City parking employees should work diligently

EDITOR — I write this letter with disappointment following the number of vehicles that I see clamped within the Harare Central Business District.

I am aware that the council is on a drive to make money but they also have to consider that vehicle owners would love to pay but most of the times do not have the money or the parking attendant is not visible or on sight.

These days I have noticed that on most streets, as soon as one parks, the parking attendants hardly come forward and ask for parking fees but just ignore you and continue chatting.

The poor motorist has to approach or call them to come get the parking fee.

However, on some streets it is like they will be hiding so that you leave your vehicle without paying and you find it clamped.

The parking attendants should do their jobs diligently and stop playing around with other people’s hard-earned money.

I’m also aware that most of these parking attendants have targets that they have to meet but if they were doing their work diligently most people would willingly pay their parking fees.

Our city fathers should have the people’s interests at heart and stop thinking about money all the time.

If these people cannot man the parking bays properly, the city fathers should find other methods to make it work.

If not, more training is needed for these parking officials


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I totally agree with your observation. I am a victim. I parked my car along Rezende street and there was no attendant from easipark. As soon as I got into Bhadella wholesalers, I was clamped and had to pay $57 to be unclamped. Nearby vendors told me that they had been hidding from motorist so that they clamp vehicles as they had a target to meet. I urge them to perform their duty in an acceptable and fair way.

chen - 5 February 2016

Guys this issue ye Easy Park and others these guys are stealing from motorist I parked yesterday in Jason Moyo opposite First Mutual Life just for 10 minutes there came this short guy who was manning the parking bays along Stan Chart Bank talked to him and I told him i dont think i am going to spend 10 minutes or so can I pay you the $1 he agreed paid him went into First Mutual to do my business no reciept was issued to me I asked for a reciept I was told the machine had jammed kkkk. There came another guy with his machine he issued me with a receipt which i acknowledged but the reciept was saying I owe EASY PARK $2 were this figure came from i dont know the short guy disappeared with my $1 .So going to Julius Nyerere or not does not help or solve anything bcz the guy there is a yseless guy I have been there b4 he solved nothing save to say you have to pay there is nothing we can do do so really its a bad situation a lot of thieving is going on with these Chipangano guys

EASYPARK - 9 February 2016

This is absolutely true. Can these guys at least employ 5 O'leveled marshals, someone who reasons things out. Why is easypark giving the marshals the clamping task while at the same time they are the ones to receipt for the time parked, with a target to make matters worse. That should be looked into. Can the Easipark management leave the clamping to council workers. Taneta manje

Disappointed - 10 February 2016

Bulwayo City Parking employee I wish to express my displeasure at what happened to me the other day when I visited Bulawayo. I stopped at a parking bay to drop off a friend along Jason Moyo and 8th avenue. As I was pulling out of the bay this overzealous council officer came and he started writing a ticket for me claiming that I had parked my vehicle without displaying a valid disc, but the truth of the matter was, I had just pulled into the bay just to drop off a friend and I did not want to a park my vehicle in a dangerous position. Efforts to knock sense into this fellow could not help. I would appreciate if the city father could help in this particular incident. Furthermore I know cities are struggling with cash and why not employ officers who mane and issue parking discs to motorist rather than penalizing them of their hard earned little cash.

joetsoka - 2 March 2016

inga muri patit kuzimbabwe ine huchi ne nyuchi

abiyedu - 16 March 2016

I agree with all of you. Making money from parking is the Council's right but it must be done correctly. Once one pays his $ for the one hour, there is no credit for the time that one forgoes before the lapse of the hour. In other words you park for 25 minutes, then you leave, the balance of the hour is to Council's credit!! Wy can you not carry the credit? Surely one would not have used the time if anything he has created space for the next parking lot user. Carrying the credit is fairness. Instead Council can have a system such as swiping and a gradual reduction of the credit. They actually make their money in advance and these unruly guys go out of employment because I think the complaints arising from their being employed and unwise behaviour has overflown the dish!

Tonyieus B. Lampard - 17 March 2016

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