Team Lacoste 'courts Mujuru'

HARARE - WITH the Zanu PF faction behind embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa feeling the heat of the ruling party’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars, the camp is now reaching out to followers of former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Zanu PF insiders told the Daily News yesterday that so “squeezed” was the Mnangagwa faction feeling at the moment, that it was desperately trying to lure back into the ruling party some liberation struggle stalwarts who had been purged from President Robert Mugabe’s party on allegations of working with Mujuru.

“The wheel is turning. Who would have anticipated that Team Lacoste would one day wish that Gamatox was still within the family fold (Zanu PF). But that is precisely what is happening now as they are desperate to augment their forces,” a party bigwig said.

The Daily News was also separately told authoritatively that among the resolutions that were made at the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association’s (ZNLWVA’s) meeting that was controversially held at the Presidential Guard military barracks in Harare’s Dzivaresekwa high density suburb last week was a decision to approach all war veterans who are now working with other political movements such as People First.

ZNLWVA secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda later confirmed this to the country’s leading daily newspaper — which has consistently and accurately written about Zanu PF’s ugly goings-on over the past five years.

“We resolved to follow up on war veterans who left Zanu PF to join other parties for various reasons, especially those who have gone to People First. We want to reorganise ourselves under the leadership of President Mugabe,” Matemadanda said.

Apart from resolving to bring back those who were expelled from Zanu PF on yet-to-be proven charges of plotting to overthrow and assassinate Mugabe, the war veterans apparently also reiterated their plans to block Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo from attending forthcoming politburo meetings.

While Matemadanda was reluctant to give the names of the war veterans that the pro-Mnangagwa ZNLWVA were hoping to bring back within its fold, there is apparently a growing belief within both camps of the Zanu PF war that the former VP and her allies are “better devils” than their present party opponents.

But former ZNLWVA leader, Jabulani Sibanda, who was expelled from Zanu PF after he threatened to march to State House after rejecting what he called was a bedroom coup at State House, is sceptical about the overtures that are being made.

“What they say is not what they are doing. I think they should first do something before we respond to them,” Sibanda said.

All this is happening as insiders say Mugabe is in a pickle over how to handle and end the ruling party’s internal wars, pointing to his “tepid” statement when he returned from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last weekend where he handed over the chairmanship of the African Union.

Well-placed ruling party sources told the Daily News that  Mugabe was caught “between a rock and a hard place” as both of the two main factions brawling for supremacy in the former liberation movement boasted of having some of his most trusted lieutenants within their ranks.

“I don’t envy his position at all as he is being asked to choose between a faction linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whom he has known for five decades, and the other which appears to enjoy the backing of Dr Amai (his wife Grace) and Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko.

“Clearly, therefore, Gushungo is caught between a rock and a hard place and hence his unusually tepid speech on the worsening fights in the party when he returned from Addis Ababa. I suspect that things will get worse before they get better,” a politburo member said resignedly.

Speaking at Harare International Airport on his return home, Mugabe appeared to tread a careful, middle road as he lashed the escalating factionalism that is devouring his party.

“We need unity in the country, province by province. Not to have a province which says we stand for this and our leaders are so and so.

“There are no other leaders other than the ones we were given by the central committee.

“Leaders are chosen at the congress, that is where we drop those we do not need,” the increasingly-frail nonagenarian said.

Analysts who spoke to the Daily News said Mugabe, who turns 92 in three weeks’ time, was in a quandary about the infighting and had chosen to “sit on the fence” as his strategy to save his party from imploding completely.

Respected University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure said if the Zanu PF leader got tempted to take sides in the party’s brutal wars, this would expedite its implosion.

“If he has a preference, he is keeping it in his heart. The moment he pronounces a successor, as some are urging him to do, that would be the last nail in the party’s coffin as this will not unify the party but in fact deepen the succession wars,” he said.

But Afghanistan-based analyst Maxwell Saungweme said it would be difficult for Mugabe not to side with his wife’s faction given what had happened over the past 18 months.

