Mujuru's People First roars to life

HARARE - The battle for political supremacy in the country ahead of the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections is getting hotter, with former Vice President Joice Mujuru finally moving to register her People First movement with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).

An elated People First spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, told the Daily News yesterday that the outfit, which has thus far operated as the “original” Zanu PF formation that used the slogan People First, would be formally registered as People First next week.

The party’s motto would be Tiri Vavaki, Vavaki veZimbabwe (We are builders, Builders of Zimbabwe) — with the Ndebele equivalent also to be finalised this week.

Gumbo said the movement was now “ready to take off” following the completion by its legal department of the party’s constitution, which had paved the way for its registration with the Zec.

The party’s official launch would follow soon afterwards, culminating in the holding of its inaugural elective congress thereafter.

“We are organising that (Zec registration) so that the launch can be held soon, with all our people and structures up to speed with the constitution of the party, so that the congress is held in an orderly manner.

“To all intents and purposes, we are done with the constitution and our lawyers are now just tying up the loose ends.

“We are formalising our slogan Tiri Vavaki, Vavaki veZimbabwe which will be accompanied by its Ndebele version, and after registration we will have the official launch of the party and subsequently, the congress,” Gumbo said.

Other party insiders who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the decision to name the party People First had come after “lengthy and exhaustive” discussions.

“There were initially strong suggestions that the party’s name be Zanu People First, but later it was felt that using that name would confuse supporters who are now used to just People First, and also bring with it the baggage of the post-congress Zanu PF.

“It was later agreed that the party would be registered next week simply as People First, thereby also helping to avoid unnecessary confusion and confrontation with Zanu PF over the name, which would have worked in their favour,” one of the reliable sources said.

Another official said there had been unanimous agreement to register the party with Zec, even though there was apparently no law in Zimbabwe that compelled political parties to register in order to exist legally.

“The only time registration is obligatory is during elections when a party wants to contest by fielding a candidate since a contender is required by law to be proposed and endorsed by a certain number of registered voters a constituency and has to pay a candidacy deposit, which is returned if he or she gets a certain stipulated threshold of valid votes cast.

“Nevertheless, by registering our party now, we want to put a marker on the ground that we are serious and that it is now truly game on,” the source said.

Since their ouster from the warring post-congress Zanu PF on untested allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate President Robert Mugabe, Mujuru and her allies made up of mainly disaffected liberation struggle stalwarts have been making serious efforts to challenge the ruling party ahead of 2018.

This week’s developments will put paid to the damaging speculation of the past year that Mujuru no longer had appetite for high political office after she kept both her supporters and foes alike guessing as to where she was going by appearing to procrastinate about her association with People First — which is widely predicted to give Zanu PF a run for its money in 2018.

The People First developments of this week may also help to explain why the panicky ruling party is moving ruthlessly to rid itself of all the remaining perceived supporters of Mujuru from within its ranks, including dozens of sitting MPs.

Last week, Zanu PF recalled Guruve South MP Chriswell Mutematsaka from Parliament for allegedly flirting with Mujuru.

Reports also suggest that four more ruling party legislators currently serving lengthy suspensions — Uzumba MP Simbaneuta Mudarikwa, his Maramba Pfungwe counterpart Washington Musvaire, Chikomba Central’s Felix Mhona and Tendayi Makunde of Murehwa North — will be booted out from the ruling party in the next few weeks.

And with the prospects Mujuru joining forces with former prime minister in the government of national unity, Morgan Tsvangirai, looking promising, observers say this is all raising the political stakes ahead of 2018.

In the meantime, Mujuru’s supporters got a taste of the violent nature of Zimbabwean politics last week after one of its supporters’ home was burnt down by suspected Zanu PF followers.

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Welcome to the arena People First!

