'Team Lacoste' guns for Moyo

HARARE - Unable to respond to the unrelenting pummelling that they are receiving from Zanu PF’s Young Turks — the Generation 40 (G40) — the ruling party faction aligned to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is once again agitating for Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo to be expelled from the party.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said Team Lacoste, as the Mnangagwa faction is known, “is only too aware that it cannot match” the G40 in the propaganda war, notwithstanding the fact that the camp now enjoyed unfettered control of State media.

One of the insiders linked to the VP’s camp said so angry were Mnangagwa’s allies with Moyo — whom they view as the mastermind of the G40 said to be rabidly opposed to the Midlands godfather succeeding President Robert Mugabe — that they would “push hard for his dismissal or suspension for at least five years” from the party at Wednesday’s politburo meeting in Harare.

“It’s going to be war at the meeting, with many comrades feeling that Jonathan has crossed the line in his attacks on Ngwena (Mnangagwa). To that extent, he must suffer the same consequence as those who worked with (former Vice President Joice) Mujuru,” the agitated politburo member said.

Other sources said the strategy by Team Lacoste going into Wednesday’s politburo meeting was to isolate Moyo — seen as the brains and the most energetic member of the G40 — from the other perceived supporters and kingpins of the camp such as First Lady Grace Mugabe, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, and Mugabe’s nephew and Indigenisation minister, Patrick Zhuwao.

“Their plan is to decapitate the G40 brains trust, of which Moyo has been identified as the most dangerous and committed member. This is why they are planning to isolate him from the rest of the group and then push for his summary expulsion on Wednesday.

“Their problem is that their plot is transparent and will backfire on them. Vanyangira yaona (we have seen through their machinations) as exposed by State media over the past few weeks.

“The main problem that the party is facing is that we got rid of one faction in 2014, the Mujuru faction, and left the other destructive faction standing (Mnangagwa faction). Now we are reaping the whirlwinds of that bad decision,” another politburo member said.

“We are aware of their plans but it won’t work because some of those appointed to certain positions are now using State media to push their factional agendas.

“It goes without saying that State media are being used to put certain ideas in the head of the president, but the truth is that the president is yet to speak on the issues.

“Remember, during the Mujuru days the likes of Rugare Gumbo and (Simon) Khama Moyo also claimed to speak for the president and then what happened to them later?” another senior party official told the Daily News.

The renewed push to purge Moyo comes as the Tsholotsho North legislator revealed at the weekend that his troubles with Team Lacoste began after his May 2015 interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in which he said Mnangagwa was not heir-apparent to Mugabe, with the likes of Information permanent secretary George Charamba going ballistic over the statement.

“I reminded Charamba of 2004 and told him I was not going to be part of Tsholotsho 2 in Harare and that Joice Mujuru was not removed … to replace her with VP Mnangagwa to pursue his own successionist programme against President Mugabe,” he thundered in his weekend interview, before also revealing that he had even recorded his heated conversation with Charamba.

Moyo has also emphasised over the past few days the point that after the decimation of the Mujuru faction in 2014, only one faction linked to Mnangagwa had remained in the party.

The sharp-tongued Moyo upped his fight- back rhetoric yesterday, tweeting that, “There’s overwhelming & very serious evidence that Charamba & @HeraldZimbabwe have gone rogue against the President. Handei tione (bring it on)!”.

“Charamba in June 2015 @HeraldZimbabwe: In the twilight of President Mugabe’s leadership, we badly need a frank debate on leadership! Record of his Manheru column proves he’s done so since June 2015 & he raised the stakes 2 wks with total collusion of @HeraldZimbabwe!,” Moyo added.

This is not the first time that Team Lacoste has pushed for Moyo’s sacking from both the ruling party and the government, a similar effort having been made late last year.

“It is now abundantly clear that Tyson (Kasukuwere) and Jonathan are working to frustrate and decapitate Ngwena (Mnangagwa) politically, in the same way Mai Mujuru was dealt with.

“Their modus operandi has also become clear to everyone, and this is to create and stoke an imaginary wedge between Ngwena and Dr Amai (Grace), so that in the end Ngwena is effectively seen as fighting the president.

“One just has to look at Kasukuwere’s party games and Jonathan’s social media postings to see this transparent plot. Fortunately, even the blind now see the games ... let’s see how they manoeuvre themselves out of this mess,” a senior Zanu PF official seen as sympathetic to Mnangagwa said then.

Another party official also said then that the Mnangagwa faction was gathering “damning information and evidence” against Kasukuwere and Moyo in a bid to get Mugabe to fire them from both Cabinet and the politburo on account of their alleged “over-weening ambition and divisive tendencies”.

