Tsvangirai ready to work with Biti

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he is ready to work with his erstwhile colleagues such as Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma in a bid “to free Zimbabweans from the shackles of Zanu PF”.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News last week, the former prime minister in the government of national unity said his fallout with Biti and Mangoma was “based more on personal differences as opposed to ideology”.

This, he said, meant that there was “room for forgiveness” in Zimbabweans’ quest to revive the country’s plummeting fortunes.

“The process of regrouping of opposition parties does not need any big brother. You have to treat each other equally as there is no such thing as a big party or small party, and everyone can make a contribution.

“By everyone, I mean everyone, the Mangomas of this world and the Bitis of this world. If they want to play a relevant role for this country, if they are really serious about representing the people then you will find me very accommodating.

“I don’t bear grudges with anyone. Of course, there are colleagues who walked away citing grievances, but when it comes to the question of the people and their quests for change, freedom and a better life for all, you will find me very co-operative,” Tsvangirai said.

The MDC president also said he was more than willing to work with Joice Mujuru and her People First movement.

“First and foremost I have always said that in the spirit of the big tent anyone who subscribes to the democratic ideals is welcome and if People First launch their party, they are welcome. We will definitely work with them,” he said.

“The problem with people is that they look at personalities when these are institutional relations.

“Obviously for me, I have nothing against People First, but actually few sorry for them because they were working in a party that eats its own children. We believe in a new direction for the people and that does not involve Zanu PF,” Tsvangirai added.

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Save its good to work with those who have something constructive to bring on the table, but as of now for Ncube, AGO, mBiti, Man-go-man, Jacob Mafume, Mad-huku and others aahh!! yowee!! their ego now come to haunt them as they think they can remove an entrenched despot that does not follow any rules except absolute power at any cost. I have no axe to grind against any of them but they have no followers because of their egos. We need to find their numbers they bring on to the table as of now its all zero times zero plus leadership credentials, it is us the potential voters who have to be convinced they can lead or else they will get to the backs of the lines and remain being watched as they will continue to spoil the brooth, look at how they are being deserted by their own and those in their own camps. They did burn the bridges and now we have a very long misgiving before we trust them again, what they have said will be very difficult to reverse as they think we just wake up trusting them with our votes, they think of themselves as very indespensibles while they have nothing they can put on the table to take us to anywhere anytime. As monkeys that climbed to the top of trees of leadership we now see and know their bottoms inside out.

LMMTNyati - 30 December 2015

they may not have followers but they stood up against despoticism. Tsvangirai also entrenched power around himself just like mugabe. he purges those who question him just like mugabe. he manipulates the constitution just like mugabe. he has also overstayed beyond his mandate just like mugabe. for him to invite biti back to the mdc - is a sign of desperation. i do not think its easy for him to persuade biti, mangoma back into the mdc t. if tsvangirai means good for the country, he must simply pass on the baton to another probably to biti or chamisa. as for him, he has overstayed his welcome.

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 December 2015

tsvagirai can not play the saint. he is to blame for the split in the mdc t. biti and mangoma were infuriated by tsvangirai's overstay and manipulation of the mdc constitution a feat always done by despots. he cannot call them back to be led by a handiende type. if he means good for the country he simply has to respectfully make way for another either biti or chamisa. its time up for mr mt as well.

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 December 2015

Zvirozviedza or whatever u call urself why do u hate Save so much that man whether u hate him he is the only truly loved leader in Zim someone who will deliver us from this evil government if Save is handiende let us solve it at a latter stage why are u so silent about Bob Save never ruled Zim if Chimisa was strong and popular why did he lose sectery general position that young man was at harare poly not long ago he is too young but l believe he will eventually lead MDC one day please leave our Save alone we love him and we will vote for him he has Zim's interest at heart

moses - 30 December 2015

right now tsvangirai is our best bet hate o love him he holds the keys to our freedom those who think otherwise are entitled to their opinion but he is our Moses

