Moyo blasts Herald over Zanu PF wars

HARARE - As Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession wars continue unabated, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo took to Twitter yesterday, querying The Herald’s coverage of the ruling party’s worsening infighting.

“It is as curious as it is concerning that @HeraldZimbabwe now has references to “the anti-Mnangagwa cabal in Zanu PF”. What or who is that?” he asked.

His Twitter post comes as State media, apparently acting under pressure from hawkish Information permanent secretary George Charamba, appear to have taken a position in favour of the party faction behind embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations.

A source within Zimpapers, publishers of The Herald and the Chronicle, said editors at the stable had come under increasing pressure to take “a definitive position” in the post-congress Zanu PF’s wars.

“There is clearly an instruction from the ‘ultimate editor-in-chief’ (euphemism for Charamba) for Zimpapers to more and more take a definitive position on the party’s infighting.

“Many readers have noted that over the past few weeks we are propping up one side and trashing the other side, a turn that has been demanded by the ‘ultimate editor-in-chief’,” a Zimpapers staffer said.

Charamba has over the past few weeks used his Nathaniel Manheru column to threaten and excoriate the country’s independent media for its coverage of Zanu PF’s wars, while increasingly appearing to bat in Mnangagwa’s corner.

So incensed by this have been many Zanu PF bigwigs that some of them have accused him of being disloyal to President Robert Mugabe.

Speaking in interviews with the Daily News last week, they said Charamba was playing a “flagrantly divisive” role in the ruling party’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars.

“He is clearly more loyal to Ngwena than he is to the president, who is his boss. Everyone in government and in the party knows that Charamba, aka Nathaniel Manheru, will only defend his favourite VP and not anyone else when they are under attack, not even the president or his family,” one of the bigwigs said.

Another Zanu PF official said Charamba had “got away with murder for a long time” — pointing to his controversial writing and statements in State media, his recent fight with War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, his views on Gukurahundi and his alleged failure to protect Mugabe, including when the nonagenarian read the wrong speech in Parliament last year.

“... while he once insisted forcefully that there were no factions in Zanu PF, he is now writing that there is an anti-Mnangagwa faction in the party. So, which is which, and who are these people that he is divisively talking about?” the official said.

The First Family also showed their displeasure towards the end of last year when First Lady Grace Mugabe at her last two rallies indirectly attacked Charamba for criticising ZimAsset in his controversial Nathaniel Manheru column.

Also appearing to criticise Charamba then for his recent Nathaniel Manheru polemics was Moyo who wrote on Twitter that, “It’s no good to say media should not cover security sector while you are defending public media reports implicating ZRP in poaching!”.

“It’s fatal that some Cdes seek or support personal ambitions & positions in ways that undermine key gains of the liberation struggle!

“Unconstitutional & unlawful utterances should not be associated with or come from officials who have taken oaths to uphold the law!

“Threatening people left, right & centre is bad politics which betrays the lack of capacity to persuade the public through policy & law!

“Threats breed misunderstanding, fear, alarm & despondency whereas what’s needed is understanding & hope from government policies!” Moyo said in posts that many of his followers applauded.

Contacted for his insight having worked in the presidency for a long time, former senior Cabinet minister, Didymus Mutasa said Charamba was “definitely fighting” in Mnangagwa’s corner — as he was allegedly already preparing for life after Mugabe.

Mutasa also traced Charamba and Mnangagwa’s relationship to the so-called Tsholotsholo Declaration of 2004 which Mugabe saw as a coup against him, and where it was alleged that the Information Tsar had hired a plane for the attempted coup which was designed to stymie the ascendancy of former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

He also said that Charamba had even allegedly drafted Mnangagwa’s acceptance speech in Tsholotsho.

“He (Charamba) should not be involved in any of what is happening in Zanu PF right now. He has indeed been fighting for that particular person.

“He should not be involved in any of the activities, particularly those involving Emmerson.

“He should speak wisely and comment correctly when talking about the media and when journalists seek to understand what is happening in Zanu PF.

“I remember when I still worked for Zanu PF that he was not even allowed to come into the politburo, and so he should not threaten anyone because he knows very little about anything,” Mutasa said.

This is not the first time that Charamba has been caught in controversy.

“He was two years ago found to be among the people who benefitted at Premier Services Medical Aid Society.

Last year, he was involved in an unseemly war of words with Mutsvangwa, with his personal life also coming under the spotlight a few years before that.

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Mutasa bla bla bla.stil loves zanu this guy.kumbira ruregerero kuna ngwena mudhara.unodzoswa.otherwise concern yoself with P1st .forget about zanu,till yu come back.yo comments shuld be directed to yo party ,not zanu.mind yu mudhara,Ngwena is already President.if anyone flies in today to see Zim President ,yu take him to ngwena.An upright man.kana makafoira politics bvumai baba.Theris no stoping Ngwena coz he is already president.svotwai zvinopera.Sista Joice is trying to engage Ngwena on her own,for what?for herself.yu n rugare haiwa,zvavezvamangwana varupiri vachikoniwa ingwe.Charamba dont be intimidated by these dailynews cowards.carryon protecting your bosses,Mugabe and Mnangagwa.Yu remember Mugabe faced the same in 1979 to 1980,papers portraying him as evil,but people saw the lies n went on to vote for him.Ngwena will change zanu and our country for the chamachamapinduzi.

