Tsvangirai, Mujuru ratchet up pressure on Mugabe

HARARE - Political tension is rising in Zimbabwe, with some parts of the country being rocked by intermittent violence, riots and strikes — amid revelations yesterday that leading opposition players are ratcheting up their plans to either impeach President Robert Mugabe or force an early general election.

Harare and its dormitory town of Chitungwiza have over the course of this week alone often resembled war zones, with angry civil servants and equally agitated commuter omnibus operators involved in running battles with law enforcement agencies that have seen dozens of people injured and arrested.

Amid all this brouhaha, well-placed sources told the Daily News yesterday that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC and former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s People First movement could trigger early polls, possibly as early as this year, as the political climate in the country continues to deteriorate.

Part of the plans being considered, the sources claim, involve on  one hand the MDC withdrawing all its MPs from Parliament, while Mujuru’s “original” Zanu PF that uses the slogan People First — and which is actively wooing Mugabe’s post-congress Zanu PF MPs — would denude the ruling party’s National Assembly numbers through this courtship, thereby forcing an early general election.

Parliament’s Standing Order Number 56 (1) and Section 137 of the Constitution provide that the Senate and the National Assembly must have a minimum number of members present at all times for them to conduct business.

However, analysts say the opposition faces a daunting task to achieve a dissolution of Parliament, as Mujuru would, for example, have to lure more than 100 MPs from the ruling party’s 217 legislators for this to happen.

But the Daily News has previously reported that scores of post-congress Zanu PF MPs were contemplating jumping ship to join her People First project that is set to be officially launched as an opposition party early this year.

“What has been holding many of us back has been the issue of security, especially the cars that we were given by government which we are still paying for.

“But we have been assured that our welfare will be taken care of and that our cars will be paid for in full, so we are now almost ready to go,” a ruling party legislator said yesterday.

In the meantime, the MDC has come out guns blazing, condemning the ruling party for its violent crushing of recent peaceful demonstrations around the country.

It also once again called on Mugabe, currently on his annual break overseas, to come back home to attend to the myriad challenges confronting the country, or else “resign in shame”.

“The MDC would like to call upon Robert Mugabe to cut short his undeserved State-funded holiday and to immediately come back so that he can personally take control of the collapsing national economy.

“The country is on virtual auto-pilot as the nonagenarian is living it up in the Far East. How insensitive and selfish can a president be?

“The MDC would also like to take this opportunity to call upon all parliamentarians, across the political divide, to put their heads together when Parliament resumes sitting within the next few weeks.

“It is abundantly clear that President Robert Mugabe has abdicated his responsibilities as the Head of State and as such, Parliament should proceed to impeach him,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

He said the violence that was continuing to erupt around the country was a reflection that the nonagenarian was now “out of his wits’ end and no longer fit to rule”.

“He doesn’t deserve to continue exercising the duties and functions of our State President. We call upon Mugabe to call it a day and retreat to Gushungo Estates in Mazowe where he can spend time admiring his huge herd of dairy cows.

“Zimbabweans have suffered for too long under the Zanu PF dictatorship that is fronted by president Mugabe.

“The chains of servitude now have to be unlocked. 2016 should be the Year of The People’s Liberation,” Gutu said.

He added that Zimbabwe had now allegedly degenerated into a police state, with demonstrations against the deteriorating socio-economic conditions presently obtaining in the country outlawed.

“Typical of all dictatorial and fascist regimes, the Zanu PF government is determined to use brute force and violence in order to unconstitutionally stop Zimbabweans from exercising their constitutional right to stage peaceful demonstrations, “he said.

With Zimbabwe continuing on its precipitous decline that is widely blamed on Mugabe and Zanu PF — and which is now manifested by a stone-broke State that can’t pay its workers, as well as rising poverty levels in the country — analysts warn of looming civil strife in 2016.

The analysts have said Zimbabwe is by all indications teetering on the brink of total collapse, a situation that they claim is spawning worsening citizen despondency which could lead to growing opposition to Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s 36 years in power.


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bvooooondooo kkkk zvakuzonakidza bob anopfidza nge stress apa takwegura hedu

mukanya - 7 January 2016

The MDC (in all forms) is a failed entity. They blew their chances to dethrone the dictatorship long ago. They looted and betrayed their supporter base, became greedy arrogant and power hungry. They readily absorbed the Zanu pf culture of lying, thieving, corruption, hallucinating, looting and kleptomania. Sadly these clowns are so stupid that they still do not yet understand the cause of their demise. The King of Pricks Tsvangirai Needs put his weapon and brains in a sling and get castrated.

