VP's age, history continue to mystify

HARARE - Post-congress Zanu PF bigwigs opposed to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa say among the many things that allegedly “don’t add up” about him are his age and liberation struggle history.

One of the VP’s detractors who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said Mnangagwa had escaped the hangman’s noose in Rhodesia in 1965 because he was said to be under 21 years of age.

Puzzlingly, the Midlands godfather had recently said he was born in 1942, which meant that he was 23 years old in 1965.

“Which is which here? Unfortunately, Ngwena (Mnangagwa) has not found it necessary to explain this puzzle yet.

“This is why some comrades are speculating that he either lied about his age then to survive the gallows, or worse still possibly sold out his comrades so that he could be spared the noose. We are all waiting to hear his clarifications,” the bigwig said.

When it was put to him in his interview in August with the London-based New Africa magazine that he was born on September 15, 1946, Mnangagwa vehemently disputed this.

“I was born on 15 September 1942. The press has been saying 1946 but it is incorrect,” he said.

To add to the mystery, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, who served time in prison with Mnangagwa for a short period during the liberation struggle, said what he knew was that the VP was released from jail because his parents were Zambian.

“I did not spend much time with him in prison. We were together maybe two to three months before he was released. I spent more time in prison with the president, perhaps two years.

“Mnangagwa was released because he was Zambian. I am not sure about his age, but then we were also told that he was released because he was under age. Nobody knows for sure,” Mutasa said.

Asked if it was possible during the colonial era to manipulate one’s age to escape the noose, Mutasa said, “If it is true that he reduced his age then he must have provided solid proof. I knew the lawyer who was representing him”.

Mnangagwa was convicted in 1965 on charges of blowing up a locomotive in Masvingo and sentenced to death, with groups like Amnesty International actively campaigning for his life to be spared, which was done because at the time he was said to be under-age.

Some war veterans who recently spoke to the Daily News also claimed that the VP was never part of the famous Crocodile Gang that was led by the late William Ndangana, as Mnangagwa himself has consistently asserted.

They also claimed that Mnangagwa was a peripheral figure during the protracted liberation struggle and that his “only possible claim to fame” was that he was once allegedly married to the sister of the late decorated war commander, Josiah Magama Tongogara.

The liberation struggle stalwarts said they were raising their doubts about Mnangagwa now because they were worried that Zanu PF was about to be led by “a person with a hazy history”, and who was allegedly “a stowaway who fled the country claiming to be a Zambian”.

One of the veterans, Retired Colonel Bastian Beta, said he had only met Mnangagwa once during the liberation struggle, “and then he was just a family visitor to the camp”.

“I only met him in 1978 when he came to the camp and we asked who he was, and we were told that it was Comrade Tongogara’s visitor. We were later shocked when we returned home to find that he was heading the security ministry,” Beta said.

To augment their claims, the former freedom fighters also said that there were only five members of the Crocodile Gang and Mnangagwa was not one of them.

“The five were Sipho Ncube, William Ndangana, Cde Mlambo, Cde Dhlamini and Cde Master. They later scattered after they killed a white man at Nyanyadzi, with some going to Zambia. Sipho actually has a crocodile tattoo on his arm,” one of them said.

Another war veteran added that he and Ndangana, who led the Crocodile Gang, had once done a documentary on the activities of the crocodile group and Mnangagwa’s name had not once featured in the narrative.

War veteran Parker Chipoyera told the Daily News that when in Zambia, Mnangagwa did not get much involved in politics.

Chipoyera said there had never been “a single day” that Mnangagwa visited party offices while he was studying at the University of Zambia, adding that the VP did not even join the Zanu branch at the institution of higher learning.

“Cde (Hebert) Chitepo was there in Zambia and domiciled at party offices. Cde Kumbirai Kangai and others used to come to the party offices.

“The likes of Fay Chung, Sam Geza and others used to come attending conferences but he was never there maybe because he knew he would be interrogated about the circumstances surrounding his deportation from Zimbabwe,” he said.

