'Minister stole underwear'

HARARE - There are growing fears within Zanu PF that the ruling party’s escalating factional and succession wars could soon witness body bags, with the tone of the infighting getting nastier and uglier by the day.

Party insiders who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said they were “very worried” about the extent to which the two main factions battling for supremacy within the former liberation movement now appeared “to hate each other”.

“I think anyone who says that they are not concerned by the wars will be lying. The truth of the matter is that at the rate at which things are deteriorating, it may be a matter of time before we see body bags in places like Harare and the Midlands where factionalism is the new favourite hobby,” a Zanu PF official said.

Yesterday, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo ratcheted up his return fire against War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa (pictured), accusing the former diplomat of being a “petticoat thief” during Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence.

This came after Mutsvangwa, said to be a key member of the party faction loyal to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, accused the Tsholotsho North MP of having run away from the struggle, while also alleging that the former Information Tsar was embittered that his “traitor uncle” Ndabaningi Sithole — the founding president of Zanu — had been overthrown from the leadership of the party.

Moyo shot back with interest yesterday, savaging his ministerial counterpart and under-fire Information permanent secretary George Charamba. He also cast serious political aspersions on the State daily newspaper, The Herald.

“Mutsvangwa thinks he can do to some of us what he did to (former Vice President) Joice Mujuru with Charamba’s & Herald help. Handei tione!” Moyo thundered in an acerbic twitter post.

He also accused Mutsvangwa of lying about him having deserted the armed struggle.

“It’s a lie by some bloke famed for stealing & selling underwear of female cadres from the drying line at the camps!

“Against a self glorified war vet & petticoat thief who’d steal female underwear at camps in the struggle to sell!” the sharp-tongued Moyo tweeted.

Asked by his Twitter followers if his Zanu PF camp had been toppled by the Mnangagwa faction given that he had been blacked out by State media, amid claims that Team Lacoste had now hijacked State information, Moyo retorted: “Do you mean information or disinformation?”

“Mutsvangwa: ‘I speak for Mnangagwa ... & Charamba..’ Ok. Nationalists are defending President Mugabe, Party & Country!” he added, suggesting that Mutsvangwa was not supporting Mugabe, but nefariously working to prop up Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential ambitions.

Moyo also reacted with venom on Monday to threats by the pro-Mnangagwa Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) to deal with him.

In a hard-hitting statement then, Moyo also savaged Mutsvangwa — describing him as a “rogue” factionalist and “desperate successionist”, while once again describing Charamba as a “blithering idiot”.

And in a stunning claim, Moyo also accused Mutsvangwa and his war veterans followers in the leadership of the ZNLWVA of abusing the Presidential Guard military barracks in Harare’s Dzivaresekwa high density suburb to plot their factional politics.

The biting statement followed weekend threats by the ZNLWVA secretary general, Victor Matemadanda, to bar Moyo — who together with other senior Zanu PF officials such as Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao are seen as opposed to Mnangagwa —  from attending forthcoming party politburo meetings.

“My attention has been drawn to a media statement by successionist elements in the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), first reported by ZBC News on Saturday evening, 30 January, 2016 and subsequently carried by NewsDay and the Daily News on Monday 1 February, 2016.

“The statement declares support for scurrilous and unprecedented political attacks on Cabinet ministers, including myself, who are also politburo members by the permanent secretary in the ministry of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, George Charamba.

“In particular, the statement threatens to physically bar me from attending the next politburo meeting and purports to bar me from accessing the 16th Floor of Zanu PF Head Quarters, which 16th floor does not exist except only in their ignorant minds,” Moyo began his acerbic statement.

“Apparently, the said statement was issued after a provincial meeting of ZNLWVA held on Saturday, 30 January, 2016 at Dzivaresekwa Presidential Guard Barracks which was chaired by John Guta and officiated by ZNLWVA national chairman, Chris Mutsvangwa, and its secretary-general Victor Matemadanda.

“It is extraordinary and indeed scary that the Dzivaresekwa Presidential Guard Barracks was used as a venue for a meeting whose purpose was to plot and threaten physical harm against a Cabinet minister and politburo member appointed to both offices by His Excellency, the President.

“This was a gross and unacceptable abuse of a State facility. The fact that this unprecedented abuse of State barracks was officiated by (Chris) Mutsvangwa — a Cabinet minister and politburo member — not only raises eyebrows about what else was plotted, but also clearly demonstrates the extent to which Chris Mutsvangwa has gone rogue in pursuit of not just a factionalist agenda but also a desperate successionist plot,” Moyo charged.

