'Ban miniskirts in schools'

HARRE - The government has been challenged to ban miniskirts in schools.

Prominent educationist Cleopas Kundiona said students must be banned from wearing short hemlines because they are distracting male teachers and fuelling early sexual activity among students.

This comes amid concerns some girls are going to school with skirts that just cover their bottoms, something Kundiona said was totally inappropriate.

Girls with the right length skirts are just rolling them up and teachers regularly tell the students to roll them down, but by first break they are back up again.

Kundiona, who runs several colleges, said male teachers were suffering through the short-skirt fad.

“The reason why there is talk of introducing condoms (in schools) came because of miniskirts, students at schools are wearing miniskirts and we need to ban them,” Kundiona said.

“Look at the army and police, they have discipline. Our schools should be like military institutions where there is discipline. Students should not be given condoms.”

He blamed exposure to the Internet, and insisted that distributing condoms in schools was a big no-no.

“The issue of condoms is coming because those who wear miniskirts end up attracting other students, teachers and men in the society at large,” he said.

“The ministry, parents and the church need to speak with one voice and say no to condoms. Students should never be allowed to date at school because that would divide their attention.”

One parent, who has two daughters and declined to be named, said the proposed the new dress code seems unnecessary.

She said: “I can’t see what the problem is. This has been going on for years even when I was a teenager. Maybe it can apply to primary school girls — but in secondary schools, they are becoming young women and should be allowed to wear miniskirts. I agree there is a point where it becomes inappropriate but to ban miniskirts altogether is a little draconian to say the least.”

Apart from the contentious issue of condoms, Kundiona also noted that there is rampant abuse of drugs at learning institutions because of laxity by relevant authorities to enforce stringent measures that would maintain discipline among students.

Comments (33)

The merit that I see in your opinion, Cde Kundiona, is that you do not condone immorality in schools as an owner of several private colleges yourself. Thumps up! But the matter does not lie in the kind of dress that the children wear. It lies in the social fabric that their parents are woven in. What the children wear is simply a reflection of what is obtaining in their society today. Such social fabric is a result of a global cultural metamorphosis that has grown over the years. We are a global village today, Comrade, and cannot be immune to what is happening around us. So you have a herculean task ahead of you, Comrade ,if you are determined to see change.It is a fight against the tide of time.

edika - 22 January 2016

well said Kundiona. this is a Christian nation. we need to uphold morals from the school level. you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

fakaona mpofu - 22 January 2016

I am a mother and totally agree with Kundiona. We we not allowed mini skirts during our time in boarding school and we have turned out to be some of the best mothers. My daughter completed her "A" level two years ago and she never wore a mini skirt to school. She has turned out to be one of the best daughters. Indeed there should be discipline in schools. I agree, look at police and army uniforms

totally agree - 22 January 2016

Zimbabwean remains Zimbabwean,then why are we teaching history if weare controlled by what is around us.Let the children be trained to be moral,NO condom,NO mini skirt

bela - 22 January 2016

Zimbabwean remains Zimbabwean,then why are we teaching history if weare controlled by what is around us.Let the children be trained to be moral,NO condom,NO mini skirt

bela - 22 January 2016

Shame on you edika

Bratee - 22 January 2016

if peop[le have been wearing these miniskirts since the 70s, what is zimbabwean about banning them now? Can male teachers not control their sexual appetite in school? Should the boy child also be banned from wearing shots because female teachers may find things getting hot in teir panties? Lets grow up and stop hunting for excuses for our lose zippers!

Baba George - 22 January 2016

Muri ndururani dze nhembe dzakatengesana kuva veranda vevarungu, makatadza ku dzivirira kutongwa neva pandapfumi!!!! sit down. Hembe hadzinei ne maitiro edu. Hatisisina moral fibre