According to the war veterans, this was notwithstanding the fact that Zanu had had other students in Zambia who included Frederick Shava, Joseph Masangomai and Tungamirai Midzi.

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Shut up and stop writing nonsense go back to school and study history assholes

Nesu - 30 December 2015

Let EDM come out and tell the truth. His history and background sounds iffy to me.

Inyika - 30 December 2015

I thot yu were nt interested in Tongogara?what brings this interest now?So if Ngwena didnt take part in war ,why was he arrested n put in the same cells as mutasa n mugabe?was it for claiming 100% disability?or building a mansion in Bikita using taxpayers money?arrested by smith nearly had his head cut off n yu still wonder what for?nikampoops.Just bring it on G40,we waiting.cowards.The late Meynard Muzariri,head of cio counter insurgence branch since Maputo,was reporting to Ngwena since 1975.If ngwena was in zambia ,only wuld muzariri go report strait to Mugabe around 1977.Anyone who denies Ngwena was in zanu n zanla is a mad warvet,or not one.Cdr Swerakuenda,whom all those he saved from stavation in chimoio know very well where makabichi wuld come from,Ngwena n thats the man yu doubt but accept chinotimba?Oh cmon vanahanzvadzi,plse.Be honest in yo opinions.I neva saw zhuwawo,moyo,chiyangwa n them.Nope.so check yoself 1st.whr wr yu.?If yu say mgagao that was far away in tanzania.whr did yu fight from mgagao?hla

viola gwena - 30 December 2015

and yu qote only dead people.running to graveyards to hide behind corpses.which comrade today ,who is alive n was in Lusaka n maputo n doesnt know ngwena.?the likes of yu G40 yes ,neva saw nothing coz either yu wr stil in the balls or in pfumo revanhu.For yo infor Rex Nhongo was head in the military Ngwena was head intelligence,way back in the 70s.Ngwena was dispatched by Gen Tongo from the camps to work with just arrived president Mugabe,as intelligence man .Thats how to this day they are very close,these 2 men.Ngwena is like a son to Mugabe.The reasn why those who r suposedly mugabes relatives hate ngwena,bcoz of his closeness to mugabe since 60s.They come around today n expect ngwena to walk away bcoz yu his muzukuru?bulldust.bring it on stupid.Bring beter stuff next time.

viola gwena - 30 December 2015

LOL...he Gay 40 are getting pretty desperate...in fact he never blew up a locomotive..it was a toy train in a Masvingo child park.. LOL ..t

Tengenenge - 30 December 2015

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Clutching at straws these G40 Kids. I would be happy any day for zim to be led by Emerson. Just imagine the lunatics in the form of the mozambiquen Zhuwawo and self confessed thug Kashukuwere in charge of the country with mentally unbalanced Grace at the helm

mafikizolo - 30 December 2015

I say dig it all up. We want credible credentials here. No chinese (sorry, fake) history. Mugabe is Malawian. Mnangagwa (what's the shona meaning) is Zambian. Another 36 yrs of foreign influence? No!!! Lets not be fooled again this time. Bravo Daily News. Fore warned is fore armed.

Realist - 30 December 2015

http://www.herald.co.zw/vps-brother-dies/ Ngwena is Zambian! Why would the settler regime deport him to Zambia where he did not belong? If his relatives can remain in Zambia up to now 35 years after independence need we continue to speculate about his origins? So Zimbabwe is to be ruled by yet another bwidi? Eish madoda kunzima, Zvakaoma!