Inyika - 29 January 2016

interesting!. bracing up for a clash of titans.there are still pple in govt who will still expose ZANU PF shenangans.

mudzviti - 29 January 2016

This newspaper is utter rubbish. Why do u write a misleading headline and then say a different thing in the main body? Seriously, this makes me sick as a reader. Lets have stories that reflect what's inside not to give a headline that sounds like something has actually taken place. U are no different from Herald

Stupid Reporters - 29 January 2016

This newspaper is utter rubbish. Why do u write a misleading headline and then say a different thing in the main body? Seriously, this makes me sick as a reader. Lets have stories that reflect what's inside not to give a headline that sounds like something has actually taken place. U are no different from Herald

Stupid Reporters - 29 January 2016

We will welcome you to real political area with open arms. But dont get too excited coz soon yu will be on the receiving of political violents. Then yu will feel what other political parties have been feeling all along.I repeat welcome to the show and wish yu all the best.

Howie - 29 January 2016

daily news is the official media partner for G40 PF

deverangwena - 29 January 2016

I guess PF will not need a Publicity Dept, seeing Daily News has been and is ably carrying that function on their behalf. Nxa.

Biggie Taapatsi - 29 January 2016

Welcome to Hell Mai Mujuru!

dick mboko - 29 January 2016

Mapurisa nemasoja musapindira NYAYA IYI .nokuti hapana chamunoziva. Regai mutambo utambiwe imi muri mafans

Hezvoko - 29 January 2016

I agree with Mudzviti. PF is yet to roar to life. This newspaper sometimes sensationalises issues. Tell me, when you do the extreme opposite of the Herald, where is the difference? We want balanced reporting.

munyazozo - 29 January 2016

This is how mavambo came about,a lot of noise ,expectations.heee general mujuru n dhumiso n lots of zanu leadrs to join simba.what came of it?even the general developed butterflies in his tummy,got scared n ran bak to 2017 this will be all bulldust.settle down on its own,no action.Sisi Teurai ,makakanganisa asi dzokai ku musangano.ndekwenyu.izvi zvamurikuita hazvina chimuko.Gumbo n Mutasa r old.yu will be left to ngwena hanzvadzi yenyu.unokudzorai mugwara redu remusangano.musatye sisi.

viola gwena - 29 January 2016

zanu will send spies by pretending to 'boot out' its members and the 'booted' members will 'join' pple 1st and the rest will be history.

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 January 2016

Mai Majuru u have my vote.Tsvangirai failed me.let's see if we can dismantle the evil machine called zanu pf.

Muchinja Akachinja - 29 January 2016

Chiona maCIO aya ozara kuPeople First ikoko. It will be difficult to tell who is real People First. Mirai muone nhandonhando yacho. Zanu haife yega. Welcome to life yekudzvanyirirwa, mai Mujuru, Didymus, Rugare, etc. Handiti ndizvo zvamaimboitawo? Besides, makatoisiya muchiida Zanu iyi. So you are no different from the rest. handiti makatomboramba kudzingwa? Apa futi munozviti vanaComrade. You know what that term means to the ordinary Zimbabwean who suffered at the hands of "Comrades"... Itai tione....

Mutiro - 29 January 2016

PF showed be careful of fake people joining as if they are booted from ZANU. Watchout Gumbo

Pf - 29 January 2016

By failing to come up with a Ndebele version of its moto that automatically says this party does not take people of Matebeleland serious just exactly like zanu which believes that all tribal people in Matebeleland must always come second in every thing hence every one who is sane will tell you this is a tribal party just formed to do even worse than zanu it has already maginalised Matebeleland then if that is not zanu what is it . We recall when MDC was formed they was guqula izenzo and chinja maitiro there and there which brought all people together since independence .Even in Mashonaland it is only in Mash east the home of gamatox where pf supporters are found. zimbabweans know their and their leader who has stood with them for 17 years now and these other parties that are cropping every way are not what we need in govt and we do not follow everything like a confused and lost dog .