“It should be remembered that ahead of the 2015 Zanu PF’s National People’s Conference, the same (Chris) Mutsvangwa availed his ministerial office to a shadowy youth group from which it made violent statements barring Cdes Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao and myself from setting foot at the National Heroes Acre.

“Abusing a government ministerial office for that outrageous purpose was bad enough, but abusing Dzivaresekwa Presidential Guard Barracks in pursuit of a successionist plot is just going way too far.

“For the record, I wish to state that it is false and insulting to His Excellency, the President, to claim that he sent George Charamba to savage his Cabinet ministers and politburo members on public radio with all sorts of primitive insults such as “uneducated fools”; “little men” among other unprintable epithets.

“Cabinet ministers and politburo members are not civil servants, but are presidential appointees with whom His Excellency the President has direct communication as their boss.

“In the same vein and for the avoidance of doubt, I reiterate that only a blithering idiot will say or believe that I am working with Joice Mujuru’s People First project which exists only in the media,” he added.

“Finally, nobody should make the mistake of thinking for a moment that they can block me from attending a politburo meeting called and chaired by President Mugabe. That can never happen.

“Only the president can stop anyone from attending any meeting he convenes or chairs. For anyone else to seek to do that under any pretext whatsoever will be tantamount to usurping the president’s prerogative and authority, something which is not different from a successionist attempt at a coup,” he said in conclusion.


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I'm so happy for you guys at Daily News. Everything that you have written about, and for which your enemies gave you grief, has come to pass. Now, even state media are also writing what you told us a long time ago. Please keep this good work going. Zimbabwe needs you!

Khumalo - 4 February 2016

ZNLWVA is a registered welfare organisation and I don't see anything wrong with the Army agreeing to host the war veterans meeting. Most senior member of our security forces are war veterans themselves, and I don't see why they can suddenly refuse to play host to their wartime comrades. Moyo is not one of them, that's why he does not really like them.

machakachaka - 4 February 2016

Poor moyo,he is cornered now.he is also abandoned by his friends,zhuwawo n kasukuwere.shame little fellow.was a pretenciouse bully now the horns arent real.this politburo meeting knives hav bn sharpened.moyo is having butterflies in his tummy.now a loner.he is now thinking of Tsholotsho,bak home.recoile again.I feel sorry for him.Im a woman ,I feel for this son of our country.if he can only ask for forgiveness,I wuld second it.but he has to ask 1st.a poor stuborn little man of dishonour.shame.

viola gwena - 4 February 2016

Mbuya vee dont even start on this.yu the 1 to savage moyo frm day 1

chaka - 4 February 2016

Viola yu hate ndebeles.hav yo meat now,dnt play sily big sister here.I saw yo comment on the pf story.yu hate us.so dnt feel for moyo coz he is ndebele

blaz - 4 February 2016

Why is the daily news now doing the bidding for Jonathan Moyo, thesame guy who agitated for the bombing of daily news press some years back? why have you become prostituites over night? you have given us Moyo's side dail, folling his twitter, copying and pasting..is that what you have become now?

Jojo - 4 February 2016

Zvamutsana tsuro nembwa.Mhanyai tione!!!!

Vigoroni - 4 February 2016

Moyo blufed strive masiiwa into believing his g40 wil succeed n run the country.so he asked for dailynews support n got goahead.thats why dailynews had to put up wth his fake stories.he is in charge of the headline of dailynews.editor has no durisdiction,only prints what moyo gives him.but its all finnished now.strive,strive,strive mwanangu,hey.naro daka bedzi?till when.Moyo has flopd,now what?mwanangu.

viola gwena - 4 February 2016

Jojo don't take anything away from the Daily News, 'varikupakura zviri mupoto' kuti awana bhonzo ndiyani hameno ikoko. Daily News, keep dishing out, I like the way you dish out

MBERI - 4 February 2016

N for the record Mutsvangwa neva did that.a girl he ditched spread those rumours in moza.that time it was taboo to buy old pants.for what?besides juju.bt he neva took any pants frm the wire.thr wasnt many pants anyway that the time.we wore trousers n no underwear.it wa war,nt some piknik.obviously moyo never set foot thr so he herd the story.bt plse brothes hav heart on moyo.pursued him to apologies.lets move on ,deal wth the economy.this has taken toomuch time from us.we need to reforcus our energies to the economy.chinamasa has been crying the economic war cry by himself whilewewere dealing wth this monster g40.

viola gwena - 4 February 2016

who is this crazy maniac by the name viola gwena. she is a coarse grain minded maniac who thinks zanu pf is her heaven

mhofu - 4 February 2016

Thank yu mhofu mwanangu.wakura wave kukwanisa kutuka.

viola gwena - 4 February 2016

Mhofu plse behav.editor dnt allow thes maniacs.

chaka - 4 February 2016

pasi ne g40,pasi na jona msorobhangu,by the way,whr is kasukuwere and zhuwao?

pasinemhandu - 4 February 2016

It's now clear mhani. Surely you guys at daily news must know that @viola gwena is George Charamba, aka Nathaniel Manheru. What he has written above is what he has been spewing in his Herald column. Aah, Zanoids!