Nyimo - 30 December 2015

Nhai fungai Kwaramba uri girl friend yaJonso here to write such rubbish..trying to stay relevant and to keep the Chihuahuas AKA G40 happy...the chihuahuas will eb eaten by the pit bulls AKA lACOOSTE team soonest lol

Tino - 30 December 2015

Nyimo do your home work donot be lazy

Tino - 30 December 2015

So this man is Zambian and he is aimilng for the highiest office in our mother land zimbabwe.Saka G40 pamberi nayo,make sure this ngwena and his cats and dogs are defeated at all cost.

rex mutema - 30 December 2015

Mutema G40 kusagona kuvernga kufana mai venyu Grace kuzara mvura mumusoro , 2015 maka dzidziswa muchipaparika zvemanga manga nhasi gore rapera chabuda shayu are you one of the stupid women's league who can not interpret the constitution

Ngwenites - 30 December 2015

Ngwena was never part of the Crocodile gang.His liberation credentials are seriously in question.Whilst in Zambia would say im busy with my Law degree @ University of Zambia.All we know is that he badly tortured Rugare Gumbo in Mozambique.Ngwena ane vanhu pasi namely Christopher Giwa,Chris Ushewekunze.naGeneral Mujuru.Ngwena carried out alot of assassination on behalf of his mentor Matibili.Ngwena is simply unelectable ,he doesnt have a powerbase.He presided over as State Security Minister killing 20000 plus Ndebeles in Matebeleland&Midlands from 1982 to 1987.

Dr Zvichaperachete - 30 December 2015

For those who genuinly want to know,Munangagwa is chikaranga .in chihera it is munangarwa.he is not zambian.not at all.full mukaranga chaiye,like zvobgo who wasnt american just bcoz he lived n scuuld in US.seen?

gwena - 30 December 2015

Tired stories.go join Rugare then n hit bak.water under the bridge.economy is the game now.yu all waisting our time wth nonsense.Dumiso is ngwena s good frend since liberation days to now.he knows beter .

gwena - 30 December 2015

Bob silenced or killed off the few ex-combatants that had gravitas...he quickly surrounded himself with poodles who were only periphery players like him and together they have been re-writing history making spurious claims about their role to liberate the country.

Lt General - 30 December 2015

Zanu pf people must put an end to all forms of lies, or lies will end their existance. Why did you all zanu pf liberation struggle people had fake names back then? What were you scared off.? fake helicopter downing. Fake phd's recently? Croc did what any person would have done facing death. Obviously the smith regime put him under radar after release, the man had to cool off take a break, breath and re-organise. The origins of a person does not matter, it is his qualities at the given task at hand that he should be evaluated at. As long a person is registered as a Zim citizen, he must do anything if he is qualified. Croc cannnot be seperated with zanu pf militant struggles. To me Croc is not an ideal President because of age, he is within zanu pf leadership that has failed this country badly. What else will he do different, which he is failing now. What is stopping him to do positive and good things for this country, the man is a VP and in Politiburo.Waiting for Mugabe to die is not an excuse. I can't wait how the G40 would attempt to put 80s dark chapters around Croc's neck because they are getting desperate. This country might need an early born free candidate, come 2018 and wake zanu pf from mozambican jungles.

X-MAN IV - 30 December 2015

Zanu pf people must put an end to all forms lies or lies will end their existance?. Why did you all zanu pf liberation struggle figures were using fake names etc during the war? What were you scared off. Fake downing helicopter, fake PHDs recently, Croc did what any person facing death would have done at the time. You zanu pf people you never stop to amaze, So you wanted your fellow Comdrade to die. After release the man had to cool off, breath and re-organise. Definately the Smith regime had him under radar home and away. It does not matter the origins of a person, but it is his qualities that need to be evaluated with the task at hand. BUT you mention Fay Chung, and forgot to say she was from murehwa,murambinda or from some mutoko village. A registered zimbabwean is a zimbabwean full stop. A lot of so called foreign people rich or poor have contributed positively to the well being of this country, and the fact that it is presently broke it is immaterial. To me croc is not an ideal Person to lead this country because of his age, the fact that he has been within decison making stractures of zanu pf government that had led this once thriving country to collapse. Croc is in position of power , i don't see what else he will do differently. What is stopping him from doing positive things and turn around the mess. Waiting for Mugabe to die is not an excuse. This country needs a person to take us out of mozambican jungles were we have been stuck since day One. I can't wait to see how G40 would attempt to put 80s dark chapter on Croc's neck as they become more desperate in their internal wars.