Diibulaanyika - 29 January 2016

Zwanzi people first ! Seka zwako imbwa yaKachuta. Since when have Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo and their other swines trying to hoodwink Zimbabweans known that people come first ? I met a foreign visitor to Zimbabwe recently. He told me of his observation during the few days he was in Zimbabwe. He said: " I noticed a sharp contrast between leaders and the general population. The leaders are very fat and show signs of exhuberance in the way they pose whilst people you see in the streets look emaciated, with faces under severe stress. It looks like they are very, very rich people mingling with very, very poor people. Its hard to imagine how the two people live side by side."

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 30 January 2016

sure the other side of the coin.which people first.are these not the other tricks of zanu pf

jojo - 30 January 2016

I just wonder what normal person would support ZANU PF at this moment in time.

Chidhuura - 30 January 2016

Tibvirei pano. Teurai haana brain. She is too dull to lead anything apart from maybe issues to do with the bedroom.

Bobby Sadza reZwiyo - 30 January 2016

Zwakangofananana naGrace. Kubata chidhara zwakanaka hazwirevi kuti avanenjere dzekuita stand in Bob`s shoes.

Bobby Sadza reZwiyo - 30 January 2016

I wonder why Zimbabweans always say Tsvangirai failed. Kusatenda ndiko kunoko zeta futi kuti matadze kugadzirisa nyika.Tsvangirai akasangana nenguva yakaoma kasanganisira kurasikirwa nemukadzi wake all because airwra IMO. failing doesn't mean hauna kuzama&vacho vanodaro murimagwara futi.That man deserves respect. At least tendaiwo MA Zimbabwe kwete kungotaura zvisina bass.We all know that ma elections ese akabirwa.Kurai maZimba&stop being cowards please

Nyathi - 31 January 2016

NdokwaAmai kutsva saka tichitongo enda ikoko ndogame racho.

eliasha - 31 January 2016

bla bla bla bla

ziggy zigawo - 31 January 2016

akakoniwa tsvangirai even though all people were behind him. michato ndiyo yakaondomora character yake and then he lost the support of zimbos, westerners and some african leaders who had earlier on been on his side. now he is showing signs of dictatorship by refusing to hand the baton to another.

zvirozviyedzwa - 31 January 2016

@Viola u went to school in the 60s before u joined the struggle, by this time we expect that u should have known that Mujuru's struggle is not to maintain relations with Ngwena but rather to liberate Zimbabweans who are suffering oppression from their own race. Ngwena and ZANU have been in power for too long and they will not bring anything new in the game

Mentalist - 1 February 2016

Good point @Diibulaanyika

Mentalist - 1 February 2016

Which zimbo needs liberation?from what?ignorence ya,yu now hav farms that yu never paid a coin for.farming for yo children n yu want liberation?yu dont think properly.the whole of Africa its only in zimbabwe a poorman got free land .come to tobaco auction floors when in season ,yu will see zimbabweans,very hapy,wth money from tobaco.plenty people.go to mutoko,yu wil be amazed,satelite dishes every homestead ,from tomatoe sales n tobaco.the economy is bad yes bt the rural people r very hapy,more than yu Mental.dont imagine things,travel n see then conclude.

viola gwena - 1 February 2016

@Viola where is the Industry? I want to work not to be a subsistence farmer. The rich farmers you will find are senior ZANU PF officials. Subsistance farmers only produce for their families in most cases. We cannot be farmers all of us. I want to be happy with a monthly salary not to wait for tobacco season

Mentalist - 2 February 2016

@viola let me bring you up to speed, having a satellite dish does not symbolise wealth. Travel to SA almost everyone has a dish including those people staying in poor areas. Land resettlement was designed to senior ZANU officials loot. How many farms did these politicians loot during the settlement? Mnangangwa, Kasukuwere, Obert Mpofu and Mugabe and Mujuru? Obert Mpofu has 5 farms between Bulawayo and Hwange. To be frank ZANU pf officials have nothing to offer us. They have been looting and destroying the country since 1980. Mutoko does not represent Zimbabwe as a whole, go to Matabeleland and see if you can compare Lupane, Binga, Nkayi etc with Mutoko. People are hungry NAD suffering

