I can no longer afford legal fees — Kereke

HARARE - Rape-accused Munyaradzi Kereke can no longer afford legal fees after the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) allegedly garnished his accounts, the Constitutional Court heard yesterday.

The Bikita West Zanu PF MP blamed the dire state of his finances on Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) boss Happyton Bonyongwe and his wife Willia, who chairs Zimra.

“The director-general (Bonyongwe) is crippling my report to the police,” Kereke said.

“I said that (retired Reserve Bank Governor Gideon) Gono and Bonyongwe wanted to sell Fidelity Printers to a Chinese businessman for $12 million. The Chinese businessman is now in jail.

“All my financial sources have been garnished by Zimra to a point where I am unable to pay the upfront fees for the senior counsel.”

He said that Zimra’s actions had crippled and disabled him from seeking justice in the ongoing rape trial, in which he is accused of sexually molesting two minors.

Kereke said he had reported a criminal case against Bonyongwe and his wife.

He claimed he had urged the police to investigate Bonyongwe and Gono over claims that they wanted to sell Fidelity Printers for $12 million to a jailed Chinese businessman.

Kereke said because of that, Zimra was now meddling in his private prosecution in a bid to incapacitate him. He said his salary was also being garnished from the Salary Services Bureau.

“The activity by Zimra cannot be a just one,” he said.

Kereke said this soon after his lawyer James Makiya renounced agency in a Constitutional Court application where he is challenging the constitutionality of private prosecution.

Kereke applied to have the application postponed indefinitely, after stating that at the moment he was unable to raise legal fees.

The Constitutional Court allowed his application but slapped him with costs.

The Constitutional Court proceedings were necessitated by Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana’s refusal to prosecute Kereke on rape and indecent assault charges, claiming that he had no case to answer, resulting in the abused girls’ grandfather Francis Maramwidze successfully applying for the legislator’s private prosecution.

The court order allowing his private prosecution prompted Kereke to challenge the validity of Section 16 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act.

The Section compels the Prosecutor-General’s office to issue a private prosecution certificate when the State declines to act.

The parliamentarian’s private prosecution has since opened at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

He will be back in court on February 3.

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Wati wadii mupfanhami. Unototi umame chete. Kkkkkk. Mari yokuba hakuna kwainokusvitsa.

Chipoto Vhaivhai - 21 January 2016

Aiwa Chipoto. Kereke never stole. He is a hard worker. Gono poached him from Stanbic bank after Gono had seen Kereke's prowess in economic analysis and policy issues. Only that the man Kereke is no servant to anyone's brains or power. He speaks his mind and the truth. He is brave. He has never failed. I tell you he will win this present contest, mark my words. You only need to look at the bill before senate that gives utmost power of prosecuction to AG. Once Kereke's VP ally (you all know him) gets into power, it will be payback period for Kereke's persecutors. Mark my words. Meanwhile, we are behind you Kereke against those who wrngfully persecute you. Take them on! They are uneducated. They cannot see beyong horizon. We are behind you. Samangwe! We are all over verywhere, you know. Even amidst them.Take them horns on! Remember time is also ticking. Each second that passes, even as I write, its a step in our right direction. Soon we will be there, and we will sing 'Ebnezer' in celebration. Kereke, remember our slogan, and we hereby shout: "Prodeant Vaxilla!!!"

Danai Pazvagozha - 21 January 2016

Nhai Danai Kereke, you forgot to talk your raping of two minors, you are not fooling anyone.And please stop dirtying Ngwena by associating him with a vile child rapist like you

Tengenenge - 21 January 2016

Rapist, there is no way out of this

bumhu - 21 January 2016

Prowess???? Sexual prowess??? Unofira mujeri chete. Your fellow paedophile Johannes Tomama can't help you any more coz like his name suggests naiyewo AMAMA

Makumbo - 21 January 2016

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Thomas Hushe - 22 January 2016

Danai if you are a parent you know the pain of your kid being raped. This man if he raped must not cry constututional rights as if his victim did not also have rights, why only his, he thinks he was created more equal than others. The evil will always come back to haunt you if you don't confess and repent dai izvozvi oamwe akutopedza sentence yake, manje paachatiangira anobuda achembera arohwa shure heavy.

wamaromo - 22 January 2016

With or without legal representation kereke must have his day and his fate determined by the courts. His noise is immaterial to the sexual charges.The other regime criminals will have their day in court for their sinful activities which is not far from now.The wheels of zanu pf government justice, as and when they see fit to take down a known criminal. Kereke will sink big time on these sexual charges

X-MAN IV - 23 January 2016

Kereke never raped anyone. This is just politics to get to him. Look vamwe vese vaye vaipihwa framed nyayas from Zanu. All this is framed against Kereke. Kereke you will sail through though you are not a saint. This rape issue is just not true

Sue - 25 January 2016

Kerere, here is advice from me, your former Headboy at Highfield High in 1991: When you survive the rape issue, leave politics and concentrate on your private businesses. You are an intelligent young man, you can eat and live comfortably from your education and business. Then you will be a good model to younger generations. At the moment your name leaves a bitter taste in many's mouths not to mention pitying you.

Kenny - 26 January 2016

Danai, Sue and Kenny let me tell you as someone who know the kids raped by Kereke that indeed he raped them. I watched the 2 lovely children shrink into their shells after the incident. They lost confidence and self esteem after having their trusted uncle (murume watete, hanzvadzi yababa vavo) abuse them at gun point. He has been threatening the family who are a wonderful loving family. As a person who knows the grandfather of the kids, I say he is one of the most astute men to walk this earth. This case has impoverished hi's family but he soldiers on in search of justice. #Kerekemustrotinjail, the world is better off without this pervert.

Mai vakabara - 13 February 2016

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