X-MAN IV - 30 December 2015

Writing a story to question someone' s history is not a crime. We Zimbabweans we have a right to know the history of our leaders. Good job to Daily new keep on digging , the truth will set us free. Cde Dzino was asked in a review of his book why he never mentioned Mnangagwa,? His reply was very simple and telling . He said the fact that he did not mention ED it's because there was nothing to write about him . He contributed Zero according to him . However I still prefer him to takeover from Bob ASAP . I thing G 40 is a bunch of idiots

Be Warned - 30 December 2015


Msuuuunuu - 30 December 2015

You are confessing that all your witnesses are dead. Our ears are waxed to listen to your retrogressive lies and be reminded that we are all aware that you are rented to talk shit about our future president.Tell your boss that we are now aware of your tricks. You played against mai Mujuru and you are now waving it to ED, it shows your filth mind because you think people forget so soon .To hell green bomber behaviour kunhuwa kwe duzvi hakusi kunhuwirira.

Mhandamabwe - 31 December 2015

Kana muchida kuita rubbish munhu mukuru uyu, please do not try to also rewrite history that can be verified easily. ED's prison file is there and not classified for those who are seriously out to seek the truth. ZANU records are also there especially those since 1976. You may hate the person but please do not try to distort history.

Murovasango - 31 December 2015

Time of reckoning is nigh

jerenyenje - 31 December 2015

The sad truth is nothing about ZPF adds up.

TruthBTold - 31 December 2015

Mnangagwa is not Zambian. He is Zimbabwean, but moved to Zambia to join his parents. Mutasa knows very well that Mnangagwa was spared the gallows because Father Emmanual Ribeiro (a priest) had written a letter to the authorities to say Emmerson was under 21 and could not be hanged. At a time when birth certificates were rare among blacks, there was no other way to dispute Ribeiro's affidavit. People are taking advantage of the fact that the majority do not know this, and Mutasa knows that he is lying. I am not a Ngwena fan, but people who don't like him should not lie about him. It is still possible to obtain court records pertaining to this, and you will see that Ribeiro's affidavit is still in that file. Research.

machakachaka - 31 December 2015

People if you do not know the history of Ngwena please shut up. The man is a true Zimbo his rukuvute can be traced down to Zvishavane the man is a true Mumhari and from the Mapanzure kingdom , ndiShumba chaivo kwete bwidi like you youngesters are saying about him like it or not he is going to be the second president of zimbabwe . if you want to prove this go to zvishavane chief mapanzure area and ask even a three year old and they are going to tell you where the Cro is coming from..... a true Zimbo and Chief of Intelligence .....panavamwe vanoti hee hatina kumuona kuhondo he was a protected Cadre where would you see him if you were in the busy fighting for the independence the man is a chief strategist viva Cro.....

freedy - 31 December 2015

Zanuoids trying to defend the indefensible. Ngwena is a bwidi pure from Zambia. Why would his brother remain in Zambia 35 years into our independence when all other nationalists returned home in 1980 and after. Kana kuda mukadzi kwacho Bob brought his wife from Ghana, late Chidzero brought his from Canada, Jonathan Moyo has his from Kenya, Chihuri has Isabel from Balaka in southern Malawi. Hapana chinoshamisira apa. In any case zanu pf yacho yese mabwidi. Bob is rumoured to be Moshko or a bwidi from Malawi, Chombo is from Northern Malawi, late Benard Chidzero a Malawian, late Nancy Kachingwe a Malawian, Sekeramayi a Malawian, Jacob Mudenda from Choma in southern Zambia vakatowandisa mabwidi acho. So its just one bwidi leave chigaro for another one azvishamisire izvo.