Secrets-averse prominent Zanu PF member and self-styled Mnangagwa follower, Energy Mutodi, appeared to be also privy to the talk at the time, writing on his Facebook page that Mugabe would soon be asked to consider removing the two ministers from his Cabinet, “to necessitate unity and progress in both the government and the party”.

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,THUNDERED MOYO heh heeede hurii.how cme its neva THUNDERED CHARAMBA,Even wth expressions yu favour little moyo.he is gone,ask kasukuwere bt becarefull he hs bottled anger for now beter ask zhuwawo.his tail is well tugd now.sheepy,.

viola gwena - 8 February 2016

Manyepo ega ega Team Lacoste is only fighting back what Moyo started . the G40 have lost dismally its only this paper tryinh to big them up , but everyone can see they have flopped even the first lady has jumped ship. Moyo is not intelligent at all , just academic , the Moyo genius bubble has been blown off by Team Lacoste.Twittwer does not reach a lot of Zimbabweans its the herald , What did you think , you thought big mouth was going to run around chatting rubbish , manje mai rasa he is testing a dose of his own Medicine ..Kurumwa neche kuchera. Kuda kuginyabvura Presidency masikati machena kana join the queue.

Haiwa - 8 February 2016

What kind of ZANU (PF) will remain without the likes of Amai Mujuru, ED Ngwena Mnangagwa, Oppah Chamu Muchinguri, Chris Mutswangwa, Monica Mutswangwa, Patrick Chinamasa and many other revolutionaries not specifically mentioned in this narrative? The G40 Crew is constituted by overambitious politicians who deserted the war of liberation in order to further their education when others were in the trenches fighting against Smith.

Chief Charumbira - 8 February 2016

Mugabe is behind G40 by default . He is not going to go against his wife who is said to be part of the G40 by virtue of her age.Its very clear that Mnagawa is not liked by Mugabe and therefore why should he listen to his function ? The best Mugabe will do us just threaten both but in his mind he enjoying the drama. ZANU pf will explode after Mugabe ' s death and one thing for sure Ngwena will never rule Zimbabwe. Leaders are chosen by the people , unfortunately Ngwena does not have support except from a bunch of power hungry people who would like to continue destroying our beautiful country.

Be Warned - 8 February 2016

Prof J.Moyo is Political "hot property".He is a strategists with skills that zanu pf dont have.. election manifestos, zim-asset, oppressive laws and many spins have kept zanu pf alive. Problematic as he is, the question remains Can zanu pf survive a second spell without him, in which they couldn't the first time? If zanu pf fires Prof they are in serious trouble, if they retain Prof they are in deep trouble. Whatever decision is made on Prof he wins. It is Mugabe who has consistantly hand picked the Prof elected or not into Zanu pf Cabinet. This politiburo meeting might just come and pass queitly as most have did in the past

X-MAN IV - 8 February 2016

There were two factions in ZPF b4 Congress in 2014. These were Mai Mujuru and ED factions. At Congress the Mai Mujuru faction was purged and the Ngwena faction survived and rebranded itself Lacoste and its leader elvated to the position of VP.After mai Mjuru faction was purged unity in ZPF did not return but a new faction emerged called G40 suspected to be led by Prof J.Moyo assisted by Tyson. It looks like plans to purge the G40 Team are advanced. If G40 is purged does it mean unity will return to ZPF? When mai Mujuru faction was purged succession wars intensified in ZPF. With Mugabe remaining at the helm will unity return to ZPF after G40 is purged? The answer is a big NO! As long as Mugabe remains as leader of ZPF at an advanced age of 92 years old another faction will emerge after G40 is purged. The solution to the ZPF succession wars lies in Mugabe retiring and annointing a successor.

Solomon - 8 February 2016

There were two factions in ZPF b4 Congress in 2014. These were Mai Mujuru and ED factions. At Congress the Mai Mujuru faction was purged and the Ngwena faction survived and rebranded itself Lacoste and its leader elvated to the position of VP.After mai Mjuru faction was purged unity in ZPF did not return but a new faction emerged called G40 suspected to be led by Prof J.Moyo assisted by Tyson. It looks like plans to purge the G40 Team are advanced. If G40 is purged does it mean unity will return to ZPF? When mai Mujuru faction was purged succession wars intensified in ZPF. With Mugabe remaining at the helm will unity return to ZPF after G40 is purged? The answer is a big NO! As long as Mugabe remains as leader of ZPF at an advanced age of 92 years old another faction will emerge after G40 is purged. The solution to the ZPF succession wars lies in Mugabe retiring and annointing a successor.

