Daily News vindicated

HARARE - The sayings that lies have short legs and that no one can ever keep a good person down forever have been confirmed in the most dramatic fashion in the case of Zanu PF’s worsening factional and succession wars.

For the better part of the past five years, the country’s leading daily newspaper, the Daily News, was a lone and much-maligned voice as it reported accurately and consistently on the ugly ructions devouring the former liberation struggle movement “like it is”, as our motto goes, and without fear or favour.

For this courageous and much-needed journalism, our detractors — mainly State media, Zanu PF apparatchiks, a few dinosaur former journalists and other hired ruling party guns who falsely paraded themselves as analysts — excoriated us for “inventing” the rampant factionalism disembowelling the party.

Even when former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies were brutally purged from the party on untested allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate President Robert Mugabe, our haters did not relent on their well-calculated assault on us.

Some of the invectives that were thrown our way from all manner of quarters over the past five years bordered on the bizarre, and would have been laughable were they not so serious and maliciously intended.

There were the usual silly barbs that we are supposedly an opposition newspaper out to destroy Zanu PF, that we are unpatriotic and “anti-Zimbabwe”.

But our enemies went further, with their false narratives literally changing by the hour sometimes.

We were also supposedly on the payroll of Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC, as starved for resources as the main opposition is. Then Team Lacoste and Emmerson Mnangagwa — yes, the country’s embattled VP — were supposed to be funding us to destroy Mujuru and her allies.

Then the First Family was later persuaded (the better term is lied to) to pronounce that we had somehow received a whopping $2 million from Mujuru, who allegedly went on to acquire a 10 percent shareholding in the newspaper to fight Zanu PF.

Amazingly, some nutty heads in the brawling ruling party later claimed that it was in fact First Lady Grace Mugabe and the G40 who had since bribed us, this time to destroy Mnangagwa.

It all boggles the mind.

Now the truth is out, and the Daily News stands vindicated on its accurate and consistent reportage on Zanu PF.

Most satisfying for me personally and for my hardworking colleagues in our newsroom — who deserve all the credit and kudos that are finally going their way — our detractors have now zipped their foul mouths, and even the State media can no longer pretend that all is well in the ruling party.

But wait. There is even a firm belief within certain sections of Zanu PF that the Zimpapers flagship, The Herald, has in fact always been at the centre of the party’s savage factional and succession wars, as is being revealed by Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo — who should know these things intimately as a former minister of Information who oversaw Zimpapers.

“There’s overwhelming & very serious evidence that (Information permanent secretary George) Charamba & @HeraldZimbabwe have gone rogue against the President (Mugabe). Handei tione (bring it on)!

“Record of his (Charamba’s) Manheru column proves he’s done so since June 2015 & he raised the stakes 2 wks (ago) with total collusion of @HeraldZimbabwe!

“Charamba declared in @HeraldZimbabwe June 2015 that he was going to lead the charge for Pres Mugabe’s succession or he would quit!

“Charamba in June 2015 in @HeraldZimbabwe: In the twilight of President Mugabe’s leadership, we badly need a frank debate on leadership!” Moyo tweeted authoritatively yesterday.

In this light, it is good to see that the First Family, like many other important people who are still in the ruling party, as well as many of those who have been purged from it, are showing an increasing appreciation of the positive role of the media in general, and the independent media such as the Daily News in particular.

May this long continue.

The truth too is that Zanu PF bigwigs were always aware and super-sensitive about their party ructions, with their vicious lampooning of the Daily News of the past five years betraying their fears about this reality getting to the masses at a time the country’s economy is dying and poverty levels reaching record highs.

This brings me to a critical discussion that I introduced in an open letter to President Mugabe last year — that of patriotism and patriotic media.

Indeed, how should a patriotic media report on issues? Is a patriotic media one which ignores corruption and incompetence, or one which reports on these scourges as the Daily News does?

Does a patriotic media also pretend that the Zimbabwean economy is not dying, or that there is no serious infighting within Zanu PF, when every Zimbabwean stands witness to these ugly realities?

To say the independent media are oppositional, as some senior Zanu PF officials crassly do with the egging of their hangers-on within State media, is surely as bad as making a sweeping statement such as that all black people are inherently corrupt.

At the heart of this stone-age mentality is a lack of understanding and respect for the role of journalism in a democracy.

Sadly, in our politicians’ twisted minds, if you support or praise Zanu PF, you are a good and objective journalist, and if you dare criticise the party and its leaders, then you are a sell-out serving white or foreign interests.

Yet the nub of democracy and media freedom as captured in the country’s new Constitution should mean that bigwigs respect the right of newspapers to be even oppositional if they so choose — which Zimbabwean independent newspapers certainly aren’t.

Indeed, journalism is at its most useful to society and also at its most patriotic when it is challenging and probing — not fawning on our rulers as State media do.

After all, one of journalism’s most important functions is to be a watchdog over those who wield power, no matter how uncomfortable this can sometimes be.

And it is only out of a healthy contestation of ideas that the best policies can emerge in the country and be implemented for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.

As already alluded to above as well, the most problematic areas of our media are, and have always been, those in which the government has the most influence — ZBC and State newspapers!

We at the Daily News firmly believe that our duty is to our country — not to individuals, businesses and political parties: which is why we, as a national and patriotic newspaper always “tell it like it is”, unequivocally and without fear or favour.