Nyimo - 31 December 2015

We have been saying for ages that umbulali lo, this murderer, with this cold callousness, was NEVER part of us. Even among the Shona there has never been such a character as this foreign murderer ... Khuluma keMnangagwandini ... ungowakuphi we muntu ...????

crazy - 31 December 2015

FIND something else to write about. This is not a puzzle. how many of the old folk had more than one birth certificate. In Rhodesia if you failed Grade seven That was the end of your education. You were not allowed to repeat only if you changed your name and date of birth and came back as grace chipunza when you were Abigail Chanetsa before could you repeat. Saka munodei. how many people repeated and are now professors. tibvirei kure

Grace jones - 1 January 2016

It si shocking the ignorance of Zimbabweans. Not so long ago Zambia and Zimbabwe were one country. When the federation ended many Zimbabweans remained in Zambia then northen Rhodesia because there were now opportunities in the newly acquired independent state . It does not make them Zambian. Some even acquired Zambian names . Go to the farms in Zambia. most of the successful farmers there are Zimbabweans. Hamuzivi your own history you are parthetic

Grace Jones - 1 January 2016

Tsvangi s grandfather,Matubeki,was from mozambique.most people from mutoko n manicaland trace bak to mozambique,ndebeles most frm SA,same as some in mutoko.they arived frm Durbn as Sibandas,sme stayd in bulawayo bt others left for mutoko n r now calld Chibanda,n stil not feeling safe others left for malawi n now called Banda.this is africa migration.thr r sme in mutoko calld Kagame,frm rwanda.even in uzumba yu have rwandens settled thr long way back.who doesnt know karangas r mostly zulus?80p.c of zimbos trace their roots down south,ndebeles,machangani,ndau,n those that came wth zwangendaba n setled at chipata,bt mostly zimside.so who is originally zimbo?

viola gwena - 1 January 2016

If we hav to look that way the the Obamas wuldnt be president in USA.Ramaphosa is about to be president of SA,bt he traces his zim roots ,maphosa.we must just look at the citizen staters of a person thats all.otherwise next time yu want to trace a person to Adam n Eve.will that be necesary?lets be honest in our analysis ,maybe thats why politicians hav little respect for us.give them respect by being reasonable citizens,so we can demand the same.The man sacrifises himself doging bullets now yu turnaround n say he is forein?No apa marasika vanangu.munhu munhu asina kubarwa ndiani?the Royal monach of England are Germans.so why us Zimbabweans?whats so special about us we shuld demand a leader who droped from heaven or direct frm Jacob.think.

viola gwena - 1 January 2016

Daily News news need to take care. You may end up like The Herald - a propaganda newspaper. It serves you no good trying to take advantage of the chaos in Zanu-PF to shine your preferred candidate in good light when actually the candidate is not that bright.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 1 January 2016

If you want Mnangagwa to be identified as Zamibian, THEN FINE BECOZ ITS STILL BETTER TO HAVE A FOREIGNER RULING ZIMBABWE Than an idiot and coward womanizer such as tsvangidhongi, ndapedza. This is the language most of yr idiotic reporters deserve.

truths - 2 January 2016

Are there no records in the archives that he was sentenced to death and released. We hear so many stories of him eve talking to Tongo and we are told he was on the periphery, we know who were in the periphery who are trying to soil ED's history. He may not have been in the crocodile gang and he may not have been given the name crocodile because he was in the gang but maybe because of how he did his things. I never read were he said he was in that gang but he said he blew a locomotive in Masvingo. Those peddling these things are the ones who never participated. We know Mugabe may never have visited Zimbabwe bushes during the war staying in a guarded house in Maputo that yes, was periphery.

wamaromo - 4 January 2016


gomo - 6 January 2016

Ngwena is the to stay sorry maG40 plan something else

MAPIRI - 6 January 2016

stop sayng zvinhu zvisina basa abt team LACOSTE cz Ngwena is the only able politician left in the ZANU PF political circles

LACOSTE PRINCE - 7 January 2016

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