“He obviously backs his wife’s faction but at the same time he can’t also fire all his key lieutenants such as (his spokesperson George) Charamba and Lacoste (Mnangagwa). He is in a big fix.

“But I think he deserves what he is facing as this is a direct result of him overstaying in power and not having a succession plan.

“It’s sad for Zimbabwe that we subject our elders to that torture by allowing them to overstay in power. Great grandpas like him should be resting and sharing ngano (folktales) with their grandchildren,” Saungweme added.

At the same time, analysts say it is clear that the centre can no longer hold in the ruling party as Zimbabwe teeters on the verge of total collapse, amid fears that the country could soon plunge into unprecedented chaos.

The analysts told the Daily News’s sister paper, the Daily News on Sunday at the weekend that the free-for-all rumpus devouring Zanu PF —widely seen as the worst ever to hit the party since it came to power 36 years ago — also showed that both Zanu PF and the country were on “auto-pilot” in Mugabe’s dotage.

Comments (37)

It is not only about the so-called Team Lacoste just trying to lure Mujuru followers. It is about the survival of the liberation war veterans in Zanu PF. Somebody seems to have realized the Rhodesian hand in all this. I have always said in my comments that the discord in Zanu PF is a Rhodesian project seeking to make sure that the party is cleansed of most war veterans/activists. They suceeded in pushing out Mujuru, and they are now going after Mnangagwa and others who have links to the liberation struggle. The desired result is that the party should eventually be driven by the Hlongwanes, the Saviours, the Zhuwawos and so on. Jonathan will be the centre and most powerful of all these, and it will then be easy for the West to control these. This bald professor is probably the most dangerous person to all political parties in this country. I hope Zanu PF reads into his act. I also believe Zanu PF should rally all former combatants, collaborators and detainees and plainly show them this development. Efforts should then be made to unite all these and these should reclaim the party from the professor and his lot. That is the only way that party can survive 2018. Don't say I didn't warn you.

machakachaka - 5 February 2016

Machakachaka why is it u guys have beef with the prof . Why not Zhuwawo and Kasukuwere . Gugurahodo at its best

Ndoda - 5 February 2016

Ingwe yakapedza mbudzi zvino yave kuda kudya vana vayo...We are our own colonisers.Britain will never rule again......

powderkeg - 5 February 2016

It is not the first time this faction of zapu to have squabbles we all know the killings of its top officials in exile and home ever since it moved out of zapu . The only solution is to have a civilian president in this country remove this nonsense from power . As for Mujuru it is obvious she can rejoin zanu any time that is where she belongs . All sane people know Mujuru is zanu they is no way she can join this pf whose moto is building the nation a clear copy of AGENG a dead SA political party shame

Diibulaanyika - 5 February 2016

Viola....yu quiet

tsano - 5 February 2016

The more zanu pf changes the more it gets worse.. This is now an acid test to people first.. The question is most if not all will go back but will they take their BUILD document to the politiburo?. Will they preach the democracy they learned while on vaccation from zanu pf.? Mujuru and her pf are not an alternative solution to this country JB's response says it all.

X-MAN IV - 5 February 2016

Team Lacoste is always on shacky ground because of the unelectable EDM. They are rallying around a leader who lacks charisma, is totally ruthless and with no connection to the people and so they would need to find that connection somewhere. I doubt the People First gang will welcome them though because Team Lacoste will drag them down.

Inyika - 5 February 2016

The counry was liberarated from the colonisers but 36 years later pple still devide each other saying you are a civilian and i am an ex -combatant.Does this mean there is no life after Mugabe and war vets????.LETS BUILD OUR NATION COLLECTIVELY ,remember where there is team work and collaboration nothing is impossible.As for Jona I think he is brighter than them all in Zanu ,why did they accept him back into the party.He is their think tank ,uncle Bob knows that.

