Charamba displays his factional colours

HARARE - Hawkish presidential spokesperson George Charamba is more and more flaunting his favoured side in Zanu PF’s succession wars, moving yesterday to shellack savagely all the party opponents of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking in an interview with ZiFM radio last night, Charamba labelled the ruling party’s ambitious Young Turks who go by the moniker Generation 40 (G40), and who are opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding President Robert Mugabe, as “foolish successionists” who are bound to lose this war.

He also accused the G40 brains trust of harbouring “sinister minds that speak in the name of the president but who are in fact successionists” — sentiments that provoked an angry retort from Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo.

Bizarrely, Charamba also accused the G40 of working hand in glove with former Vice President Joice Mujuru, who was sacked from Zanu PF at the end of 2014 on untested allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe.

“And here are these God’s deputies who will know when Mugabe will die, who can tell who can be vice president and who can succeed, and meanwhile, we must accept that they are not ambitious themselves.

“They don’t want to be vice presidents themselves but they know who must not be. They don’t want to be presidents themselves, but they know who must not succeed.

“Here are little men with absolutely no iota of history behind them thinking they can emerge as leaders of this country, with little minds, thinking boldness is urge, no it isn’t.

“Here is one tragedy of those little fellas, and I call them little fellas, they confuse media skills with social skills. They think you can scale up the political ladder by tweeting through Twitter, not knowing that they are tweeting themselves to eternity.

“Who think that when you manipulate one or two headlines, you have a social base for launching your stupid ambitions, they will come to grief. They will come to grief. Get it from me,” Charamba said in what was seen as a naked attack on Moyo, and adding ominously that “I am speaking as president Mugabe’s press secretary”.

And although he had for long crassly argued that Zanu PF’s deadly factionalism was a creation of the independent media, which he has threatened repeatedly, Charamba also accused some politburo members of leaking party secrets to the press.

“They sit there with some little newsman, compose headlines, repeat arguments that they were saying when they were working with me and they think they are being discreet.

“They think we don’t see that. There are fangled hands everywhere and they think we don’t see that? Come on! The tragedy is to think that you think you have the brightest mind around and you are cleverer than every one. That’s tragic.

“Not only have they leaked the stuff but they do so in their poor English, which I know, and I am supposed to sit there, like a happy Buddha and I am supposed to keep my mouth mum when they are discussing the fate of the president, my boss ...

“My boss’s tenure is being discussed by his juniors. Does that make sense to you and this is what makes me angry. And when you point that out they give you a faction,” Charamba said.

The interview immediately drew a sharp rebuke from Moyo who said Charamba’s views had become more and more political beyond what was expected from civil servants as he worked “in aid of a desperate faction”.

“There’s a silly Shakespearean wordsmith who thinks politics is about clever words & who sees himself as the system when he’s a factionalist!

“Zanu PF had 2 factions. Mujuru faction was expelled in 2014 & now exists in the media as PF. Thus only one faction remains a problem!

“Some of us with hard lessons on the 2004 tragedy of factions resisted the Mujuru faction not for the other faction but for Mugabe!” Moyo wrote.

“George Charamba’s media voices are no longer of a civil servant but of a politician in aid of a desperate faction. That’s unacceptable!” he added.

But Charamba warned pointedly that it was a matter of time before his opponents met their fate.

“They think they have humiliated me, but they can’t. I think what they need to worry about is their careers. Yes, not me. And the president is not a person who rushes, he will allow you a very long rope.

“You prance about enjoying meaningless headlines and thinking you are on top of the mountain, but it will take just one afternoon. I don’t know what you will see, but we must stop this tomfoolery,” Charamba said.

Charamba’s tirade against G40 appeared to vindicate his Zanu PF critics who have claimed that he has “gotten away with murder for a long time” — pointing to his controversial writing and statements in State media as well as his recent fight with War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, his views on Gukurahundi and his alleged failure to protect Mugabe, including when the nonagenarian read the wrong speech in Parliament last year.

Even the First Family showed their displeasure towards the end of last year when First Lady Grace Mugabe —seen as the power behind G40 — at one of her at her rallies indirectly attacked Charamba for criticising ZimAsset in his controversial articles in the Nathaniel Manheru column.

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That's interesting to see Charamba is now accepting officially that Zanu PF is split and really in a mess. Once again Charamba reveals that he is Zanu PF, confirming kuti lots of civil servants are Zanu PF members hence the rot and laxity in GoZ departments. Anyway, the fights in Zanu are good for watchers and strategists. Zanu PF cant continue to be run by one person, putting fear into its members and populace in general. Zanu PF leaders made a mistake kare by allowing one person to be its leader for life hence the issue yesuccession can not be discussed till Mugabe is dead. Lack of freedom in party and country puts fear as we can't discuss and even criticised Mugabe & Zanu PF pachena. This is now coming out within the fights dzana Moyo naCharamba. Keep Fighting guyz!! Gore Rino Tichanzwira Zvakawanda!! Cry the Beloved Zimboz!