Lameck Mtetwa - 7 January 2016

clearly oone is misguided when they stray from the theme of the story to rant unneccesarly over Tsvangirai. While i personally dont support his paper the man is a hero by any standards and lameck needs the get his head checked lest we assume he is normal when in fact he is just an INgutsheni patient. By now all zimbos know very well the source of our current problems. Reckless expenditure amongst which fall in the ZPF Congress, Mboko's long stay in the towers of Sheraton, Luxury vehicles for mashef, holidayng for RGM when the Nation burns. So RHameckI shooooooooo Tsvangirai has nothing to do with it

Nzimbo Yehondo - 7 January 2016

clearly oone is misguided when they stray from the theme of the story to rant unneccesarly over Tsvangirai. While i personally dont support his paper the man is a hero by any standards and lameck needs the get his head checked lest we assume he is normal when in fact he is just an INgutsheni patient. By now all zimbos know very well the source of our current problems. Reckless expenditure amongst which fall in the ZPF Congress, Mboko's long stay in the towers of Sheraton, Luxury vehicles for mashef, holidayng for RGM when the Nation burns. So RHameckI shooooooooo Tsvangirai has nothing to do with it

Nzimbo Yehondo - 7 January 2016

Makanyeperwa kuti BOB anoyenda. BOB istoro inodya dzimwe tsoro. svetu yadya maBritish, svetu maAmericans, svetu yadya HAWARD, svetu yarova Tsvangison. Kana musina kuziva kuti Mwari mupenyu chete ndiye arikutungamirira Zimbabwe muchagwadama. muchanyora, mogonyora, mogonyora zvichishaya basa. ViVa Gushungo pasi nemhanduuuuuuu

chandokupisa - 7 January 2016

the situation is tough on the ground

gumbo - 7 January 2016

First the notorious Smith regime now the notorious Mugabe regime employing the same divide and rule tactics. Will we ever know real democracy in our lifetime...

Realist - 7 January 2016

Does anyone know what Mujuru or Tsvangirai plans are after they replace Mugabe? Does anyone know of any specific plans about how they will turn the economy around, bring back jobs or is their popularity based on the fuzzy sentiment that if Mugabe goes zvinu zvichanaka? I have this nagging feeling that neither one of them has the gravitas to fix the damage that Mugabe has done to our economy.

Themba - 7 January 2016

It should be common sense that Tsvangirai and Mujuru know what they are doing.We have seen how MT especially transformed the Zim economy from 2009 to 2012 till the dictator got back.What is needed is to get the dictator off then we turn this economy around without dictatorial tendencies.MT is not the problem,the problem is one man who thinks he can rule forever

midlands patriot - 7 January 2016

Ko iyo People First nemujuru wayo ichabuda pachena rinhi ? Ingava party rudziyi (nomutungamiriri wayo) yatinonzwa nezwayo muma newspaper chete. Makamirireiko ? Wacho akakonzera kuti ivepo achasvika pakuenda kwamupfiganebwe pasina chamboti taitai nezwe People First. Ya, pamazita chete munonemba, muri shasha.Kana kwava kunyaya dze action fototo bhora risina mweya. Hinga madzanira, mahumbwe, pa Dzimbabwe nyika yemadzibaba.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 7 January 2016

People like Lameck Mtetwa and Chandokupisa are so annoying and moronic it hurts, mugabe doesn't even know or care about you yet you and most of your relatives and friends are suffering all because of him. It's a shame we have people like you Lameck Mtetwa and Chandokupisa. You must be ashamed of yourselves to post stuff like that when millions are hungry because of one person's greed and selfishness. Surely Zim would be better off without people like you. You are heartless like your evil idol mugabe. To my beloved fellow kind hearted Zimbabweans i say, Zim will be fine one day soon, let us keep the faith. It is not easy to dethrone the devil but it is possible and it will happen soon!!!!!

misty - 7 January 2016


josphat mugadzaweta - 7 January 2016

10% stake is very powerful, can someone buy it out and free Daily news. Mujuru fishing in dirty waters is no good for this country.

X-MAN IV - 7 January 2016

@ Lameck if you are not a cio or green bomber you must be addicted of sikokiyana or insane ,and your brains are so small like that of ngulube or nkuku.Suwa who does not know that Morgan is the only normal political leader in the country who has never killed even a single citizen in this country ..He has refused to be a puppet of a son of a Malawian migrant who does not want to go even if he is almost 100 years and totally useless . You hate Morgan bcoz he causes a lot of problems to your useless idol Mugabe Like or hate it he is simply the better leader we have at present and people like him bcoz he is civilian as they are tired of the so called war vets who are all thugs and thieves confused and clues as to how to run a govt . Lameck you are stupid .

Diibulaanyika - 7 January 2016

anyone who is critical of morgan is labeled a c10 - very unfortunate ma chinja. we are simply repeating your slogan on your own leader. he promised to chinja after 3 terms that ended in 2014 and had to manipulate the constitution in order to do a handiende just like mugabe did. there is no democracy in your party. in a democracy leadership changes hands. acharovawo dzake 100yrs panyanga mumwe wenyu uyu mt.

zvirozviyedzwa - 7 January 2016

It makes sense to change the name mdc to movement for making tsvangirai a handiende. MTH.

zvirozviyedzwa - 7 January 2016

But Morgan is better than Mangoma and Sipepa you see and for that reason he is staying put . We have heard that nonsense of handiende from cio and Mangoma no normal person will buy it bcoz it is Morgan 's haters propaganda .

