Civil servants demand concrete bonus dates

HARARE - Fed-up civil servants have warned the government against continuing to give them empty bonus promises, and are now demanding that their employer gives them the exact dates when their 13th cheques will be paid.

This follows last week’s threat by government workers to go on strike beginning yesterday if the State failed to come up with measures to enable them to report for work, as many of them anxiously wait for January 5 to receive their long-delayed December salaries.

So serious is the situation that the respected Reserve Bank of From P1

Zimbabwe Governor, John Mangudya, has had to move in to placate the restive public servants, promising them that their dues will be paid soon.

But the Apex Council — which represents the entire civil service in the

Tripartite Negotiating Forum with business and government — told the Daily News yesterday that it had had enough of the State’s promises and that “we have reached a point where the trust we had is now lost”.

“The promise to pay has always been there and we have always respected that, but today what we are saying to the employer is that, clarify your position and give us exact dates instead of creating this mirage that we are seeing while we continue to suffer,” Apex council president Richard Gundani said.

Gundani added that civil servants would be coming up with a definite position on what course of action they would be taking at their meeting scheduled for Tuesday next week, after affiliate unions would have made their resolutions on the matter.

“Individual unions are making their resolutions which they will report to the Apex council and it is from that meeting that a definitive position will be taken,” he said.

A desperate Finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa, announced last week that the December salary payment date for many civil servants had been moved to January 5, as State coffers continue to dwindle in line with the country’s dying economy.

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These civil servants are now boring we are tired of them let them go on strike if they want to. What else do they want the govt to failed them already now they must find solutions to their problem not making noise at news houses. if they can strike then go ahead ...fullstop

murimikhiwa - 2 January 2016

Kana mavekustrika endai.mavekufinha.mutakure neve zimra paborder pavhurike.yu want bo nus for what?what profits did yu make last yr.wait for yo pay as promised n work.we do it in private sector whr yo pay comes from.we never gt any what so special about yu?budai n resign vana vawane mabasa.kumusha kusina vanhu.mastrike r a thing of the past,moda kurambira nawo why.Ramwai tipe vanenzara.maticha hobo frm colleges,budai vana vawane mabasa.zimra mbavha dzega dzega munoda kustriker?import bill is around 40bil bt yu only managing to collect less than 1billion,madofo budai kuuye vana vakadzidza thru latest technology.go to kurima house yu find madhara nemambuya wth old calculaters .that small white pre itive calculater.even mapurisa ngaabude kupinde vana.mbavha dziite shoma.budai munorima vana vapinde mabasa.

viola gwena - 3 January 2016

1st to go must be gesharm pasi.yu hav overstayed.buda .enda undovhura bizinesi.siira vana vatiyambutse.zimra cannot change wth an old reluctant premitive boss.make way for positive thinking youngsters.yu r the reason those old zimra officers r stuck in yo offices.the s.a borda is conjested bcoz of yo old ,feel bad ,unsmiling creatures yu have thr.yu make our businesses difficult by yo ovazealouse demands n yet if yu wr doing a good job yu wuld need a small percentage from my goods.every 3months yu come up wth draco ian ,punitive laws to kill my business.yu now want to be by my till for what.?yo gudgets yu want us to use at my business r nt complient wth constitution.yu arrest me for my goods I brot in from south n yu take my goods to feed yo children while mine r waiting for me to arrive wth goodies,bt nothing coz I got robbed by zimra thieves.I lost goods burnt in yo warehouse at border n yu cant even compansate.institutionalised thieves.

viola gwena - 3 January 2016

The plight of Civil servants is a plight for all, the plight of private sector employees is a plight for all, the plight of vendors is a plight for all, the plight of combi ddrivers is a plight for all. As zimbabawean unless we see our problems in that way we will never be free. Yes I agree sometimes we are angry with civel servants because in most cases the government uses them to opress us. We and they should know that we all need each other.

George C - 3 January 2016

Minister Chinamasa has tried all the tricks in his books but has failed to find the money to pay all civil servants entitlements. He now has a payment gridlock where he is using current revenue to pay November and December entitlements of last year. The only way to resolve the payment gridlock is for the Minister to seek an external budget support. He can cannot solve the problem from Zimbabwe revenue sources only. The economy is dying and revenue streams are dwindling and therefore he cannot fix salary payment dates becoz he is not assured of collecting $260 million in revenue each month.The million dollar question is where will the money come from to pay these outstanding commitments while paying monthly salaries? Chinamasa needs a short in the arm from somewhere to solve the employment costs gridlock. 2016 will be an eventful year for him and Zimbabwe with this financing crisis.

Budget Analyst - 3 January 2016

if i were Bob , i would do a min cabinet reshufle for only 2 ministers, i would put Zhuwao on the finance ministry and Chinamasa on the Indeginisation portfolio. Zhuwao would be forced to look for money whilst Chinamasa would be vindicated to introduce the so called reforms in the indeginisation portfolio. Certainly Zhuwao would reform for the good of the nation by realisation that there is no money and populist policies have to be changed.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 4 January 2016

zhuao is lost in a very small doom failing to realize that, they is no more need for his services becoz everything that can be indigenised has already been taken and squandered by em fat cats.We have al seen as expected that,indigenisation led by Zhuao has never been about benefits for all the poor Zimbabweans but a way to steal for the fat cats the few wealth sources left.Moreover the fat cats dont have a clue about running a business,they destroy the whole company and leave more Zimbabweans unemployed wallowing in abject poverty.Lets be honest Zhuao "Indeginisation has its pros,but ryt now that is the last thing Zimbabwe needs ok"

ijende ochebe - 4 January 2016

is this the same zhuwawo that wanted to takeover telecel last yr.He was MD short time till the board discovered he wanted to totaly indeginise it ,him n his friend Jane mutasa.HE LOVES INVASIONS.Grabing goods without paying ,how can he run a ministry ,let alone finance?isnt this the same fellow I saw dancing like a wild rasta at Red Fox club.?maybe not coz he has a look alike brother ,bt if it was him oh no.cant have a country s finance minister openly in the company of thieves n prostitutes ,mouth watering.maybe it wasnt him bt it looked like.can anything good come out of this fellow?

viola gwena - 4 January 2016

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