Civil servants' strike justified

HARARE - Civil servants have already made their intentions of an industrial action early next year known after government reneged on its earlier promise to pay them their bonuses as well as December salaries on time.

While we do not condone lawlessness — in any form — the country’s civil servants, who endured a bleak festive season this year due to government’s failure to secure their salaries on time, are justified to demand a pound of flesh and have the right to express themselves.

For the past few years the civil service, which gobbles most of the country’s national budget, has been suffering in silence while their counterparts in top government positions are constantly rewarded with hefty and luxurious perks.

It is only fair that after toiling for the whole year, government workers get what they are owed, not only to keep them motivated but also to ensure that they pay their bills on time.

But when they are denied their salaries on time during the festive season — a time of merriment and partying — who can blame the civil servants for embarking on an industrial action?

Most public workers earn very low salaries below the poverty datum line, and salaries, and bonuses due to them and should be paid timeously, especially in a country where the leadership has no qualms in proclaiming to the world how rich we are.

Presently, President Robert Mugabe is enjoying his annual holiday in the Far East, at a time when most workers in the country are stressed about where they will get money for school fees and basic commodities.

Our civil servants, just like any other workers in the world, have a right to strike because their grievances for timely-paid salaries are justified.

Although we all know that the Zanu PF-led government is broke, we also know that it is broke for the wrong reasons, mostly corruption, profligacy at the top including the purchase of expensive cars, fuel and travel allowances for the bigwigs.

If only the State resources were being channelled towards proper areas where they should go, then there would be enough for everyone.

Unfortunately our leaders are very greedy and incompetent  — only thinking about themselves at the expense of the whole nation.

We believe that if government cannot pay the civil servants then a wholesale reduction in civil service expenditure based on recommendation of a proper audit should be done immediately.

It doesn’t make sense for a small country like Zimbabwe with only 13 million people to have a bloated Cabinet when a maximum of 15 efficient ministers — without deputies and all the secretaries and perks —could just as well do the job.

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if i was Chinamasa i would do a government shut down whilst mobilising resources. he needs to stop paying anything except soldiers ( all gvt expenditure has to stop) . This would send a big signal to this gvt tht all is not well. It would then work hard to avert a possible uprising. Currently this gvt is relaxing.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 31 December 2015

Strikes wont solve anything ,looking at our very shrunk economy.besides its a drawback.our kids no teachers again?its best to dismis all teachers who go on strike n replace them wth newly graduents.the scuul near my house has 1 teacher plus 3 trainees per class.and more student teachers wr offloaded last yr.let the old teachers retire now.their needs r more than kids out of college

viola gwena - 3 January 2016

Gwena. You dont even know or understand what you are talking about.and l dont know how you expect anyone to take you seriously. Government is broke for all the wrong reasons. So selfish you are that you only think about your children and forgetting that civil servants have children too who must go to school but cant because they are not being paid on time and are paid peanuts. So sad that you reason like that

mahlahla - 3 January 2016

So why strike when yu know theris no money?is that not being unreasonable of the worst kind.demanding millions when yu know they r does it end then?and who sufers while yu playin mind games that hav no solution nor ending.yu were paid yo salaries and yu wr promised 5 december,so?yu want a bonus?frm a sick economy like ours?yes go get other mobs ,resign dont even strike,just go and yu will be replaced in goes on.yu think yu the only suferers,no its whole nation crying,some for a 100 dollar per month job.cant get.murikuda bonus,shuwa?kuchemera kutengerwa mota na baba vasingashande,vakabrocker,panechinobuda?

viola gwena - 3 January 2016

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