John Madhiri - 22 January 2016

The problem with most women is that they DO NOT understand a male person, his emotional make up. They do not know that the trigger of a man's sexual desire is in his eyes. Those Windi at kombi terminuses are not mad when they madly whistle at a lady wearing miniskirt. Any normal man, even pastors, presidents, poor and rich - all get an erection when they see a vigina or anything close to it. Because that is how they were created. I know that women find it difficult to understand it because they themselves have no sexual triggers in their eyes. Women needs a low, stealing-like voice and caressing in order to trigger their sexual desire. Women also like showing off anything they think looks good. Hence, they think miniskirts expose their good bright thigh skin, which unfortunately is closer to their vigina, whose sight fully triggers any normal man into a wild erection. Prostitutes are not fools when they expose their private parts to passing male motorists. They know that by doing so they trigger the sexual desire of a man, and hence get the client. And in most cases they succeed, that's why you see them at same spots daily. Even the knowledgeable aunties advises their newly married ladies on good bedroom manners: 'when going to bed in the evening, undress whilst the lights are on so that the husband sees it so as to automatically get triggered on. And so why expose our maturing school boys to ladies' private parts that cause the boys to struggle in suppressing their sexual desire when they are suppose to focus on learning??

Danai Pazvagozha - 22 January 2016

hunhu ubuntu, that is what africa is about. thumbs up for promoting hunhu hwedu vanhu vatema. hatina kufanana ne vamwe vachena vanofamba vakadaro. since way back, africa, especially zim has maintained hunhu. thanks kundiona.

zvirozviyedzwa - 22 January 2016

Judging from the comments supporting this stupid stance, Zimbabweans are indeed primitive. The same fools here claiming we are a Christian nation are the same fools fiddling with children behind closed doors. A teacher should not be lusting after his students and a mini skirt will not stop sexual urges in humans. Grown ups should not take advantage of minors and you should be teaching youths to have a good moral compass not wasting time with these meaningless bans. We should not allow govt to take away even just one of our civil liberties, this is why we are oppressed by this govt because we let them take away so many of our liberties because fools supported fools like this man proposing such stupid stances.

mukwerekwere - 22 January 2016

@Danai you have said it all but then women are very stubborn. They want to sleep with men at a very early age and yet they are now being asked to get married at 18. Contradiction! Never think women want those good ideas. I wonder why they came on earth in the first place

chitundumuseremusere - 22 January 2016

Hello Makwerekwere, You could have said your valid points without insulting! Being able to express oneself without insulting and judgmental is what heals our society.

Pasi - 22 January 2016

Taura hako pasi. But I understand the thinking of Mukwerekwere. But we urge women to understand us men too. We do not believe that being nude is being modern.

Danai Pazvagozha - 22 January 2016

Mr Kundiona dont be shortsited. I expect a lot of understanding from someone who runs many colleges. if these students are not given condoms do you want them to die with HIV and AIDS. For your own piece of information these young ladies they dont even have relationships with their classmates. They have their amadharas cmng to pick them after school. think outside your own territory sir. Giving condoms is a preventive measure towards the deadly virus. Mamini skirts ane correlation papi nemacondoms?

fire - 22 January 2016

I see God is ever is us Zimbabwe! Thank you Mr Kundiona for noting that the school girls and ladies in general wear clothes that doesn't attract perpetrators .Thank you and please implement this new policy now,NO condoms in schools and no mini skirts.

tsviriyo - 22 January 2016

I see God is ever with us Zimbabwe! Thank you Mr Kundiona for noting that the school girls and ladies in general wear clothes that doesn't attract perpetrators .Thank you and please implement this new policy now,NO condoms in schools and no mini skirts.

tsviriyo - 22 January 2016

Edika, do yourself a favour pliz. Stop using your back part to think. You sound so learned but alas, you also sound empty hearded. Sorry

piaget - 23 January 2016

Lets keep good moral values and shape the future. No condoms and no indecent clothing in schools. Its a win win situation for both girl child and the society at large.

