Mushohwe fumbles

HARARE - It is one thing for discredited lickspittle State media such as the Herald and the Chronicle to persistently attack the Daily News, as they crassly do on a daily basis.

After all, what else can these willing propaganda mouthpieces write about in a failing state that won't offend their masters at Shake-Shake House (Zanu PF headquarters), who are responsible for the escalating rot.

We can even understand when that gung-ho senior civil servant, in effect a shameless, scandal-ridden and highly factional Zanu PF apparatchik -- whose soporific Nathaniel Manheru column in the same discredited Pravda of Harare -- spews his concoction of cringe-worthy lies and hate speech week in week out.

But it is entirely another matter when an ordinarily decent and otherwise respectable minister in charge of the information sector joins in this destructive tomfoolery.

That new Information minister Christopher Mushohwe started relatively well in his portfolio is not a subject for much discussion -- laudably going on to engage all major players in the industry.

As obvious as such a move might be in thriving democracies, it really takes decency, a large dose of common sense and maturity to do that in a politically troubled country such as ours.

Which is why we at the Daily News were very disappointed to see him fumble and mouth off seemingly uncharacteristic twaddle in lapdog State media yesterday after the offices of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa were reported to have been broken into yet again on Wednesday.

To his discredit, and possibly caught up in the post-congress Zanu PF's seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars that are increasingly turning ominous, Mushohwe somehow contrived to link the reported break-in to the Daily News's supposedly negative media reports on the VP.

It boggles the mind the extent to which our rulers will go to contrive this kind of nonsense.

Indeed, what else will they blame the Daily News for? The current drought, the country's dying economy, the sewage that passes for water and which Zimbaweans are forced to drink in most urban areas, the estimated 20 000 innocent people who were massacred by the army mainly in Matabeleland and the Midlands in the early 1980s, Operation Murambitsvina?

Of course, there is method to this madness and our continuing harassment at the hands of the Zanu PF government.

This is all intended to silence us, so that the rapacious hyenas in power can continue to loot, rape and pillage the country with reckless abandon, as they have done for most of the past 36 years — without fear of ever being exposed.

Indeed, and we have said this incontrovertible truth many times before, these hyenas want to destroy the little that obtains by way of the private media in the country, so that oppressed Zimbabweans can only access lickspittle State media that always see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Turning a blind eye to, and abetting Zanu PF's misrule is the indisputable stock-in-trade of State media -- which never ever dare to question their master’s voice, no matter the depth of depravity on display by public officials.

In this poisoned climate, our continuing to tell it like it is, without fear or favour, as the motto of the Daily News goes, is a massive headache for our over-fed, pot-bellied rulers.

This has seen all the now familiar, well-worn and disgraceful fabrications routinely thrown at us -- ranging from claims that we are supposedly unpatriotic and that we are somehow opposition media that even ostensibly organise break-ins at a VP's offices!

It is frankly disgusting the extent to which this regime and its minions will abuse State apparatus and lie so blatantly to long-suffering Zimbabweans in their desperate bid to extend their dying kleptocracy.

Just in case Minister Mushohwe doesn't know, our newspaper and staff have operated under incessant threats and pressure from Zanu PF bigwigs since it came back from its eight years of forced closure by the government.

And until President Robert Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s disputed electoral victories in 2013, the newspaper was also banned from circulating in certain parts of the country, with our editorial staff often still barred from covering some State functions even up to today.

This is why we say there is method to the ongoing madness, because we have many painful memories of the terrible experiences that we have suffered at the rough hands of this very government.

In our formative years, our staff were harassed and imprisoned willy-nilly, and when this did not yield the desired results, our printing press was completely destroyed in a barbaric bombing in January 2001 — that was widely believed to have been carried out by State agents who were never brought to book for their dastardly act.

And finally, the government contrived to shut down the Daily News violently and unjustly in September 2003, after it enacted a legal instrument solely for this morbid purpose. The paper was only able to return to the market in late March 2011.

Sadly, history has recorded that some of the worst excesses of Zanu PF’s well-documented misrule of the past 36 years occurred around the time that the Daily News was out of circulation — including Operation Murambatsvina and the vengeful murders of opposition supporters that followed Mugabe’s stunning loss to Morgan Tsvangirai in the disputed 2008 elections.

Minister Mushohwe, it's only the axe that forgets and never the tree that gets cuts. Our wounds, barbarically inflicted by your colleagues over the years, are fresh.

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Did the minister really make such stupid conjecture regarding Daily News and the break-in. Haibo! Only in Zimbabwe can this happen!

Khumalo - 14 January 2016

this mushohwera guy is monkey par excellence. he got all his qualifications through the backdoor and is known for bonking presidential scholarships in connection with his equally horny nephew abssynia. it is only that zanu is a party of clowns of which is one of them. regai zvichiringana hope nekufa!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 14 January 2016


shayaz - 14 January 2016


Arrested Jogi - 14 January 2016

Ka story kanotapira aka! Mtakunanzva wemafacts wakazorwa nhapitapi yechirungu. Munyori akafunda uyu; Dzidzo inhaka YeUpenyu chaiyo. Tichatonga chete!

SaManyika Chaiye - 14 January 2016

MUNYORI uyu anoda kumbosungirwa kugoma kwake,Chihuri saaa a a bata kkkkk

G40 - 14 January 2016

Cde Chris Mushowe is just hallucinating to suggest that the Dailynews has a role in ZanuPF's factional battles. I am sure VP Mnangagwa is laughing at this daydreaming of his dunderhead minister.

Gandanga - 14 January 2016

Mush owe got his education very late in life. He lacks logical thinking. I believe he is just trying to lay the foundation again for future action against the Daily news. Daily news go kwamarange and dig about his involvement in diamonds.

Be Warned - 14 January 2016

Well Mushowe is very angry that this news paper does not want to be a zanu pf puppet and mavuma zonke like one Independent daily has drastically done as it now churns news that is equal to zbc and other govt junk news papers which zimbabweans hate most . Mushowe should learn from those at Mujjuru PF how they used to insult this news paper before they were chased away from zanu pf but today they have seen the light and are turning to it for any news that make sense .But by nature all zanu officials and supporters are liars ,thugs ,puppets ,thieves and Mugabe zombies . All sane people in the country who make the majority population wake up and buy this news paper that is why it is hardly found on streets bcoz it sells like hot cakes with proper news readers want ..What ever this moron Mushowe is saying about this news paper zimbabwean do not care .He can stop reading if he wants but he will miss the news of what is happening in the country including news on how zanu is crumbling .

Diibulaanyika - 14 January 2016

Well written! Thank you Daily News for challenging Mugabe's dictatorship without fear or favor. Mushohwe, like all Mugabe's 'wives' in Zanu PF, is very disappointing. But to somehow stretch his imagination as he did in this case, and see a causal link between the break-in at the VP's office and a newspaper report, is downright stupid. It is pretending not to know the truth and a tame attempt to hoodwink the gullible. At its worst, it betrays a desperation caused by fear, the fear of being discarded by Zany pf. It is self-serving, shameful and pathetic. That he does not even care that it makes him look small in the eyes of everybody else except those of his PIMP ( Mugabe), shows what a useless whore he is!!!

Chitepo - 14 January 2016

Mushowe should have checked with the biggest "thug" in the revolutionary party first, before going mad like this.

X-MAN IV - 14 January 2016

When you're a Klingon clinging on to power you will do and say anything even if it makes no sense.

Nooshie - 14 January 2016

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