viola gwena - 22 January 2016

Herald is a seasoned paper.a good paper from ages has a very strong history and its in capable hands,Charamba,an intelligent youngman of good standing.What is it thats surprising Moyo now.Herald had become very low on readership during his time as information minister.He was the reporter ,editor,cameraman and printer himself.The way charamba is doing is exemplary to yu moyo.Yu were a loose yu have no mouth.Its run by charamba and run well.yu stick to classrooms,leave these politics to seasoned politicians like charamba.Nothing good ever came out of yu ,ever .thats why right now yu singing from same hymn book wth Mutasa,to attack President Mugabe and Charamba.yu are a danger to noone bt yoself.yu r a threat to nobordy.yu failed in kenya,yu failed in south africa and yu failed here [constitution 2000] a seasoned failiure.pathetic reasonablenes.The cholocho dydmus claims was yo idea ,failed idea.Ngwena never came coz he wasnt aware of yo reptile plans of coup.He was smarter than yu.Yu went ahead wth yo silly plan n it backfired.a small head like yu culd never plan anything successfull.time is ni

viola gwena - 22 January 2016

The anti VP faction includes Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, mzukuru wasekuru Joao (Zhuwawo we nepotism) and a few light weights who hide behind Grace's skirts.

Bona - 22 January 2016

Well said Viola Gwena,Cde J Moyo is there to destroy our Party Zanu PF . But that will not happen in your time Professor. Cde Ndiripo

tranos matangi - 22 January 2016

Mugabe has always been an evil murderer from 1970s. Try putting your points without trying to clean Mugabe's backside. The guy murdered a lot of people and his hands drip with human blood.

Bona - 22 January 2016

the herald has always been a mouth-piece of the powerful even during the smith era. its a platform for politics of partisan. dear minister, you also used the herald to your own end means. nhasi zvarwadza how kamu?

zvirozviyedzwa - 22 January 2016

Yes vaudze sista proud of yu as begning to like yu.

jembe - 22 January 2016

Tibvire apa Moyo simply because herald has critiscized your Cabal...Mbwa yemunhu

tinaye - 22 January 2016

And you dailynews are an asshole go and report better news

Ass - 22 January 2016

You can always tell how intellectually challenged most Zanoids are by their foul words and deeds. This ape above, who appropriately calls himself @Ass is a classic example.

Khumalo - 22 January 2016

So true Khumalo. But these people are not just intellectually challenged as you say, they are most definitely primitive stone agers!

Musorodamba - 22 January 2016

My Goodness me!!! What the hell happening at the Daily news. Mayo Mayo!! Recycled garbage, utter garbage. The paper has lost creativity, they have run out of stories and they are under pressure to write nusty daily staff against Mnangagwa. Look at how they have recycled a previous story by way of adding a little twit from Jonathan, itself a public information where one can just twit and get the Prof's comments alone. No wonder why this paper is in financial direstraights. For sure who would want to advertise and let alone buy a newspaper whose articles are short of ingenuity, originality and flair. WHO oga editor editor? Is it not in a way confirmatory to issues raised against the paper that its on the pay role by a faction in Zanu Pf? Is it therefore not true that the paper incessantly stirs a pot of confusion in the country by aiding dangerous political cultures and attitudes?

sadza mushumha - 22 January 2016

How can a sane person say Munangagwa is the president now when he can not even make a decision He has to worst tax payer money to go to Dubai to find out how govt workers can get their salaries from someone who is on leave vacation .Well the guy is very dull .He is just there as security nothing else the moment Mugabe vanishes from govt that is the end of this stupid cruel guy .The writing of on the wall .

Diibulaanyika - 22 January 2016

Diibulaanyika whatever your name is, why do you throw speculations as facts. Mnangagwa went to Dubai en-route to his holiday destination. Where is this nonsense coming from you dimwit. This tired discourse of Mnangagwa being a cruel leader hee blah blah can only be located in one little corner ensconced in the western part of the country. That is your own problem and it remain a right to judge him the way you want. But the fact shall remain the same. You can never fault a good person

sadza mushumha - 22 January 2016

Regardless of what the short sighted and opaque Zanunoids who commented on this article say, Charamba has clearly showed his hand in the mess that is plaguing Zanu Pf. He is obviously with team 'Lacoste' and Jonathan Moyo, love him or hate him, is just calling it as he sees it!

Farai - 22 January 2016

I can see why some of those in power hate DN. You are exposing them and giving them a run for their money, or is it their thuggery? Keep it up Daily News!

Mayor - 23 January 2016

It is not a secret that Zanu PF was a very stable party, until Jonahan Moyo pitched up.

machakachaka - 23 January 2016

All said and done at the end of Day it remains fact that Jonathan Moyo is full bred NGOCHANI

Tich - 25 January 2016

Charamba , Jonso and Ngwena are all evil , they must be preparing for life after Mugabe , they don't both don't like him , these Zanuoids are not intelligent they are all fool , how can they be lead by a dying old man Mugabe , this is proof of udofo hwavo . ICHO

Mudhara - 25 January 2016

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