Will our overlords and their State media henchmen learn a lesson from this ugly episode?

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This is just a good way of yu exiting this issue.yu now see yo moyo has had it.yu quiting on him.I think he failed yu or yu failing him,either.But its well n fine.lets put this to rest.moyo is not all that is in zanu,he is a beneficiary,a trainee at one tyme.zanu cannot be destroyd by little men like moyo n kasukuwere,kids.whether moyo is going to be bannished ,its all in line wth party activities.all parties hav their rogue man,indiscipline.thats why mdc s hav brocken so many times,bcoz of the nature of tdays politics,money n greed.we in zanu we prefer to expell n recall.thats our disciplinery measures.we dont like breaking up. So dailynews lets party on other news,worthful news.not that of one silly profesor drunk on borrowed powers.

viola gwena - 8 February 2016

Daily news, Go on top of the mountain and glorify yourselves in that fashion but the truth remains that you are anti Zanupf. It is ubsurd to think that notwithstanding all these factional wars, there is nothing positive in Zanupf worth your front page. Constructive criticism is the backbone of a democracy but truely your agenda is consicuous on advancing regime change ,you can not fool anyone about that.Tauraiwo zvakanaka zvirikuitwa ne Zanupf tizvinzwe from you, balance your reportage please!!!

Jonso - 8 February 2016

An easy way to expose a stupid Zanu pf cadre is to ask him to show you how to read a map. DO NOT let him see you laughing. . . .

Absolom Mangwere - 8 February 2016

Thank you hanzvadzi Stan for the work you and your team are doing at Daily News. As someone has remarked on this forum before, you have always fought a good fight on the side of the people, and sometimes paid a high price for it. I for one love the Daily News to bits.

Mercy - 8 February 2016

I want to say to the Daily News, remain as focused and as strong as you are, and together we will overcome all this evil. Nomakanjani!

Khumalo - 8 February 2016

Daily News has simply been outstanding especially in the harsh and unforgiving environment for journalists that exists in Zimbabwe, 36 years after independence! Keep up the good work.

barry0 - 8 February 2016

You are too modest Stanley. In my book Daily News has been more than vindicated. Your newspaper is Zimbabwe's only remaining hope. Keep up the good work.

Makusha - 8 February 2016

Viola yu also bn vindicated.frm day 1 yu stood by yo lacoste,alone on this forum.people neva believd yu when yu said johnso wil be exposed.and its yu who again closed this chapter last week.which makes me ask,how do yu get yo knews,thats so spot on?tell us girl.

gidza - 8 February 2016

I think viola is charamba.no doubt.this is the viola that brot up the respond that its zapu s turn to give a woman.thats what killed g40 at conference vicfals.she posted that for the 1st time on this forum.so this is charamba ofcourse.

hunda - 8 February 2016

the media as generally failed to report on real issues except falling into zanupf politricks of diversion. don't even waste time glorifying yourselves dailynews hazvitiindisi mberi as a nation.

zim pipo - 8 February 2016

Viola yu must thank dailynews for the platform.herald wuld neva give an mdc the same.tell yo bosses this is wht we call freedm of expression.to newsday ,only for the platform I thank yu.

sidy - 8 February 2016

Vhiora vhiora kani vhiora chinyiko nhay! Hazvidi mufakazi kana muchuchisi izvi! Zviri pachena semhanza yembudzi iri mumabvi kuti iye zvino chachaya manje. Zanu haina chakanaka chairi kuitira nyika asi kuitira wana, hama neshamwari dzeaawo wari pedyo naana Mugabe chete. Zhuwao,chombo,charamba(both Joji & Cheriti) naana Matibiri kupolice uko marelatives amudhara. Saka zanu inoita zvkumba kwabob nemafriends awo wana chiwnga naanaMpofu.Inga anenge asisadi kutamba nemi kana kutaura zvamunoda munodzinga wani; mumafriendship circles enyu iwayo, sezvamakaita kaukonde abvunza chi30 mita chake chiya. Saka Daily News inenge ichiona manje, iwe woti haioni zvakanaka; Vhiora! Ini ndakatombo dhauta maheadlines eDaily News ndichiti haa bepairi raakuzonyanya but, 'chine manenji hachifambisi' akadaro Modekai Abenia Hamutyineyi!

SaManyika Chaiye - 8 February 2016

I think the Daily News is Jonathan Moyo's Voice

Ingram Washanda - 8 February 2016

Very proud of this news paper it is a cut above the rest .That is the reason why it is number one news paper in the land .It has never betrayed its readers like some other independent news papers do going to bed with zanu in order for them not to be bombed and shut down . It gives platform to everyone including a lot CIO agents and that is freedom of expression at its best . hey siyakuthanda tuulakuyaanda Daily news for keeping us well shaped info wise inkunzi yephepha hawu isikhokho impela

Diibulaanyika - 8 February 2016

If viola is made minister vakomana,we will hear worse than moyo.

google - 8 February 2016

"The lizard that jumped from the high iroko tree to the ground said he would praise himself if no one else did" (Things Fall Apart,pg 21)

Dlodlo - 10 February 2016

yaaah zvakawoma zveZimbabwe, Ministers always on news for the wrong reasons of scolding and arguing each other,nooo people, its really bad. Does scoffing one another save Zimbabwe out of our problems?, nooo, please.

tsviriyo - 11 February 2016

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