'VP ally' Charamba under fire in Zanu PF

HARARE - Hawkish Information permanent secretary and presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, is under fire in the warring post-congress Zanu PF, with his growing band of ruling party detractors accusing him of being disloyal to President Robert Mugabe.

Speaking in interviews with the Daily News yesterday, the critics said Charamba was playing a “flagrantly divisive” role in the ruling party’s seemingly-unstoppable factional and succession wars, adding that he had “openly nailed his flag to Team Lacoste” (Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction).

“He is clearly more loyal to Ngwena than he is to the president, who is his boss. Everyone in government and in the party knows that Charamba, aka Nathaniel Manheru, will only defend his favourite VP and not anyone else when they are under attack, not even the president or his family.

“One only needs to look at his public rants and writings in his Herald column to see all this. Perhaps he should leave the public service and join politics full time so that he can support Ngwena without any restrictions,” one of the bigwigs said.

Another Zanu PF official said Charamba had “got away with murder for a long time” — pointing to his controversial writing and statements in State media, his recent fight with War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, his views on Gukurahundi and his alleged failure to protect Mugabe, including when the nonagenarian read the wrong speech in Parliament last year.

The First Family showed their displeasure towards the end of last year when First Lady Grace Mugabe at her last two rallies indirectly attacked Charamba for criticising ZimAsset in his controversial articles in the Nathaniel Manheru column.

“He is full of himself and has got away with murder for a long time. It really is time someone either had a word with him or cut him to size. He is a poor face of the presidency and Cabinet.

“For example, while he once insisted forcefully that there were no factions in Zanu PF, he is now writing that there is an anti-Mnangagwa faction in the party. So, which is which, and who are these people that he is divisively talking about?” the official said.

Also appearing to criticise Charamba yesterday for his recent Nathaniel Manheru polemics was Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo who wrote on Twitter that, “It’s no good to say media should not cover security sector while you are defending public media reports implicating ZRP in poaching!”.

“It’s fatal that some Cdes seek or support personal ambitions & positions in ways that undermine key gains of the liberation struggle!

“Unconstitutional & unlawful utterances should not be associated with or come from officials who have taken oaths to uphold the law!

“Threatening people left, right & centre is bad politics which betray the lack of capacity to persuade the public through policy & law!

“Threats breed misunderstanding, fear, alarm & despondency whereas what’s needed is understanding & hope from government policies!” Moyo said in posts that many of his followers applauded.

Contacted for his insight having worked in the presidency for a long time, former senior Cabinet minister, Didymus Mutasa said Charamba was “definitely fighting” in Mnangagwa’s corner — as he was allegedly already preparing for life after Mugabe.

Mutasa also traced Charamba and Mnangagwa’s relationship to the so-called Tsholotsholo Declaration of 2004 which Mugabe saw as a coup against him, and where it was alleged that he had hired a plane for the attempted coup which was designed to stymie the ascendancy of former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

He also said that it was claimed that Charamba had even drafted Mnangagwa’s acceptance speech which had allegedly been delivered in Tsholotsho by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa.

“He (Charamba) should not be involved in any of what is happening in Zanu PF right now. He has indeed been fighting for that particular person. He should not be involved in any of the activities, particularly those involving Emmerson.

“He should speak wisely and comment correctly when talking about the media and when journalists seek to understand what is happening in Zanu PF.

“I remember when I still worked for Zanu PF that he was not even allowed to come into the politburo, and so he should not threaten anyone because he knows very little about anything,” Mutasa said.

This is not the first time that Charamba has been caught in controversy. He was two years ago found to be among the people who benefitted unduly from his directorship then at the troubled Premier Services Medical Aid Society.

Last year, he was involved in an unseemly war of words with Mutsvangwa, with his personal life also coming under the spotlight a few years before that.

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Please people of Zimbabwe our beloved country, Charamba is the Spin doctor of the Zim government and whatever the hotchpotch you can vomit will not work on him. He is the Presidential spokesperson and l don't see it wrong when he actually defends even the so called Acting President... Who in this case is our own crocodile. Most of you buys are driven by hate and scorn hence you hate Uncle George. He is doing his job and l think Uncle Bob knows that the guy has done his job well and he is par excellent kapa...........Who can beat George any way........Most of you Zim politician s are driven by jealous hence all this hatred on George........ You are blind.....

Clemence Tashaya - 18 January 2016

Charamba is a civil servant and should concern himself with government policy and not partisan party politics that's not what the poor tax payers in Zimbabwe are forced to pay him for. Zanu has its own mouth piece in SK Moyo & Kasukuwere's special friend.

Galore 123 - 18 January 2016

#@pycho :)

Galore 123 - 18 January 2016

When u see Manheru showing his hand indicating which side he belongs to then u know that "The chickens have come home to roost" and something is about to happen and there is no point in seating on the fence anymore.The political civil servant is timing his exit from the Civil Service.

Zulu - 18 January 2016

There is no smoke without fire in zanu pf. Once your name is mentioned in these cross winds , one is gone. All dirty stuff is known in the revolution party, they just blow it up as and when they want it. George is finished

X-MAN IV - 18 January 2016

I have seen a number of presidential spokesman,this Charamba beats them all.he was born for the job.a no nonsense man,up to the task.johnathan moyo is a nobordy compared to charamba.President is more than happy wth this man.He works well very well.ANy one who thinks Charamba is a comic then dont hide ,take him on openly.Yu will see his presidential secretery.its not out of nothng.

viola gwena - 19 January 2016

who is this viola gwena. She sounds like an automaton that has been programmed to spew zanu pf shit even if it smells so bad.

mhofu - 19 January 2016

Thanks sister Viola Ngwena.......that's my thinking as well. We are in the same boat kappa.???????? Tell them..l know Uncle George personally......myself..the guy is just excellent

Clemence Tashaya - 19 January 2016

People are entitled to their opinions but anyone praise-singing the Charambas of today needs serious treatment. The man has defended the antics of a party thats destroyed our country, sending its citizens to foreign countries for survival. At the same time the ZANU bigwigs have displayed amazing abilities to loot whilst the people starve. Like I said, anyone supporting such behaviour, is way past the loony bin stage.

Dunlop Munjanja - 19 January 2016

Dont litter space with crap.I challenged anyone to take on charamba bt nope yu scared.yu wuld rather create a character to take on,.why do yu need to know me?just deal wth the facts n topic of discussion.yo gutu guy needs yo help n direction.

viola gwena - 21 January 2016

Yes sister viola.I agree wth yu.what a lady.yes that was viola s challenge to yu all.take on charamba,bt yu scared.munomutya.even yo gutu wil run at the site of charamba.sister violla dot be intimidated by ealots.I really follow yo comments.kill them.

bantu - 21 January 2016

Viola is beginingto get my attention,rite or wrong.she is not afraid at all.if we had women like her in mdc im sure we wuld love her.im nt zanu bt hey ,she draws my attention wth her comments

member - 21 January 2016

Thank yu all my brother n sisters.its our country.we all have rites to belong to groups of our choices,be it zanu,mdc s,mavambos n all.its yo rite.noone shuld have a rite to insult yu for yo choice.its yo rite,whr yu belong,is yo choice.yu can only be pursueded to belong smewhr else,not forced to,not insulted to,bt hey thanx fellows,if yu noticing.I belong to zanu and im not scared to declare.I fought for this rite,to belong to my favourate company.

viola gwena - 21 January 2016

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