Moses - 4 February 2016

Seems the ailing Daily News has found a niche media market; they follow anyone and everyone spewed or about to be spewed by Zanu-PF. I like your survival instincts though. Keep it up.

Biggie Taapatsi - 4 February 2016

Well we all know this guy Mutsvangwa he is a thug who destroyed zbc he is empty in his skop . Moyo is not finished this Chris is finished just watch this space . more over we are tired of this so called war vats nonsense some of them were just refuges in some foreign countries and never shot a single sot . Those who were armed were busy raping women in reserves and eating our live stocks while running away from Rhodesian forces most of the times .Some of them like Chris sexually abused little girls in some bush shacks in Moza where those little girls who turned DOWN their sexual advances would be fixed by having their under wears taken away FROM THEM so that they would just stay and walk about without under wears .YES THIS IS BARBARIC and all .zanu supporters especilally this woman Viola who thinks every one writes here is her child are barbarians. .She must have benefited a lot from the chaos caused by zanu in the country and she is always supporting gukurahundi Munangagwa for reasons known to her .She must have been Chris 's mantanyula hawu fokofo mani.

Diibulaanyika - 4 February 2016

Daily news is best selling news paper in the country that is why it is hard to get from streets of our towns and cities after 10 in the morning and only those in reserves may not know that . It is also very reliable but cio .s hate it that is why they always bomb it Viva Daily news ,

Diibulaanyika - 4 February 2016

That is why this country needs new ideaology away from this war vets mantra....Why do war vets go on with this self entitlement of everything this country have.. One thing certain is Zanu pf , is collapsing and wheels are off... Finish them off Prof..

X-MAN IV - 4 February 2016

Ha ha ha Nathaniel Moyo is too funny. So Chris is a sniffer...his nose does look like that of a sniffer, it was his line of work in Moza was it...ha ha ha. Today they come back and lie about their contribution as if we all don't know that ultimately Rhodesia turned into Zimbabwe through a negotiated political solution and not solely through the barrel of a gun. We also know that during the military integration overseen by the British they found that a good number of these people did not even have experience of holding or using a gun. Guns were a precious commodity & there were not enough to go around. Many of these guys making noise were not even mujibas but refugees.

Galore 123 - 4 February 2016

Yes indeed this country needs a president who is civilian who has nothing to do with some skirmishes which took place nearly 40years ago now we have seen every fool who wants to gain some political mileage mentions this war nonsense and it is high time now that a civilian president is in power to finish this rubbish of always reminding us of useless past war times which have brought misery to this country .

Diibulaanyika - 4 February 2016

I share Diibulaanyika's sentiments about Daily News. My prayer is that one day all Zimbabweans will fully appreciate this newspaper's immense contribution to the welfare of our country.

Mercy - 4 February 2016

Lets go to the big tent Prof. Don't waste your time investing in a dead cow unless if you one of those educated fools.

Ziziharinanyanga - 4 February 2016

Trying to prop up Mnangagwa Gukurahundi,is like trying to resuscitate a dead donkey. He is a criminal,ruthless,a killer-if you want to see how a person is exposed,prop him up. As ppl from Mthwakazi,we cant be presided by one who planned,plotted and butchered the Ndebele ppls. There is an idiot in charamba and mutswangwa.

Chrispen - 4 February 2016

Have no honor for little rascals with puny brains who abuse the much vaunted freedom of expression to belittle war veterans, the very group that sacrificed for you and me to have the same freedom you are abusing. We have people here who shunt themselves into little tribal corners and broach profanities against war veterans. On whose bidding are they throwing these tribal epithets?. For the record Jonathan Moyo is a scandalous character in Zanu pf's midst and deserves to be unceremoniously ex-communicated, so is his foolish cabal made up of his fellow gay gangsters, Kasukuwere and Zhuwawo. This unholy alliance has pilfered politicians' precious time to focus on real issues affecting the Zimbabwean economy.