Chabvonga - 6 February 2016

War vets must stop behaving as if they own Zimbabwe , we are tired of them they were given good moneys but failed to make use , starting from demobilization

bakwena - 6 February 2016

Yes the g40 discusion to us ,is now unproductive,water under the bridge.its not team lacoste at election time,,its zanu led by Mugabe and Mnangagwa.its that straight forward.we change our leaders when it suits us,not critics from other parties.we dont run our party affairs to suit critics.leadership is internal isue ,a zanu issue.its not influenced by outsiders nor infiltraters.we dont force people to reconise us warvets, t dont come to us n tell us to disapear.we wont.we r a reality.if yu take on us we respond,we have counter measures to deal wth every situation that seek to anhilate us.we stand firm,resolute,to repeal any attack wth one common theme,never to desert an injured comrade on the field of battle.the standing comrade reaches out his hand to the grounded comrade and gap when yu decide to take on us remember the mamoth task yu have on yo hands.we dont provoke people,its our training ,but yu dont provoke us.mind yu we are auite a crowd,umnkhondo wesizwe,zanla,zipra,frelimo,swapo.we brot down regimes using the barrel ,no pay.we stand by each other.

viola gwena - 6 February 2016

Viola, you are terribly way behind in time.Still clinging to the barrel of an imaginary gun in 2016? Today's war is on poverty,corruption,unemployment and these do not require a gun to address.

Membathisi - 6 February 2016

Haiwa ngavatibvire ,by now the old man should have handed a button stick a very long time ago .we are now tired of hearing their party wars instead of concentrating on reviving the ailing economy and luring foreign investors so as to make our children and grandchildren have food on the table

Blessed - 6 February 2016

It is time all war veterans join forces and defeat the fellow travellers/quislings who are bent on reversing the gains of the liberation struggle. ED & Mai Mujuru should embrace each other & work with His Excellency the President and prevent the likes of Jonso, Kasukuwere, Hlongwane and many others who masquerade as G40 from destroying the revolutionary party from within

Chief Charumbira - 6 February 2016

Who told you that EDM is unelectable? Remember he lost in an urban constituency where the revolutionary party has always been trounced by the MDC so your analysis lacks merit. If the truth be told EDM is the best strategist within ZANU (PF) and has excelled in all the portfolios he has been mandated to oversee.

Chief Charumbira - 6 February 2016

Hate her or like her,viola is im now having doubts.sounds like a man.

gobvu - 6 February 2016

Viola this narration yu gave ,wonderful if it wr true,bt I take my hate off for yu my lady.yu make us enmvy being in zanu bt no ,next time.

Buena - 6 February 2016

Member n blessed,yu actualy agreeng wth viola,turn to economy.thats what she said,watr under bridge.whr is yo argument.idiots make viola sound wonderfull

tom - 6 February 2016

Machakachaka's argument is foolish and nonsensical. Is it the Rhodesians telling Zanny Poof to insist Mugabe chete at 92 plus. Then if this is the case, Zanny poof is a congregation of Rhodesian loyalists and blithering idiots. kkkkkkk. What went around, has come around. Zanny Poof will die with Bob, whether that is the design of God or the Rhodesians, I really don't care, but that day, we others will drink and celebrate.

Gabadeli - 6 February 2016

She is a woman ,why do yu chauvanists like to believ its a man.woman r capable of thinking and matering 100p.c for viola.I enjoy her 23 I must get it from tetes what hapened bfor in the 80s

nomanthambo - 6 February 2016

Anyone born before 18 april 1980 is Rhodesian and was very happy in Rhodesia bcoz not at anytime did we drink sewage water or had electrical blackouts . Now we hear fools thinking Rhodesians are bad people just bcoz their brains were soiled by zanu lies.

