Zanu PF factions childish - Mutasa

HARARE - As ZANU PF’s mindless bloodletting reaches fever pitch, amid ping-pong claims among its warring factions that their party foes are working with former Vice President Joice Mujuru, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa says People First prefers to work with the MDC than any of the “childish” ruling party factions.

Commenting on the on-going ruling party counter-claims, including recent assertions by under-fire presidential spokesperson George Charamba that the G40 faction was working with the still-to-be launched People First, Mutasa said all Zanu PF factions were the same and “beyond reform”.

“Charamba always talks rubbish and that is shocking coming from an official who should speak for the president. We are not working with any Zanu PF faction. In fact, we are not working with the entirety of Zanu PF,” he said.

Asked about the possibility of People First ever joining hands with Zanu PF, he said only “reformed people from the ruling party” would be accommodated in the Mujuru-led outfit.

“For me ... mwana wenyoka inyoka (all Zanu PF factions can’t be trusted). If you are expelled from Zanu PF, you are expelled from the entirety of that organisation and not from a faction.

“So, from that point I don’t see the possibility of us working with either of the two main factions. We would rather work with the MDC, who we are in fact working with,” Mutasa said.

Regarding reports that People First was “poaching” supporters from all of the country’s established parties, including the MDC, he disputed the claim.

“There have been complaints because we are working with them (MDC) ...

I do not see why they should complain because in the end we are going to form a grand coalition,” Mutasa said.

And in a jab aimed at embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his supporters, Mutasa bemoaned the fact that his erstwhile comrades in Zanu PF “appear to enjoy childish nicknames that take them on self-fulfilling ego trips”.

“What has been happening in Zanu PF is very childish. You give yourself names like Lacoste and garwe (crocodile)? Why don’t you just keep quiet if you have nothing useful to say to the nation,” Mutasa said mockingly.

In their quest to have their Midlands godfather succeed Mugabe, the VP’s allies are identifying themselves as Team Lacoste, going to the extent of wearing T-shirts emblazoned with a crocodile which depicts Mnangagwa’s nickname.

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Zvipiko vana Mutasa, makanganwa kuChinhoyi kwamakabisa bhutsu. Tinyararirei apa, dai musina kudzingwa handiti mungadai muchitotaurawo nyaya idzi.

mushamba - 5 February 2016

VaMutasa makanganwa here muchiti MDC zvinoreva Mentally Deranged Children gore riye kwaBiriiri kuChimanimani muchananzva magaro aVaMugabe.Are you suggesting that you are mentally deranged or you are just plotting to join the MDC and destroy it from within???

Taisireva - 5 February 2016

azvitaura ega mutasa.mwana wenyoka inyoka mujuru,mutasa,gumbo are vipers unleashed out clendastinely to bite you.

Powerpoint - 5 February 2016

True baba Mutasa all zanu factions including the one led by Mujuru are evil and no normal people should follow these groups they are all the same . A snake is a snake even if it changes its looks and pretend to be people first it remains the same satan and evil people shouldd not follow PF bcoz some way on the way it will turn against them and kill them .please people watch out satan has many tricks Mujuru Jabulani Sibanda and Mutasa are nyoka .

Diibulaanyika - 5 February 2016

Va mutasa muchaigona toi toi?imi.makabuda wrong time,makura.what cn come out of yu n rugare?ko madii kujoina simba .oti mavambo. Pf.ko budhi Dhumiso..wont it make sence makadaro forma coluegesk,mobatana heh,mavambo zapu pf.pakadiii ofcourse yu want to steal from Tsvangirai,ndookunetuvanhu.muritsotsi mudhara.

viola gwena - 5 February 2016

Munodhuba mudhara.mdc muno gosvikoopinda?iye Mr Tsvangirai avete hake,.yes he may be a squib bt not that dum.he needs money n yu need his suporters.itai tione.I stil think mukanoti sory president ,plse ndapota ndiregererei,munoiswa ku heroes acre ,mushe gorvenment no,makura,ku party no again ku heroes mudhara.

viola gwena - 5 February 2016

Isn't People First also a Zanu PF faction or more appropriately a former faction? I think Zanu PF made the mistake of thinking that Mugabe will live forever, the old man will die with his party.

Inyika - 6 February 2016

Washaya nyaya iwe Mutasa,during your time in Zanu PF you used to talk like that ,praising Mugabe using his totem or should l say nickname(Gushungo) so let those who have time and energy say their rubbish in the name of Zanu PF !!!!!!You were part and parcel of this sinking ship so you are also behaving in a childish manner ..Need. Democracy democracy MAVEPI ikezvino fud,a mbudzi dzako wakanyarara ahhh munhu wepi???

Blessed - 6 February 2016

@Viola call Morgan squib but what we know he is the most liked politician in zim far much better than the limping old donkey . To his credit Morgan has never killed a single Zimbabwean like your boy friends Chris and gukurahundi Munangagwa ..We know you and Mujuru helped rapists to rape little girls in the bundu in Moza .

Diibulaanyika - 6 February 2016

In this country "freedom & progress" will perpetually elude us as long as we feel comfortable to be led by rapists, murderers, liars and self-centred individuals. If "hero" means any of the above our destination is very clear - hell.

Sagitarr - 6 February 2016

Viola kkkkk.mutasa kana uchiverenga wapedzwa mudhara.hanzi ku heroes.

pitsa - 6 February 2016

morgan would have remained the most respected and loved politician had he not become a dictator like mugabe. when time to give another came, he changed the constitution so he can overstay. anyone who challenges him is purged just like it has been in zanu. there is now an alternative. some of us have moved over to the people first.

zvirozviyedzwa - 7 February 2016

Hawu hamba mani Zvirozviyedza you are confused lot just yesterday you were busy following Mangoma now you are following pf which does not even exist politically it is just mahungahunga . You are so desperate and confused and i have no doubt you are thatekile just follows anything .

Diibulaanyika - 7 February 2016

Im Ndebele but any party with Jabulani Sibanda as a leader will not get my support. As for Mutasa, the less said the better. I remember him as Secretary for Admin, even suggesting that he was senior in Zanu and wanted to be Vice President! LOL.... How times change. He used to rubbish opposition parties, the daily news and was one of the people that made sure we did not get independent radio and TV stations. Lack of vision from this old man, today he cries crocodile tears. Jabulani Sibanda, Mujuru (Mugabe's tea girl!!) and Mutasa can go and hang. The only person with an iota of integrity is Gumbo, who opposed Mugabe within Zanu from the 1970s. That history we know. I listened to Joice Mujuru in 2013 saying she is nothing without MUgabe! She said she is just a tea girl serving the president (not the country!) These people are fools

Ndabambi - 7 February 2016

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