Sadza Mushumha - 4 February 2016

Thanks to the machinations of this man Jonathan who abuse himself by incessantly strategizing against fellow party members. Instead of correcting our comatose economy, Zanu Pf finds itself at war against itself thanks to an over ambitious cabal bent on forcing out senior party members with impeccably war time credentials abusing the name of the first family. We certainly hope sustainable panaceas will be arrived at next Wednesday so that Jonathan Moyo and his cabal are thoroughly dealt with once and for all. Those that glorify the perilous influence of Jonathan Moyo to the political going ons, including the Daily News will come to grief, they are in for a rude awakening. Jonathan Moyo's actions as well as those of his fellow gay gangsters must be condemned by progressive and peace loving Zimbabweans for they are aimed at sowing seeds of horrible pandemonium in the governing party. Do we need a destabilised Zanu pf, itself the ruler and governor of this our country, against a backdrop of a fractious and dysfunctional opposition?. Is this within the best interest of us as peace loving citizen? I find it quite shameful for the media, especially the Daily news to stoke the fires day in and day out instead of condemning such political tomfoolery in our political parties. It is high time media houses values national interests ahead of their selfish and parochial ones.

sadza mushumha - 4 February 2016

“Cabinet ministers...are not civil servants..." Huh? This is ground breaking. I'm learning something new everyday.

Sage Gombiro Magura - 5 February 2016

kutambisa mari yehurumende mahumbwe matakanyanya evanhu makavatasitiriki

sakaa - 5 February 2016

Bravo sadza.komborerwa iwe.moyo is history come wednesday,5 yrs out ,no ministerial post,bcoz shifting him hs not helped.he needs a good punishment,kumuranga.at a time when we need to focus on econmy he brings in divisions,even disrespecting the president a d his deputy,he wants them changed,replaced,1yr from congress.why?he is lucky ngwena is very soft on him,if it was the general he wuld be singing the blues at some obscur univercity of idiocy.

viola gwena - 5 February 2016

I love the fact that Zanoids such Viola (N)gwena read Daily News voraciously, even as they criticise the newspaper. So there is hope after all as they are being educated about zanu poo's dictatorship. Kkkkkkkkkk!

Musorodamba - 5 February 2016

You don't have to defend Mutswanga Viola Ngwena because we know that you were never in Moza. because you were a Mujibha except if you are Mutwsangwa's girlfriend who is trying to brush aside the shame on your boyfriend. We know that cadres in Zambia, Moza etc were sufferin there were no clothes and other girls could hardly wear pants. Then what taboo are u talking about. Remember the chirenje concept so Mutswangwa was trying to survive

George Zvaramba - 5 February 2016

Viola is really singing for his super. You seem to have assumed an appointing authority status. If I may ask who is going to punish Jona. Remember Jona is a hard worker and the standards in the Higher education sector had seriously plummeted in the hands of his predecessrs so he is there to resurrect the sector not that he was demoted. Remember Viola that boob you made his excellency read a wrong speech. who trust that it was a genuine mix up. May a gamatox style.

George Zvaramba - 5 February 2016

I used to hate Jonso but i see his strategy now. He wants a post bob Zim to start afresh without the baggage of the liberation struggle hence his participation in the purging of joice and now ngwena. However knowing what bob is capable of he has had to tread very carefully and has succeeded so far

magame - 5 February 2016

Zvaramba wht if anything r yu disagreeng wth viola on pants?I thot thats wht viola is saying,there wsnt any underwear?this old lady outsmarts yu all in thinking.?

gire - 5 February 2016

Which sector of education yu talking about.? Dokora deserves the pat ,if its higher education johnso thru in here n thr bt the good civil servants in that ministry who hav been there for years are the real champions.moyo is barely a yr thr.did he even hav the time to deal wth that ministry?pre ocupied wth mutsvangwa n silly stories.that takes time n energy ,ploting crap.stories full of sound n fury signifying crap.littering newspapers wth nonsense.that ministry will have a beter minister wth time for it.he even fights students,on stage,munhu iyeye,let alone minister.ita hunhu sa minister.yes he works hard bt on what?

viola gwena - 5 February 2016

Do you have the evidence of Mnangwagwa's involvement in the massacre of the Ndebeles? Please gather your facts before rushing to print_ED has advised those who accuse him to refer the matter to the country's courts to determine his innocence or guilt. Jonso &e Crew have nothing tangible to speak about and they are bent on destroying the party from within

Chief Charumbira - 5 February 2016

Musorobhangu Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ko Musorobanga kungoti ziiiiiii mukati kwakanaka? Ivo vanhu vanemisoro iri funny funny hadzisi nharo idzodzo. Kunge vanhu vakachecheudzwa nebanga

Chipoto Vhaivhai - 5 February 2016

VaMutsvangwa mabhurukwa avaiba vaigoatengesera aani musango. Vainoatengesa ku Lorenzo Marques. Kkkkkkkkk. Mbavha yemabhurukwa.