Diibulaanyika - 7 January 2016

If Morgan is handiende then what is Mugabe . Where do you want Morgan to go before he finishes his job the nation given gave to lead the people until change comes and if anyone does not like that must go and vomit .

Chimedza matombo - 7 January 2016

maybe after dethroning sekuru babaChatunga we get new politicians. Mujuru is part of this mess. If she had better policies when she was in Government we wouldn't be here. Only she knows no other job except Zanu PF politics, that's why she needs to give politics another go

isikwaya - 7 January 2016

l think MT joining Joice will be a grave mistake considering the notion in motion of bring MP's from Zanu PF to People First. This will be new Zanu created when people are saying why not give the real opposition a chance. These Zanu PF guys have nothing new to offer so will be the so called unlaunched PFirst. It is very unfortunate the people can not see that by allowing MT to join Joice M it will sort of infiltrate MDC T and allowing Zanu PF to continue ruling even after President Mugabe's era. Given the current situation it's high time MDC T start their campaigns and join with workers unions and become a real labour party and drive the nation to a real change desperately needed. Its no longer time to listen to petty redevelopment blue prints but its time to stand up and fight to free an ordinary person on the street. # BRING BACK DEMOCRACY AND BETTER ECONOMY campain. Zimbabwe God love u!

Zim Analyst - 8 January 2016

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caleb - 8 January 2016

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caleb - 8 January 2016

I would like to remind the entire zimbabweans that there is nothing wrong with ZANU PF as a political party , the prblem which has destroyed our beloved nation is the current leadership of the party especially Mugabe who is a serious stumbling block and a discouragement to investors . Mugabe and his leadership of 1980 must fallout, thereafter the situation will go back to normal . A new leader who will take over will never go Mugabe's way as we will discourage even a third term rule , two terms thats it , third term out , we don't need a life president in our country .

MehlokaMthwakazi - 8 January 2016

Kwaaaaaaaaakwaaaaaaaaakwaaaaah!!!!........MPs are worried about losing their newly issued vehicles!...kwaaaaah,kkkkkkkkk!!!! nxca.....What a bunch of wankers.Totally useless.The nation is on fire and all you are concerned about are your personal comforts? How pathetic,what lily livered legislators we have.You don't deserve to lead anyone because you do not have the balls to sacrifice your comforts for a greater cause.

nhando - 8 January 2016

Useless mercenaries.

nhando - 8 January 2016

Shame a country of 14 million waiting for liberation from one or Two people what a bunch of cowards we are. current mps will never jump ship and loose cars as well as sleeping in hotels ladies and gents we are our own liberators

d.murapa - 8 January 2016

morgan is a handiende. mugabe is a handiende. its same fanana @chimedza matombo. it would very unfortunate for us to replace mugabe with his very same kind. mai mujuru and her people first appear a better alternative. there after, we have to look for people with good intentions for our country not these corrupt lots (zanu and mdc t).

zvirozviyedzwa - 8 January 2016

Zimbabwean politicians especially MPs are not there to represesnt the people , they are there to be rich , if someone prefers to have a car and let the people who voted him starve , what kind of a person is that , if what the writer said is the truth , the MPs must just revolt and that is it , it is only the media and journalism politics at play by this paper . Mujuru has no party but they write as if she has structures , what i know is she is using the Zanu PF structures so she is Zanu PF . icho

mudhara - 8 January 2016

Imbopisanai ve mdc ne mujuru 1st.go for each other.the crocs we just watch.we wait for g40 moves.bcoz mbuya project died yestaday.

viola gwena - 8 January 2016

any one wth 2 brains will ask whr wil sisy joice get even 50 mp.?if she had even 5 they wuld hav come out long bak to back her up wth their fite wth little g40.so a 100 zanu mps under croc s watch.?

viola gwena - 8 January 2016

@Zvirozviyedza how many times that you have said you want Morgan to replaced without saying by who . you see you are now boring like Mugabe .

Chimedza matombo - 8 January 2016

yooooooo weeeeeeee pakaipa

ita ndione - 8 January 2016

chandokupisa urimbwa,duzvi.Dai uine mhuri or future nehupenyu hwako kana hama dzako wange usingataure matakanana akadai.Those who work with him are admitting kt tatadza kufambisa nyika and u are seeing this also thru unpaid salaries of civil sevants etc.Your head is full of madaka.You are a moving copse.FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

changu chii - 10 January 2016

i am very worried by our president and his links to the globalists underworld. It is on record that HE is a Jesuit trained man. Interestingly the Jesuits are the highest order of the Catholic Church (referred to as the woman riding the beast in Revelation 17. To illustrate my point consider the bow and salutation that the Pope reserved only for our Prez. Interestingly its only on the lower levels of politics (that is ministers, and prime ministers etc) that it appears as if our Prez is an enemy of the west. At the higher levels, he is actually working for a new world order which Zimbabweans will be keen to embrace as a solution to our myriad of Bob-made problems. That's why the Queen never says anything bad about him, nor the pope... In closing I quote one Napoleon Bonaparte “The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses.”–Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821

Berean call - 10 January 2016

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