Mentalist - 2 February 2016

people first must be careful with people like Biti and Ncube they have a tendency of abandoning the train before the destination. kkk

togarepi Gandiwa - 2 February 2016

I wanted to respond to Viola but reading more ah I have found its a waste of my time and space some people scratch their bums when thinking. We welcome you to the guano called Zimbabwe PF, don't worry about pen criticisers you will always get them. What I wish is you guys never to repeat the same arrogance you had when you were in that rotten party.

wamaromo - 3 February 2016

Voting for this woman[Mujuru] is like voting for Zanu pf. I dnnt see no difference here just different banners. She and her husband contributed immensely in the distruction of this country now she comes back from the other side claiming that she can build what she destroyed pliz come. ZIMBABWEANS PLIZ PLIZ NDAPOTA WORK UP

SITHOLE H - 3 February 2016

I rest my case.why r people in matabeleland not farming like in mutoko?the land is thr .if obert has 5 farms it means thr was no takers for those farms.why shuld the farms lie derilict?yu guys in matebeleland just want to get a pasport n run to south.yo children think thats the was open to all and offered to all so for yu guys to say yu suffering ,why?tata ibadza .dont run to zulus ,they dont want yu thr.stay in yo country n make a plan.if yu neva got land then get 1 of obert s farms n rima.yu allowed.its yo area,yo land to feed yo tweens.and send yo kids to school for a beter tmorow.these wars of the past dont feed yo kids.dont waste time gloting on is a sad chapter bt hey life must goon.

viola gwena - 3 February 2016

Mentalist,satlite dish in rurals is a sign of good times man or woman thinks of that bfo feeding family n build nice house.satelite dish is last,watching arsenal n man u in rural mutoko ,countryside.thats the life in mutoko.the tomatoes yu eat r from mutoko n thats cash frm farming.rite now gas stoves r a hit in mutoko.nomo cuting trees like stone age muntus.gas.all that is from farming again why wuld ndebeles sufer when land is thr?bulawayo is a good market to sale tomatoes ,why not.industry yes its dead bt watch chinamasa,the dude is not will come bt for now tata I badza lako mfanami

viola gwena - 3 February 2016

Yatanga mbuya iya.viola yu rite.trueth is dangerouse.

gidza - 3 February 2016

Those hodes of farmers yu see at auction floors r nt zanupf ministers.neither r those yu see on the back of lorries from mutoko,sitting on boxes,they arent ministers but new farmers.yu ndebele guys dont like farming,hard work.its either get a pasport n run to south,or buy an okape knife,6 blade n walk tall.thats all yu think of.even yo ministers,jpresident apoints him n 1st thing is to run away from skies,settle in harare.who then develops bulabantu.sorry I may sound crude bt thats what we see I. Yu guys.vp had to check in hotel wth his whole clan.running away frm skies

viola gwena - 3 February 2016

Ther is sme element of trueth , knw that we cant all be matoko.sme of us are natural born hunters,nt farmers.its yu harare people who steal our leaders.zapu was a strong party until this love of harare which ws brot on by this unity.

todii - 4 February 2016

Viola yu r a mad house in yo head.zulus n ndebeles we r one.our brotherwood is mesd up by yu shonas who commit crimes in s.a.yu r a disgrace in zululand.

chaka - 4 February 2016

In no time matabeleland n midlands will be amalgamated into S.A.we wil be 1 country n tribe again.viola yu cn stay in yo mutoko wth yo zanu.p

chaka - 4 February 2016

i can help my president dr joice mujuru.and restore her position. donnt be afraid contact me on 0717814482.only dr mujuru

the priest - 4 February 2016

Im proud apology,lazy or militant ,im proud 1.

look - 4 February 2016

Im not tribal,nt at mother a pure ndebele frm midlands.

viola gwena - 4 February 2016

joyce mujuru is another side of zanu pf. once zanu pf always zanu pf

peter muyambo - 4 February 2016

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