Diibulaanyika - 6 February 2016

This dhibhu is a crackhead.nuts.thinking is a challenge for him.honestly whr is Rhodesia? P

ann - 6 February 2016

Plse dnt insult our inteligence.when n whr in this country did we drin sewage.?yu see yu cannot win voters by telling lies.I hope this fellow doesnt represent any party,coz he lies a lot.

fadzi - 6 February 2016

Viola s lies r inteligent.they enjoyable.this other croony mmm.idiocy n delinquency put tgether.smetimes too tribal.suka dhibhu.

aikona - 6 February 2016

Viola wht economy do yu want to talk about?how do we talk about a nonexistant isue.whr is the economy

peter - 6 February 2016

As long as war veterans think they are more important than everyone else we will never have progress in this country. Nyika ino yakagarirwa nechembere dzisingadi kupa ma youth chance to do anything. Zim will never progress economically, socially as long as the war vets cling to everything like small children. On the other hand, Mugabe is actually very happy with the situation, he has nothing to lose these factions can fight all they want but clearly it's not affecting his position but we all know all these problems were created mainly by him and so these factions should be against him instead. These are the results of being led by moronic war veterans. In this age really guys? Other people are talking technology, patents, real developments in their countries whilst we are still talking about war veterans hahaha.

misty - 7 February 2016

We, me, us, you are responsible for this factionalism within our party not the Rhodesians or former white colonials. No question about it that they enjoy watching us verbally abuse each other and watch the party divide and split but it is not them who are to blame but our very own selves starting with the man at the very top and his first lady who initially started this rot by making the most terrible and unfounded accusations against Mai Mujuru, Mutasa, Gambo and many more. This was all so unnecessary. It has caused deep resentment and a total lack of faith and trust in our leadership. Our leaders need to be ashamed of publicly ridiculing individuals who might have had differences of opinion on certain matters but who have always remained steadfastly loyal to our cause and party. So trying now to blame the Rhodesians for our current state of affairs is just too ridiculous for words. We need to look in the mirror to see who is really at fault?

Mbewa - 7 February 2016

@aikona and fadzi well that is how you are fools who like hearing nonsense from people like Viola .First of all i am not dhibhu stupid you always want to change people names so that it sounds like your tribal name . I am not tribal bcoz i have blood in my family of tribes in this country even you someway you have blood in your family of the tribe you hate most . You go ahead listening to kak from your Viola .Dander heads

Diibulaanyika - 7 February 2016

zanu failed the people of zimbabwe so did mdc t. its logical to allow people first a chance this time around me thinks. come 2018, pf has my vote. they were brave to stand aside and stick to their word especially rugare, mai mujuru and mutasa. for once, we have brave people in zim politics.

zvirozviyedzwa - 7 February 2016

@Misty I agree with you.

Chabvonga - 7 February 2016

It is sly for anyone to say MDC T has failed when we know it has never been in power . Anyone who fails to see that people first is a zanu project shame to him

Chimedza matombo - 7 February 2016

allow politicians to showcase themselves then we can make our choices .

komichi - 7 February 2016

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mama promise - 7 February 2016

Plse dnt put us all ndebeles in diibu s basket.those r his centiments,personal.

nxa - 8 February 2016

my president dr mujuru.we have waited long enough fr a change.we believe you can d me and i promise to restore you as president. before its too late.

priest - 8 February 2016

Priest,wait sme more.for a very longtime twiching yo thumbs.

gidza - 8 February 2016

Some people forget quickly. During the war of Liberation the aims was not for people to be in office because they were trained. almost everyone was involved in one way or the other. As long they were not on the white regime's side. come 1980, even Muzorewa's followers voted for eithet ZANU or Zapu hence the power of the pple prevail to complete the struggle. So the Mutswangas should stop to dream that the whites were driven out6 of the office by the sound of the gun, no the gun only prepared the platform to allow the pple to speak and speak loudly

George Zwaramba - 9 February 2016

I wish every Zimbabwean would read George Orwell's books, "Animal Farm" in particular. Just to see in allegory form thow our President Liberator has now become our tyrannical despot who is worse than our previous oppressors Mugabe is a marxist and hater of white people combining his brand of socialism the way Adolph Hitler combined his brand of socialism with a hatred for Jews, Gypsies, and Black people etc.Quote from the last page of G.O's "Animal Farm "Everyone was equal but some were more equal than others!"

Nooshie - 11 February 2016

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