Mphoko admits to govt failure

HARARE - The ruling Zanu PF government has admitted its failure to develop the country, with Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko (pictured) describing some parts of the country as “downward” notwithstanding the fact that the much hyped about independence was attained some 35 years ago.

Zimbabwe gained its independence from the British in 1980, and then it was described as the “jewel of Africa” however, 35 years down the line, the country’s infrastructure is collapsing and many especially in rural areas are still walking long distances to school.

While some parts of the country have witnessed some modicum of development—probably because of the leadership who hail from such areas and mineral wealth—others such as Binga in Matabelaland have remained largely marginalised.

But in an interview with the State media, Mphoko rejected claims that Matabelaland is more marginalised than Mashonaland provinces, and rather maladroitly admitted that some parts of the country such as Mutoko have no development at all.

And while the majority of Zimbabweans, including children who walk daily to faraway schools have now accepted the status quo, Mphoko told the State-controlled media that he only discovered how backward some areas where when he was dispatched by President Robert Mugabe to tour the country.

He said contrary to popular belief that Matabeleland was under-developed, many parts of Mashonaland and Manicaland were yet to be improved too.

“I started with Manicaland, went to Matabeleland North, Mashonaland Central and then Matabeleland South. The last one was Mashonaland East where I went to Mutoko. There is no development there. Nothing! Zero!

“If anybody thinks Mashonaland is more developed than Matabeleland, that person is making a big mistake. Those are falsehoods. It is not true. It is all in our minds,” he said.

Mphoko said the marginalisation that is in Matabelaland is the same as in Mashonaland.

“We went to Manicaland and there are quite a number of places that were destroyed during the war, which have not been repaired up to now…KwaMurambinda…Murambinda is downward,” he said.

But one only has to travel to Binga District in Matabeleland North Province to understand why people there, who are mainly Tonga, have been rejecting Zanu PF since independence while keeping loyalty to opposing parties.

Roads are out of shape, health centres are kilometres away and mud structures make for classrooms, in the few areas where schools are available.

Binga was a PF Zapu stronghold since independence in 1980. Zanu PF only managed to run Binga after swallowing PF Zapu under a “unity” agreement in 1987.

From 2000, following the formation of the MDC, people have reverted to their anti-Zanu PF stance.

This place is one of the poorest and under developed districts in the country and currently is facing serious hunger because of drought. Government help on food is far from reaching this place.

Most areas in Binga have no schools, clinics, dams, roads and bridges.

Some children travel up to 10km on foot to reach the nearest school. The few available schools are dilapidated.

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    am glad the VP Mpoko saw state of Binga for himself, hence the good reason why the Kasambabezi people say muTonga (umvwalumwi) meaning the people in Binga can,t be fooled always?. so what is the way forward mr VP Mpoko? we need a teacher,s college in Binga.and Siabuwa_Binga road tared.then more developments will follow suit. ]

    Cheenzyabula - 28 December 2015

    The roads network is bad no one is caring and no good schools no one talk about it ,hunger but our leaders only resurface when in need of votes.Its better stay ,our God one day will hear our cry .Sinansengwe,Sinampande,Nagangala,Siabuwa.

    Muchimba Sinansengwe - 28 December 2015

    Same applies to Negandi, Mola, Simchembu, Nenyuka and the whole of Gokwe

    Siambaima - 28 December 2015

    Good to see that someone in Zanu PF can see that they are slowly taking the country back to the stone age. Not a single area has been developed apart from the area in Zvimba near the Mugabe homestead. Everywhere all you see is regression.

    Inyika - 28 December 2015

    You can only lie so much. Zanu pf Gvt must put an end to all forms of lies or lies will end their governance.

    X-MAN IV - 28 December 2015

    mpoko is a good leader. he cares. the others are after lining their pockets.

    taurai - 28 December 2015

    Good points matebeleland must have you reside in bulawayo for proper representation of the egion.why are yu all based in harare.mugabe,mnangagwa,n yu,all live in harare.its nt rite.yu mr mphoko must live with us in bulawayothat way yu are accesd by all in matabeleland.after all yu are vp thru zapu n zapu is largely ndebeles,bt yu dont live wth south africa,mandela was based in capetwn,mbeki pretoria,declerk durbn.why are yu running away from us ndebeles.mubvunzo,umvuzo

    gwena - 28 December 2015

    The only man in zanpf who is talking Thank you Mr Mphoko for telling it like it is.kwangu kuMhondoro uko maroads acho its like hakuna of chegutu mbaira road then Mbaira Bhinda Up to Neuso.There is Gurungwa school yakaparadzwa nehondo nanhasi yakangodaro.Mphoko chipinda panyanga mhani uri bhoo iwewe.kwete ngwena dzina meno idzo.

    rex mutema - 28 December 2015

    So ZPF failed. jolly right you failed. You have to be totally dense not to see the failure: so do the right thing and resign en masse! That would be good and honourable.

