matebeleland and the Midlands in the 80s. He also knows he is unelectable so his best chance to take over Mugabe's term and finish it, Joyce Banda type.

Inyika - 10 February 2016

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