Solomon - 8 February 2016

If Myo is such a good strategist how come he has been neat at his own game by the Lacoste team. G40 i s no more so is Moyo. Moyo this moyo that now he has been beaten G40 is no more watch and learn kutaurisa hakusiko kugona .....Dislodging Mujur vakabetserwa vese avakaia manyemwe na Grace iye zvino zvangoti mbombo 7 province came out supporting Ngwena. Moyo thought if Grace held star rallies abuse state resources all the provinces will support her , but it back fired dismally. 7 provinces are strongly behind Ngwena and only 3 behind G40 and FL kwakwa !!!!!!kurohwa pasi petsoka

Haiwa - 8 February 2016

The weakest link is Mutsvangwa, the man is overzealous, i stopped attending the heroes acre burials after he gave a very dull land long speech BEFORE THE HEAD OF STATE SPOKE. THAT WAS AT THE BURIAL OF THE LATE ARMSTRONG GUNDANI. If zbc has that speech in its archives, i urge it to be replayed for the nation and see what we mean by a psycho leading the war veterans.Infact many people started trickling out in disapproval. The man is sick to watch and if zanu pf retains such idiots thats the ultimate end of the party.

truths - 8 February 2016

Trueths yu r a lunie.yu go to funerals to enjoy oration?laughable.any we need to laugh smetimes .funerals r sorroful my dear.maybe mutsvangwa was overcome by grief n culdnt speak,n yu got disapointed big tyme,neva again to attend a funeral,coz mutsvangwa of mutsvangwa s expresions?eh.do yu go to funerals to console or watch the bigest morners?im confused.plse dnt visit funerals for pleasure.are yu a glutton,feeding at funerals?plse.

viola gwena - 8 February 2016

Moyo is nobordy..a real nobordy.if he is such a genius then form yo own party.why cling on to zanu that keep chasing yu out.form yo party and show us what a genius.goon take the challenge.form it.dont make sickening noises in zanu ,get out n compete ,lets see yo muscle how big it is.get out n face zanu ,take on it.roll yo sleeves .otherwise shut up n get punished for yo sins.yu nothing outside zanu.a dump squib.cant follow up on yo threats.

viola gwena - 8 February 2016

I agree with @Be Warned & @X-MAN IV. There is only one faction and is: Team Lacoste. There one centre of power: RG Mugabe. The wonder woman Grace owns G40. By default, she is RG's good half. Mutswangwa and Mnangagwa, as crocodiles would, have short memories. The wonder woman clobbered Mujuru while RG was watching only for him to stand up and finish her off. Mutswangwa has organised Matemadanda to stand between Moyo and Jongwe House. What crap! The wonder woman is jumping into a her tight suit, wield, a big sledge hammer and knock the croc teeth. Moyo will indeed walk safely and smartly to Jongwe house in time for his Politbureau meeting. Mutswangwa is young ..... and dull. The wonder woman kicked his wife's butt the other day, and the RG dressed him down at Vic Falls congress. Does he learn? No. Now as for the as for that chimpanzee, George Charamba. He can shriek, jump up and down, the wonder woman will get a leash around the primate waist and hand it over RG Mugabe. Grace, the wonder woman, is in charge. Oh by the way, once the teeth are knocked off the croc, we will be one monstrous lizard. G40 is part of the center of power controlled by the president. Icho!

Mbareboy - 8 February 2016

We will have one monstrous lizard.

Mbareboy - 8 February 2016

firing or keeping jona; i dont know whether this is a paradox or a dilemma. Whichever way, its the jackal fighting the fox,whatever outcomesave the day for the chicken.

SaManyika Chaiye - 8 February 2016

KKKKKKK yaa when our dependable Daily news said zanu was riddled by factions there were denials denials and denials now hini lo ?Now zanu supporters baying for Moyo ; s blood here . But what we know zanu minus more is walk over for other political parties we saw it in 2008 when ZANU was heavily defeated by MDC t FOR FIRST TIME IN HISTORY .Moyo was not in zanu camp that time . and history repeat itself another heavy defeat is just by the corner for zanu and those few followers Should they chase away motor mouth .Moyo .But what zimbabweans wish is to see zanu collapsing and die forever and that seems God is about to fulfill that wish VIVA!!!!!!!!!!

Diibulaanyika - 8 February 2016

@Diibulaanyika shut up! The wonder woman is going to take care of our frail president. Watch this space. See her kick ass!

Mbareboy - 8 February 2016

WHY SHOULD I SHUT UP BCOZ I WROTE WHAT YOU DO NOT LIKE 'This is not your father 's newspaper . Tell your children to shut up. or your dog .it sounds you just arrived from bhawa .idiot.

Diibulaanyika - 8 February 2016

Mbaredog n Diimbwa yu hav 1 thing in cmmon,barking.besides hatred for viola,huffing n pufing n barking.

blaz - 8 February 2016

I think African countries should seriously think about renegotiating with their former masters for recolonisation . The difference is that this time the terms will be dictated by the black people but allow former masters to continue as close governance partners . Imagine if we had done that with Britian .we were going to maintain the jewel of Africa and 35 years after Mugabe would have been history. Strong economies produce good leaders. We Africans we will never do well without white people by the side. Those who dis agree , name one country that is doing well in Africa? . Most of our children born in 1980 will never enjoy life until ZANU of is completely wiped out.