X-MAN IV - 23 January 2016

@danai maideas ako imhata chaiyo!!! before mamwe maboorangoma say anything ndiregei ne freedom of speech

pfutseke mhani - 23 January 2016

i don't think miniskirts should be banned but males who prey on little children. Why should someone lust on a little girls thigh. Boys on the other hand should be taught that a girls body is not an object of sex. Or rather a girls body should not be objectified to represent sexual connotations.

pagozha danai - 23 January 2016

Yaah different backgrounds different comments. No miniskirts, No condoms

moja shot - 24 January 2016

both boys and girls should be taught that their bodies are not objects of sex. that starts with teaching them appropriate dressing. it is the world of fashion and media that is insinuating the sexualization of girl children for very evil means. in this instance, the author of this article is right. we do well to teach our children to value themselves.

zvirozviyedzwa - 24 January 2016

I stay in a place where every other woman is in a 'mini'. The men do not look suffering. If one feels strongly about minis, address the issue to the parent, not govt, which itself could not maintain our own currency. may be its Kundiona himself suffering and thinks all males are the same. Its just an emotional boiling story - with nothing in it. The president spent may times in the far east (China, Singapore etc) where minis are like national dress - come on Kundiona - is this about the mini or something about you.

forbeska - 24 January 2016

thanx a lot piaget for yo comment but Im sorry to say it is yu who z actually empty headed because yu, like a stubborn goat refuse to face reality. read me carefully yu will get my point. I do not think iam too opaque for yu not to see reason with me.

edika - 25 January 2016

There is something I thought I shall never explain about women. But before I do that, let me encourage both men and women to please read widely. Do research so that you can speak from an informed point of view. You then speak facts and not feelings. That is why some people here tell us that Asian and European girls wear miniskirts and their men do not seem to be in any anguish. If you research you will find out that a white girl with puberty can go and sleep at a boyfriend's house, and parents have no problem with it. I mean girls as young as 14, 16 etc. So why would the boys have any hunger for something they have had or can have any time day or night?? Zvinotovasemesa. One day on a Friday, I visited a white friend in HydePark, J'burg, RSA (we work for same bank) and at around 5PM, the boyfriend to his 17 year old sister came and told the parents that he had come to take his girl friend for a night party and they will only come back tomorrow morning. Parents agreed, and they went away for the whole night. To my further surprise, my friend's father is a pastor. Anyway, God created women in such a way that they like attention. There is a great sense of emotional utility in them if they get approval attention, especially from men. God's intention was to noble, to enable people to recreate enmasse and be like sea sand in numbers. Hence, when men try to advise them to avoid exposing what arouses men/s sexual feelings, they fight fiercely as that would inhibit the women from getting attention. It's like telling a smoker to stop smoking. You will never win even if you prove that tobacco causes cancer – zviri muropa. Unfortunately, women think they have been ranked high if they get the attention they need. No please. Let me tell you all women there: when you get the attention you want, in their minds the attentive men are actually busy assessing how good you would be in bed, given a chance. Kkkkkk.

Danai Pazvagozha - 25 January 2016

What one wears is not the problem the problem is the values instilled in these young minds. Parents have a greater role to play in this issue sadly they are busy hunting the dollar. Our social fabric has broken down

Jakara jakara - 25 January 2016

qhy are people bothered ne ma pfekero evamwe vanhu?

sky - 25 January 2016

I like how Kundiona thinks banning "mini skirts" will solve whatever problem he thinks is there. Vanopfeka zvinovhara pese hanzi vane hunhu? Hanzi havabatwe chibharo? Kushaya exposure ndozvakunoita, anetswa nemapfekero pray for self control pachako.

Rose - 25 January 2016

men are sexually stimulated by what they see, women by what they hear.... if you know that you will understand men's plea for skirt of 'decent' length

matsvanenyemba - 26 January 2016

satan akadzika pano pasi ashayiwa nzvimbo Kudenga. Macondom ndeekudi? Tinoziva kuti bonde ndere murume nemukadzi vakaroora,pasina izvozvo chivi! Zvakafanana nekuti iba zvako asi usatore zvakawanda. Ngatidzidzisei vana vedu hunhu,ndapota hangu. Kurambidza mini-skirt hazvipedze dambudziko 100% asi i 'intervention' chete. Kupedza dambudziko kutsvaga Mwari burikidza Jesus Christ.

Mwana Wevhu - 27 January 2016

its a SHAME that some parents are advocating for mini skirts at schools.

Shapiro - 29 January 2016

Firstly who is buying these mini skirts for these school girls its u parents muchakohwa zvamakadyara in the end .

george - 29 January 2016

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