themba bhebhe - 30 December 2015

Zvirozviyedzwa, who are you to sujest Save should leave for all those zvituta let them first build their nests and win in the political boxing rings, all have proved expired condoms, save ndizvo izvi zvekusiya tisina kuva votera is never democracy just like ananaMboko and lizard vogurwe kunorira ne G40 plus lizard akazvambaradzwa kuKwekwe zvaunozivawo, he remains unelectable, his comrades vorumwa michochororo ne G40 becoz they have never been voted by anyone. Leaving to suit you then you call that democracy wadiikunda kwabhururu wako AGO/Englishman wokuwara political prostrate cancer even Dr. Fugu remains unelectable seMitswangwa kupaparika too much zvino vowedzengwa mawonini kufa ngezvisvo.

LMMTNyati - 30 December 2015

@zvirozviyedzwa, why should MT pass the baton to Biti or Chamisa. To start with Biti has his own party. He thought he was so popular and so he formed his own party. Now we all know what numbers his party has. His only hope is a GNU type govt otherwise he will not win a single seat in the next elections. Chamisa lost the internal elections at Congress and so why catapult him to be leader. There are more senior people ahead of him at the moment in the party. MT remains popular and that's a fact. Granted, they are people who don't like him but to win an election you don't need 100%, just the majority. So people like you should join Biti if your desire is to be led by him, its a democracy. Those who wish to be led by MT can remain in MDC-T and those who want to be led by Grace can stay in Zanu PF(Gushungo).

Inyika - 30 December 2015

@zvirozviyedzwa, how can tsvangirai make way for Biti honestly? Biti formed his own party thinking he has the majority of supporters but nay ,he is now unpopular whilst Save enjoys our popular support. From yo comments you have deep hatred for the great man .... you always show this in your comments even in stories unrelated to Tsvangirayi. You expect him to go midway the strugle so that the MDC breaks away to oblivion. You are a messenger meant to destroy the struggle for democracy being led by Tsvangirai.. Manje hatiterere your silly suggestions until Save is in power.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 31 December 2015

Save musacheuke muridzo ngwarirai mabasa eZanu. Fambai baba vedu tiende dzamara tatora nyika yedu. Tsvangirai igamba renyika ino kwatakabva naye kurefu isu samachinja takatevera Biti naMangoma vakasara. Takasiya vachingokakavadzana nenyaya yekurwira kutonga.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 31 December 2015

Good that Tsvangirai is opening the door for Biti and Mangoma , they tried their way out and failed to mobilise the Zimbabweans to thier side , now they must appreciate that the doors are still opened for for them at MDCT. Pambili ngo Tsvangirai , ongamfuniyo kahambe thina siyasala laye

MehlokaMthwakazi - 31 December 2015

Tsvangirai is more mature mentally than some leaders of opposition political parties, of course Simba Makoni is one of the few reasoning people.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 31 December 2015

@Zvirozviyedzwa, Englishman/mBiti/Man-go-man had been voted in their original MDC isu tichizvida zvinzvimbo zvo and now wavakuti vasirwe chikunhla semakate emascud mubawa, chinokurwadza chii, urichii panyama yehuku ziva zvako zvekunaAmai Fugu chete, handiti musangano waveGushungo PF, indava kuiita saShamhu/Mitsvangwa vosunhurwa mawonini neG40. Wako mutsa wei kuda kutipa zangata rinenduru dzemakarwe urichituta chaicho, tovhotera AGO/Eglishman vokurwira huDPM vasina kuvhotegwa, hezvo lacoste and his team are lizards scaring for last straws in this volatile political swimming pool, iyezvino vonyarara saCdes Helicopters mapower couple masuper warvet who are so bombastic kukanganwa Norbet Kunonga wokudonha sematamba kuti buu, haikona kutisembura chakurwadza chii, you are free to vote for whoever you want kwete 2014 Zanu-PFpost congress matoto ehuku, kana wakatumwa kana kubva kwaRotina inda uno demanda mari yako, unoti semesa!!

LMMTNyati - 31 December 2015

Matabeleland must go it alone and not be hoodwinked by those in position who leave the province to suffer only for their personal gains

Pointsetta - 31 December 2015

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