Tawa Zaru - 29 January 2016

Yu see now daily?I asked to challenge Charamba n now he is game on.yu gt gamed.yo johnso is pickniney to charamba,a pickniney,nobordy.G40 yu hv always bn known to b small boys n t even come up wth a credible leader.yu try to force women to lead yu.betwwen yoselves yu cowards,uncouth gluttons at funerals.yes cde charamba go for them,bring it on ,see them wet their pants in fear of being exposed.when Charamba speaks let no dog upright man,born for the job.a close ally of the president,his defender.bring it on g40,bring yo damnest.

viola gwena - 29 January 2016

Zvatosvorana Gozho naChin'ai! Hevo ko! Dzuvura unozadziwa ropa!

dick mboko - 29 January 2016

Anyone who doesnt know charamba is zanu then sorry,go back to politech.yu stupid.if Tsvangirai becomes prime minister again,by chance,a very minimal chance ,his press secretery will be an mdc that too hard to believe,or understand.president may not hav all the time to articulate party n gorvnment policies,his perm sec or press secretery does that for why shuld president mugabechoose Gutu to be his secretery,not so I telligent a thot hey?this moyo is realy a bufoon character people,a clumsy one.

viola gwena - 29 January 2016

Viola I doubt if yu r a woman.yu sound toomuch lke a man bt regardles I enjoy reading yo isues.very interesting.

rambanepasi - 29 January 2016

Im a full woman.born in the my 60s.went to scuul n struggle.stil a beauty as yo mother.thanx anyway.

viola gwena - 29 January 2016

Well done George. You have put the G40 Crew in their rightful positions and only time will tell. They are bent on destroying the revolutionary party from within and what kind of ZANU (PF) will exist without the likes of Ngwena, Muchinguri, Mutsvangwa, Mujuru and other illustrious daughters & sons of Zimbabwe who sacrificed their dear lives to liberate the country? The War Vets are the vanguard of the Party and please let them enjoy the fruits of their sweat.

Chief Charumbira - 29 January 2016

Only I J Moyo has managed to do what the main opposition failed to do in the last 16 yrs.I managed to infiltrate Zanu and destroy it from within. Only a shell case is what remains of the former vibrant party.I have played my role,it's up to you fellow Zimbabweans to kill off this devilish regime and send it to hell where it belongs.

Prof Jonathan Moyo - 29 January 2016

Daily News you seem to have a problem with one Vp why? Good work George

mukorokore - 29 January 2016

Daily News you seem to have a problem with one Vp why? Good work George

mukorokore - 29 January 2016

Ko nhai iwe Jonono wave kupupa nhema ku Daily news nekuti ku Herald waka dzingwa , Weldone Charamba about time

Tino - 29 January 2016

daily news you are so against ngwena n your articles about this succession thing are becoming boring to read.plse be ballanced in yo reporting...

mutongi gava - 29 January 2016

@Viola, ndiwe une yese and i suspect you are Ngwena internal, thanks for the words of comfort t the Ngwenites not aware of whats happening inside Ngwena camp. Dzimwe nhema dze Daily bigging up Moyo ma1

Ane - 29 January 2016

Charamba is the biggest fool here. He is trying to be on the first family side yet it's very clear that he is more to Ngwena. The problem with taking a position when you are a civil servant , is that a slight change of the political wind will find you naked and exposed. Ngwena is very dull and unpopular . Listen to his utterance on the media. He is locked into the 1970- Zimbabwe must move on with or without ZANU pf . For the record makajaidzwa stereki rig the 2018 elections again and Zimbbabwe will burn. We will not allow the status quo to continue . Never again!!!

Be Warned - 29 January 2016

Those that the gods want to destroy are already mad-Zanu PF is history

IMMINENT - 30 January 2016

Muregererei murume uyu. 1 st. who did not support Bob at independence ? Virtually all Zimbabweans did. He was a presidential spokesman from then - when we were celebrating our independence. Unfortunately for him he has taken too long to remain in that position, hence he is now overtaken by events which are time-dependent. He is probably the only man who knows the truth at statehouse and therefore he has to find a new bearing. Because his old master is no longer calling the shots Mr Charamba is now at a loss as to who he gonna serve next - Grace (who is calling the shots) or Mnangagwa. Any clever Zimbabwean cannot simply dismiss his garavitation (I mean his current leaning) because here is the man who knows the truth unlike people like us vana Bobby. The problem is us Zimbabweans are too afraid to say it as it is. Mugabe has instlled so much fear in us to the extent that a husband and wife cannot say anything about him even in their bedroom for fear of his CIOs. My goodness ! This is where the problem is . This is why the country got plundered to Zim Ruins takatarisa.

Bobby Sadza reZwiyo - 30 January 2016

Zvatosvorana!! Hezvoko, bwaaaaa!

Boterekwa - 31 January 2016

This so called charamba is ranting for no reason.he z defending an expired,standby ancestor as president coz he knows soon and very soon things WL fall apart.Him charamba z a dumb fool for shoo

Legacy - 31 January 2016

George i can help the president.i can restore him to 1998.i can make him strong again. if you are willing the President will strong again. 0718555570.con m bfr its to late

elharzeb - 4 February 2016

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