    TruthBTold - 28 December 2015

    wakazobuda muHotel here mboko? we all know that zim is impoverished by zanu pf. there is nothing new in saying this we already know. What would be helpful is to tell us how you are going to fix the country which your party destroyed. Not to just say some places are marginalised. so what? we have known it for the past 36 years! nxa!

    Bona Mutibili - 28 December 2015

    If yu r seriouse vp mphoko,then come in live wth us,wake up every morning wth us,drive to work on our roads wth us.will yu do that,I dont think so.the love of harare way too great.yu all move to harare upon apointment.yu even checked into hotel a whole good year,just to getout of bulawayo,our old city of ulobengula.I hope yu representing us matebeleland theris more sence in yu living with us than in harare,whr vp mnangagwa is based.why dont yu like us?plse come back.

    gwena - 28 December 2015

    If development has not reached some places since the days of the war and that war ended 36 years ago while sanctions came into effect in 2002 who do we blame now VP Mboko? Are you trying to win Matebeleland by claiming no development in other areas of Mashonaland yet we know it is not true. Honestly a whole VP telling the nation that places have not been developed since the time of the war, I can say most roads like the Kwekwe-Nkayi road where done by Ian Smith in 1974 just before I left for Zambia and they are still like that; shame Mboko above all shame Mugabe and Zanu

    Qawe laMaqawe - 28 December 2015

    Mr Mboko! We all know that Zanu PF has dismally failed to manage this country for the past 35 years. There has been a Zim Asset stripping program all along. We expect you to tell us how soonest a program is to develop Binga is implemented. Obviously you have nothing to offer because you have destroyed the economy, fool! Where is the cash from the diamonds sales? If you can not account diamond sales, I rest my case.

    Mbareboy - 28 December 2015

    zanu pf has been destroying this country ever since it was formed . We heard stories of it bombing petrol tanks , Ngwena overturning a train and post independence the part did a violent land program that has put the country on its knees, as if that is not enuf the party crafted the indeginisation policy which Kasukuwere and now Zhuwao used to destroy companies. This party's madness will never end. The people of this country are now subjected to mockery and xenophobia in other countries when in fact they have a resourceful country and are a hard working people.

    Big Meech Larry Hoover - 29 December 2015

    I used to think Matebeleland is backward until I visited Rusape and Gokwe. Zimbabweans just enjoy talking up their places. Even Harare is very backward, and people in Bulawayo are busy wanting to be like Harare! LOL...... One must just visit Cape Town, Joburg, Durban, Maputo, Gaborone to understand what is meant by improvements. Everytime you visit these cities there is something new!!!! In Harare and Bulawayo its always new hawkers and hawking stunts!!

    Ndabambi - 29 December 2015

    You can go into any town in Xim and willn not see a single overhead crane. That tells you how much develoment is done. Thare is no construction happening in Zimbabwe at all. ZANU is very proud of its destruction. The only equipment you see are bulldozers downing poor people's houses. Those who were fiooled by ZANU co-operatives during elections. We only know pain in this country. From Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, Wavhoterapapi etc. All govt programmes are geared towards inflicting pain. Mugabe is a shame! and you Mboko too!

    Bona Matibili - 30 December 2015

    Yes I agree totaly.we need development now for us n our children.this can only be expected from leaders who love their people.we cannot have again our children look for jobs in starts wth yu vp mphoko,come back to skies n help turn it into the harare yu love.otherwise move over for a lady vp of z.apu,who will live with us n wil be accesible to us.

    gwena - 30 December 2015

    We need to open a new page from a new book by 2018 , ZANU PF's book written since from 1980 is having all pages full of empty promises . We are still praising Ian Smith for all the roads and buildings that we have in Matebeleland , i can't talk about any province since i have never be out of own Matebeland province . Mphoko , thanks for being open and so considerable , plan a way forward , yes i have seen your photos and wondered as to why you never similes, now i have got the answer -we haven't achieved our ultimate success and that troubles you all the time , then we ask ourselves about those who lost their lives fighting and liberating our country , ZANU PF leaders have derailed so much from our liberation goals , they are so inconsiderable and they need to be a bit considerable , they must work hard to improve the situation in our country otherwise we cannot be blamed for chanting slogans for opposition parties .

    MehlokaMthwakazi - 31 December 2015

    We need a new page from 2016. May God have mercy on Zimbabwe

    TruthBTold - 31 December 2015

    This Mpoko is living it up staying in a hotel in Harare not only with his wife but with grandchildren and is fussy about the accomodation he is given he is a hypocrite -even a thatched guest house would be i deal for him . and the next thing they are doing rounds scrounging for money

    Year of Mercy - 31 December 2015

    Zanupf is still in war phase, all they know is to destroy and everthing which is sucessfull must be destroyed. If they see a bussiness or farm which is productive, it must be destroyed. America was built on the back of the gold rush which was less than our diamonds. If they had not used the money to buy properties abroad, Zimbabwe economy might be flying now

    bexilford - 31 December 2015

    Even if the VP wants to assist where does he get the funds?All they can do is just lament and do nothing coz the govt policies do not call for reform

    midlands patriot - 1 January 2016

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