Madhebhura - 5 February 2016

Ma face aya anorwara chokwadi. They no-longer have any sense of diplomacy. But no body bags guys, just fight!

Steve - 5 February 2016

One issue i differ fundamentally with many of you here. The whole lot here is at pains to accept that Zanu pf is here to stay. We need a strong and united Zanu Pf than we need an MDC-T and its fragments made up of people with puny cerebrals. Because Zanu Pf is here for eternity, Zimbabwe therefore does not need arrivists bent on sowing division in the ruling party. What suffers is the economy and subsequently many of you here who are living a pitiful life. What people therefore need to do, and doing so without fear or favor, is to condemn Moyo's mischievous conducts that divide the party and national opinion. He must be put though a jury to be accountable for his actions.

sadza mushumha - 5 February 2016

Vavekusurirana vanhu ava.Chasara kumamirana chaiko. There can only be one loser, that is the zanny poof party. and of course the winner is Zimbabwe,Ain' we all too tired of these impies. Halala halala. the end is nigh

dube - 5 February 2016

Its a sad realization that we all suddenly see that our so called leaders including the despot president are all blinded with power ,succession and wealth.From panty sniffers to propaganda spinners and plain blithering idiots,all in an effort to best position themselves at the expense of everyone including their own families. What is crucial for us as a nation is to forge ahead and put to the front credible selfless leadership that IS ACCOUNTABLE AND will go beyond doing the will of the people but will also create a formidable team in international politics that will illuminate the aspirations of the zimbos and have the will to take it there.Vanhu varikufa nezvirwere zvinorapika,vanhu varikufa nenzara,vanhu varikufa nekushaiwa kuti ramangwana richararamwa sei.Kana zvakaramba zvakadai tavakuzono senga magidi,hatinga tadzi kugwa hondo.TANETA

henzo - 5 February 2016

We need a new culture that propagates meaningful discourses. Such engagements do not add value to us as a people, surely this is not helpful history.

Business Tycoon - 5 February 2016

The moyo stories r finished,daily news.now do the honourable thing ,shift focus to the economy.if yu love to hate zanu takes us on the economy.thats the subject mater.this g40 is kaka foreva,clar .we will update yu next week on the punishment of yo little johnso.he will hav a lot of time now for Tsholotsho.

viola gwena - 5 February 2016

there is no economy zanu can talk about after close to 40yrs of failure. talk of violence not economy that is an area you have completely failed.

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 February 2016

Not so long Mujuru Joice was accused of helping some males rape girls in Moza bushes now i have no doubt this viagra Viola was also involved in holding and opening legs for little girls to be raped by sex pets like this Chris thing she is vehemently supporting . Wena mama you are heading to gehena you are evil .

Diibulaanyika - 5 February 2016

Economy has to be revived zvirozviedzwa and zanu is changing for the beter.invigoration.wthin itself.theris no liberation movement that looses elections in sadc.anc,freli o,chama chama,swapo and zanu.cme 100 yrs they will all stil be in power.this is africa.its not europe.

viola gwena - 5 February 2016

Zanu pf lost 2008 national polls, one month the so called educated nation in africa could not do the maths... follow mutasa he went to cry with president at his palace when everyone went into panic mode.. The often perceived or labelled, peaceful, passive or cowardly zimbabweans are an extremely dangerous lot, the day they will raise their hands, zanu pf government will never know what will have hit them.. .T.I.A " this is africa".

X-MAN IV - 5 February 2016

Are these Ministers ? In Zimbabwe a serious draught is looming, the economy is in shambles, unemployment rate is at record high, health delivery nearly zero and yet instead of doing what they are paid for these Zanu PF LUNATICS expend energy on insulting each other instead of finding solutions to this country's woes.

SIBAHLE - 6 February 2016

In 100 years zanu in power then the whole country will be a sea of shiite kkkkkkkk hey any way the good thing is that wont happen as Mugabe will die very soon together with his zanu kkkkkkkkk even Hitler who wanted to rule the world kicked the bucket together with his party . We zimbabweans are keeping our fingers crossed are we near the end of zanu and its owner Mugabe very soon and very soon

Diibulaanyika - 6 February 2016

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