Be Warned - 8 February 2016

Greece is an african country doing very well.so is portugal n turkey.Bt now Britain dont want ,they have enuf isues.the willing whiteman is thrfor China baby.

gire - 9 February 2016

Diibu yu sound like a rude man of the cloth.why dnt yu leav God out of yo misunderstandings.Becoz God is for all.Everyone prays to Him ,including Mugabe and Viola.

bob - 9 February 2016

Viola u r ryt . Ths Tyson, Moyo company of dull politicians` sink is eminent. If u cant see it, u r politically blind. No matter hw the G40 claim to have links to the First Family their founding is on mad clay , they wont last...watch this out. How does the so called Saviour Katsukukuviri become the part spokesperson when we all know he is the worst political commissar zanupf has ever had. and zanu cdes be careful of this foolish professor w an inflated sense of self importance called Moyo. the guy is a typical political chameleon. He is the one behind the trouble in zanupf

HungweMauruka - 9 February 2016

LET PROF MOYO SPEAK ON BEHALF OF HIS EXCELLENCY. It is now in the public domain that George Charamba's union with Mnangagwa has led to the pro-Charamba and Mnangagwa publications in the state media with Caesar Zvayi being the most used to push gammatox selfish agendas to ouster H.E. Mugabe. Charamba and Mnangagwa too are behind the mess at PSMAS. Why and How? The current cabal of corrupt executives who framed a case against Mandishona later sought for Mnangagwa's cover through Charamba because of the later's relationship with Mavis Gumbo (also implicated in the PSMAS corruption scandals). The executives are convinced that Mandishona is a 1st family relative and as such they approached Mnangagwa for the obvious reasons that he is anti-first family. So the PSMAS saga is now way above a normal PSMAS- Mandishona but now Mnangagwa- 1st family. The case may go to High Court and these corrupt guys are betting on Mnangagwa's power as the Minister of Justice. Professor Moyo is spot on. Let him speak on behalf oh H.E. By the way H.E. is very much informed. It is Mnangagwa, Charamba, Mutsvangwa who should be pushed out of the party not vice versa. We are watching you guys. Watch the space.

INTELLIGENCE - 9 February 2016

Honestly speaking , Moyo will never be sounding to Shonas , there is nothing else apart from an ongoing tribal war , Maswini !!!

Khalabemgeza - 9 February 2016

Mnangagwa led the guguraundu killing , so how can he lead Zimbabwe with his hands bleeding the blood of the 20 000 Ndebeles ???

Khalabemgeza - 9 February 2016

@blaz and bob you must be Viola 's kids that is why you just swallow hook and line all garbage dished out by this confused zanu apologist .I was not bone yesterday and went to Border Gezi camps were you were taught same nonsense as dished out by spukupuku Viola like you . . . You can go ahead licking here dirty bottom bcoz you like her too much . especially this fool calling himself blaz enjoys shiit from Viola .

Diibulaanyika - 9 February 2016


CIA - 9 February 2016

Diibu go fudge yoself.a useless clatt.mother took off code hanging at sight of yu cming out of her.a rude parthetic ,lost shithead.no brains.

blaz - 9 February 2016

@BLAZ You are a product of a threesome and i have no doubt that happened a long mukuvisi river and that is were you were you made . From the way you talk you sound like a chigure blood fool .

Diibulaanyika - 9 February 2016

Guys,guys,guys.plse this is a public forum.12 yr olds r reading this.behave.

gidza - 9 February 2016

These are small projects for Moyo. The big one will come in a few years time when he guns for Mthwakazi secession. That is the grand plan. To reach there, he needs all the strong ones out!

gonan'anga - 10 February 2016

@Haiwa Only fools who are convinced that Prof Jona is foolish, actually those guys are the ones foolish. A Prof, one in his on class no one has matched his thinking and strategising skills from all guys on public spectacle. if it were not for Prof Moyo, ZANU PF would be by now an opposition, kkkkk its painful but its true. Prof Moyo Supervises Projects/Dissertations at UZ, the someone claims that such person is foolish and if i may ask, why did the UZ assign you to carryout the same task. In SA Universities are after the Prof's signature, not talking of USA and Britain. He is being reduced by a few ambitious so called "Political Scientist" otherwise so far He is the only Political Scientist. Dzikamai varume mutsvage zvinokuraramisai pane kusvora Prof arikudya achiguta."Handei tione"

Just-In - 13 February 2016

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